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Discovering A New Way With Shades Of Gray

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It was so nice to be back with Linda again, I had missed her terribly, her humour, her conversation and most of all her brand of loving, for I say until this day I have never ever been so infatuated and darned right besotted by a woman of her stance and sheer determination to get what she wants when she wants.

Okay she can be masterful, as most women are in their way, it seems to be a sort of built in mechanism I guess to make up for the fragility of being female, although I guess many women would ask me to take that back after the great example they made of their sex ion the 2012 Olympics, I mean; seeing them play football was one thing and even the girl who won a gold medal boxing for England, it seems now anything goes, and Wow! did my tackle throb watching those girls slay beach ball in the skimpiest of beachwear. My eyes were glued until Linda came into the room and saw my tongue hanging out.

“There is a lot more your tongue could be doing” she giggled and I knew exactly what she meant.

“One thing about you Linda, you have never been backward in coming forward!”

She looked at me, those gorgeous deep set eyes saying everything; “Are you complaining Pete?”

“Erm No.” I replied, my essentials growing in my pants; It is as much how she said it that always aroused me, and that certain very provocative and sexy look. Then she settled next to me on the leather bound settee, looking so very attractive in her tight black skirt and white laced to and I knew what would be waiting underneath seeing just a quick glance of black stocking tops as she provocatively but very seductively crossed those gorgeous thighs – and then that certain sound again, the touch of silk against silk as she crossed her legs to close the hint of a gap between her thighs, keeping her mystic charms secret for now, until the time was right.

When sınırsız escort her red lips met mine the feeling was electric, pure electric as she so sensitively moulded them to mine in a kiss that would develop into something much more than just a kiss. A blending of pulses and taste as she hinted what she wanted my tongue to do, the deep throat French kiss she adored so much, just slow and sensual primarily to arouse the hormones.

Her quiet moans told me that we were very together again after a what seemed to be a lifetime without, I knew she’d be back, going with that wimp of a guy who, she discovered could not offer the love to which she’d become accustomed, full package emotionally and physically.

“You really are the only guy for me” she whispered when we took a breather, she looking up at me with those dark blue misty eyes and I guess that was true love, being able to give each other our very all.

I was soon to discover that she was a lot more passionate than ever before, and me with my male ego had to ask if that was because this other guy called Rick did not have it for her.

“More like the book I’m reading” she purred, her hand moving down to my thigh, her fingers tingling as she teased me there.

“What book is that?” I asked beginning to enjoy that wonderful feeling a girl can give a guy just by running her fingers over the swelling there. And knowing just how much she enjoyed that, her fingers starting to bunch me between and gradually squeeze. Now that is sensual!

“50 shades of grey”

“I’ve heard about that, Erotica hey! No wonder, Well what I say if it turns you one go for it.”

“Darling, shall I tell you something?” she asked beginning to unzip me. Me resting back to enjoy the moment. It was like it used to be having your girl pamper and give you that taksim escort certain sensual feeling that would end in a deep gratifying climax.

“Go ahead” I invited and she did.

“Reading that book is sensational, I have never been so wet”

She moved her thighs, bent her legs at the knees so that she was sitting on them bent, her favourite position for what I knew I was about to receive, and when her head went down to me leaning down to her side and finding me through the opened zip. Her delicate fingers eagerly finding their way so easily inside the rim of my boxer shorts.

“Mmm. Glad to see you still wear boxers” she purred. I love you in boxers. Now what is this I have misses so much?” she teased finding her objective, pulling him out of his hide and that was simply beautiful, she was still the same Linda doing the same tricks but with a little more zest and ardour.

“Baby, you can go further if you want” I said because that is how it used to be, she’d always ask me, but now, well she was different, whether or not it was because of that book she was reading or now I don’t know, but it all came to pass that what would happen next I would relish this new form of lovemaking.

“No! not yet!| she purred. I want to do other things first, I’m gonna make you wait until you beg for it, and your quintessential will welcome you with open lips when you are truly good and ready, when I have had my fun of good heard stiff cock and lovely firm balls.

“She remembered that we always called it her quintessential but when the going got really hot and our verbal exchange matched the action, then it would become my ‘cuntessenteial’ which was a real turn on for us both, when we’d both indulge in the sensual mutual enjoyment of oral delights, she sucking cock and me sucking that cuntessentail – it was tesettürlü escort always like that but not now, it was to be different, she’d make me wait and wait, saying what she wants to do and ostracising me to obey her every command.

The way she stroked my length with her fingers, her tongue teasing my p-hole fervently, the sounds of sexual activity adding to the feel of the moment, the feel of her as I squeezed her tits and nibbled her there, wanting more, much more I yelled attempting to get my head down to those gorgeous inviting thighs, the whiteness of her skin between her red panties and suspender belt slipped to those black silk stockings made me throb, made me just year for the taste of herm the feel of her in my mouth, the stretching of her pussy lips, all the tine she sucking me, balling me just like we used to and then the quintessential rough and very exhilarating deep fucking to complete all that we felt and meant to each other.

But this time, no – she teased me to the hilt, I yelled that she was a slut, that’s what she wanted to hear, “dirty talk me baby” she said and do you know what? It was a perfect blend to the wonderful way we enjoyed each other, she teased me – asking me how this felt, how that felt, but no! I could not fuck her yet, because first she wanted more of me.

I am boiling over, my cock is jumping for it, but still she wont let me suck her or fuck her, still she wasn’t ready for that, she wanted more of me, her head busy between my thighs, her face rubbing into me everywhere as her fingers found the crevice between my ass. This was different, she wanted my ass too, I felt her finger rim me there, so different but so wonderful.

Fuck I had to have her, I yelled at her to bend over on all fours and took her whether she liked it or not.

She was a wonderful fuck, so wet and warm and deep. We fucked to our hearts content and she yelled that at last I had got the picture, that she wanted as much for me to master her as she did me.

It was to be a mutual thing, depending on how moods took us.

Now I discovered just how real loving could be, thanks to fifty shades of grey…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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