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DJ Pt. 15

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Coming in Part 15

Clearing up the snow

DJ and Jamie get a real surprise for Christmas

Christmas Day, DJ plays with little kids (Jamie’s cousins)

Matt discovers his new voice

Gloria gets her ring adjusted

DJ gets a promotion

Lots of emotions in this one folks.

DJ Part 15

Merry Christmas Everybody! It’s Christmas Day, at 6:00 AM and the alarm went off in Karen and Carl’s bedroom. Karen reached over and shut the damn thing off, and started to rub the sleep from her eyes. How can it be six already? She slipped out of bed, and grabbed her robe. She then headed first to the bathroom and then the kitchen.

Karen then turned on the oven to heat, and pulled the turkey out of the fridge. She was glad she’d had the forethought to stuff it the day before, and she set it down carefully in the roasting pan, and slid the pan into the oven. She then proceeded to start a whole pot of coffee brewing, and sat down at the table to wait for the coffee. Just a couple minutes later she heard the bathroom door close, but had no idea who was in there.

Jamie walked out of the bathroom, typically only in his boxer-briefs, and walked into the kitchen, seeing his Mom at the table.

Jamie, hugging his Mom, “Good Morning, Mom, and Merry Christmas,” then tenderly kissed her on the lips.

“Merry Christmas to you, sweetheart, did you sleep well?”

“Mom, you know I always sleep well if my baby is sleeping with me.” Karen smiled, knowing how true this is, and for her as well.

“Jamie,” Karen asked, as she poured herself that first cup of coffee, “can we talk?”

“Mom!” Jamie exclaimed, “Has there ever been a time we couldn’t talk? What’s on your mind?”

“Well, your Dad wants to try and get some of this snow cleared out of the driveway. He doesn’t know if he can even get the tractor started, and might have to do a lot of shoveling. I worry about him, he’s not a young man anymore, and so many older men have heart attacks when shoveling snow. I just wondered if maybe you and DJ…”

“Mom,” Jamie interrupted, “say no more, one thing I can say about DJ is that he is anything but lazy. All I have to do is mention it and he’ll be ready to work. We’ll have fun doing it together.”

“Do you want to wake your Dad and DJ and tell them the coffee is ready?”

“Sure, Mom,” Jamie headed to his parent’s bedroom, and gently shook his Dad’s shoulders. Carl raised his head, shaking it a little. He then threw the covers back, and slid out of bed, naked, then reached for his briefs, and pulled them on.

Jamie, grinning, “Mom was right, you guys do sleep naked, don’t you. Coffee is ready, Dad.”

Carl, smiling, “It’s the best way to sleep. I suppose you’re going to tell me that you and DJ always wear your pajamas to bed?” There’s no way I would buy that!” Then, hugging Jamie, “Merry Christmas, Son.”

“And Merry Christmas back at you.” Jamie replied, “I gotta wake DJ up now.” Jamie left the room, and headed to his own room.

Jamie stood by the bed, looking down upon his sleeping boyfriend. He gazed on those thick lips, suddenly remembering the very first night he slept with DJ, and how those lips were begging to be tasted that night. They are every bit as enticing this morning as they were all those months ago.

Jamie was helpless, he lowered his head and his tongue started to lick DJ’s lips. The lips parted, and Jamie’s tongue rammed into DJ’s mouth, meeting with DJ’s tongue. Not a word was uttered, just a couple of moans from DJ and a sudden bulging was present in Jamie’s boxer-briefs. Jamie ran his hand under the sheets and his fingers wrapped around DJ’s hardness. He could feel that DJ was leaking precum, and Jamie had a sizeable wet spot forming in his own boxer-briefs.

Jamie suddenly shoved his boxer-briefs down, threw back the sheets, climbed on to the bed and lowered his mouth onto DJ’s leaking cock.

“Jamie, do we have time for this?”

Jamie, pulling off, “Not really, I think this is an emergency.”

“Baby,” DJ uttered, “I’m about to blow!”

DJ started pulsing, and then released several healthy spurts of man juice into Jamie’s hungry mouth, Jamie swallowed every tasty drop. As DJ was drained, he wrapped his fingers around Jamie’s throbbing erection and started to stroke it.

“DJ, I’m super hot, better use your mouth. I don’t want to shoot my load all over the sheets!”

It only took DJ about 15 seconds to re-position himself, and pull Jamie’s throbbing tool into his mouth, running his mouth up and down over Jamie’s cock, which started to pulse, and shoot, into DJ’s mouth. Both of these young men love the taste of each other’s cum, and they both like to swallow. DJ milked out the last of Jamie’s semen, and swallowed it.

“Wow,” DJ said, “that sure took a load off my mind.”

“Jamie, snickering, “It took a load off my balls! We better get dressed and make a showing. I need to put on clean boxer-briefs, I don’t want my parents to see that big wet spot on the other pair. I’ll bet that was gaziantep escort the quickest and shortest sex we’ve ever had.”

DJ pulled his boxer-briefs on and Jamie pulled on a clean pair and they headed to the kitchen where Carl and Karen were both sitting at the table, Carl in his briefs. DJ poured himself a mug of coffee while Jamie attacked a bottle of juice from the fridge.

“What took you guys so long to get out here?” Carl asked, smiling.

Jamie, looking at DJ, “We had something we needed to discuss.”

“Well, I hope you got everything worked out OK.” Carl remarked.

“Yeah,” DJ responded, glancing at Jamie, “Everything worked out fine.” Karen and Carl glanced at each other, and grinned.

The boys knew that the parent’s probably knew what they had been doing, and appreciated that neither parent was crude enough to make any more comments.

“DJ,” Jamie said, “I hope you don’t mind, I kind of offered our services to help Dad clean up this snow out of the driveway.”

“I don’t know,” DJ replied, “do you have an extra pair of long johns? Be pretty cold, otherwise. Dad, are my Dad’s both here?”

“They are,” Carl answered, “unless Santa Claus stole them during the night.

“DJ,” Jamie said, “I’ve got about 4 pair, so we’re good on that.”

“I was hoping,” Karen commented, “to just make one breakfast for all of us, but Doug and Joe are still sleeping. Do you guys want to wait a while for breakfast?”

“Guys,” Carl stated, “It’s only a little past 7:00, I think we should go out and get a start on the snow, then we can take a breakfast break, and maybe Joe and Doug will be up by then, and we can all eat together.”

“Dad, Give us about 10 minutes and we’ll be ready,” Jamie replied and he and DJ headed for their bedroom to dress.

DJ thought it might be desirable to wake his Dad’s, or they might sleep right through breakfast time. He knocked on their door, and heard a sleepy ‘who is it?’

“It’s DJ.”

“Come in Son.”

DJ, walking in, “Good morning, Dad’s, and Merry Christmas! I thought I ought to maybe wake you, everyone else is up, and coffee is ready.”

“Thanks, son,” I said, “We’ll be out in a few.”

DJ, now back in their room, “Jamie, I think I have a problem. There’s not enough room in my skinny’s for these long johns.”

Jamie, pulling a pair of regular cut jeans from a draw, “Here you go, baby, wear these. Then get a sweatshirt from the closet, any one you choose.”

DJ, chuckling, “I guess sometimes it can be convenient to be able to share your boyfriends clothes.” Jamie smiled, he never minds sharing anything with his boyfriend, including his life.

Jamie reached down in the closet and retrieved his water-resistant boots that he hadn’t used since last winter, then grabbed two knitted beanie caps from the top shelf and tossed one to DJ. He then grabbed a pair of gloves.

“DJ,” Jamie remarked, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have a spare pair of gloves to loan you. I have another pair, but they’re in my car, back at your house.”

“That’s cool,” DJ replied, “I’ve got a brand new pair in the Tracker that Randy gave me yesterday. I’m sure glad I thought to grab my old boots yesterday, I wouldn’t want to wade in that snow in my sneakers.”

When the boys returned to the kitchen, Karen, Joe, and I were all sitting at the table having coffee. Karen told them that Carl had gone out to try and start the tractor. The boys proceeded to put on their boots, and the landline phone rang. Karen answered it, and looking at the caller ID knew it was Steve.

“Good morning, and Merry Christmas,” Karen answered the phone, “Did Santa make it to your house last night?”

We couldn’t hear what Steve was saying.

“Definitely, Carl and the boys are just getting ready to try and clear out the driveway. We’re all here, Joe and Doug slept here last night, and, of course the boys were here also. The turkey is roasting, and I’m planning on dinner for around 1:00 or 1:30.”

Steve, on the phone: “They’ve got most of the main roads plowed pretty well, but we’re driving the Cherokee today, as it has four wheel drive. Isn’t 1:00 kind of early?”

“We have to eat by at least 1:30. Joe has to work, and his patrol partner is picking him up here at 3:00. So we’ll see you about 1:00 or a little after, drive carefully, and we love you.”

“Steve is such a wuss,” Karen commented, “He and Val were ready to cancel out, because of a little snow, but they are coming.”

Carl, walking in the door, “Bad news, that tractor won’t even bark. That means we’re going to have to do it the hard way, with shovels. Lowe’s had them on sale a couple weeks ago, and I just happened to have the intuition to pick up a new one, so we have 2 snow shovels, plus a smaller one. Are you boys ready for some exercise?”

As Carl and the boys walked out the back door, Karen said she would give them a holler when breakfast was ready. She was preparing a lighter than normal breakfast, as we would be eating a heavier than normal dinner about 1:00 PM.

Joe and I were sitting at the kitchen table, sipping our 2nd cups of coffee, and chatting with Karen.

“I wonder,” I said, “how Carl got them to help him with that cleanup? I didn’t even hear him ask for their help.”

“I’ll admit,” Karen remarked, “I subtly suggested to Jamie, early this morning, that Carl could probably use his and DJ’s help. I didn’t beg, bribe or plead, and now they’re out there, shoveling their little butts off and nary a complaint from either of them. I feel sorry, for the hundreds of parents out there that don’t have kids nearly as awesome as our sons. I’m so proud of both of them!”

“You’re not alone, Karen,” I said, “If I pack any more pride in my head, it’s gonna be so big I won’t be able to walk through a doorway. Both of them are such magnificent young men!”

At about 8:45 Karen opened the back door and let out a war hoop,

and announced that it was break time. About three minutes later the snow removal crew entered, all with rosy cheeks, and removed their hats, gloves and jackets. Karen mentioned that she had not prepared a heavy breakfast, as she wanted everyone to be hungry for the feast. She then dished up plates of scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and buttermilk biscuits.

Once breakfast was done, Karen gathered up the dishes, rinsed them and placed them in the dishwasher. Carl, DJ and Jamie put on the winter wear again, and headed back out to finish their job at hand. Carl said they should be done in another half an hour.

“Joe,” Karen asked, “do you or Doug want to take a shower?”

“I’m good, Karen, I haven’t done much sweating the last couple days, with this colder weather,” Joe replied.

“I’m good too, Karen, but thanks for the offer, anyway,” I said.

“Doug, if you would do me a favor,” Karen asked, “go into your bedroom, there should be a leaf for the dining table in the closet, get it and maybe you and Joe can extend the table, as we are feeding 10 today.” I complied, and now the table is longer.

About 10:00 AM Carl and the boys came in, finished. They all removed their boots and placed them on the boot tray.

“DJ, Jamie,” Carl remarked, “I want you to know that I really appreciate the help you guys gave me, I could have never done that all by myself.”

“No problem, Dad, I’m glad we could help,” Jamie replied.

“I guess,” DJ commented, “it’s just what we do, when we’re part of a family, and I definitely feel I’m part of this wonderful family.”

“DJ, can you come with me a minute, into my bedroom, while I shed this extra bulk?” Carl asked. DJ followed Carl into the bedroom, and Carl closed the door.

Carl, while shedding the extra bulk and long johns, “DJ, none of us has any way of predicting the future. We have no way of knowing if this relationship you and Jamie share will continue forever. If, sometime in the future, you and Jamie take different roads, you still have a piece of Karen’s heart, and a piece of mine. Please, no matter what, know that we both love you a lot, and we don’t want to ever lose track of you. You are, and always will be, a part of our lives.”

“Thanks, Dad,” DJ responded, with wet eyes, “you and Mom will always have a home in my heart also. I love you both very much, and I’ll never forget you—no matter what!”

The two men shared a passionate hug, and kissed each other on the cheek. When Carl and DJ returned, I could tell that DJ had shed some tears.

“DJ,” I queried, “are you ok?”

DJ, grinning, “I couldn’t be better! We just shared a little heart to heart talk.” DJ was smiling, ear to ear.

About 12:45 Steve and Valerie pulled in and parked, and got the young ones out of their car seats. Steve carried David, and Valerie brought in a covered bowl, and they all entered the kitchen door. There was the typical round of handshaking, and hugging and kissing, and wishing of Merry Christmas to each other. Jamie squatted down and gave his little cousins hugs and kisses.

“What is this?” Karen asked Valerie, pointing to the bowl.

“I know you told me I didn’t need to bring anything, but I decided to make that fruit salad that was always a tradition in my family for the holiday dinners.”

“Is that the one with the whipped cream dressing?” Val nodded.

“I almost tried to make it,” Karen remarked, “but I wasn’t sure what all goes in it so I didn’t, thanks for bringing it.”

Val was helping Karen in the kitchen. The faire was almost the same as Thanksgiving, minus the greens and plus mixed vegetables, and add the fruit salad. For dessert we swapped out the pecan pies for pumpkin pie.

“Doug,” Steve said, “Good to see you, I thought you were going to make an appointment, you know, to secure things and set up your will.”

“I’ll definitely try to do that, probably in February, after we get back.” I answered.

“Where are you going, and who is this ‘we’?

“I guess I need to catch you up a little,” I said, “Joe and I are getting married the 14th of January, and then going on a cruise for our honeymoon.”

“Bout damn time!” Steve exclaimed, “I hope the ship doesn’t sink and you both drown, and leave DJ in the cold. How did the boys do for their fall semester?”

“All A’s and B’s, both of them,” I said proudly.

“Great, Steve replied, “Are they still—close?”

“Tight as the bark on a tree,” I answered, smiling, “If everyone in the world loved like they do, there would be no more wars.”

“Let me go catch up with them,” Steve said, smiling.

Steve, catching up with the boys, “Jamie!”

“Hi Uncle Steve,” Jamie remarked, smiling, and the two shared a loving hug, then Steve turned to DJ.

“And Douglas Joseph,” Steve gave DJ a warm hug, “I hope you two are taking care of each other.”

“We try our best, Unc—Steve,” DJ stuttered, “Is it ok if I call you Uncle Steve?”

“Sure,” Steve answered, smiling, “one thing better than an awesome nephew, is two awesome nephews! I guess you two know that I love the hell out of you guys. What you guys did, the night of DJ’s adoption party, was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.”

“What we did?” DJ asked.

“You shared the most passionate, loving kiss, in front of everyone there, that was absolutely beautiful. I was so proud of you guys.”

“Uncle Steve, you may be interested in knowing that we have helped organize a club at the college,” Jamie stated, “it’s called the Rainbow Alliance, and is open to all LGBT people, and we have about 50 plus members.”

Steve, smiling, “That’s awesome, until my favorite nephew came out as gay, a few years ago, I never paid much attention to LGBT issues, but now, having a close family member in that group, I pay attention to anything that affects them. If you, or any of your club members, have any issues, such as gay bashing, or discrimination problems, I am willing to help fight for your rights. If your club needs legal representation, I’m willing to represent you. I hope I’m not needed, but I’m here if the need arises. In other words, your Rainbow Alliance now has an attorney on call.”

“That’s a terrific vote of confidence, Uncle Steve,” DJ exclaimed, “Thank you so much.”

It was 1:15 PM and the ladies stated that it was time to sit down. All the food was on the table, and the family all sat down. Steve and Valerie sat on one side of the table with Abby (Age 7) and David (Age 4) in between them, Karen and Carl on the two opposite ends, Jamie and DJ next to Karen and Joe and I next to Carl.

When we were done eating, except for dessert, Joe excused himself from the table and went to our bedroom and finished dressing in his uniform. We universally decided to have dessert later, as we were all stuffed. Jamie and DJ helped clear the table while Karen and Val put away the leftovers.

Carl, Steve and I settled in the living room, and we discovered some items under the tree with Abigail’s and David’s name on them from Santa Claus. Getting the youngsters interested in these new discoveries from the Jolly Old Man got them out of the way, for a while anyway. There were only a small handful of ‘gifts’ under the tree, and an envelope stuck up into the branches.

About 2:30 we all gathered in the living room to open gifts. Karen and Val brought chairs in from the dining room, DJ and Jamie were leaning on the doorway, Joe was in the recliner and Steve and I sat on the sofa. Carl assumed the position of Santa Claus, on his feet, next to the tree.

Carl spoke, “I found this envelope stuck on a branch, it’s addressed to Douglas Joseph Kendall AND Jamie Seldon. Would you young men like to take this and see what it might contain?”

Both boys were totally confused, what kind of gift could be shared by both of them? They both were holding the envelope and neither one offering to open it.

“Open it, DJ!” Jamie exclaimed, “your name is on top.”

“I’m too nervous, baby, you open it, please?”

Jamie gingerly started to tear at the flap, gradually exposing more of the colorful content. He finally was able to slide the gift out of the envelope.

“Here is your 5 day getaway vacation to Disney World for one couple, including round trip air fare, 4 nights at a four star hotel, 3 days park entrance and a one day excursion to Sea World or an optional additional day at the theme park. (please see important details inside)”

“DJ!” Jamie blurted, tears streaming down his face, “do you see what this is?” He handed it to DJ.

DJ, his hands trembling, as he is reading it, “there might be a catch, we better read the details.”

“Valid only Monday through Friday, January 1st through February 2, reservations required, Validation No. XXX-XXX-XX. Validation Number required for reservations. It is recommended reservations be made prior to December 28th to insure availability.”

Jamie is jumping up and down like he is on a pogo stick, and hugging DJ in between. DJ’s face is wet with tears, and neither of the boys are quite believing what we have given them.

“DJ, we’re going to Disney World!”

“Jamie,” DJ said, pointing to the back of the paper, “It’s from all four of our parents, see, from Carl and Karen, Doug and Joe.”

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