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Dirty Panties/Posh Event

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Please remember that I have no experience of writing. This is just me wanting to tell all the sexual things that have happened in my life. Forgive me for any mistakesxx


For the last few months I have had a real fetish going on regarding Underwear of both Men and women. Usually I don’t try to set anything up as I like things when they go natural but I thought I would give this a go.

About a month ago I moved from England to Scotland. The week before I was leaving I was talking to a friend of mine, Helen, who is into kinky things. she was the person who actually got me big into the panty fetish thing. We were sat in her living room when she said she wanted to give me a gift. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a black wife beater type vest. She reached underneath my skirt and pulled down my knickers. I was wearing just basic comfortable white with pink hearts underwear. I had been working that day and been wearing them all day. She pulled them over my feet and stood up. She then grabbed the hem of the grey joggers she was wearing and the underwear beneath them and pulled them off. I looked at her hairy pussy. She has always kept a big bush and I loved her for it. Through the dark pubic hair I could see the string of her tampon. I knew she was on her period as she literally spent the night telling me about her pains. She threw her clothes to the side and then pulled on my underwear.

My underwear looked a little bit tight on her as she was a few sizes bigger than me. She then sat down beside me and gave me a kiss. She spoke into my ear “Your going away in 11 days right? Well until that day I’m going to wear these knickers day and night. Throughout my period, after I have sex and masturbate, I will put them on after I shit and piss and then just before you leave I will come round yours and give them back to you for you to do as you please” She smiled and kissed me on the lips. We spent the evening kissing and fumbling around but nothing to heavy.

I saw her a few times leading up to the day I left including one moment at a night out where we went into the toilets for her to show me the knickers. We both went into the same booth and she pulled the pants down and I could see they were already extremely stained with plenty of skid marks. I watched as she pissed into the toilet and then pulled the knickers up without wiping.

On the day I was leaving I was getting ready to go when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and it was Helen. She walked into the hallway and asked if anyone else is in. I told her there was çorum seks hikayeleri not. She asked me if I wanted to see the knickers. I nodded my head in excitement

“Yes please!”. She started to lift up her skirt. I watched in excitement as it reached the top. And then a look of confusion appeared on my face. Helen saw this and smiled.

“Your going to have to pull them out if you want them” I gave her a wink and took her by the hand and led her into the front room I pushed her forcefully onto the couch and lifted her legs up and wide.

I sucked on my finger and started to trace it around her pubic hair. I started to intrude my finger into her pussy and was only up to my first knuckle when I could feel the panties inside. I started to rub my fingers around them. They were soaking wet, the inside of her pussy felt dry though. The panties must have been soaking up her juices. I started to push and play around the panties with my middle and index finger. Helen seemed quite uncomfortable but looked like she enjoyed it. It took awhile but I eventually made her orgasm. I started to pull out the panties. They were damp and stained. She told me about the things she had done in them including having sex with her boyfriend without a condom and pulling them back on letting his cum seep into the panties. It had been 10 days but there was something else I wanted to do with them before I wore them.

My dad was driving me up to Scotland for the move. I asked him if on the way we could make a stop at a friends house so I could drop off some money. We pulled up outside a a man who I use as a slaves house. I have not spoke about him yet so I will give a quick description. I met him while at work. He is a massive fat guy who weighs over 30 stone. He has a tiny dick and is a virgin. I somehow got into him being my slave but we have never had sex. I became his slave when I caught him doing something he should not have been doing and I blackmailed him. I knew this is what he wanted though.

I walked up to his door and knocked. He answered the door. I reached into my bag and pulled out the knickers and handed it to him and gave him my instructions.

“You will wear these panties for the next 5 days. You will wank into them and not take them off. You will have to wear them 24/7 except when in the shower. I will then text you my new address and then you will send them to me” I then walked back and got in the van and my dad drove of none the wiser.

I waited patiently for the package and after a week I received it. I didn’t want to open it though. I wanted to save it for something special. Then Last night I knew was the night. I was going out to a certain event that I can not name down in London. I can not name this event as it would be quite revealing. And no it had nothing to do with the Olympics. I drove down from Scotland to London in my car. In the back of my car was my ball dress that I was going to wear that night stretched along the back seat. In the boot was a night bag which also contained the package containing the underwear. I arrived at the hotel. I had only arrived about 3 hours before the event so I got showered ready and put on my ball dress.

I had 20 minutes to go before my taxi was going to pick me up. I was so tempted to masturbate but I managed to hold the urge off. I opened the package and looked in. Inside was a small freezer bag with the panties inside. I quickly tore into it. The smell was so strong. I became nervous, Surely everyone would know. The smell was horrible, I did not expect it to be that bad. I opened them up. My slave had done a good job on them they had yellow shades of cum all over them, not just in the crotch. And on the seat was huge shit stains. Not just skid marks but full on staining.

I didn’t know what to do. Could I wear them. I did not mind wearing them but the smell was so strong that people would just think I would stink. I Started to put them on. It had been over 20 days since I Had last worn them and being clean. As I pulled them up around my waist they were very different from the last time I put them on when they were clean. Now on the back I could feel the marks of shit touching against my bum. Touching my pussy the fabric was now rock hard. All round they were still damp. Another slight problem with Helen and my Slave wearing them the size had now stretched quite a bit. Both were bigger than me but my slave was a massive guy. They still stayed up but only just.

I could not decide my emotion. I was so turned on and wanted to wear them. I had set myself a plan for the night that I wanted to follow through with. My plan was to enjoy the evening, find a guy to fuck and then leave the underwear at his. But the smell was so much stronger than I imagine. Before I could back out I picked up my clutch and walked out the room. I stood outside the hotel waiting for the taxi. I kept my eyes on peoples reaction to see if they noticed the smell. No one seemed to worry so my confidence grew.

We arrived in the entrance to the building the party was at. I was to meet my 2 friends here. I hung around outside a slightly embarrassed waiting for my friends. They arrived and we went in together. They did not know about what I was doing with my underwear. As I walked though something of a disaster started to happen. The speed of the others was much faster than what I was walking before. Now the pants in their stretched size started to fall down. I tried to hold my legs closer but with no luck. I tried pulling them up but with the dress it did not work. I slowed down. They were now around my knees. I planned to keep them there so I could walk to a toilet and work out what to do there.

I entered and showed my ticket. I spotted the toilets and said to my friend that’s where I was headed. One of my friends followed which I did not want. As we walked side by side she locked her arms with mine. As she did that the knickers fell all the way to my ankles. I was so embarrassed now. We walked into the bathroom. Luckily there was no queue. I waddled to the cubicle. I looked like a penguin and most people probably just assumed I really needed to go toilet. I locked the door and sat down on the toilet. I needed to pee so I did that. I looked through my bag see if I could find anything to help hold them up. I could not find anything. I thought about stuffing it up my cunt like what Helen did but with all the shit in them probably not the best idea unless I wanted to get a infection. So I wiped my pussy with the knickers and stuffed them in my bag and left the cubicle

I actually didn’t expect to have so much fun as I did that night and kind of forgot about my plan. It was near the end of the night, so I thought I would have to act quick. I took a card I use which has my name and mobile number on it. I wrote the hotel details on it as well. I looked around and saw a very decent looking man. He was wearing a tux and looked like he did not have a date with him. I walked up to him and started to chat. He seemed nice enough. After a bit of small talk I leaned across and gently into his ear I said.

“I’m not wearing any underwear” I lifted the knickers out of my bag and stuffed them into his trouser pocket. I then passed him my card with my details on it.

“If your interested to see what’s under the dress I will be staying there tonight. Call me” I winked as I casually and Cooley strolled off.

I thought it would be funny, but I was hoping there was a chance he may have been dirty enough to still come over or ring. but the hilarity of him thinking of this amazing sexy moment to have happened and then for him to pull out the nearly 3 week old, piss, shit and cum stained panties would literally ruin this moment for him!.

He never came over or called me but I was not disappointed. There is nothing quite like Wanking in a sexy ball gown to end your evening!xx

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