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Doctor’s Orders Ch. 05

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Sorry this one took so long. I’ve been going through a lot lately and haven’t had time to work on this series. Enjoy.


Eventually Bobby’s mom came out of the shower and Bobby went in. They both dressed. Rachel put on a very tight shirt with no bra and a skirt with no panties. She was hoping to entice Bobby as much as she could so that she could get yet another chance to play with his huge cock before the doctor arrived. Bobby however dressed in very baggy jeans so that he could easily hide his dick from any on lookers if necessary. Although earlier in a state of lust he had decided to stop at nothing until he got to fuck his hot mom, he had second thoughts about it and decided that it would be better to stay away from her.

Bobby had locked himself in his room for the past few hours. His mom came by and knocked every once in a while but he wouldn’t respond to her nor would he unlock the door. He just wanted to be left alone with his thoughts, at least for a little while.

While Bobby stayed secluded, Rachel also spent most of her time in her room. But rather than thinking about the moral implications that came with sucking off your own son, she thought of nothing but fucking her son’s huge pecker. She would do nothing but roll up her mini-skirt and start playing with herself with both hands. Every once in a while she would go down the hall and check to see if Bobby had unlocked his door yet, but no such luck. I’ll just have to be content for the moment with my own masturbation, she thought.

After a few hours, the doorbell rang. Rachel was suddenly worried, she had somehow forgotten that she had twin daughters. The sudden sexual tension in the house had made her think that her and Bobby were the only two people on Earth. She went down to get the door, worried about what Lisa and Theresa would think about her slutty outfit, but when she came to the door it wasn’t her daughters at all. It was Dr. White.

“Oh,” said Rachel as she got the door, “I completely forgot that you were coming Mrs. White. Do come in.”

“Please, call me Megan.” Replied Megan as she stepped through the door, “Now where is our patient, I have urgent news for both of you over the results of your son’s semen testing.” This was a lie, not that Rachel would know this, but Megan had already slurped down all of Bobby’s delicious cum, leaving none to use for any testing.

“Oh,” said Rachel suddenly very worried, “Nothing dangerous I hope.”

“It’s too soon to tell, I’ll have to examine Bobby’s penis as soon as possible.”

“Alright, I’ll take you to him.”

The two women went upstairs to Bobby’s room and Rachel knocked for the umpteenth time that day on his bedroom door. Bobby didn’t reply, but when Rachel told him that the doctor was there he opened the door.

Bobby was surprised to see them at the door. His mom looked like a total slut and he knew that she dressed that way just for him, which made him feel very nervous. The doctor however was in a tight nurses outfit that really showed off all the curves of her body, which was strange because for one she was a doctor not a nurse, and for another the nurses at the office she worked at didn’t wear traditional nurses garbs like the one that she currently wore.

“Is my favorite patient doing well today?” Megan asked. Bobby feeling too nervous to speak in front of these buxom beauties only nodded. “Is your mother helping you out as much as she can?” Another nod, Megan glanced at Rachel when she said this and Rachel blushed a bit. This made Megan smile. canlı bahis “Okay, good, now it’s a bit dirty in your room Bobby, and I think it would be better if we went to a different room where I could examine your penis thoroughly. Would that be alright with you Mrs. Smith?”

“Please, call me Rachel, and yes we could all go into my room. It’s much cleaner in there.”

“Good, lead the way.”

Bobby didn’t quite know what the hell was about to happen. He also didn’t quite know if he wanted to know what the hell was about to happen and considered shutting and locking his door again, but shear sexual curiosity made him follow. He came in just behind them and shut his mom’s door. It smelled very much like pussy in this room which started to give him an erection which he knew would only get bigger before too long.

“Okay, now Bobby, I’m very concerned,” Said the doctor, “You see, as a result of your semen test, I have reason to believe that you are producing a very abnormal amount of semen at a very alarming rate. I don’t know for sure just how bad it is, but in extreme cases this could cause for very extensive surgery and we may have to remove one or even both of your testicles.”

“What?!?!” came both Bobby’s and Rachel’s reply. This almost made Megan smile again, but she caught herself. She knew that she had them right where she wanted them. This is going to be fun, she thought. “Don’t worry, there is nothing conclusive yet. Hopefully we’ll find a much safer alternative from the examination today. Now if you would please, would you take off your clothes please?”

Bobby didn’t really want to with his mom standing there. But he knew she wasn’t going to go away especially after what’s been happening for the last couple of days. He took off clothes as fast as he could just to get over with it, and stood naked in front of them. His mom clenched her fists, as if holding back as she stared longingly at his nude body, and the doctor simply smiled while she kneeled in front of him and started to fondle his semi-erect penis. She smiled up at him and made sure to give him a very good view of her cleavage while she slowly made him erect. She then looked back at his cock, which was now staring her straight in the face.

“Hmm,” she said as she started to stroke Bobby’s cock and fondle his balls, “very interesting.”

“Is something wrong Megan?” Rachel asked while she stared like a bitch in heat at the doctor slowly stroking her son’s cock.

“Oh, I don’t know if I’d say something was wrong, but…” Pre-cum was now flowing all over her hand.

“But what?” Rachel asked not really as concerned as she knew she should be, she was just too distracted by the scene in front of her.

“Nothing conclusive yet, I’ll have to make your son orgasm before I know for sure. I hope you don’t mind but I’m now going to perform some enhanced stimulation in order to make your son orgasm as fast as possible.”

“No go right ahead.” Came Rachel’s reply, not that it mattered, since by the time she said anything the doctor had already rapped her lips around Bobby’s cock and started bobbing her head up and down on it like a very skilled porn star. Bobby moaned loudly, but the women in the room didn’t really seem to notice. Rachel got down on her knees next to the doctor and stared as close as she could at what was in front of her. She was only inches away and could smell the pre-cum on Megan’s lips and hear as she swallowed all her son’s juices down.

Bobby was in heaven, and although his mom was watching very closely bahis siteleri as he got a world class blow job from a very horny doctor. He didn’t care. He was getting a blow job and didn’t feel bad about it since this wasn’t someone he was directly related to by blood. He was really getting all the pleasure he thought he could ever have when suddenly Megan started to deep throat him. He knew he was just about to cum but held back and for once actually fought off his impending orgasm.

Megan felt Bobby’s impending orgasm and was ready to swallow a huge load when she felt him fight it off. Shit, she thought, I better try something else. She continued to bob her head on his cock when she reached over and grabbed his mom’s hand and put them on Bobby’s balls. Rachel in her already sexed up condition barely even noticed that her hands were now on his balls and she automatically started to fondle them. Bobby looking at this scene before him felt his cum build up again and this time couldn’t control it. He let out a huge moan as he felt his semen begin to spray down the good doctor’s throat. Megan wasn’t ready this time and she pulled off of his glorious cock and his semen began spraying all over her nurses uniform. It got all over her head, face, hair, and covered her top and blouse almost entirely.

Megan began to shovel the cum out of her eyes and around her face and slurp it down off of her hands. Eventually she could see again, and she was surprised to see that Bobby was still erect after all that, and his mother was staring at her in shear envy while she ate all her son’s cum. God damn, she though, I’m going to have as much fun as I can with these two.

“Okay,” Megan said between cum loads being shoveled into her mouth. “As a result of that incredible orgasm, I believe it won’t be necessary to perform any kind of operation. But only if the following steps take place. Firstly, whenever Bobby has an erection, he will have to have an orgasm in order to take the pressure out of his testicles which will allow the semen that he is over-producing to be released. Secondly, since he is not always going to have an erection when he needs to let out a large cum load, I think it would be best to provide as much visual stimulation as possible.”

“Visual stimulation?” Came Rachel’s response, while she was still fondling Bobby’s huge balls. “Like what?”

“Well,” said Megan while looking down at her suit which was completely soaked with Bobby’s cum. “As an example, this would do nicely.” With that the doctor stood and took off her outer clothes leaving her big breasts hanging freely in front of her and her pussy only covered by a pair of black satin panties. She then reached up to her breasts and pushed them together and then let go again causing them to bounce, she could see that this had a good reaction in Bobby and she did it again. “Now, even though Bobby still has an erection, I think it might be best to practice with another form of visual stimulation. Please, Mrs. Smith would you stop, um, fondling your son and sit on the floor next to me?”

“Um, sure,” said Rachel, she reluctantly let go of Bobby’s balls and walked over and sat Indian style next to Megan. Sitting this way Bobby could see up her skirt at her shaved pussy and he bit his lip in anticipation of whatever was about to happen next.

“Um, would you please remove you clothes if you could please Mrs. Smith?” Megan asked, and Rachel did as she was told, she didn’t even have to stand up to do so since her skirt just unsnapped. Very soon she was sitting naked bahis şirketleri in front of both of them. “Good,” said Megan, “now this will help to provide tons of visual stimulation for your son.” She then sat next to her and started to play with Rachel pussy. At first Rachel freaked out a little, she had never been touched like that by a woman before. But Megan said that it was for her son and Rachel calmed down and Bobby did look like he was enjoying himself. Rachel was really wet at that point and someone playing with her clit was really causing her some of the relief that she needed.

At this point a car drove into their driveway and a girl got out of it. It was Rachel’s daughter Lisa. She was tall and skinny and although her tits weren’t as big as Rachel’s were, they were really nice ones. She was only a year older than her brother but she acted younger than he did. She was feeling a little depressed because her sister had gotten laid last night and she didn’t get shit. She didn’t even notice the extra car in the driveway as she went inside.

She started to make herself a sandwich when she heard something strange coming from upstairs. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it sounded like her mother might be in pain. She slowly made her way up there.

Back in the room, the good doctor was now sticking her still cum covered face into Rachel’s soaking wet pussy. Her tongue was doing things to her that Rachel didn’t even know you could do to someone’s clit. Megan was sticking her ass straight into the air as she did this and Bobby just couldn’t help himself anymore. He came up behind her and pulled her panties around her ankles. He then found himself staring straight at her incredibly wet and incredibly hairy pussy. He thought about eating her out, but thought it better just to stick his cock in. Which he did, slowly at first but soon found his entire length deep inside of her and started to get into the motion of the first woman he ever fucked.

Lisa was now at the door and she opened it a crack to peek inside. She was really very surprised at the scene in front of her. Someone (she couldn’t see her brother’s face because his back was to her) was fucking some older woman, who had her face in her mom’s pussy. She very nearly let out a gasp but caught herself. She was about to close the door and run away, pretending she didn’t see anything, but the scene in front of her was just too hot. Instead her hand escaped into her shorts and she started furiously masturbating herself.

Rachel looked up and saw that her son was now fucking the doctor who had her tongue deep inside of her. She thought that if only the doctor wasn’t here she would be fucking her son and that set off a very earth-shattering orgasm. That in turn set off the doctor’s orgasm which in turn caused Bobby to yell out he was cumming. The doctor yelled, “Yes, cum Bobby, cum all over your mother’s face!”

Lisa could hardly believe what she just heard. Her brother Bobby was just about to cum all over his mom. Jesus Christ, this is so wrong, she though, and yet so hot. She watched as her brother pulled out of the other woman and stood over his mom and let loose an amazingly large load. The first few ropes completely covered his mom’s face and breasts and in the next few minutes he covered her from head to toe and then back again there was literally cum everywhere.

Lisa got up and practically ran back to her room. She made a lot of noise doing so, but no one in the room heard her, they were all to busy with what was going on in there. Rachel was now eating all the cum that she could while the doctor helped by licking all over Rachel’s hot body, and Bobby half-collapsed, half-sat on his mom’s bed thinking How could life get any better?

To be continued…

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