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Dinner Out

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Gif Sex

It had been a long day and he was running late.
He called Shari on her cell phone as he pulled into his drive, asking her if she would just meet him at the restaurant.

“Thanks Babe, you are always so understanding. Be there as soon as I can.” He said, flipping his phone closed, as he jumped out of the car heading for the house.

A quick shower and he was soon dressed in her favorite outfit. His silky tiger print jockeys, black casual slacks, and cream-colored rayon shirt.

Shari was definitely into sensory overload… she loved to touch.

I splashed on some Drakkar, ran a brush through my hair, and was out the door.

The big fiery ball was sinking into the Sea as I pulled into Bianco’s parking lot.
My heart leaped as my eyes caught sight of her BMW parked off to the edge of the pavement.

She was very particular about her vehicle, not wanting others to dent her car with their doors. I parked beside hers, being careful not to do the deed.
I was still laughing as I walked into the restaurant.

“Evening Bernie…” The MatreDe said greeting him personally.

This being his favorite restaurant, he frequented it often and they all knew him by name.

“Your lady is seated in your usual booth.” He added giving a waving gesture with his hand to the far corner of the darkened dining room.

I snatched a single red rose from the vased arrangement on the side bureau as I made my way back to our booth.
I could smell her sweet womanly scent as I approached.
Her beautiful blue eyes twinkled as I slid into the seat beside her, presenting her with the single beauty that shadowed in comparison to her own.

Her hands were all over me… I knew I had worn the right clothing. She loved the variety of textures.

“Uhhhhhh..” She moaned dragging her hand up and down my back. “Baby, You smell good enough to eat tonight.”

I laughed as I motioned for the waiter to come over, ordering wine and our usual pastas before focusing my attentions on Shari.

“So, Escort bayan How was your day Sweetie?” I asked as she took my hand placing in on her bare thigh.

She looked radiant in her simple black, v-neck rayon dress with her ample cleavage peeking over the top.

“Went well actually,” She answered as her tongue slipped from between her slightly parted lips sensually circling her mouth.

She was slowly pushing my hand up her thigh, under her dress, easing it up to her groomed velvet garden.

“Well…” I inquired feeling a lump in my throat as I felt the wetness on her inner thighs. “Have you finished that.. PROJECT..” My raised voice blurted out as my hand came to rest on her fresh smoothly shaven sex!

A giggle escaped her as she parted her legs slightly.

“Oh Yes.. I have Dear.” She said adjusting herself in the seat, looking up at the waiter as he carefully placed our wine glasses in front of us.

“Thank You…” We both answered in unison, before she pressed my fingers into her smooth wet pussy lips.

My breathing was becoming labored… the bulge in my slacks was getting increasingly uncomfortable.

“I missed You today,” She whispered as she removed her hand from atop mine, placing it on my heated groin.. Her soft hands manipulated my growing organ into a position of relative comfort as I let out a loud sigh of relief.

The waiter appeared without warning.

“Is everything all right?” He asked with a questioning look upon his face.

“Oh yes. Just fine. Thank you. “I answered in half a gasp as Shari tightened her grip around my raging dick. Her hot chamber was tightening around my fingers at the same time.
God… She was driving me insane.

The restaurant chatter increased as other diners were being seated all around us.
I was relieved thinking they would overlook the clicking sound of my zipper as Shari gently tugged on its release.

She leaned closer to me raising her sweet bottom off the seat, forcing my Bayan escort fingers deep inside her tight troth as she sunk her hand inside my jockeys grasping my throbbing cock in her palm. Wrapping her sweet fingers around my shaft slowly stroking up and down. Rolling her thumb over the tip smearing my oozing precum round and round.

“How’s that portrait…. cuuuuuummmminggg?” She moaned as I felt her pussy contracting around my fingers her juices flowing into my cupped hand.

She dropped the cloth napkin into my lap as she lowered her head beneath the table.
It took all my control to contain my moans as she put her lips over my oozing head, sucking me hard.

Her cunnie was spasming out of control as she hungrily sucked my pulsating organ.
I threw my head back about to explode when she stopped suddenly, pulled away, popped up in her seat, covering my exposed throbbing manhood with her napkin as the waiter placed our meals in front of us.

“Hmmmm…Looks delicious.. Doesn’t it Honey?” She stated in a coaxing voice as she settled into her seat, preparing herself for the feast presented before of her.

I ate my pasta wondering what had gotten into her tonight.
Looking over to her as she sucked a long dangling noodle into her mouth, made my cock twitch.

She giggled before taking a sip of wine.

“How’s your dinner Honey?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Ahhhh. Just fine Shari. And How was ..ahhh.. Is Yours?” He answered as the pent up frustration in his groin increased.

“MMmmmm Yummmmmy.” She answered sensually sucking in another noodle.

He watched it disappear between her full lips. That was it he couldn’t take anymore.

“UUhhhhhh… Excuse me Shari. I’ll be right back,” He announced clutching the napkin to his groin as he hurriedly made his way to the men’s room.

Pushing open the door with his shoulder he rolled himself inside backing up against the wall, closing his eyes he sighed then gasped for breathe. His raging Escort hardon throbbing mercilessly.

He heard a click before soft hands tugged at his slacks.

“It’s okay Baby.. I’m here to take care of you,” She whispered before soft lips encompassed his engorged rod.

The vision of her sucking that noodle into her throat was racing through his mind as he felt his cock exploding in her mouth.

She hungrily, feverishly sucked and swallowed. Moaning and groaning as she consumed his hot torrenting seed. Pushing his shaft to the roof of her mouth emptying his vessel..

“Ahhhh..” He moaned sliding down the wall to a squatting position.

She lifted her dress, her sweet/musky scent attacking his nostrils as she planted her smooth shaven pussy on his face. Her woman juices were pooled, dripping from her smooth nether lips.

Pulling away from the wall, he tilted his head back, piercing his tongue between her puffy lips, sinking it inside her hot wet chamber.
He hungrily lapped at her sweet honey as his manhood awakened.

She writhed and moaned, grinding her sweet cunt on his assaulted mouth.

“Oh Baby… I’m about ready to cum.. Fuck me baby.. Please fuck me hard,” She screamed out.

He pulled back from her, pushing himself back against the wall coming up to a standing position.
Pulling her close he kissed her deeply sharing her sweet nectar with her as he spun her round, grabbing the hem of her short dress, hiking it up round her waist, pinning her up against the wall.

She wrapped her legs around his waist feeling his throbbing cock penetrate her soppy openness.
He slammed into her again and again as she clutched to him, riding his horn of plenty.


“Busy…. Be out in a few.” He called out as his orgasm ripped through him exploding inside her grasping convulsing chamber.

They both slunk to the floor in a heap of sated passion.
When they emerged from the men’s room, a deafening silence had washed over the restaurant.
The waiter was perched, waiting beside their table.

“Dessert perhaps?” He asked laughingly.

They looked at each other and answered simultaneously. “Ahhh.. Thanks but we already had it….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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