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Domestic Bliss

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I was feeling pretty down on the day “it” happened. By “it” I mean the event of witnessing the dirtiest most unspeakable thing. I’ve only ever told my therapist and my best friend about “it”. My therapist told me to write this story to help with my healing, but in truth it does get me horny remembering…..

I was remembering dad. My beautiful father, a caring and loving man, who provided for the family and was just an all round wholesome man.

He was killed in a car accident when I was 15 and this left a gaping hole in my family. My mother, who used to be so full of joy and happiness, became depressed and lonely. My older brother became wild and out of control, rebellious. He was older than me, and when “it” happened he was 22 and I was 18.

Mom was a rounded lady, mid 40’s, buxom, large breasts and a large backside. She was a stereotypical suburban housewife at the time. My brother was tall, lean, athletic, he went to the gym when he wasn’t busy causing trouble with his buddies. A high school dropout, he worked odd jobs in the local timber yard which kept him fit.

As I said, the day “it” happened I was at school, remembering my dad. I had a picture of him in my locker, a picture of us, smiling and having fun with me sitting in his lap as a baby. I had just finished Chemistry and decided to go home early. I was tired and depressed and just wanted to sleep. I wanted to lock myself in my room, close the curtains, black out the room and just melt into the mattress. My Chemistry teacher was a bitch and I was just so over it that day.

I caught a bus back to my street. Walking along the footpath playing my music I was in my own world. The Cure was blaring into my mind and I was just out of it emotionally…

As I approached my house I had to walk around my brothers car which he had parked obnoxiously in front of the walkway on the grass. He always did this, his ego out of control. There was a perfectly good driveway with a spot right next to moms car. Although he should be at work or with his buddies at this time of day.

I tried the door, it was locked. “Weird…” I thought to myself. Mom should be home and she doesn’t lock the door, she’s a very trusting and honest woman. Its just not something she does.

I made my way around through the side gate and out the backyard. The sliding door was unlocked and I made my way into the house. I was a naturally quiet person, so I wasn’t creeping around or anything, but I also didn’t make much noise. Not like my noisy older brother who crashed and banged everywhere he went.

I walked through the kitchen putting my bag on the chair and got a glass of water. I had made it through all of my favourite Cure songs by that stage and stopped to put on some Avril Lavigne. I couldn’t hear anything in the house even though my music was on quiet. I was expecting mom to appear and say “hi” and ask me why I was home so early….But I didn’t see her in the kitchen….

I began making my way up the stairs to my bedroom but as I got up the stairs I heard “it” for the first time……..

A woman’s moaning, over my music. I stopped. I turned off the music and listened out, peering down the hallway. Another moan, it was coming from my parents room at the end of the hallway. My mothers room. “What the fuck?” I thought. “Is mom watching porn?” More deep moaning. It was almost as if the woman moaning didn’t want to be heard by neighbours, but also couldn’t help it either. A low sensual moaning. I walked slowly up the hallway towards my room and then I heard him.

It sounded like my older brother. “Yeah, suck my cock. Good girl..”

My heart began to thud in my chest. What was going on down there?

I made my way slowly and quietly asyabahis yeni giriş across the carpeted hallway until I got to the door to my mothers room. It was already an inch open and I pushed it slowly to open it further. The bed was creaking and I could see everything clearly now.

My parents room is large with the bed down against the far wall.

I witnessed “it”. For the first time. The “it” being my brother sitting on the edge of my mothers bed, his sweatpants down around his ankles, shirtless. My mother, my chubby buxom mother, on her hands and knees in front of him, sucking his hard circumcised cock. He was leaning back onto the bed on his elbows, his legs spread wide, his cock hard and protruding, his head back and his eyes closed.

My mother was sucking it like her life depended on it. She was sucking it like she had done this many times before!

They didn’t even notice the door had opened slowly. They hadn’t noticed me at all. I was standing there in complete shock, my heart thumping in my chest. “Yuck!!” I thought to myself, “how could mom do that!!?”. I wasn’t shocked at my brother, I already knew he was gross and capable of anything. He had even made passes at me, pinching my butt and telling me how sexy I was.

One time he came home drunk and I was on the couch watching a Britney Spears docudrama. He sat next to me on the couch and tried to fondle my ass and titts. I’m far more petite than my mother, I slapped his hands away and pushed him off. Just because he was my big brother doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kick his ass!!!! He slurred at me that he was sorry and loved me and that I was the best little sister, then crawled to his bedroom and passed out.

The next morning mom was fawning over him, doing his laundry, making him breakfast in bed trying to help with his hangover. She was always so keen to make sure my brother and I were happy and had everything we wanted. I guess she felt guilty about dad, but I knew deep down that mom was also needy and confused. She needed a strong man in her life and missed the domestic bliss she had with dad.

“Yeah suck that fucking big cock” my brother whispered to mom, as she slurped and slobbered up and down his cock. He had reached over and was massaging her head now, running his hand through her hair as she sucked him.

“What a fucking pervert!” I though to myself, transfixed on the scene before me. My mother appeared to love it. She was moaning deep low moans, the sucking noises filling the room. She had completely submitted to him. This didn’t appear to be the first time, she knew exactly what to do, my brother was so confident commanding her around.

After a moment my brother tensed up, “oh, oh, fuck yeah, I’m Cumming” he gasped. He clenched her hair and held her head tightly on his cock. Mom relaxed her jaw and slid down almost to his balls, her nose nestling into his trimmed dark pubic hair. He convulsed and jerked upwards, fucking her mouth…..They held this position and then mom slowly raised her head, swallowing his cum. She looked up at my brother with love in her eyes, hoping to see him satisfied. My brother looked back at her, calm and happy, like he really needed it.

“Mmmmm…mmmm..okay…..that’s it for this week, your sister will be home soon…I’m going to have a shower” mom finally said. She rose from the floor and headed into her ensuite, a little shake in her hips as she walked. She looked genuinely happy. My brother lay on the bed catching his breath, his eyes closed and hands behind his head, sweatpants still around his ankles. I guess he wasn’t going to work today afterall.

I retreated to my room, my feet moving faster than my legs. I closed the door gently behind me and locked asyabahis giriş it. I dove into my bed, my heart still pounding my breathing uncontrollable just short of a panic attack. I smothered my face into my pillow..

“Oh.My.God”!! I thought. “What.The.Fuck”…..Was I living in some weirdo family? One of those families you see on Dr Phil or Oprah? Why were my mother and brother doing this? I felt betrayed, but also curious. I knew mom had been lonely and depressed, I knew she wanted to make sure my brother and I were happy and had everything….My brother!? What’s his excuse? He could get any girl he wanted, he was handsome, tall, and now I knew, he had a big cock! All my friends commented on how hot he was…

I just laid in bed for hours, processing what I had seen. I could hear mom and my brother outside in the house, cooking, cleaning, my brother in his room playing his stereo. I didn’t want mom to know I was home in my room, so I texted her and lied about doing an extra shift at work that evening…

“Hey Mom” I typed. “I’ve just gone in to do a 6 – midnight. I might crash at Janeys house after if that’s okay. Love you xo”. Janey was the manager and also my friend, I often crashed at her house after late shifts so this was normal.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you xox”, mom replied.

I stayed in bed, my bedroom door locked, not making a sound. I slept for a few hours and then woke up around 11pm, to a dull thud…….. I crawled out of bed and opened my curtains, the moonlight streaming in. There was nothing happening outside, the neighbourhood was quiet. THUD. THUD. THUD. A rhythmic thud was emanating from downstairs. I made my out of my bedroom slowly and quietly, unlocking the door and heading down the upstairs hallway. I go to the staircase and peered downstairs. The kitchen was visible and I could hear the thudding coming from the lounge room.

I crept down the stairs, through the kitchen and peered around the wall into the lounge room. What began as thudding was now the sound of a couch creaking and a low woman’s moan. A dim light was on in the lounge room, one of the lamps beside the coach. It was casting a warm glow over the lounge room, and the tv was on quietly in the background.

I gasped. My eyes widened in shock. I fell to my knees so I wouldn’t be seen but couldn’t stop staring at what was before me. The thudding and creaking was the living room couch. On the couch was my mother, kneeling, her big mature ass pointing out, her legs spread wide, her face buried in the couch. Completely naked. Fucking her deeply with long regular strokes was my big brother. He was mounting her, leaning over her, grasping her butt cheeks tightly in each of his strong hands, bringing his body down onto her ass again and again, his cock pounding her pussy.

I noticed my mothers pussy was hairy, bushy, but trimmed and tidy. It was so wet and leaking pussy juice all down her thighs and onto the couch. My brothers cock was large and swollen, his balls tight and slapping against her ass cheeks with each thrust. Mom was moaning incoherently, a low deep guttural moan, and was bucking her ass back with each of my brother thrusts, fucking him. Her clit was swollen and her eyes shut tightly, a big smile on her face in between moans.

“That’s it for the week?….What a fucking…. joke” my brother whispered down to her. “I’ll fuck you whenever I want. You know you need this…” He was referring to earlier when she had sucked his cock and told him he had enough for the week….

“Ohhhh, awwwwww, ohhhhh, awwww” was all my mom replied with. Moaning and panting.

My brother slapped her ass, and again. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her asyabahis güvenilirmi head back. He leaned forward and they shared a sloppy wet kiss, their tongues wrestling, then he rammed her face back into the coach and kept fucking her with long deep strokes.

I was panting myself by now. Trying to hold my breath. “Should I stop this??”. I thought to myself…I had lied to my mother and told her I was at work and at Janeys…They didn’t know I had been upstairs the whole time, after I had witnessed “it” for the first time. “God, this is so fucked up!” I thought.

I had to do something. Mustering up all my courage and controlling my breathing, I rose from my knees. I stepped into the living room. “What….the….fuck are you two….DOING!” I managed to yell….

My brother and mother froze. My mothers head turned to face me and so did my brother. He still held my mother in full mount on the couch, his cock buried in her hairy pussy. “Oh Darling!!! What are you…..uhhhhh….doing here!!?” Mom replied…

“I’ve been up stairs the whole time…I saw you two…..earlier…..I saw you suck his cock! What is wrong with you!!??”…..My brother bellowed out a laugh. More of a cackle. He got off mom and the couch, pulling his hard cock out of her wet pussy, and walked towards me. The couch let out a whining creak as his weight came off and my moms ass jiggled and her titts bounced as the couch heaved.

As he walked towards me slowly, his cock bobbed from side to side, wet with moms pussy juices. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was really quite beautiful. My brother put his hands on my shoulders and began talking gently to me.

“Little sis….you know….things have been pretty sad around here since we lost dad. Mom has been so lonely, you’ve been so sad, I’ve been so out of control. It just happened one time..” he nodded his head to mom, who had sat up from the couch and walked over to us. She hugged me in a tight hug, her naked body glistening with sweat, her big titts mashing against my petite chest. It was in this moment I noticed just how sexy mom actually was. She was curvy and mature, with nice pink nipples, slightly sagging tummy but curvy big hips.

“Ewwww mom, you’re so sweaty….How could you be doing this with…with…your own son!?” I asked her.

Her face flashed a sign of guilt, but then her eyes met mine and she said, with complete honesty, “I just really miss what we had before….I was afraid I was losing your brother, and since, well, since I’ve been, well, helping him with his needs, he’s been so much more calm and happy”.

My brother was smiling at the situation, he was such a jerk. My mother continued, “and to be honest….I like it……he makes me forget everything, when we are with each other. He reminds me so much of your father..” mom flashed a smile at my brother, who placed his arms around her. They hugged closely, naked, in the middle of the lounge room with me standing there.

“This is all so surreal, I can’t believe it,” I said. I couldn’t stop staring at my brothers cock. It was still erect, the whole time, and pointing at me, inches from me. He pulled me in for a hug, his naked body pressing against mine. My hand grazed his cock and I could feel it twitch. He whispered into my ear, “don’t lie to me, I know you like what you see. Even if your mind says otherwise, your body isn’t lying”…..

He was right. My pussy was soaked, my nipples hard and straining against my cotton t-shirt. In that moment he kissed me. Gently and lightly at first, testing my reaction. I kissed him back. After all, he was right, I have been so sad since dad passed away, and mom was right, we all missed having that domestic bliss and a strong male in the family. Soon our kissing turned passionate, and he began running his hands over my body, taking off my clothes. My mother was lightly massaging our backs, encouraging us closer.

Finally she said, “come over to the couch, baby. Lets keep talking. Lets be happy again….”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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