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Divorced Don and Sarah – Life Goes On

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This story will reveal what transpires between Don and Sarah even though their ages differ by 19 YEARS! Enjoy the story and the happy ending.

Sarah and I did quite a bit of talking over the next week, on the phone, at her apartment and at my home. Sharing your thoughts is one of the best ways to get to know someone. We also spent quite a bit of “physical time” exploring each other, learning what we each liked. I had told Sarah that I was too old for her… But I really liked her! We were having a wonderful and sometimes wild time together.

I knew that what I really wanted to see happen was to be GREAT FRIENDS… and help Sarah get more comfortable with herself and find true happiness.

We had another date night on the up-coming Friday night… and I was going to ‘challenge’ Sarah.

It was Wednesday evening and I had invited Sarah to a “nude dinner” at my home. She had accepted… but was unsure where I was going with this?

Sarah parked her car in my carport and walked to the front door.

She was dressed casually. She knocked… And was surprised when I opened the door and invited her in. I was NUDE!

I said. “Please come in. Welcome to my nudist home. I’m happy that you are here… But you ARE over-dressed.” I gave her a tight hug and a passionate kiss.

She spoke. “I wasn’t sure you were serious about dinner in the nude. I guess I better undress.”

She didn’t bother to go to the bathroom or the bedroom to undress. She simply did a sexy little strip-tease in the living room.

She asked? “Is this better?”

I answered. “Perfect!”

I had dinner all ready to put on the table and a bottle of chilled wine to serve.

Sarah and I sat down for a tasty meal, good wine, and better conversation.

I teased. “I’m going to ‘challenge’ you to be extra sexy for Friday evening.”

She asked? “Is this Friday evening going to be different than the last couple of Friday evenings where we have enjoyed going out to dinner and then dancing?”

I smiled. “Oh, yes! We are going down to the big city. I’m going to show you off!”

She answered. “You know I’m pretty shy.”

I smiled. “That’s why this is going to be a challenge for you.”

She replied. “I have enjoyed everything we’ve done so far… so issue your challenge… I accept!”

I went on. “First, I have a question. Why do you wear a padded bra?”

Sarah was puzzled. “Because society says a lady should look like everyone else to blend in.”

I teased. “You are a very special lady. You say that when men ask you out and then find out you’ve had a double mastectomy they lose interest. You said you wear shiny dangle ear-rings to distract men’s eyes, and that works. I want to try a different kind of distraction on Friday evening.”

Sarah was again puzzled. “What do you have in mind?”

I went on. “I want to ‘dress you’ for Friday evening. I want to take you to one of the finest restaurants in the city. I want all the men to be jealous of my sexy dinner date! And I want other men to want to ask you to dance. Do you trust me?”

Sarah was getting nervous. “Of course I trust you… But just how sexy do you want to dress me?”

I smiled. “I want to buy you a sexy outfit, so you will definitely be ‘eye candy’ on my arm. And I want to send you to a salon to have your hair styled in a curly do. My treat. Your blouse will be very feminine and your skirt will be very short. I will want you in dark, lacy thigh-hi stockings and tan high-heels. May I measure you so everything will fit you to perfection?”

Sarah was trying to imagine what I had in mind. “Why do you want to do this?”

I answered. “I want you to understand that you can be anyone you want to be. I want to be the envy of all the men who will admire your beauty and not even notice that you aren’t busty.”

Sarah was deep in thought… then answered. “If you’re sure… I can take Friday afternoon off to get my hair done… and find some lacy thigh-highs. I have tan heels.”

I answered. “Then it’s settled. Let me get my cloth tape measure and get your measurements that I need.”

I measured Sarah for all the typical female measurements and made notes of them. When I finished I said. “Now that your ‘challenge’ is all planned… The next thing I want to do is take you to my bedroom… and see how many orgasms you can experience in the next couple of hours!”

Sarah was now smiling. “I’m all yours for the next two hours… and I’m all yours for Friday evening.”

We walked to the bedroom where I lit a couple of candles, turned the lights way down, and picked Sarah up and laid her on the bed. The next couple of hours was spent caressing, kissing, rubbing each other to get in the mood for some serious love making… resulting in my experience showing Sarah more ways to enjoy sex than she had ever imagined. We were enjoying each other in many ways.

It got late and Sarah needed to get home. We shared an intense good-bye. Agreeing that Sarah would buy some fancy thigh-hi stockings, eryaman orospu numaraları get her hair done on Friday afternoon, and come to my home by 5:00PM so I could surprise her by dressing her sexier than she could imagine. She got dressed and headed home.

Sarah worried all day Thursday and Friday about how I might dress her to go to the city. I went shopping armed with the measurements I had taken and what I had in my naughty mind.

It was finally Friday. I was ready, wearing dark brown western pants, a striped tan western shirt, a nice belt and buckle, and my brown boots.

At 5:00PM sharp Sarah knocked on the door carrying a couple of bags. She was dressed very casually as she knew those clothes were staying here… still nervous about what I would dress her in.

I opened the door. “I love your new curls! My complements to the stylist. Please come in.”

Sarah stepped in, set her couple of bags down on a chair, and turned to me. “You know I have never done anything like this before. I’ve never let a man ‘dress me’ to be his ‘eye candy’ for the evening.” She put her arms around my neck and shared the most sensual kiss with me, which told me that she trusted me… and wanted to experience whatever I had in mind.

I said. “Please go in the bathroom and completely undress. Then meet me in the bedroom.”

Sarah walked down the hall and turned in to the bathroom. I went to the bedroom where I had everything laid out on the bed. She was in fact totally nude when she walked in to the bedroom. I of course was fully dressed and ready to go out.

She spoke. “Don, you look very handsome and distinguished with your full beard. I assume my attire will be color coordinated to match your pants and shirt.”

I answered. “Let’s start with you putting on your new, dark brown lacy thigh-hi stockings.”

Sarah felt strange as she started to get dressed with me admiring her beauty. She put the stockings on which looked very sexy on her shapely legs.

I spoke. “This lacy pair of bikini cut dark brown panties will show teasingly thru your skirt as it is pretty thin, very short and soft tan in color.”

Sarah blushed as she put them on. I had picked the proper size. They fit her perfectly. I handed her the skirt which she slipped on. Again, a perfect fit. It was short enough to show a bit of pale thigh between the hem of the skirt and the top of her thigh-hi stockings.

Next I handed her a small bag. She reached in and pulled out a lacy, deep-V-necked halter top that matched the dark brown panties. She slipped it on. The deep-V-neck gave the impression of a plunging neckline. It would show suggestively under her blouse.

I handed her the blouse I had chosen. It was short sleeved, semi-sheer, clingy silk material in a soft tan color which was perfect for her pale skin. The dark, lacy halter top showed thru the blouse… but didn’t actually show anything.

She stepped into her tan high heels and buckled the thin straps. She was now blushing… but also had a smile she could not contain.

I had her strike a pose in front of the closet door and took a couple of pictures. I asked her to step over in front of the full length mirror, facing it so she could see herself. I took a couple of pictures of her in the mirror.

Sarah was in dis-belief… The lady she saw in the mirror was oozing sex appeal… but it was really all an illusion. She had never dressed like this… but was pleased with how she looked.

I was admiring this fine young lady who was going out dining and dancing with me. I spoke softly. “Sarah, you will be the center of attention all evening… but remember… you ARE going home with me!”

She answered shyly. “I can’t believe that the sexy beauty I see in the mirror is actually me. I also can’t believe I’m letting you show me off for an entire evening.”

I spoke. “I’m glad it’s warm summer time so you don’t need a coat. Covering all this sexiness would be a shame.”

She answered. “You better get me in the truck and on our way before I lose my courage to answer your challenge.”

I replied. “Big City… here we come!”

We walked out to the truck where I opened her door. She slid in and I closed her door. I got in and started the truck.

I spoke. “This will be an evening we will always remember!”

When we arrived in the city Sarah was surprised that dinner would be in the restaurant at the fanciest hotel in town right on the harbor.

The maître de greeted us. “The Lady is looking very fine tonight. Tonight must be a special occasion.” He seated us at the table I had reserved days before.

Our view was out across the water and all the boats. Very romantic. Dinner would be the sea food special with all the trimmings. Chilled white wine to drink.

Sarah was surprised at all the couples who walked past their table, on the pretext of getting a good look at the boats. The men wanted a closer look at Sarah!

After enjoying the delicious dinner and the wine it was time ankara escort to go. Instead of going back to where the truck was parked I led Sarah down to the docks for a closer look at the boats. I wanted to see how many workers on the docks would admire my sexy lady. She had to blush a couple of times after hearing ‘comments’ by some of the men working the docks.

Then it was back to the truck to drive to a new place to dance. I had been to this club before, but it was new to Sarah.

I explained my plan to Sarah. It would be something else she had never done. This club had a special little bar area right next to the dance floor with just stools for seats. The sign above the bar read: ‘WANNA DANCE BAR’ Any lady who wanted to be asked to dance could sit here. The only unwritten rule was that if someone asked you to dance you had to accept for at least one dance.

Sarah and I stopped at the back bar to get drinks. When we walked toward the dance floor I stopped and sat down at a small table a little ways from the ‘WANNA DANCE BAR’. Sarah walked on to the ‘WANNA DANCE BAR’ and sat down on an open stool. Her skirt slid a little higher on her thighs. She had no sooner set her drink down when a young cowboy walked up and asked her to dance. She knew that she had to accept his offer. She was glad it was a two-step. They danced while I simply watched. When the young cowboy returned her to her stool another was waiting to ask her to dance. She was asked to dance four times before she even tasted her drink!

The next song was a real slow song and an older, refined sort of gentleman asked her to dance. She had to accept. He pulled her in tight and was whispering in her ear as they went across the dance floor. He brought her back to her seat when the song ended.

Sarah was happy that it was break time for the band. Even so, there were two new young cowboys talking to her, offering to buy her another drink which she declined. They spent most of the break talking to her. When the band came back to the stage they announced that it was waltz time.

This was when I got up, walked to the ‘WANNA DANCE BAR’ and stepped right between the two young cowboys and said. “Sorry boys this is my waltz.” I took Sarah by the hand and led her out onto the dance floor.

Sarah was relieved! I pulled her in really close for a slow waltz. At the end of the song I leaned in and gave her a thank you kiss. Then I walked her back to MY table. The young cowboys were obviously dis-appointed, being shut out by some middle aged guy old enough to be Sarah’s father.

I re-assured Sarah. “I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you… but I wanted you to see that you could have men lining up to dance with you. You just have to be careful how sexy you dress and where you go, especially without someone watching out for you. Now we can enjoy an evening of dancing together with all these other men watching the sexiest young lady in this club dance with some middle-aged man who is very proud of you for experiencing a taste of life in the city.” I went and got her drink which she had barely had any of.

Sarah spoke shyly. “I have never imagined being the center of attention. It was fun but not something I would ever do except with you.”

I replied. “Now you have seen how wide ranging life’s experiences can be, from the quiet bar in a small town where you met me, to the big city where it is way too easy to get in trouble.”

She answered. “I hope we will always be best friends. I hope to meet that young man you told me might find me… but I need you to teach me more about life.”

I answered. “I will be very happy to be your best friend. I find that I really enjoy your company. Let’s just let life play out and see what happens. After we have enjoyed another hour of dancing… and teasing the young cowboys… I will take you home with me and enjoy more wild sex with you! We can sleep late tomorrow since it will be Saturday.

She responded. “Don, you amaze me. How much knowledge you have… how open you are about everything…how you care about me… how much I enjoy being with you… I’m so happy you asked me to dance that first time!”

We enjoyed a few more dances and decided to go home where we could really enjoy each other.

I kept teasing her under her very short skirt all the way home.

When we arrived at my home I parked the truck and walked around to open her door. Instead of stepping back and allowing her to slide out I stepped close as soon as she turned sideways. Her knees were apart with her very short skirt very high on her bare thighs. I slid my hand up under her skirt and slipped two fingers into her panties. She sighed. I slipped those two fingers into her very wet pussy.

Sarah whispered. “Oooohhh. I’ve been wanting you to do that on the entire trip home. Now, get us inside your home so I can get the hardon you’ve had most of the evening inside me!”

I answered. “Absolutely!”

I pulled my hand away and she slid off the seat into elvankent escort my arms. After a teasingly long kiss… I handed her my keys…closed the door and picked her up and carried her to the front door. She unlocked the door and I carried her inside. I let her down and closed and locked the door.

I asked? “Please do a little strip tease for me as you slowly show me the beautiful young lady that has been teasing me, and everyone else, all evening.”

She was very seductive in her movements as she removed each piece of clothing until she was standing naked in front of me.

I had the biggest smile on my face. I softly spoke one word. “BEAUTIFUL!”

We walked to the bedroom where I turned the covers down.

Sarah sat down on the edge of the bed and spoke softly. “Now, show me your cock that has been teasing me all evening.”

I undressed piece by piece, but it wasn’t sexy like she had done, until I was also naked. I stepped over to the bed and placed a pillow right in the middle of the bed.

I spoke softly. “I want you to sit on the pillow and lie back until your head and shoulders are resting on the bed. Pull your knees up and spread them wide for me. This is going to be the dessert we didn’t have at dinner. I’m going to use my tongue to lick everywhere… enjoy your sweet juices… my lips will nibble here and there… after you have experienced several intense orgasms… I am going to stroke my hard cock as deep in your wet pussy as I can… and enjoy your vaginal muscles as they milk me like I know you can do.”

The next 30 minutes were as intense and satisfying as anyone can imagine. When we were both exhausted and totally done in I moved to lie down beside her. She raised her butt up and I moved the pillow up to rest my head on. We curled up in spoon fashion and were asleep in minutes.

When we awoke in the morning we realized this was the first time we spent the night together in my bed. I raised up on my elbow to look down at Sarah.

I couldn’t resist giving her a long, slow kiss good morning.

She spoke first. “Good morning, lover. Last evening and night are certainly one I will forever cherish in my mind. I will never understand how you know what I need even when I have never had that thought. Your ‘challenge’ last evening, taking me way out of my comfort zone, dressing me sexier than I have ever dreamed, taking me out to dinner in a place of fairy tales, taking me to a bar where no one knew us, letting me experience being the center of attention where I could not say no to dancing with strangers, then us dancing together while others had to just watch, the teasing drive home, carrying me into your home, asking me to do a striptease, and sharing the most intense sex ever, and finally going to sleep with you holding me. I have never felt so special in my life.”

She rolled over to face me. She kissed me again and again. Not little kisses… passionate and sincere kisses!

I took a deep breath… and spoke softly. “Sarah… Thank you for sharing yourself with me… and allowing me to just be who I am. I feel special.”

She answered. “So what are you going to fix for breakfast… I’m starving!”

We were both laughing as we got up. Each went to the bathroom before going to the kitchen. Sarah poured orange juice and set the table while I made scrambled eggs, fried some bacon and made toast. Life was good!

After lounging around on the couch, nude, and talking more, Sarah said she needed to get on home. She put on her casual clothes from yesterday. I insisted she take her ‘new’ sexy attire home… she might want to wear it again sometime.

It took a little while to say good-bye. But the kisses were wonderful! I walked her out to her car and she headed home. I promised I would call her in a couple of days.

I called Sarah on Monday evening. I was dis-appointed when she explained to me that her work insisted that she attend a business conference out of town on Friday, so we would have to miss our Friday date night like we had been enjoying. She would be flying out on Thursday, the conference would be all day on Friday, and she had decided to stay an extra day exploring that big city, and return on Sunday. She promised to be careful while exploring a new city. I told her to have a good trip and call me next week.

I had to think about what to do on Friday night. I realized how much I was going to miss her! I decided to just go dancing by myself on Friday and catch up with some old friends.

When Sarah called me the next Monday evening, I was happy to hear her voice… but there was something different in her voice. I asked how her trip went. She told me the conference was very informative. She said she wasn’t impressed with the city she explored. I asked if we were on for a Friday date night… and was surprised when she said she wasn’t sure. She would have to let me know on Thursday if that was OK. I told her I would keep Friday open for her, and to call me on Thursday.

I was curious about what was going on but wasn’t going to worry about it.

Sarah called me right after I got home from work on Thursday.

I answered the phone. “Hello, this is Don.”

Sarah sounded worried. “Don, I need to talk to you. Can I come over in about an hour?”

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