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Dirty Gurlie on Vacation: Flight

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I’m at the airport waiting for the boarding call of my flight. I’ve been waiting too fucking long for this trip and I’m SO excited to be getting the hell out of town for two weeks. I’m looking around the terminal to see if I can find anything to occupy my time while I wait. I’ve still got an hour or more before I can get on board. What kind of trouble can I get into before then….

As I scan the terminal, my eyes fall onto a tall man with dark brown hair. He’s in line purchasing something at the newsstand and I’m just watching him as he looks into his wallet while holding his purchase. His eyes are also dark and he is lightly tanned. He’s wearing dark jeans, a black T-shirt and black boots. Just my type….

He pays for his items and starts to head towards some seats near the windows. He sits himself in one facing the airfield. Perhaps he is interested in the view. I think I should try and change that….

I walk over to him wearing my little black skirt and thigh highs. I sit in a seat next to him and glance to see if he notices as my skirt slides up showing most of my thigh. I see that he does and I turn to ensure he notices I’m looking at him looking at me. He smiles when his eyes catch mine and I ask him if he likes what he sees. He says he does indeed. I ask when he’s scheduled to board his flight because really, no use in bothering if its going to be all of five minutes before he has to go. He tells me that he’s got about an hour.

Mmmm, my mind is working overtime now. I slip my hand onto his thigh and quickly move upward until I am almost touching his cock. He looks around a little nervously and then says “gee, you’re not very shy, are you?” I look at him with a look that says do you really have to ask that?

He seems a little calmer after looking and seeing that there is no on in the immediate area looking at us. I can feel that his cock is already getting hard through his jeans and it just excites me that much more. I move my hand up to undo his pants. He looks around again and then puts his jacket over his lap. I get the button undone and unzip him. I reach into his boxers and start sliding my hand along his hot cock. The heat of it on my palm is making me fucking crazy and I want it in my mouth so badly, but I know that is too much for our current location.

I keep stroking him until I feel him start to twitch in my hand. He’s still taking the occasional glance around, but most of his attention is right in my hand. I bring him so close to orgasm, I can almost taste it in my mouth. My legs are rubbing together, concealing my own desires between them. He cums all over my hand and I still keep my grip firm as I slow my stroking. How I want to taste it. I slowly take my hand away as he works to clean himself up with his jacket. I bring my hand to my mouth and lick the glistening wetness from my fingers.

He watches me as I devour him and then as I stand up. I grab his hand and lead him down the terminal. I’m looking for something, ANYTHING, that will conceal us enough to keep us out of trouble while this strange man fucks the shit out of me. I’m looking and finally find what it is I’m looking for. I see a small alcove near one of the restrooms. I’d just take him into the bathroom, but in an airport, well, the likelihood of getting caught is probably higher.

So I pull him into the small alcove and lift up my skirt. He’s already undoing his jeans again and he slips into me with ease. He steals the space between my thighs like a thief in the night steals jewelry. His cock is so hard and long. It penetrates me deeply as he pushes my back into the alcove. I can hear beylikdüzü escort his quiet grunts with each thrust and I giggle a little to myself. The sounds boys make in the throes of passion sometimes amuse, sometimes arouse. This time, its amusement.

He’s pinning me against the wall and fucking my wet little cunt. I lift my leg up and he takes it over his arm, propping me back even more forcefully. He’s so long that it feels as though he’s going to bust my insides. I can feel him slamming into me and the pain is delicious. He grabs hold of my hair with his other hand as I glance over his shoulder to ensure we are still undetected. I can see the people passing by, involved in their own troubles and lives. I pity them.

This strange yet appealing man continues to have his way with me and I can feel my orgasm building. I’m so ready to fucking cum. I’ve needed this release all day and I’m so glad I could get it out of the way before my six hour flight. He continues to fuck me and I’m so there. Ready to just let it all go. I want to scream, telling him to fuck me harder and faster until my cunt explodes, but I know I have to be a little quiet lest we be found out.

I lean in close and tell him to fuck me like he means it. Fuck me until he can feel my juices dripping down his cock. He obliges and starts to penetrate me so fast and hard I can barely keep my balance on my one leg. Oh GAWD here it comes. I can feel it exploding as he keeps thrusting. I can’t even find the breath to moan quietly. I’m so taken aback by this orgasm. He keeps fucking until he has had his fill. He too causes his own explosion and slows down.

He pulls out of me and lets my leg down. He does up his pants as I rearrange my skirt. I slip past him and go into the bathroom to get myself properly cleaned up. When I come out of the bathroom, he’s gone. I hate messy goodbyes anyway, so its probably a good thing. I go back to my gate and realize they’re getting ready to board my flight. Hawaii here I come! Prepare for Dirty Gurlie! I’m finally on board and have gotten my luggage properly placed in the overhead compartment. Thankfully, I’ve kept my most precious cargo in my purse to be used during the flight. I can hardly wait to cum while airborne. The remaining passengers are boarding and thus far, I have the seat next to me free. Great, I’m good with some quiet and uninterrupted time with my favorite toy.

Just as the final boarding is happening, a young blonde in ripped jeans takes the seat next to me. He’s got beautiful blue eyes, almost too hard to look at. He flashes me a quick smile as he gets himself situated in his seat. Oh well, its isn’t as though I can’t have my fun with someone sitting here. I just have to be a little more careful about it.

The plane starts to head down the runway and I’m becoming more and more excited about my trip. I lean back in my seat as the plane starts its upward climb, leaving behind my home and taking me to more excitement than any one person should be allowed. The blonde next to me introduces himself and starts up with basic small talk. I guess something just to pass the time. Or perhaps he finds me enticing and wants to get to know me better. It is a long flight after all.

He tells me about how he’s been planning a trip to Hawaii for the last several years and has finally put work aside to go. We chat about our work and the like, and all the while I can see his eyes shift downward from time to time, looking at my cleavage peeking out over the edge of my tank top. I lean closer to him and pull my tank top a little, revealing even more beyoğlu escort to him as I do so. He blushes a little and stops looking downward.

I tell him its ok and that I’m not ashamed of my body. I’m pleased that he enjoys looking. He seems so young, so inexperienced. Oh the fun I could have teaching this one. From this point on, the conversation stops being small and starts being naughty. Ah, now I’m right at home.

We talk about our experiences and I can tell that my stories shock him a little. He’s so new to being with a woman. The thrill of new territory is so strong, I’ve almost forgotten about my in-flight plan. I tell him about my times with women and he asks questions about how that might be. I answer openly and honestly. Talking about sex has never been a weakness of mine.

Its about this time that he excuses himself to use the restroom. He is incredibly cute and I could give him the thrill of his life thus far. Now to just make the decision…I think on it a moment longer and then follow him to the restroom. He hasn’t quite made it yet and I rush to get to him before he goes in. The plane is fairly empty, so taking this approach will be much easier with no pre-planning.

I reach him just before he gets to the door. He turns around and seems shocked to see me there. I look around quick and see no one looking, so I shove him into the bathroom and follow him in. I lock the door behind me and pull off my tank top. I drop it to the floor and then work to remove my bra. He amazing blue eyes are big and round as he just stares in shock. Just the response I was hoping for. Now hopefully there won’t be any performance anxiety.

I drop my bra the same as I did my tank top and I reach for his pants. I undo them and slide them along with his boxers down his strong, lean legs. I rise enough to see his completely erect cock and I start to consume it. He’s not as long as the guy in the airport terminal, but thats ok. He’s hot, hard and ready, that’s all a gurl like me needs.

I slide up and down along his cock, sucking hard and taunting him with my piercing. His hands come down into my hair as I start to speed things up a little. I play with his balls, running my fingernails along his sack lightly as I keep him going with my mouth. He explodes and moans as his cum fills my mouth. A little drips out the side and down my chin. I gulp him down, then quickly flick out my tongue to clean up the mess on my chin.

I resume rising before him, again finding joy in the look of shock and awe on his face. I bring my leg up along side him and he grabs it with one strong arm. He then pushes me back against the wall and grabs my other leg, lifting me from the ground. His hands slowly work up towards my ass and then he drops me straight down onto his hard and waiting cock. How I do love the young boys and their ability to be ready any time I want.

I lean forward and tell him that he better give me a good fucking. He’s got some competition for the top spot and he wouldn’t want to disappoint me. He pushes me hard against the wall, hands still on my ass. I can feel him burying himself into my cunt, filling me. He moves a little clumsily, but that’s to be expected given our current location and his sexual immaturity. He still feels good all the same and is definitely giving me a good go.

He continues to thrust and I lean forward again telling him to fuck harder. I then bite into his neck, my teeth sinking deeply into his flesh. He jolts for a moment and then resumes ramming into me. I can feel his strong arms holding my weight as he thrusts, my legs bouncing bomonti escort out behind him. I bite him again, this time adding my nails to his back through his shirt. I can feel the muscles in his back and my cunt gives a fresh squirt.

He speeds up and pushes deeper and harder into me. I can feel him getting close again and I take a fresh grasp of his back with my nails. I have a hard time keeping hold since I don’t have his actual flesh to dig into and his shirt slips too easily. He starts to cum and I tell him to keep fucking until I cum. He tries to keep going, trying to bring me pleasure. He thrusts and grabs me harder, striving to get me off.

Its almost there, so very close. I tell him how close I am and that he just needs to go a few moments longer. Fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me until my cunt can’t take it anymore. He gives me several more good thrusts and my cunt starts to spasm as I cum. He leans against me, still holding me up against the wall.

He lets me down and I start putting myself back together. I tell him to come out in a couple minutes after I go out. Wouldn’t want any kind of funny looks if there is someone right out there. I open the door and slip out, returning to my seat.

He comes back a few minutes later and takes his seat as well. He’s a little flushed. I find it a little endearing. He looks over at me and smiles, then tells me how that was amazingly unexpected, but completely awesome. I laugh a little and then ask him if he’d like to help me out a little more. Might as well make this flight a complete success for him.

He looks at me and nods as I grab the blanket the attendant left earlier when I had asked for it. I lay it over my lap and then throw a leg over the armrest and across his lap. I open up my purse and bring out my favorite toy. I put it under the blanket and tell him to put his hands under as well.

He does as told and I give him my toy. I tell him he needs to tease me with it. I tell him to play with my clit for a while before shoving it up my wet cunt. He starts to rub my toy against my clit, encircling it. I can feel his cock hardening under my leg and it brings a smile to my lips. He turns my toy on to the lowest setting and lets it rest against my clit. He uses his other hand to slip two fingers inside my cunt.

He’s looking into my eyes for approval, I can sense it. I look back at him and smile, causing him to move his fingers faster. He keeps circling my clit with the toy while fingering me. I tell him to put in another finger while using the toy on my clit. He does as told and I feel the desire as it builds up in me. I am having far too much fun and I wasn’t even expecting something this extravagant.

He has a desire to please me. He’ll make some girl very happy some day. He finger fucks me as the toy does its work on my clit. I tell him to add another finger and he does so, fucking me harder and faster with his fingers as his other hand ups the speed on my vibe. Mmmm, I’m so close now I can taste it. My cunt is dripping with juice and I tell him to slide in his thumb now, too. He looks at me a little shocked, but does as I ask. I can feel that amazing sensation as his hand passes that tightest point at the entrance of my cunt. I moan a little as he finds his hand buried deep in my cunt up to the the wrist. He twists and pulls his hand inside of me as he keeps working my clit. I start to cum, constricting his hand inside of me. He’s smiling as I’m cumming and I moan into his ear. As my twitching eases, he pulls out his hand and licks his fingers, tasting me. He turns off my toy and gives it back to me.

I take a trip to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Fucking is dirty business, regardless of the means. I come back to my seat and tell him I need a rest now. I curl up in my seat and drift off, dreaming the dirtiest of dreams, filled with lust, desire and of course, fucking.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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