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Disciplining Naomi

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My name is Jonathan and I am a professor of history.

I teach at a small reputable private college in New England, and have done so for the last 5 years. In my former life I actually worked for a political party in a neighboring state, and had risen pretty quickly up the chain of command, until I felt that the political life was taxing my health and my family life.

We had an urban lifestyle and as middle age approached I felt like it was tearing my family apart. I was always at cocktail parties and receptions, and I can’t say that I never took advantage of my position in those situations, if you know what I mean. It just wasn’t working out for me and my wife. We never made love and we were constantly arguing. I put on weight and I was feeling depressed. My wife Bea was miserable, taking care of our two infant children.

In a moment of familial clarity, we decided to pack it up and move up to my wife’s hometown so she could be closer to her family, in particular her sister, who had just gone through a really messy divorce and was raising her daughter. Our new town was really nice and refreshing. My family fell into outdoor activities like hiking and rafting, and I loved bicycling and raising my kids. Our sex life also was reborn, and we spent cozy winter evenings inside enjoying each other’s bodies. In essence I was happily married and glad we made the choice to leave the city and find a little inner peace.

The only thing that seemed to break that piece was my niece, Naomi. Naomi was now about 18 years old, but when we moved to town she was only ten, and already she was, as the relatives said, “troubled.”

Her mother, Rose, worked long hours, and so Naomi had to spend a lot of time alone. Her father had left the family when she was quite young, and so she was tormented by the chronic absence of adult supervision. When she younger she was already wearing loose fitting clothes, and sitting suggestively and hanging out with older boys.

I just found her precocious sexuality annoying at first and tried to not give her any of the attention she craved. I thought that if I denied her that attention I could teach her that she was worth more to society than just somebody’s sex toy.

Of all the men in her life though I assumed the most fatherly role. I kept tabs on her school work and tried to be her friend and listen to her problems. But I had to say it was hard when she would insist in wearing skimpy clothing and sitting on my lab.

She even tried a few times – and I kept this secret from my wife and sister-in-law- to pass on me. I would be tutoring her and on a few occasions she looked into my eyes searching for a kiss. And on one evening she reached down and grabbed my dick. And I mean she grabbed it and held it and grabbed it again.

I was totally shocked when this happened. I didn’t know how to discipline her for that, so I wrote it off as pubescent curiosity. Still, the way she acted – constantly fighting with her mother and peers, always dating older boys – really pissed me off, and I, knowing how perverted it was, thought about disciplining her sexually a few times while I was alone masturbating. I felt immense guilt for it, but thought that, if it was just a thought and not a reality, it wouldn’t do anybody any harm.

As Naomi got older she really started to blossom into görükle escort bayan a young woman. We all knew she would be spell bindingly hot and that that would mean a lot of trouble for us adults. My wife Bea was always trying to put some sense into her, but instead of helping, her criticism just made things worse. Naomi would come home from parties drunk and stoned, and in recent months my sister-in-law, Rose, caught her in bed with a senior at the local high school.

I heard all the gory details, about how Rose came home early from her job to catch her young daughter sucking a local jock’s cock – in her own mother’s bed no less. The little slut had even yelled at her mother and told her not to disturb her.

Things were really getting out of hand. So when my wife Bea called me one evening after I had spent a lot of time at the office grading tests, and said that I should go across town and pick Naomi up from a college party on campus, I knew what I was getting into.

I found the address, on frat row, pretty easily, and went scouting amongst all the inebriated jocks and, well what else could you call them?, sluts that were getting beer from the kegs in the back of the house.

Finally, in the corner, our eyes met. Naomi was standing there in a circle of friends drinking beer from a plastic cup. I approached her casually, as not to embarrass her. She was wearing a tight black tank top and a short accessible skirt. She had a wild mane of blonde hair and was wearing a significant amount of make up.

“You should come with me,” I said to her quietly.

“I can take care of myself,” she scoffed back to me as we held our quiet vigil in the back of the party.

“Your mother is worried about you,” I said. “You are coming home with me now.”

“No…” She said back forcefully. “I can take care of myself.”

“Look, do you want to get grounded again?” I asked, trying to reason with her in terms that she could understand. “You are constantly in trouble. If you come home late again, your mother’s going to kick you out.”

She finally gave in and agreed to come with me. She walked silently to the car as I led the way, and she slid into the passenger seat of my little sportscar – my “midlife crisis gift to myself” I called it – stinking of perfume and alcohol and attitude.

“So..late night again,” Naomi said to me in a nasty, bitchy tone. “Guess you’ve had a hard day fucking your students?”

“No, I’ve been grading exams,” I said as our car made it out of the leafy university campus and into the forested rural roads that marked the path to her mother’s house. Everything was so quiet around us, and there were no other cars on the road.

“Unlike you, Naomi, I don’t use sex to feed my ego,” I snapped back, then suddenly retracted mt statement. “I’m sorry I said that.”

“No, it’s fine,” she answered. “You’re right, I like sex Jonathan,” she said. “And I know you do too,” she said, placing her hand on my leg and slowly caressing it with her young hands.

“What do you mean?” I said back, picking her hand up and throwing it forcefully back in her lap.

“Oh come on – you’ve wanted to bonk me forever,” she said sliding her hand back. She was really starting to piss me off, and I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. Finally, I pulled the car altıparmak eskort off to the side of the road in a secluded place. The crickets were chirping, and Naomi’s hand was still on my leg. Again, I picked it up and tossed it off.

“Listen to me Naomi, I would never, ever, ever, think of having sex with you,” I said. “I’m your uncle. That’s gross.”

“But we’re not related,” she said slithering back closer to me. “Don’t you ever just think about it,” she said getting closer to my cock with her hands, “don’t you ever think of how good it could feel?”

I felt really sick now. Sick, but also excited. This was really testing my patience. “Could you please stop doing that!” I yelped as her hands glided closer to my cock, finally reached my semi-engorged erection and slowly stroking it.

“Doing what?” she asked playfully. “You know Jonathan, I think you’re just as big as I remember you were” she said. I was silent, mesmerized by this little blonde vixen rubbing me. “And you are still so good looking, and you can still get it up..you’d be surprised how many guys can’t at your age,” she continued.

“What do you mean ‘guys my age’?” I asked derisively.

“Oh, you don’t want to know how many guys I’ve fucked that are your age, Jonathan,” Naomi shot back. “But what I want to know is if you still look young down there, even when you’re a bit old up here…” she said, massaging my deeply as I sat there in the driver’s seat of my car.

“You’ve really got to stop this,” I said again, trying to summon the strength to push her off. “Oh you don’t have any choice any more, uncle” she said. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for sooo long. And tonight I am going to get my wish.”

She unbuckled my trousers and lifted my long erect cock out of my trousers into the warm night air, slowly she lowered her head down on to me, attacking my dick like a professional, pulling at my balls, and slurping at my member, bobbing her wet mouth up and down, with each suck letting out a delicious slurping sound and blowing longer and harder with each gulp.

Instinctively I put my head on her blonde curls and pushed downwards, guiding her head as she sucked me good and deep. After a few more sucks, she looked up at me. “See I told you it wouldn’t be so bad,” she said unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom to the top. “I’ve wanted you inside me for a long time,” she said lifting her tank top off to reveal two marvelously firm breasts with pink innocent nipples in the moonlight.

She saw that I was intoxicated, by them and looked back seductively. “Oh you like them uh?” she said, as she pulled her panties off. She then leaned forward letting one sweet nipple pop into my mouth as she moved to straddle me, gripping my dick at the base and guiding it slowly into her warm, 18-year-old slick pussy.

I moved my hands to her firm buttocks and helped her adjust herself on my big dick. She began to lift herself and pump reflexively as I first tasted her sweet breath, slightly tasting of pre-cum. She began to deeply kiss me as she pumped me and I began to fuck back. I was so mad she made me do this to her, but it felt good. Slowly I felt my cum seep upwards from my balls up the length of my cock until I was just swollen waiting to explode. Naomi cooed, and pumped away, darting her tongue nilüfer escort inside of my mouth.

Even as a young man I had never fucked a 18-year old girl before, and her pussy felt so tight and young. Everything about her was fresh and seductive, like a barely ripe fruit. “I bet you like fucking me, don’t you” she said as she pumped away. “Are you going to cum? Are you going to cum in your own niece?” she asked in a mocking tone. “I bet you are you old pervert!”

This little fucking cunt was really starting to piss me off, so I decided that two could play at her incest game. She needed some discipline and she was going to get it. Summoning my will I set things in motion.

“Turn around!” I barked in a hoarse, pleasured voice. “Oooh..kinky” she replied, pulling off my slick shaft and turning around.

With her soft ass in the air I plunged three fingers deep into her wet little pussy feeling around. I then pushed my cock up to her little tight ass and lay it there. I could see the shock on her face as I pushed it forward.

“Jonathan, what are you doing?!” she asked in a little yelpy voice. “You have been really bad, Naomi,” I said, pushing harder and harder against her ass.

“Wh…What are you doing?” she cried. But she knew to well, what her fate was. “Just push back against me” I said, passing through her tight rectum into her anal cavity. I could feel it straining her. It was so tight and dry. It hurt me too a little, but I was determined to have the last virginal bit of this little cunt.

“Oooh..it hurts so bad,” she moaned. “You of all people deserve to be fucked in the ass,” I said back. “Now just relax and let it fill you up,” I said pulling at her shoulders as I pushed deep into her cavity. “She quivered and only made little squeaks as I began to pump her, butt naked in my car, sweat sliding off her back. I had pushed the front seat down so I had more leverage.

After a few minutes of whimpering she began to demand that I do it harder, deeper.

“Fuck me!” Naomi started to yell, “fuck me with that big cock, fuck your niece, fuck her in the ass” she yelled as I pounded away at her body.

My muscles began to weaken and I began to push harder, feeling my dick consume her little dark space. Finally, I felt myself prepare to burst again and let all my anxiety out, pumping hard and deep with each stroke, until my hot cum coated the inside walls of her rectal cavity, and she collapsed in pleasure and pain.

“Oh God..God,” she said, laying in the backseat of the car. My body was hot with sweat, but I quickly buttoned up and got the car back on the road.

Clearing my head, I drove her home as she gasped for breath and assembled her clothing. I told her mother that she had been ok, and that I had only caught her with a beer. She sauntered off into the home, no doubt to go sit on the toilet and watch my cum drip out of her ass.

I was still sick as all hell. What had I done. I thought maybe I’d get divorced or maybe I’d go to jail, but something told me Naomi wouldn’t say a word to her mother.

As I rolled into bed later with my wife, I could tell that she knew something had happened.

“You smell like sex, Jon,” Bea said to me. “Just don’t lie to me, tell me what happened.” I was so anxious but I decided to tell her the truth. After some prodding I eventually confessed my story, as she sat there spell bound.

“I’m really sorry,” I said. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well,” she said. “I think you did what you could. It’s not your fault she seduced you. And besides, it’s about time somebody fucked that little bitch in the ass!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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