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Devirgined Cousin

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Catherine Deerman lost her virginity nine months after turning eighteen, during the summer between her high school graduation, and her freshman year of college. Catherine had grown up in a fairly conservative family, and had attended an all girls school, where the group she spent her time with were also all from fairly conservative families that did not swear, or mention sex, or watch movies that the MPAA considered too “extreme.”

Fortunately for Catherine, she had long been able to talk to and confide in her cousin Jack. Jack’s side of the family was far less conservative, a fact that drove Catherine’s mother up a wall. Jack was nine years older than Catherine, but in spite of that the two had always been fairly close. They both were the oldest in their respective nuclear families, Jack had been the first boy of their grandparents, and Catherine the first girl.

The year Jack started college he also started a new tradition where he would take Catherine out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. The week after her eighteenth birthday Jack and Catherine again observed the tradition and went to a nice restaurant downtown, and after dinner took a walk around a local park. Throughout dinner Catherine had been trying to work up the courage to ask her cousin a question that she never could ask her mother, and that none of her friends at school knew the answer to, and finally halfway around a manmade lake and far away form any other person she was able to ask it.

“Jack, this is really uncomfortable for me to ask, but I really don’t have anyone else to ask.” She said feeling like the words were spewing like vomit out of her mouth “but, how do girls masturbate?” She finally asked.

Jack stared at her stunned for a few moments, shocked that his innocent little eighteen year old cousin asked the question, and equally shocked that his little cousin was so innocent that she didn’t know the answer. Finally Jack was able to compose his thoughts enough and explained to her his understanding of what women did. The two talked about playing her clit, or fingering herself, and using toys. As they made their way around the lake Catherine was satisfied with the answers she got, and eager to try it herself.

After Jack dropped Catherine off at her house she said goodnight to her parents, and went up to her bedroom. While in her room Catherine turned on soft music, and stripped in front of her mirror. Catherine began to play with her small B cup breasts, rubbing the her nipples, pinching them, and rolling them between her fingers. Catherine loved the way the stimulation felt. Slowly she moved one hand down from her breast to her clit. Her clit was hard, something she really was not expecting at all. She rubbed her clit slowly at first, and then building faster and faster after five minutes her legs began to tremble and she felt like she was about to drop so she stopped and laid down on her bed.

While laying on her bed Catherine imagined her cousin Jack. She thought about how attractive she had always found Jack, how his muscles were so big, and how broad his chest was. She thought about the summer when all the cousins would go to the beach with their grandparents, and how his toned, tan skin looked with beads of water dripping off him. Catherine slid a finger into herself as she imagined Jack putting his hands on her waist and kissing her. Catherine’s rapidly pumped one finger in and out of her wet slit while the other made quick up and down strokes on her clit as she imagined making out with her cousin, and imagined his hands fondling her breasts.

Catherine’s first orgasm hit her like a semi-truck. She jerked her head to the side and into Escort Kız her pillow as she fought the urge to let out a loud glass shattering scream. When it subsided Catherine was in heaven. For fifteen minutes she laid still, her groin tingling as she recovered from the orgasm. Eventually she was able to stand up, and slip pajama pants and a loose fitting shirt on. She went to the bathroom and was amazed at how wet her vagina was.

For the next several months Catherine masturbated nightly. As she did she became obsessed with her cousin and how it would feel if he were to touch her. She imagined his hands on her ass, her breasts, and her pussy. Each night her orgasms seemed more and more intense, and she was slowly able to have multiple in one night. After Christmas dinner Catherine brought herself to three in a row, Jack had been in a tight fitting shirt and jeans that made his ass look amazing. At each family gathering Catherine had to fight the urge to flirt with him. Whenever she hugged him she made the hugs last forever, and she occasionally tried to grind her self into him to try and turn him on, she never knew if it worked, but she hoped it did.

Three weeks after her high school graduation Catherine’s parents went out of town for a four day weekend, her siblings were all at camps, and Catherine was left with the house to herself. On Thursday she masturbated in the living room and for the first time ever was allowed to scream when she came, and she did scream as loud and as many times as her body could handle.

For all of her masturbation, and for all of the thoughts that poured through her mind constantly, Catherine still had very little idea of how sex itself actually worked. The thought of going to college without any idea of how sex worked terrified her, and so Catherine texted Jack late on Thursday to see if she could ask him about “various college stuff, and concerns” over dinner on Friday. Jack replied that she absolutely could, and Catherine asked him if he wanted to come over to her parent’s house for dinner, which in turn Jack replied that she should come to his place, and he would cook.

At five-thirty on the dot Catherine parked her car in Jack’s driveway. As she walked up to the house she caught a glimpse of herself in her driver’s side mirror and began to second guess the outfit that had taken her nearly an hour and a half to decide upon. Catherine was in the shortest skirt she owned, and it went mid-way down her thighs, she had also grabbed a basic, but tight fitting tank top. She wanted to look sexy, but not like she was actively trying to be sexy for Jack.

“Oh well” she thought, “no turning back now.”

She let herself into Jack’s house, and went up the stairs of the nice split level home. As she walked down the hallway that headed toward the kitchen she called out for Jack and said “hey Jack, I’m here, anything I can help with?”

Jack stepped out of his bedroom as he was pulling on a tight white t-shirt, and Catherine felt like her panties were instantly soaked. “Nope, everything is good to go, I’ve just got stuff heating up in the oven right now.

During dinner Catherine and Jack talked about a variety of different college concerns she had, but never broached the subject of sex, Catherine wanted to wait till after dinner for that. When dinner ended Jack and Catherine moved to the couch in his living room, and Catherine again worked up the nerve to address what she still felt was a weird subject with her older cousin.

Finally she asked “will you teach me more about sex?”

“What?” Jack said with a bewildered look on his face, and in his tone “what do you mean teach you more?”

Catherine began to blush, but she had come this far, and she had a plan that she was not going to bail on. “How does it work, I know next to nothing about it, I conceptually understand that a penis goes into a vagina, and that’s about it. How do you initiate it? What do people do position wise like how do they lay or sit or whatever? What about beyond just vaginal sex, I’m aware of it kind of, but have no idea how it works.” Catherine kept firing off questions without a pause of any breathing room for Jack to answer.

Jack started to speak and Catherine stopped for a few moments before finally saying “can you show me?”

“Can I show you? How exactly do you mean?” Jack asked his mind swirling, and unable to comprehend all of the information that was just dumped on him.

“Jack, I masturbate to you literally every night. All I can think about at family gatherings is kissing you and you playing with my breasts and my pussy. I want you to show me how every aspect of sex works. I know that its weird because we’re cousins, and I know that its inappropriate, but I can’t help myself.”

Catherine then immediately straddled Jack and started to kiss him, she didn’t want him to say no, she didn’t even want to give him the opportunity to say no. For fifteen minutes the two made out on Jack’s couch, and slowly Jack moved the tank top up, and placed his hands on Catherine’s bare skin. As he did so Catherine practically melted, and particularly when his thumbs would grace her hips Catherine couldn’t help but moan. Eventually Jack pulled her shirt entirely off, and was pleased to see that she was not wearing a bra underneath. Jack put both hands behind Catherine’s back, and then arched her backwards so he could suck on her tits.

Catherine was in love with the way Jack touched her. She loved the way it felt when she had played with her own nipples, and was completely unprepared for how it would feel to have someone’s mouth on them. It was ecstasy. As Jack sucked on her tits he also unzipped her skirt, and after another ten minutes he stood her up and slid her skirt down. Catherine slid her own panties down, wanting to be totally exposed. Catherine then stood totally naked in front of her cousin, until he too stood up, and stripped.

“Oh my god.” Catherine said as she looked at her naked cousin. He was gorgeous, Jack was five foot eleven inches, and nearly all muscle. His thighs were huge and bulging, his six pack stomach had long been the subject of Catherine’s obsessions. What she was not prepared for was his cock. Catherine had seen pictures in books, but never a real thing before. Jack was about eight inches long, and very thick. His cock now stood straight out pointing at Catherine, and the bulging mushroom head of it was very sexy to Catherine.

Jack moved Catherine back to the couch and dropped to his knees in front of her, as he did so he spread her legs and began to suck on her clit. Jack then alternated between sucking on her clit, and long and short strokes across it. Catherine came within just a few minutes, faster than she ever had before, and harder than she ever had before.

Jack kept going and as he did so Catherine’s long thin legs wrapped around the back of Jack’s head and pushed him in deeper. Jack was loving the passion of his cousin, and the screams and moans she was letting out. As she came a second time, Jack slid a finger into her, and within just another two minutes Catherine had a third orgasm.

“Oh fuck Jack, I need a break oh my god everything is fucking spinning you’re so fucking good.” Catherine half whispered half shriek at Jack.

Jack stood in front of Catherine and slid her forward on the couch. “Do you want me to fuck you or do you want to suck my cock?” Jack asked, in a far gentler tone that usually used with a lover.

“Teach me to suck your cock, I can’t handle another orgasm yet.” Catherine replied.

Jack explained what he loved having done, and Catherine began to comply. She got half of his cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down on the portion that she could fit in her mouth to the best of her abilities. After a few minutes she stopped to breath and while she did so she began to jerk his cock while fondling, and then moving her mouth to his balls. For another fifteen minutes Catherine alternated between sucking, and jerking her cousin’s monster cock, bit by bit working more of it down her throat until finally she was able to swallow the entire thing. Catherine fought not to gag as she felt Jack’s cock swell even more inside of her throat as she swirled her tongue around her cousin’s entire veiny dick.

Finally Catherine pulled her mouth off of Jack’s cock and said “now fuck me, I want it, I want all of it.”

Jack was less gentle than before as he pushed his cousin backward and crouched into a position where he could slide into her. Without thinking about protection or the fact that she was a virgin Jack slid half of his cock into his cousin’s petite slit and tight slit in one motion, only stopping when she yelped out in pain.

“Oh fuck that’s big, it’s so much bigger than my fingers.” Catherine said to Jack. “Go slow, I want it all in me.” She continued.

Jack slowly started to move his hips forward filling more of his cousin’s cunt with his cock. When he was all the way inside of her he leaned into kiss her lips and as he did so he whispered “you set the pace.”

“I don’t really know how to.” Catherine said as she started to blush “why don’t you just fuck me how you think I’ll like it.”

Jack began to work slowly in and out of Catherine, watching her face, and listening intently to what she liked and what she didn’t like. It rapidly became clear that Catherine wanted a medium speed where Jack alternated between pulling almost his entire dick out of her only to thrust all the way back in, and short thrusts where the back of his cock head focused more heavily on her G-spot.

After nearly twenty minutes Catherine had cum twice and had wrapped her legs around Jack’s waist while pulling on his shoulders. In response Jack wrapped her arms around his neck and picked her up while continuing to fuck her.

“Oh shit” Catherine exclaimed with a note of excitement and pain in her voice. “that was so intense.”

Jack could only grunt in reply as he guided his cousin up and down on his cock sliding into and out of the young woman’s tight pussy. After ten more minutes, and two more Catherine orgasms Jack couldn’t handle any more.

“Uhhh fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck” Jack grunted into Catherine’s ear “where do you want me to cum?”

“I want to swallow it” Catherine whispered back as her cheeks turned a vibrant red in embarrassment. “I really want it in me, but I shouldn’t, so cum in my mouth.”

Jack set Catherine back onto the couch and slid his cock into the young woman’s mouth. With only his cock head in her mouth Catherine grabbed the shaft of Jack’s hard dick and stroked it twice before a huge load blasted into the back of her throat. At first Catherine started to choke and gag before gaining control of herself before another load flooded her mouth. She swallowed and then proceeded to deepthroat her cousin once more just to work everything out of him. She could feel him going hard in her mouth and removed his cock.

Jack collapsed next to her on the couch, and Catherine curled up next to him and fell asleep on his chest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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