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Doin’ the Boss Ch. 12

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(In a prior story I wrote about the good times I have had in the bedroom with my hairbrush. a simple hairbrush. This is a sort of follow-up story with some male companionship, my former boss and still lover.)

I had to think back of that first night with my hairbrush and subsequent affairs with a vibrator and, once, a large magic marker (okay, I am really a bad girl) recently when my married boyfriend, K. Linford Little, asked for a special birthday present. Lin is a demanding type, and we’d developed a wonderful relationship over the years.

Permanently married to a wonderful woman who was not me, the man who was my former boss has become an integral part of my life. We have shared numerous wonderful times together, usually involving something that a married guy isn’t supposed to be doing with a younger girl who is not his wife.

The recipe for success was relatively simple: he’d demand a blow job, and I’d generally give him one. Normally in the car, but in assorted other locations like a baseball dugout, a canoe in the middle of a lake and at his office.

For his birthday, though, he wanted something else, something special just for him. As if blow jobs weren’t for him? Well, I do enjoy too, so…

What was his special request? He wanted me to fuck myself with a banana while he watched. A big, bright yellow, almost ripe, cock-substitute banana.

“I saw photos of it once, Robyn, and it was so very hot. Just thinking of you doing it in front of me makes my cock jump,” said my former boss, now my secret boyfriend. I guess that’s what you call him, unless you were speaking with his wife. I don’t think she’d appreciate her hubby getting his cock sucked by another woman.

Lin could be very insistent, and he generally got what he insisted on. Once I wore a skirt with no panties so that he could fondle my bare ass while I was sucking his dick. Another time he actually had me wear knee pads while sucking his cock, it was some kind of devious turn-on to have me on my knees in them.

There was the time I blew him while he was driving the car on Route 55 in Jersey, much to the surprise of a trucker who got to see some of the action (and offered an air horn salute). Another time he snuck me into a co-ed bathroom where I blew him. While we weren’t observed in the act, the woman with the child who wanted to use that bathroom wasn’t amused when the two of us left the facility after completing our actions.

Now he wanted me to fuck a banana.

For those of you who haven’t read other installments of the “Doin the Boss” series which better explains my affair with Lin, you should know I don’t have sex with him in years. It’s an oral relationship, I love to blow him and he’s immensely happy with that. But over the years we’ve varied our experiences.

I’ve given him tug jobs in the car, and have allowed him to screw my tits a few times. But the man loves blow jobs, so that’s our deal nearly all the time. Still for his birthday I offered that I’d comply with his want, and prepared for the afternoon in question with a deliberated frenzy.

I trimmed my already trimmed bush into a little heart for him, wore the garter belt, stockings and chemise he had given me for Valentine’s Day. And before I left my house played a little with my pussy to ensure I’d be wet and ready.

It is not as if I had never had a foreign, non-cock, object inside of me. I wrote a story about My Love Affair with My Hairbrush, so I knew how hot it was to do one’s self with a stiff object. Actually, while I like the real thing, there is something sexy about a non-fresh object.

Lin’s wife was at an all morning spa session, so when he called and told me the coast was clear I zipped over to his house, parking a block away to ensure prying eyes didn’t suspect anything. Slipping into the house Lin assured me we had at eskişehir seks hikayeleri least three to four hours, as he’d set it up that he’d meet and have lunch with his wife after her session.

We made out for a little bit — he is such a good kisser even after thousands of kisses — and then he guided me to the basement where the shades and drapes were closed. Only some bright track lights illuminated the room as I asked him his pleasure, reminding him that he wasn’t going to attempt to have sex with me. That assured, he asked that I open up the recliner and do what needed to be done while he sat across from me —- probably 4 feet or so away — and watch. Three bananas of different sizes sat on the stand next to the seat.

You know, there probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t do if pressed by the man. He is so very special to me. So I decided to make his wish come true. First I flittered around the room, moving this, bending over that, making sure he always had a great view of my backside. I walked around his chair, asked if he was comfortable, and asked if he needed anything.

“Just you, Robyn, you are such a tease,” said the man with a groan.

Smiling, I kissed his cheek, and then moved around the front of him. I patted his cock through his pants, and asked him to take good care of my ‘big hard toy.” Then I moved a few feet in front of him, did a little curtsy, and began my exhibition.

It was if I was on stage, something I hadn’t been on since high school. I slowly stepped out of my corduroy skirt and pulled the scoop neck blouse over my head to reveal the sexy undies I had selected for my task. Not much of a strip, but I attempted to be deliberate enough for positive effect.

Lin sat in his chair like a sultan and waited for the main event to begin. I know he liked my outfit, because there was a huge bulge in his pants. He sort of groaned as I did my little sexy striptease.

“Robyn you look so very beautiful,” said the man, who soaked in my look from head to toe.

Ignoring the man I smoothed out my stockings, adjusting the garter straps as if he wasn’t there. In reality, the stockings were perfect, but I wanted him to “catch” me getting ready for him. It was almost as if he wasn’t there, although he certainly was.

I walked over to the basement bathroom, leaving the door open, and slowly brushed my hair while making sure he had a good view of my garter framed ass. Task completed, I then fluffed my hair a little, and then started to adjust my lacy black push up bra which accentuated my breasts. I am not as big as some girls, but my tits are just fine for me. Of more importance, they are perfect for Lin, as he has told me on numerous occasions.

Back to the recliner I walked, trying to forget the man was in the room. I told myself I was in my bedroom, alone, thinking of him. But I attempted to believe he wasn’t there just several steps away from me.

Sitting well into the recliner I hit the thingy that opened the bottom of the seat. Settled in, I closed my eyes and slowly started stroking my breasts, thighs and finally the inner thighs near my moist love nest. My hands brought be to a state of arousal, with my pencil top nipples extended well out of their normal shell.

It felt so sexy playing with my body in front of him, knowing he was there but ignoring him. It was if I was in my own little world, away from everything, just like on the evenings when I needed to take things into my own hands at bedtime. That happened a couple times a week, but never dressed in the way I was at this point in front of Lin. Normally when I played with my pussy at home I’d be in my favorite baby doll nightie.

There was a tingly feeling spreading through my body as my hand neared my pussy. Moving my hand quickly past my core I rested fingers on the trimmed patch of hair above, stroking through the tightly mowed pasture that I’d gotten as close to a heart shape as possible with scissors and a mirror. I had through of having Jennifer, my hairdresser, work down there but thought better of it. What would she think!

While my hands were wandering my pussy was begging for relief. I was hot, so very hot, and needed to take case of business.

Slipping my fingers to the fold I began slowly playing with my pussy, deliberately fingering the slippery slit and bringing out some very nice sensations. After a bit of stroking I inserted my middle digit into my cunt and began finger-fucking my hot wet hole.

“Ohh, yes,” I moaned as the sensations intensified.

I couldn’t believe how hot I was, how sexy I felt, how very naughty I was being masturbating in front of a guy. It was awesome. But I needed more, and now. I needed a cock. Remembering the fruit on the side table, I glanced over and eyed the bright yellow cylinders that soon were become so very intimate with me.

How do you pick a banana to fuck yourself with? Who cares? Face it, if you are in the need of a fake cock and you are totally on the edge, the fact is that any of them would do the trick and serve the purpose.

I picked the middle one, “Linford” I called it, and circled my hand around its middle. Holding the banana in front of me, I began stroking it with my fingers as if it was a cock. It didn’t pulsate like a cock but it was sure hard. I brought it to my lips and began kissing and licking as I had thousands of times Lin’s hard cock. The fruit wasn’t hot —- it was actually a little cold — so I warmed it up with my mouth. I began blowing the banana before rubbing it over my cheeks.

In the background I heard Lin moaning and snuck a glance over at the man. He had lowered his jeans and taken his cock out of his boxers, stroking it while his gaze was focused on my body.

Back to the task at hand I finished my little blow job and kissed the tip of the banana, making sure to leave it moist with my spit. Settling fully into the recliner I put my legs over the sides of the seat, opening my legs as wide as I could in a very, very unladylike fashion.

Lowering my hand I touched my pussy lips with my newly minted yellow missile and slowly began stroking my cunt with the banana. It was so very different than a real cock, not as hot and not perfectly round. It didn’t have that mushroom-shaped tip, and it was actually tapered smaller at the end. But it served its purpose, bringing new sensations to my wet hole.

For a few seconds I totally forgot where I was as I luxuriated to the sensations the bright yellow banana was giving my pussy. My head was pushed back into the recliner, my legs spread wide, and my hand holding open my pussy lips as I slowly slid the fake cock in with the other hand.

Along the way my free hand slipped up to my clit, flicking it, and then siding down to feel the banana clipping into my cunt. My fingers continued their downward stroll, slipping between my ass cheeks and touching my ass hole. I’ve always found that touch so very erotic. While I’m not a girl who loves anal, I sure love the sensations of slipping fingers around my naughty back dark hole.

A groan from across the room brought me back to reality, as I once again realized that Lin was observing my actions. How could I forget? This show was, after all, for him. But my actions had taken me away from my main objective.

Sneaking a glance at my older, mature boyfriend I realized he was still a guy. Whether 50 or 20 years of age they were pretty much the same when faced with a pretty girl playing with herself. He was clearly mesmerized, staring at the activities between my legs. It was if he was watching a movie, not a live sex show. I think that, if I could magically superimpose another girl’s head on mine he wouldn’t have noticed.

Lin was totally focused on the banana making its way into and out of my snatch. I could hear his murmurings: “Fuck it, you slit. Stick it in there. Oh, you bad girl. You fucking whore, fuck yourself.” Short, quick statements were coming from his lips as he intently watched me attempt to satisfy my insatiable pussy.

Watching him watch me brought tingles to my entire body, and I felt an orgasm coming from deep inside my pussy. I wanted to hold off a bit, but it wasn’t to be denied. I’ve always been that way, once the “O” decided it was going to happen, it happened.

Quickly I stroked the banana in and out of my soaking wet, pulsating cunt, bringing OOHs and AHHs from deep in my chest.. I closed my eyes, began to shake and groaned as my nerve-endings exploded. In retrospect, I didn’t cum; I actually came twice as the naughty banana worked wonders on my pulsating pussy.

When I opened my eyes there was a cock jumping around just inches from my face. Lin was no longer a non-participant, his cock wanted action.

I reached for his cock with my free hand, but Lin merely said, “No hands.”

Opening my mouth the man held his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over my face.

“You are such a naughty, bad girl Robyn. You deserve a spanking.”

Instead of taking me over his knees, as he has done many times in the past, he merely spanked my cheeks with his cock. Not hard, but insistent. His cock was half rubbed, half spanked my face.

I’ve sucked that cock a thousand times, blowing him in every place imaginable, but on this morning it was so hot, so different. I stuck out my tongue and opened my mouth but he was having nothing of it. He just kept stroking my face with his cock.

“Turn over and get on your knees,” instructed the man.

I took the banana out of my pussy and got onto my knees.

“You look so very hot, Robyn,” said the man. “Now fuck yourself again with the banana.”

I reached behind my ass and slid the banana up and down my pussy from behind. I had to work at it, as it was a lot harder inserting the fake cock from the rear. Soon I hit pay dirt, though, and began fucking myself from behind.

Lin moved in front of me and began jerking his cock off right in front of my face. Again I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, offering my head to him, but he stayed a few inches away and jerked.

I looked up and saw he wasn’t really looking at my head, as I thought he had been, but saw he was looking over my ass at the hand with the banana. I kept fucking myself as the man barked orders.

“Fuck her, fuck her hard,” he said, ordering the phantom man behind me to fuck my cunt from behind.

All of a sudden I felt a hard cock at my lips, but before I could suck it into my mouth it exploded. Several shots of hot sticky man sauce glazed my face as Lin’s dick blew its copious sperm sauce only my face. Some got into my mouth, some my nose and some my hair, but most coated my cheeks as he came as if he’d stored up for a week.

“Ahh, fuck,” groaned the man before pushing his cock forward into my mouth.

I was all head, as my one hand was still working the banana into my snatch while the other was holding me upright while I was kneeling there. I sucked the remaining cum sauce from his cock while unexpectedly another orgasm caused me to spit the cock out of my mouth.

I moved my hand from my backside to my front, ensuring I didn’t collapse.

Taking his cue, Lin reached behind and grasp the banana and slowly held it inside my cunt as cum cascaded down my face.

“Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful birthday present,” said the man, sliding the fruit dick in and out of me.

Thinking about it later, it had to be an erotic sight for him. He had held the banana in my pussy while his cock was in my mouth. My face was coated with cum and I knelt there moaning.

I wonder what he has in mind for my birthday?

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