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Domme Mom Ch. 03

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Sorry about the long time between chapters. Computer died and I thought I had lost this. *G* Enjoy. Always appreciate feedback

Adam had football practice after school the next day so Amy and I were left home alone. She bounced into the kitchen after she had changed clothes dressed in a pair of panties and a cut off tee shirt, which just barely covers her perky breasts. I was wearing my short silk robe with nothing underneath as usual. I rarely wore clothes around the house when the children were not there and now it would seem I could indulge my nudism when they were home.

“Hi Mommy.” She smiled that lovely smile she used when she wanted something. “How was your day?”

“It was fine dearest.” I said softly. “You really should wear more clothes.” I teased her.

“Oh mommy, why?” She pouted a bit. “You saw everything I had last night.”

“Yes dear that’s true but you must not expose yourself like this in front of your brother and father. At least not until we get your brother trained.” I grinned.

“We? Mommy? We?” She blushed slightly.

“Of course dear one.” I smiled softly as I pushed the chair back from the table and patted my lap. She came quickly and sat in my lap. God but her skin felt good against mine. “We. We are going to keep the men of the house inline and make sure they keep us satisfied and we are going to find other men to help them if they can’t.”

“But mommy are you in charge?”

“Oh yes honey. Make no mistake about that. You will still be my little sex slave as well and I’ll use you whenever I want.” She shivered as my words sunk into her mind. I slid my hand up under her tee shirt and cupped her left breast, my thumb sliding over the nipple as I did so. She moaned softly. “But when mommy is not here or when I allow you to do so, you can use your brother and father just as I would. When I am not around you are the mistress of the house.”

She groaned louder as I began to pull and twist her nipple. “Oh god mommy that feels so good. I’ve wanted to do this with you for such a long time.”

I smiled. “We are going to have such a good time baby girl.”

“But mommy, I don’t know anything about being a mistress.”

I switched nipples and began to torture her right one tenderly. “Yes baby girl I know but mommy will teach you all you need to know.”

I released her nipple and pulled her tee shirt up and off. She raised her arms without protest and sat in my lap clad only in her panties. I pushed her around and she straddled my lap facing me as I lower my head and began to lick and suckle at first one nipple then the other. I moaned softly as I feasted on my daughter’s nipples.

She moaned along with me as I began to bite and suckle at the hardening nipples and our scent began to drift together filling the kitchen. I lifted her easily in my arms and sat her sweet young ass on the table. I leaned over her and continue to feed from her nipples. Our pussies pressed together as I nipped, suckled and kneading her firm young breasts.

“Oh god mommy my pussy is on fire. Lick me mommy.” She begged. “Eat your daughter’s hot wet pussy.”

“My pleasure.” I smiled as I kissed down her flat firm belly, pulling her panties to the side as I reached the tops of them. I pulled then over her legs, she lifted her hips helping me get them off. I lowered my head between her legs and sniffed at her wet cunt. Her scent was hot and musky as I opened my mouth and licked up her slit from the alsancak escort bayan bottom of her tight little fuck hole and the top of her slit.

“”Oh yes mommy. More.. more.. I want more.” She twisted and pushed against my tongue as I shoved it deep into her pussy and lapped all around the wet little cunt hole. I licked up her slit, pursing my lips as I pushed the hood away from her hard clit. It was almost as large as mine I thought as I began to suck and lick at her hard nubbin. She screamed as I bit at the base of her clit and lapped furiously at her clit.

“Yes mommy. Oh fuck yes. Eat my nasty pussy. Suck your baby girl’s clit. Please mommy finger fuck me too.”

Her pussy tasted so sweet I was lost in the moment of nothing but pure nasty sex with my daughter no less. She was begging me to finger fuck her pussy but I had other ideas, and not only would her pussy get fucked but that tight little asshole of hers as well. I stood up as she whimpered when my mouth left her dripping cunt. I went to the frig and retrieved two very large cucumbers. Her eyes widened as I returned and she saw what I was holding. I said nothing as I leaned down and began to lick her slit again. Moaning softly as my head began to swim as I ate my daughter’s pussy.

I placed the smaller of the two cuckes against her pussy and slowly pushed it in. “Oh fuck Mommy it’s so cold.” she shivered as I worked more and more into her hole. Once it was nice and wet I pulled it out and pressed it against her tight virgin asshole. “No mommy, please, I can’t.” she begged as I pressed it harder against her hole. ” Fuck it’s so big.” She panted as it slid in about half of it’s length. I kept up my tongue’s assault on her clit and she tensed and screamed my favorite words. “Oh yes, yes Mommy. I’m cumming.”

I didn’t let up sucking and nibbling on her clit as I fucked the vegetable in and out of her ass. I picked up the larger longer cuke and without waiting shoved it into the little bitches’ cunt. “OH FUCK.” She screamed. “God mommy. So full. Yes mommy yes.”

I began to fuck the cukes in and out of her wet cunt and ass as she began to fuck back against them, smearing her cunt juices all over my face. God she tasted so damned good. Her breathing was erratic as she moaned until the fucking I was giving her. I saw a movement at the door from the living room and my eyes told the story with a single glare. Her father had gotten home early and was standing there his mouth open in the doorway as I ate and fucked his darling daughter’s pussy and ass. He knew better than to say anything.

I fucked her hard and deep as I suckled and bit at her clit until she bean to shudder and squirm. She babbled incoherently as she began to cum and suddenly she juiced, shooting cum and piss all over her mommy’s face. I smiled as I drained her wetness. Like mother like daughter I grinned. She was going to be just as much a slut as I was.

I slowly slid the cukes from her holes both gaping open, her cum flowing down into the wide open hole of her ass. I moved up by her head and whispered. “Lay then and relax baby. Mommy will be right back.”

I twitched my head at my hubby as I walked by without speaking or even looking at him. He fell in line behind me as he had been trained to do. I sat down in my chair and he knelt between my spread thighs. He looked so lovely kneeling there between my open knees fully dressed in his business suit.

“Yes escort alsancak that’s right slut I have been fucking you innocent daughter and she has fucked and sucked her brother.” His eyes went wide but he said nothing as I told him the story of what had transpired. “Now dearest slut go and get your clothes off and join us in the kitchen. Get the blindfold from the toy bin and bring it with you.”

He said nothing as I had not given him permission to speak. I went back into the kitchen Amy was still gasping her eyes closed. I leaned down and kissed her lips tenderly. “Mommy loves her baby girl.” I whispered. “Kissing her cheek up over her eyes to keep her eyes closed. “I love you too mommy. I love what we’re doing. I don’t think I need to have sex anywhere else.”

“No baby and you can’t. You can’t have any type of sex outside our family without my permission.” I kept kissing her eyes as her father came into the kitchen, nude as I had commanded. His cock was already hard and pulsing as he handed me the blindfold. I slid it over Amy’s head to keep her from seeing him. She gasped and squirmed on the table. “Don’t worry baby it’s okay. Mommy’s got a surprise for you.”

“Yes mommy.” She whispered.

I began to suckle at her nipples, her moans like music to my ears. I motioned her father to me and I began to stroke his hard cock. I fondled his balls and squeezed them hard until he stiffened but didn’t moan. His training would not allow him to make a single sound unless I allowed it. When the head of his cock was coated in precum I motioned him to stand between his daughter’s spread thighs. I took his cock in my hand and just like I had done with Adam led him to his daughter’s cunt.

I nodded as I kept my hand around his fat hard cock and he pushed forward easing the head into his daughter’s wet cunt. “Oh god yes Adam. Fuck me. I need it dear brother.” She moaned. Allen’s eyes went wide as she spoke. I grinned and nodded, telling him to go ahead. He pushed in slowly letting her walls adjust to his thick long cock. “Damn, damn.” Amy moaned. ” I love your cock. Yes Adam, fuck your sister’s wet pussy.”

Allen’s eyes widened again, as he slid the full length of his huge cock into her daughter’s pussy. I nodded and be began to pump in and out slowly, his lips we tight and I knew her pussy was milking his cock tightly. He had been out of town for two weeks and I knew his balls were so full of cum he would not last long fucking his daughter’s tight young pussy. As I done when Adam fucked her for the first time I reached down and began to rub her clit. She moaned loudly as her orgasm began to build.

“Oh god mommy. I am going to cum on Adam’s hard cock. Yes oh yes mommy rub your daughter’s nasty clit.” She screamed. “Fuck it brother. Fuck it harder. You are going to make me cum again with that lovely hard cock.”

I was watching my husband’s face as Amy begged him to fuck her. She had no idea that it was not Adam that was fucking her but her father but she like her mother didn’t really care once there was a cock inside her pussy whose it was. I nodded to him again ours eyes locked together as he began to pound his baby girl’s slick wet pussy. His eyes began to plead and I shook my head. He wanted to cum, to fill his daughter’s pussy with his sperm but he could not until I allowed it.

I rubbed her clit harder and faster as she began to fuck back, impaling herself on her father’s cock, wrapping her alsancak escort bayan legs around his waist pulling him in more deeply as her orgasm crested and I nodded to him. He shoved in and began to pump his hot cum deep into the pussy of the girl he had put in my belly 18 years ago.

“Oh yes I can feel it Adam. It’s so hot, scalding the inside of my pussy. Fill it up. Pump me full brother.”

As he shot his load into her pussy I reached up and pulled off the blindfold and she looked down and screamed. “Oh my god. DADDY.”

“Yes baby,” I smiled. “Your daddy and he has filled his baby girl’s pussy with the sperm that made her. Oh yes so hot.”

“No boy.” I said firmly. “Don’t take your cock from your daughter’s pussy.” Looking down at Amy’s beet red face I whispered. “Now baby, concentrate. Squeeze daddy’s cock Milk it. Show him whose boss.”

Allen’s squeaked softly knowing what my words meant. “Yes dearest slut. I am going to train her to be just like her mommy.” I slapped him across the ass hard for making a sound.

“Why did you do that Mommy?” Amy asked as she squeezed the huge cock inside her.

“Because he made a noise baby girl. He is not allowed to make any sound unless I tell him it’s okay. Remember that well.”

“Oh yes mommy, I will.” She looked down at her daddy as she squeezed and milked his still hard cock. “Fuck me some more daddy.” She grinned. “NOW.”

I smiled and nodded to her. “Very nice baby girl. You are already learning well. His cock, lips, tongue, hands are yours’ to command.” I looked at Allen squarely. “Isn’t that right daddy?” He nodded as he began to saw his cock in and out of his new Mistress’ pussy.

Unable to resist any longer I climbed up on the table and straddled her face and lowered my drippingly wet cunt to her lips. I moaned as I watched Allen’s face. His eyes were glued to Amy’s face as she licked and suckled at my pussy.

“Oh yes. Stick it in baby girl. Fuck mommy’s pussy with your tongue.”

She moaned into my pussy as her daddy fucked her cock slowly with long deep thrusts.

“Yes, yes oh my sweet baby yes. Eat mommy’s pussy.”

Allen continued to fuck his daughter’s tight cunt and I reached over pinching his nipples. “You may speak slut.”

“Oh god Abby. I can’t believe this. I am fucking my daughter.”

“Yes dearest I know you are and you better fuck her good or you won’t be getting any of mine. Paul called yesterday and you know how I love that big black cock of his.”

Amy screamed as she heard that her mommy liked black cocks.

“Yes Mistress I know how much you love his big black cock. Oh yes,” he moaned as Amy’s pussy tightened around his cock. “Mistress, oh god, Mistress may your slut cum again?”

I groaned as Amy’s tongue pushed me over the edge. “Yes bitch.” I screamed. “Fill your daughter’s pussy again while I fill her mouth.”

I exploded into her mouth. Cum and piss flowing into her sucking mouth. She screamed into my pussy as she came around her daddy’s squirting cock.

“Hey.” Adam had entered the kitchen. “Why didn’t you guys wait for me?”

I climbed off the table and went over to him. “Because little boy we don’t do things around here for you. We do them for me. Now get to your room and remove your clothes. Meet us in the den and be quick about it.”

“Allen go into the den and wait on your son.”

“Yes Mistress.” He pulled out his softening cock from Amy’s pussy and obeyed perfectly.

“Did you like that baby girl? Did you like daddy’s big cock?”

“Oh yes mommy. He’s as big as Adam.”

“Yes he is baby girl. And just wait till you feel them both inside you at the same time.”

She gasped and nodded.

“Come on girl.” I grinned. “Playtime is just getting started.”

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