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Dominant Wife, ‘Counseling’ Program

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He doesn’t live with us but he’s in our house a lot. As soon as he enters the house, like me, he’s expected to strip naked. He is her sex slave. She still sees my boss, is still his girlfriend, but now there are two slaves in her house, this twenty-something boy and me. My wife has become the perfect Dominatrix and both of us ‘house boys’ are completely addicted to the way she keeps and treats us. Her new boy-toy has been a fixture around our house for over two months now. I am very jealous of him but don’t dare say that to her. She has made it clear that this is my life as her cuckold and submissive husband and I should learn to ‘deal with it’, as she says.

She’s just come home from her office. She called and told him to come to our house. He has a key and let’s himself in whenever she summons him. When he entered I felt the wave of embarrassment and shame I always feel in his presence. I have begged her not to see him, to no avail.

“Shouldn’t you find something else to do, horsey? Find something to do in another room, maybe? You know I don’t like you watching when I play with my toy.”

‘Horsey’. She calls me that ever since she started making me wear my ‘tail’. It’s a large bulbous dildo butt-plug with a two foot horse hair tail off the end of it. I wear it around the house for her now daily. He suggested it to her, found it online. I feel so humiliated when she calls me that, ‘horsey’. I hate him for this. He goes out of his way to humiliate me.

Her hand is on his semi erect penis. Her delicate hand makes him look even bigger than he is. And he is big. Something else both of them remind me of every chance they get, and he doesn’t have to wear a cock cage like I do either. He has quickly become her favorite when he’s in our house.

His huge 9″ cock goes to full erection as she holds it in her right hand. Her left hand on his chest, she looks back over her shoulder at me. She is fully dressed in skirt, blouse and shoes. She has just returned home from lunch with a girlfriend in her office. Prior to her coming home, him waiting for her when she arrived, he was telling me that my wife was the hottest woman he’s ever been with. He was telling me that he expects to be living with us full-time soon. He wants to be her full-time slave. I have nothing to say about that, he told me. My wife owns the both of us now. His words still ring in my ears…

“You may be married to her but she loves me too. She loves what I am for her. Don’t think that I don’t know you’ve tried to talk her out of having me as her full-time lover, her live-in slave. I’m her sex slave and she needs that. You can’t do that for her, she knows that too. We’ve talked about you and your jealousy. That, and your little useless dick.”

“She’s my wife!”

“I know that. But I’m her real lover. And she’s the Mistress I’ve been looking for. I’ve never had a more sexually demanding Dominatrix. I love her, you know. You should learn to accept that. You should learn to accept me in this house. Do you think she’ll make me go away?

He laughed.

“And maybe you should learn to lick my ass too. She might enjoy seeing that. Want to lick my butt, horsey? I’m going to make that happen soon. I’m going to make that something she enjoys watching you do.”

He laughed loud as he said that. He saw the rage in my eyes, on my face as it went bright red. His taunting words were quieted as she entered the front door of our house. As soon as she came in we both went to our knees, eyes to the floor. Two submissive slaves on display for the Mistress of the house, we truly belong to her.

She snapped her fingers pointing at me.


Which means continue with my household chores and domestic work, she petted the side of his face as she went to him.

“Stand, lover boy.”

She moved to the front of him, smiling. His cock soon in her hand, her about to do with him what she keeps him for, I see him smile slightly when he looks over at me.

“Mama needs to be serviced. I don’t want to be distracted by your jealous little eyes staring at me. Move along, horsey. Finish your housework.”

I see her turn back to him, press herself up against his naked body, his fully erect cock held firmly in her hand. She kisses him.

“How’s my pretty baby? Did you erzurum escort miss your Mistress?”

She purrs to him, girlish and cute. She goes to her knees without waiting for his response and takes him into her mouth as he says ‘Yes, Ma’am. You know I did, Ma’am.’ He moans softly as she does what she loves to do with her sex toy slave boy. I see her head start to move back and forth on him, he starts to whimper and moan as her hands go to his butt cheeks and hold him firmly in place in front of her. He glances at me but he is lost to her mouth as I hurry from the room. I know that if I don’t, if I hesitate, I’ll be sent to my cage, I’ll be whipped after she is through with him. This is all becoming standard everyday life around our house now. I leave the two of them and go back to cleaning the bathroom. He slept with her in our bed that night.

The next night we are out to dinner, just the two of us.

“You know you really should be enjoying all of this. It’s the best of all possible worlds for a submissive cuckold like you. I thought this is what you wanted.”

She looks at me across the table.

“Are you not constantly hard? Well, as hard as that little thing can get in your cock cage? Isn’t it what you wanted all along?”

She sips her wine.

“Yes, but it’s very hard. The reality of all of it is hard to take at times. I love you. I love you and want you to love me too. I want to be for you what he is for you. I can’t help those feelings for you.”

I feel my words bring a tear to my eye. I hear my voice choke slightly

“Oh, baby. I couldn’t love you more. You’re my husband. When you told me about your dirty little sex fantasies, didn’t I make them come true? And we both know that you can never be sexually what my other men are for me. Don’t we both know that, honey?”

“Yes, but fantasy is sometimes very much different than reality.”

She stares at me. She gets a very stern look on her face.

“I told you that. I told you that when I said I’d fuck your boss, remember? Remember the first time he fucked me? Do you? I told you that if I did this, lived out your dirty fantasy, that you would not control it, I would. Remember?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“I know this is all super hard at times but it’s what we are now. And I love it, love what you and me are. This is all precious to me. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself. There really is no other way, dear. I love our life together.”

She laughed.

“We will get you through this, we always do. Now tell me what bothers you, other than the fact that I fuck your boss, have a beautiful twenty-something insatiable sex slave in our house regularly, and keep your little dick locked up tight.”

She laughed so loud that others at surrounding tables looked over at us.

“I’m sorry, baby. You know my sense of humor. It’s part of why you fell in love with me. Now tell me. I want to help you through this. You’re my husband and I love you.”

She put her hand on mine, looked deep into my eyes and smiled.

“I hate that he loves you. I hate that. It makes me feel awful.”

“Oh, baby, baby, baby. That is so sweet to me that he feels that way. You have to let me have that. I love that he loves me like he does. He’s my slave and that makes it even more special to me. Your boss couldn’t care less. I mean he likes me, likes me a lot. But he just wants a hot-wife girlfriend to have sex with, a cute dolled up trophy to show off to his friends. I have no illusions about that man.”

She reaches across the table and pets my face.

“But my sex slave is special to me. And I’m special to him. And he’s not like you. He’s younger. That boy has to cum regularly. I can’t deny him. You can’t expect me to treat him like I do you. He’s my slave lover. You’re my husband. Don’t you see? That boy needs what I give to him, just like you need what I give to you. Too late to turn back now, baby doll.”

She takes her hand off of mine, sits back in her chair.

“You don’t like the way I treat you in front of him. You don’t like your little horse tail, do you? I think that’s cute. It’s for me, not for him. And I know you want to please me.”

She stares at me. I sit silent, lower my eyes to the table. I feel a wave of escort erzurum embarrassment.

“Doesn’t your sissy little thing strain to get hard when you think of all this? Think about the way I treat you, what I fucking give to you, wouldn’t you be masturbating a hundred times a day if you could? Could an S&M lifestyle be any hotter? I think not, darling. Don’t you like it? Most play at this. This is for real.”

“Yes, I…yes…I do…”

She leans forward quickly as I trip over my response to her.

“Yes, what???!?

“Yes, Ma’am. Yes, Mistress, yes…”

I feel fear as she says that through clenched teeth sternly.

“Don’t you fucking forget your place, little man! I am your wife. But more importantly I am your Mistress. I own you! Maybe I should take a firmer hand with you. I think it’s time you learned, high time I did that. I’ve been far too lax with you. You need control. I see that now. This is my fault, not yours.”

She stares at me coldly.

“Look at me when I talk!”

“Yes, Ma’am, yes…I’m sorry…”

She sits back as I stammer at the dinner table.

“Now, we are going to get you through all of this. I care for you very much and want you to accept our lifestyle. And that is just what it is, our lifestyle. I want you to embrace it. This couldn’t get any better, baby. It’s reality. You need to learn that.”

She stands puts her napkin on the table.

“I’m going to the little girl’s room. You take care of the bill and when I return I’m going to take you home and we are going to have a serious talk. There’s something I should have done and didn’t. Tonight that ends. You need to put things in perspective. You obviously don’t appreciate what you have.”

Before I can speak she leaves quickly, her beautifully rounded rear end wrapped tightly in her red skirt, her red heels clicking as she moves away from the table. I notice several men look at her. She is the essence of a ‘hot wife’ and she knows that.

All the way home she said nothing. I started to talk only once, only to be shushed by her.

When we got home she led me by my ear to the basement, stood and watched as I stripped naked in front of her. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the whipping horse. I started to cry softly. I moved to the wood and leather horse and lay across it. She methodically restrained my ankles and wrists to the leg straps. She pulled them so tight I thought it would cut off circulation. She went to the cabinet and took out her most cruel quirt, her most painful whipping tool.

“You’ve been spoiled, fucking spoiled. I should have taken a firmer hand with you sooner. I’ve whipped you down here before but not like I’m going to whip you tonight. It’s time you learned a lesson, little man.”

“Please, Mistress…”

“Shut up!! Shut the fuck up!!”

I feel the whip come down across my butt. She hits me as hard as she can. I cry out as it cuts across my bare cheeks. Then again five times in rapid succession.

“I want you to understand something. And I don’t want to have to explain this every other fucking day! You are my husband. I love you. I love you through it all. But you are my fucking slave!! And you will not disappoint me. You will fucking not disappoint me!!”

She was screaming as she started to whip me with each word. She whipped me to hysteria. She whipped me across the backs of my legs, my back, my rear end, up into the crack of my butt, up across my balls and penis. Sobbing and quivering pulled too tight to move across the whipping horse, I was crying hysterically as she whipped me for over fifteen minutes straight.

“I have a boyfriend. I have a sex slave. And I have an ungrateful husband. Learn your place in that order!!”

She ignored my screams, whipped me for another five minutes as hard as she could on just the backs of my legs.

Then she laid the whip across my belt. It stung like fire, rubbing the welts rising all over me.

“Do you understand me?!? Do you?!?”

Through sobbing tears I mumbled, begged and slobbered, ‘Yesss, yesss, Ma’am…yesss…’ She stood and stared at me.

“You want me to keep you? Do you?”

She listened as I begged her to keep me, to not leave me. She picked up the whip and hit me again erzurum escort bayan as fast and as hard as she could ten times across my butt. My deafening loud screams bounced off of the mirrored walls.

“And that is what this is all about now. I fucking keep you or I don’t. I own you!!”

She hit me another five times in the same spot. My screams were deafening. She stopped and just watched. She remained silent looking down at me. She was in a rage. I could see her in the mirror.

“He loves me. I love him. Do you have a problem with that?”

She brought the whip down across my legs.

“Noooo, nooo…Mistress, please…noooo…”

“Good. Then I never want to hear any of this whining jealous little boy shit again. Do you understand me?”

She brought the whip up between my legs over my balls three times fast and hard, then down across the back of right leg five times. She dropped it on the floor.

“I tell you I fucking love you. Isn’t that good enough for you? It’s good enough for him, why not you??”

She put her hand on the raised and slightly bleeding welts all across my rear. She patted me.

“You are my husband. My only husband, I could not love you more. You need to love me as your wife and Mistress. I feel like you don’t do that sometimes. Especially when you complain about my lovers and the things I do with them. Enough! Fucking enough! I never want to hear you complain about my lovers again.”

She took her hand off of me. She unfastened my ankles and wrists and stood back and watched as I limply hung over the whipping horse, quivering and shaking, collapsing onto it.

“Get in your fucking cage. Move!”

I hurried to do as she ordered. She snapped her fingers three times and pointed to the two cages against the wall. I crawled into my large dog cage, large enough to curl up in, not large enough to stretch out fully, one of two in her punishment room. She locked the door closed.

“You’ll stay down here tonight. Maybe tomorrow and tomorrow night too, I’m very mad at you right now, husband dear. You have to go to the bathroom you do it in your fucking cage.”

She took the quirt whip up off the floor and hung it back in place in the cabinet.

“Remember, I can beat you like that or worse any time I want to. I can have my slave boy do it too.”

She turned toward me.

“What wife would take time to counsel a spoiled husband like this? This one does. Most women would divorce you for being the kinky little fuck you are. You know it’s true. Even if you could find one to humor your dirty little thoughts they wouldn’t give you what I give you. I let you lick me, touch that little dick or yours, let you cum sometimes. You find a good woman that does the things I do for you and you abuse it?!?! You better learn to appreciate me in ways you aren’t doing now. And you better learn fast. I’m so fucking mad at you right now I could scream.”

She pointed at me shaking her finger, shrieked the last sentence, spit it out at me. She stood, arms folded up under her breasts, looked down at me. She ignored my stammering through deep crying. She ignored my begging and apologizing for my behavior.

“What am I going to do with my, little man? What am I going to do with you, husband dear? I’ll think about that upstairs in my bed. You stay down here tonight and think about that too. Maybe a full week down here would give you some perspective. But then I’d have to explain to my boyfriend why you were not at work at your desk in his office.”

She walked to the door and looked back at me.

“Tomorrow, you’d better have a much more submissive attitude, way more submissive. You have the perfect submissive life. And you have the perfect Dominatrix wife, no? Anytime you want to leave it you let me know. This ‘talk’ we just had should have happened months ago. And you remember this. I’m only going to say this once.”

She bent down, looked at my tear streaked face. She stared at me coldly up close to my cage.

“Don’t question me! Ever!”

She stood and walked to the door.

“And remember this too. I do love you. That’s hard for me to remember at this particular moment. But I do. And remember that this is for your own good. We both know what you are. And we both know what you need, dear.”

She turned out the light. I heard her close the door behind her and start up stairs. I felt like the only thing I wanted to do was beg for her forgiveness, all I wanted to do is worship her, beg for a second chance. I cried myself to sleep loving her more than I knew I could.

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