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Domination Ch. 01

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Greetings all

This is a new series I’m starting. Just as a precaution to those that aren’t into it, there will be some BDSM in this story. Read at your own risk

Note: Big thanks to WokeUpOneDay for the edits made on this story. Had any of you seen this prior to my editor’s changes, trust me when I say that most all would have not read this story at all. For that I am deeply indebted to my editor and ashamed it was in such a bad state. I do strive to get better and hope to have better ones in the future. Again, thank you to WokeUpOneDay.



Greetings all. This is the story of how my hectic 18 year old high school life got turned upside down by a decision that I was forced to make. Though I am being very vague at the moment, everything will become clearer as you read through my story.

My name is Frederick Lynch, though I mostly go by Freddy. I stand at 6’1″ and have an athletic build. My hair is dark brown and comes down to about the top of my neck and I have ever changing eyes. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but depending on my mood, my eye color changes. They are bluish when I am happy, more brown when I am upset or bored and greenish when I am sad or in a bad mood. Though I don’t have much experience with the ladies, I am proud to say my dick is above average. At least that’s from my experience seeing the other guys in the locker room.

Now that’s enough about me, let’s get to the story.

I woke up that Thursday morning like most any other. Having to get up at 5:30am sucked, but then again it wasn’t too bad of a chore since I was now a senior in high school and had been through almost four years of it. Quickly showering and getting dressed I was downstairs within twenty minutes to get breakfast so I could get to school on time.

Though school didn’t start until 7:15am, I liked to get there as early as possible each day because my coach would allow me to have an early warm-up prior to school starting. Since I had played on the soccer and volleyball teams as well as doing cross-country, I was allowed access to the fields up to an hour before school and until dark after school. If any games were going on after school, I had to stay off the field of course.

Once I was in the kitchen, I started my coffee and got some toast started. Dad didn’t need to get up until around 7am and Mom usually got up about twenty minutes prior to help get him ready. The only other person in the house was my older sister, Myra (pronounced mere-ah), who had her classes start roughly around 10 or 11am. She only had school three days a week and didn’t work like I did.

Myra was the lucky one. Though she was in her second year of college, she didn’t have to work as our parents gave her whatever she asked for. That also included money when she was going out. She also didn’t have to buy her car like I did with her getting a new BMW, though it wasn’t the most expensive 7 series.

On the other hand, I had to work for two years in high school while playing sports and keeping my GPA up, which was currently at 3.8, just to afford a used Honda. I kept it running with the help of one of the guys on my soccer team whose father was a mechanic. Due to all my activities I literally had no time to do anything else, much less keep a steady girlfriend.

Now, that doesn’t mean I was a virgin. In fact, I had slept with a two girls on the volleyball team and one on the soccer team since they would practice about the same time as the boy’s teams would. Two of the three encounters ended with sex in their cars and were just what one would consider one-night stands.

But the more recent one was kind of a relationship as we were sort of dating. I say sort of since we were exclusive to each other, but both of our schedules did not matching up much. The most time I would get to see her was three or four hours a week at most and that was only on a good week. Though we didn’t see each other much, when we did we were happy around each other. I had felt as though I was falling in love with her and could possibly see myself marrying this girl.

Some days my girlfriend would sit with her friends at lunch, but most of the time she would sit with me or even invite me over with her group. That was fine since I didn’t mind having lunch with six hot ladies! With both of us being 18, we were considered to be adults and could technically do what we wanted. But due to school activities and work it was still hard for me to see her.

At school that day, it went by just like any other, except that I noticed that my girlfriend had been avoiding me during lunch. After school, I had a meet where we were going to do a run against two of the other schools in the area. Luckily our high school was right next to the track and I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere for it.

My girlfriend was supposed to see me off before she went to work that day, but she never showed. This started to worry me as I started to wonder kartal escort if something bad may have happened to her. I did try to text her a couple times, but got no response. I spoke to one of my teammates, with whom she shared two classes. He let me know she was in school but didn’t know why she didn’t show.

Our school came in second overall with me actually finishing 4th. I headed to my job around 6:30pm because I wanted to check my schedule for the weekend. Since I didn’t work with anyone I knew from school, it was nice to see people that didn’t know me and get different points of view. As a buss boy I was making close to $100 a night on Friday and Saturday and $80 on Sunday, which wasn’t half bad.

When I was done writing down my schedule I ran into my boss. He was a total ass and would berate me during work a lot. He had been telling me for years that my sports were a waste of time, I should be working more and that I was never going to amount to anything. He was an older gentleman, probably in his late 30s or early 40s who primed in high school and just wanted to take his anger out on anyone that he could. You know, the bully type that turns out bad after high school and doesn’t do anything with their lives.

Anyways, I got home around 7:30pm and Mom let me know that dinner was in the fridge. I went to the kitchen but saw it was gone. She just laughed it off like she was so forgetful lately. I started to wonder if she was being mean to me on purpose or if she was going senile at an early age.

My mother made dinner every night, other than the ones that we or they would go out, and she would generally make enough for me to have some. But about half of the nights my dinner would not be there. Whether it was eaten or the occasional times where I would find it in the trash for one reason or another, I didn’t care. I started to become self reliant once I began working at 16.

What I mean is that I had purchased my own mini fridge and hid it in my room so that my parents couldn’t see it. Luckily it was silent enough that they hadn’t noticed it, though they rarely went into my room at all if I let them. I put a lock on the door, changing it recently with an identical looking one. I had also started to purchase my own food so that I had snacks, breakfast and dinner since my mother never got anything that I wanted. My sister got everything she wanted and would yell and scream if I touched any of her precious food.

Since dinner was a bust, I took a plate and knife and headed to my room. When I passed by the living room where my mother and father were, Mom tried to apologize for me not having dinner. I just laughed it off and said that eating air was much healthier for me anyways. She had an odd look on her face like she wanted to say something but something or someone was preventing her. I shook my shoulders as I didn’t care. I would make it on my own one way or another.

Once I got to my room, I pulled out some lunch meats, arugula, and mustard along with my whole grain bread and made myself a sandwich. I always made it my goal to eat as healthy as possible due to being an athlete. I settled in to watch some movies on my laptop that I also purchased with my own money, and soon fell asleep. I did wake up a couple hours later to see my computer still on before I powered it off and went back to bed.

I awoke the next morning at 6:00am. Since I didn’t need to warm up that morning, I gave myself an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I also knew I would be doing a 10 mile run on Saturday and Sunday morning and needed to give my body some time to rest. I took my shower and dressed as usual. I actually didn’t have to leave until 6:45am, so I took my time getting downstairs, bringing my cereal and a small bottle of milk along with me.

To my surprise, I saw my mother making breakfast and my father reading the paper while drinking his coffee. In the years that I had been in high school, I had only seen them up that early when Dad had an early flight. So I assumed that was why they were up so early that day. But, you know what assume means? Make an ass out of you and me, which is exactly how I felt.

“Hey Dad, got an early flight today?” I asked as I passed him to grab a bowl and a cup of coffee.

“W-What? Oh no. I just decided to get up a little early this morning,” he responded with a half smile. I could see behind his eyes there was something going on, but I was too oblivious and partially tired to pick up on what was really going on since I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

“You do know that we have a right to get up at any time we want son!” my mother added in a stern voice, almost like she was offended that I would question why they were up that early.

I grabbed my things and sat down at the table, sifting through the news on my phone. Then I checked my calendar to making sure I didn’t have any tests or anything due that day as I needed to keep my GPA up.

I was looking at a few schools to go to after I graduated. There was the local university, but I didn’t kaynarca escort want to be home any longer and wanted to make it out on my own. However, there were a couple schools that were interested in me, mostly for my soccer and volleyball skills. Those schools were LSU, UCLA, The Ohio State University and Texas Tech. I was leaning towards UCLA and LSU.

You see, I lived in a little suburban town that was near a big city but rarely made it there as my parents would rarely go into the city unless it was needed. My dad, however, actually worked there and would drive 30 minutes each way every day. That’s why LSU and UCLA were the best choices. I could see if I liked the bigger cities or if I wanted to stay in a smaller suburban town like I was living in. Both schools had given me until the end of February to decide and it was only the middle of January. I would have my decision made in the next week or so.

As I sat there playing with my phone, something even more odd happened: Myra came into the kitchen. She was wearing a tank top that mostly was see-through and came down to a couple inches above her navel and short shorts that barely covered her ass.

When people talk about how beautiful someone is, they are not talking about Myra. Myra is beyond beautiful. Her skin is a flawless light bronze, with the most perfect ass a small white girl could have. Her breasts were more on the smaller side, but they were perky and she had the cutest looking nipples that seemed to be hard almost every time I saw her. Her face was something that you would see from a modeling magazine and her dazzling greenish brown eyes would make you melt into them. Her hair was naturally light brown, but she had blonde highlights that looked like she was born with them. Her perfect legs looked like they went on for days and were perfectly toned and tanned in just a way that you could literally marry just her legs and live a happy life.

Now, I know what you are thinking: that I am in love with my sister. That is definitely not the case. I do appreciate how godly beautiful she is and if she wasn’t my sister I might try my own luck with her. However, her being my sister and how she treated me made it so that I wasn’t in love with her. You would think that someone so beautiful would have a wonderful personality to go along with it, but not in Myra’s case. She was a bitch, plain and simple, at least to me. She would sweet talk Mom and Dad and anyone else that came over, but was meaner than all hell to me. She always tried to find ways for me to do things for her.

Myra was beaming as she always was, expecting everyone to bow before her like she is the queen of the fucking world. “Good morning everyone,” Myra said when she was about halfway into the kitchen.

“Good morning Mis… Myra,” both my parents said almost in unison.

It was odd how they not only said it together but looked like they were going to call her something else. Ignoring the oddness of it all I went back to my breakfast and my phone.

“Ahem!” Myra said once she was standing to the left of me staring directly at me. She leaned down so that her face was closer to mine. “Don’t you have something to say to me?” She started to tap her foot in frustration as her cheek began to tick showing how her anger was rising.

I just sat there looking at her for a minute before I went back to my cereal, ignoring her in all her bitchiness glory.

After nearly a minute of me ignoring her, she finally huffed out, “MOM! Tell Frederick to say good morning to me!”

I looked over my shoulder at my mother. She had this look on her face that I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

Then a yell came from Myra, “NOW MOTHER!”

This caused my attention to go back to her.

Before I could speak up and tell her to shut her mouth and not talk to Mom that way, Mom spoke up. “Frederick, please say good morning to your loving sister,” she said in a sweet voice.

I knew there was nothing sweet behind her eyes. It almost looked like she was scared of Myra. “What in the hell could my mother be scared of her for?” I thought.

I looked back at Myra who was grinning like a fool before muttering, “Good morning bitch!”

Myra’s anger took hold of her as she grabbed my face, forcing me to look her in the eyes, “What did you just call me?” she growled.

I slapped away her hands and stood, taking her face in mine. “Don’t you ever touch me like that again, or else…” I responded. I didn’t know what I would have done, but I wasn’t about to let her walk all over me like that.

Grabbing my phone and my box of cereal, that I paid for personally, I headed out of the kitchen and back to my room.

Before I could make it to the stairs, I heard her yell out, “I want some of that fucking cereal! You bring it back right now and pour me a bowl!”

I was big into ancient history and loved to learn new things about the past. There was one story of two siblings, brothers I believe, that would constantly fight for dominance. They kozyatağı escort wanted to show their father who was best suited to rule after he died. This power struggle between my sister and me reminded me so much of that.

However, I was never one to back down. I had been beaten down in high school a couple times and won a couple of other fights due to my stubbornness This was a fight I knew I could win.

Deciding to irk her as much as possible, I started laughing at her before responding back, “If you want some of my cereal, then how about you get your lazy ass up, go get a job and buy your own.”

She marched right up to me so that we were practically nose to nose, with me being almost six inches taller than her, and looked me right in the eyes. “Pretty soon, you will be under my thumb. I will remember all your defiance and break you so bad, you will beg me to allow you to buy things for me!” She started giggling at me, like she knew something that I didn’t.

However, instead of cowering like she probably thought I would, I laughed at her, “Hold on a sec. Let me go get my boots so I can shake in them.”

“Uggghhhh!” Myra screamed out as she turned around and stomped back to the kitchen in frustration.

There were a couple things I could say to add fuel to the fire, but I decided not to say anything. I just headed back up stairs to put my food away and grabbed my bag. I locked my door so as to not allow her to mess with my stuff while I was gone. The totes that housed my food also had two padlocks on them a piece and I carried around a bundle of keys. I didn’t need anyone snooping through my room while I was gone.

But what my family really didn’t know was that I had saved up roughly four grand to help me once I was ready to head off to college. I made the decision that I would do that right after I graduated and use the summer to find a job that can help me pay for things while I was in school.

Both UCLA and LSU had sent a rep to see me, as well as some other student athletes. They offered me a full ride scholarship, letting me know the scholarship would pay for tuition, books and materials, dorm expenses and three meals a day at the university. This meant I would only need money to pay for expenses on my car, gas, parts, etc, and anything I wanted outside of standard living costs.

What was really cool was that both schools also wanted me for both volleyball and soccer. That meant if one sport had given me troubles, then I could focus on the other one and hopefully keep my scholarship until the four years were over.

As I headed out the door and said a general ‘bye’ to everyone, I heard my sister speak as she stuck her head out of the kitchen and towards the front door. “I’m gonna make your life a living hell soon.”

Looking at her eyes, I knew she was serious. But then again she had always made my life a living hell. “You already do Myra, you just don’t see it as you are too involved with yourself,” I replied looking down as I broke eye contact with her.

Once I finally looked up, I saw something in her eyes that I had never seen before. It wasn’t the normal confidence or anger or even selfishness that she had usually. This was something different. Could it be fear, remorse or could she actually be sad realizing that she had made my life hell over the past four years?

Prior to her starting high school, we were pretty close, as any brother and sister would be. But she changed so much that I barely recognized the girl that used to be my best friend. I do remember us being each others’ first kiss back when she was in 6th grade and I was in 4th, but it took another two years before she finally faded away so I knew that wasn’t what caused the rift in our relationship.

Right before I finally headed out the door, I added, “Don’t worry Myra. You won’t have to deal with me much longer. I will be gone soon so you will have your run of the house as much as you want without me stopping you.”

As I stepped out the door and shut it, I could hear her saying something, but it was so muffled that I couldn’t make out the words. In my mind, they were words of joy knowing that I would be gone soon. I only had a couple more months and then I wouldn’t have to deal with her controlling ass, or Mom’s and Dad’s horrible parenting skills.

Getting into my car, I sat there for a minute wondering what the hell just happened. As I went to pull away, I saw the same look in Myra’s eyes while she was biting her nails and watching me leave. It could have been my imagination playing tricks with me, but I saw her wave at me and even blow me a kiss as I pulled out and left. I had to shake my head just so I could make sure I was awake and not daydreaming as I drove down the road. I did truly want the sister/best friend back that I had known for all those years so I could have been my mind playing ticks on me.

School went by normally except I didn’t see my girlfriend at lunch again. I wondered what the hell was going on the rest of the day. Once school was out, I waited by my car as I would give her a ride home. She generally worked on the weekend like I did, but she also worked a couple days a week since she wasn’t playing volleyball at the moment. I waited but never saw her and the school was about empty, so I started to worry. I texted her to see where she was but like the day before, never got a response back.

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