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Dorothy and Adult Son Eddie Ch. 02

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“Why don’t we get under the covers, nice and cozy.”

Eddie certainly had no objection. It looked like this was going to be a fun night.

“Mom, you don’t have to do this.”

“I’ll tell you what you told me. Not because I have to, but because I want to.”

“We do need to be clear about certain things. We can not have intercourse. That is an absolute. But there are other things I can do for you. Do you agree?”

Her fingers felt very good on his cock.

“Yes mom, I agree.”

“Maybe we should have a mother-son talk, to be really clear.”

At this point she began fiddling with his cock. Not playing with it as if there were a purpose, but absent mindedly fiddling with it, like someone doodling, or twirling a lock of hair on their finger. A finger may stroke it, or the back of her fingers may run across it, she may pull lightly on the foreskin, or her hand may go down to his balls. When some women had handled his balls, they had squeezed them as if checking a tomato for ripeness, not good. But she was tender, gentle…motherly, very good. The effect of this was that it kept his cock interested, very chubby, but not hard. Whether intentional or not, be did not know.

“I have been missing male companionship, and for you, female. I was not really aware until you moved back in. So we have a temporary situation here, where we can help each other out. Intercourse is not going to happen, not up for discussion. But, like I said, there are other things we can do for each other. So, let’s have some fun tonight, if everything goes well, maybe in a month or so we can do it again, or not. You okay with all of that?”

“Sure mom. Temporary. No intercourse, do other stuff instead. Sounds like a plan.”

She was being completely reasonable about this. Of course he was not expecting intercourse. And yes, it did seem like a temporary solution to a problem.

Eddie forgot one important thing. Good pussy is addictive. And his mother was good pussy, fine pussy.

Any pussy is good once. But by pussy we can mean more than the snatch between a woman’s legs, we can mean all of the sexual nature of a woman. In this respect, a woman can provide you good pussy even when she is having her monthly, or nine months pregnant. There are many ways this can be done, the most obvious being hand jobs and blow jobs. With bad pussy, once is enough, you want to move on.

The same is true for cock. Any cock is good once, but good cock, the full sexual nature of a man that is pleasing to women, a woman just can not get too much. So, cock in this respect is more than just that hunk of meat between a man’s legs, it is total sexual nature.

Some people do not realize that what makes a cock good, is the pussy it is with, and what makes a pussy good, is the cock it is with. When they are properly paired, there is a beautiful, wonderful, symbiotic relationship. When they are mismatched, the relationship is parasitic, and one or the other dies, figuratively speaking.

Dorothy was good pussy in her own right. She may have had a cunt, but she was no cunt.

Eddie was a good cock in his own right. He may have had a dick, but he was no dick.

When the two paired together, well, as they say, a match made in heaven. Together they were much greater, much better, than either one separate.

Dorothy loved the feel of Eddie’s prick. When her hand was on it she felt better, secure, fulfilled, at peace. She was looking forward to the feel of it on her lips, and in her mouth. It was like it belonged there. His cum would be icing on the cake. Whether on her hands, on her tits, or in her mouth, she would enjoy it, she knew it would add to her experience. For some women it is a mess, a nuisance, something to to be done with. Not Dorothy, especially not when Eddie was involved.

She received so much pleasure from Eddie’s maleness, having his cock in her pussy was not an imperative, for her.

Eddie loved the sight of his mother’s pussy, and tits. Men are more visually oriented sexually compared to women. Seeing her nude gave him much of the same security she received from feeling his prick. She enjoyed being available for him to see her nude. She did not feel like she was ‘on display’, as some women would. She was not self conscious of her age, her sagging, her wrinkles, her cellulite, because she knew with Eddie those things were not an issue.

Of course the feel of her tits and pussy was so much better. Even if she were fully dressed, playing with her tits was enjoyable, rewarding. If they were alone, she was very receptive. If they were it in public, like at the grocery store, if he were careful, she would let him cop a feel, cup one of her fine tits in his hand and rub it. He would stand beside her and rub his hard cock on her hip, and she was flattered. If they were far from home, where no one knew them, he could be even bolder. If she was nude or semi nude, it was all he could do to keep his hands off of her. She knew this, appreciated it, not irritated like some pussy would be.

And the taste of gorukle escort bayan her, ambrosia, sweet nectar of the gods. The feel of her nipple on his tongue, her breast filling his mouth, her pubic hair in his nostrils as he lapped her slit, more than a grown man had a right to expect. The slightly salty taste of fresh perspiration, sweeter than honey. He would take it from any part of her body, glady, and she would share it, glady. He would lick her ass cheeks, dimpled with cellulite, into the crack of her ass, down the inside of her thighs, and up into her honey pot.

If there were any trouble in paradise, it was that he wanted to feel his hard cock in her pussy, up her vagina, to shoot jism in that canal that gave birth to him. She wanted this too, a little, but he wanted it much more.

All of these thing were unknown to him this first time they were in bed, under the covers, together. So some things that he agreed to, that seemed very reasonable, seemed less reasonable, after he was addicted to this fine pussy, that just coincidentally was his mother. He did not have that intention when he moved in with her. He had no regrets, with the way things turned out, be sure of that. He would not undo any of it, if he had it all to do over.

At one point he convinced himself that if he were not so good with his mouth and tongue, if he held back a little, his mother might crave intercourse as much as he did. But, as soon as she spread her legs for him, gave him that ‘come and get it’ look, and he put his face in her love patch, he was gone, in the zone. As soon as he got the taste, there was no holding back, he gave it his all. Once he thought if he could sneak up on it, he could maintain control. So one night he did a little muff diving. He waited until he was sure she was asleep, then went under the covers, and buried his face between her legs. He was well under way before she stirred, waking up. By that time he was gone, one with the pussy.

His friend, and spiritual counselor Montana, told him his problems were rooted in his false sense of ego. He recommended a weekend retreat with the Three M Group, Margie, Montana, and Margo. Eventually he and Dorothy did just that. It was planned for the five of them, sharing the spiritual sacraments of fellatio, cunnilingus, and copulation, in many combinations.

Margie’s younger son Bobby ask if he could attend. It was explained that Eddie had been without copulation for a long time and would benefit from having two fine women to himself, with welcoming pussies. Bobby pointed out that surely Dorothy had gone just as long, and would receive just as much benefit from two fine cocks. They all agreed to the wisdom of this, and Bobby was invited as well. Dorothy enjoyed the three-some copulation with Montana and Bobby, as well as individually. Eddie enjoyed the same with both Margie and Margo. It was a very productive weekend, one that would be repeated many times.

Critics would say it was not a love fest, but a perverted lust fest, but then they were always critical of Montana’s techniques.

So during their mother-son chat Eddie agreed to certain things without understanding the full consequences. You could say he was under duress, as he was anticipating his first cock sucking from his mother. Honestly, he would have agreed to anything. We should not blame Dorothy, as she was being as fair and honest as possible.

She sealed their bargain with a kiss. As she started kissing, and their tongues found each other, he thought that she was a wonderful kisser. It was of course new, refreshing, exciting, partly the sweetness of forbidden fruit. Some women, like his first wife, did not enjoy French kissing. Some, had technique that may have been great for others, but not for him. Really only a minority enjoyed it and had technique that he found very compatible. He wondered if kissing technique were genetic, like enjoying the flavor of broccoli. Because their technique was so compatible, it was like they had been kissing forever, and not new to each other.

What could have been two or three kisses was only one, long kiss. As it developed her hand caresses on his cock took on more stimulating movements, bringing it to full erection. Through the kissing she spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking you, even before you did that for me.”

Eddie was at a loss for words.

“I was going to wait for morning, but I changed my mind.”

He was still worried about saying the wrong thing.

“I may as well get started.”

She rolled him over on his back, and positioned herself between his legs so her face was right at his crotch. He pulled the covers back so he could see her better. Just in case this never happened again, he wanted to sear every moment in his memory. Any guy that watched his mother suck their cock will agree, this is an experience they never want to forget.

Dorothy held his cock in one hand, and gave the head a loving peck of a kiss.

“It’s been quite a while since I’ve been this close to it. It is bigger, that nilüfer escort bayan is obvious.”

Another kiss, but the peck took root and grew. Her lips parted and wrapped around the head, down over the crown. Her tongue rubbed over it, and she took another inch into her mouth. She held it in her mouth, like the chocolate covered cherries she would eat, waiting for the chocolate to melt.

She let it slide out of her mouth.

“Not that I am in any hurry, but just in case I get busy and forget to mention it, I am looking forward to the taste of your cum. Also, you are bigger than your father, but only marginally so, not worth bragging about.”

She rubbed her nipples on his knees before slurping his cock head back into her mouth.

She let go of his shaft with her hand, and allowed her mouth to fully support and control it. She put her hands on his hips, then slid them up to his torso to his nipples. He allowed one hand to finger his nipple, but he held her other hand, and brought it to his mouth, sucking a finger into it. He began sucking on her finger, not unlike she was sucking on his pecker.

She was enjoying the taste of his precum, and began taking more of his nice hard cock into her mouth.

She pulled her finger from his mouth and brought both hands down to his hips, then one hand to his balls.

She was now slowly pumping her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. It had been a long time since she felt the taste of a man like this. She moaned softly, expressing her pleasure. At first it was a regular and steady mouth stroking. Then she hesitated when just the head was in her mouth, and pumped her lips on it a few times, feeling the crown with her tongue. Her lips started a pole dance on his cock, twisting back and forth as it went up and down.

Eddie watched. He put his hands on her head and raised his hips off the bed, slowly, not forcefully. He could tell his mom did not mind at all.

“Oh, mom. That is so nice.”

She continued sucking. The little sounds were as good as the visuals. Little slurping sounds from her saliva, some moans of pleasure.

She could sense that he was close and wanted to release. She started a regular, rather fast tempo, until he gave her a mouthful of cum. He let out a sigh.

She swallowed several times, licked his cock clean, and came up to lay on her side beside him. Her head was cradled on his bicep, she rested her hand on his chest.

“So, was that as good as your ex?”

“Mom, if she were that good, I would have put up with her infidelities. Sheila was never that good.”

“I can’t remember the last time it was that good. Maybe it is because of how long it’s been, or that you are my mother, but I am definitely giving you the credit.”

They talked a few more minutes, before Dorothy was falling asleep. Ed soon fell asleep himself.

That was the best night of sleep Ed had in a long. He woke up in the bed alone. He could smell coffee and bacon coming from the kitchen.

He got clean underwear, sport shorts and a T-shirt and had them on in a minute, and down the hall to the kitchen. He was anxious to find out what kind of mood his mother was in.

She was wearing an over sized white Tshirt that was just long enough to cover her black lace panties.

The kitchen table had two plates of French toast and bacon, and she was pouring two cups of coffee. She set the coffee pot down, came over to him, put her arms around him for an all body hug, with the side of her face against his chest.

“Good morning tiger!”

She stood on her tip toes and gave him a big smack of a kiss on the lips, with just a little tongue.

“I don’t know about you but I slept great, better than I have in a long time.”

“Me too mom.”

He could not remember the last time he saw her in this good of a mood.

“Let’s eat, then we can talk about last night.”

She chatted away while they ate, occasionally expecting a response from Ed, that he gladly provided. She refilled their coffee cups, cleared their dishes, and sat down, looking at Ed with a big smile.

“What do you think of little experiment last night?”

“Well mom, I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

“My thoughts exactly. I think we can plan on it happening again.”, and she gave him a playful wink-wink.

He had a lot of questions, but before he could collect his thoughts, he was watching her cute ass going back the hallway to the bedroom.

He went to his bedroom, got dressed, organized a few things, heard him mom calling, and went out to the living room.

“I am going to go into town for a few things. I made a list of some things that need done around your new home. There is no hurry for any of these things. Nothing, I repeat nothing, needs done today. I want you to relax and settle in. Next week we can start doing things. Good?”

“Sure mom. Do you want me to go along to help carry stuff?”

“No need. Just stay home and relax. I mean that.”

She came over bursa otele gelen escort bayan to him and gave him one of those really nice kisses, before going to the car. Not a true lovers kiss, with a lot of tongue, just a little, tantalizing tongue.

Ed looked the list over, two groups, easy to do, and requires more effort. The former much longer. He picked one more effort job, did that, then started on the easy ones. He knew he could wait, but why wait, may as well start right in.

Dorothy was gone most of the day.

She was back in the bedroom before he had a chance to say hello. He showered, and changed into clean shorts and Tshirt, found the pizza she brought back from town, but was not hungry, would wait for her.

He heard her call his name from her bedroom door. He stepped into the hallway and saw her in the doorway.

“Do ya like my outfit?”

There she was. Black sheer baby doll negligee, the kind with a lot of material, so it covered everything, but sheer, so it hid nothing. No bra, breasts sagging, nipples clearly visible. The material dropped down straight from her nipples to her hips. It showed her pleasant female curves, you could see her tummy sticking out, but it was not obvious. The puffy bottoms also covered everything, but her hairy pussy was clearly showing. She had her hair done, the silver-gray looking white, or platinum blond when the light was just right. Red lipstick, classy, not cheap, light makeup. A closer look showed a pedicure and manicure with fresh red nail polish, and the pockets of cellulite on her thighs and other places.

Eddie thought to himself that she could be a pinup in a men’s magazine of mature women, and he was right. She was not a beauty queen, just a very attractive woman, especially done up like this. It gave him a hard-on.

“Jeeze mom, if you walk around like that you’re going to give me blue balls.”

“Is that the same thing as what your father called lovers nuts?”

“Yeah, same thing.”

“I know how we can fix that. Why don’t you come give your old mom a hug.”

Eddie walked down the hall to where she was standing, put one hand around her waist, and looked at her close-up. If possible, she looked even better, in his eyes. She may have been 25 years older than him, but that did not make her any less desirable.

“Did you notice I got some pizza?”

“Pizza can wait.”

He put his other arm around her and drew her close to him, until her breasts rubbed his chest. He finally brought his full attention to her face, her eyes, her lips.

“You are becoming habit forming.”

Dorothy smiled, and knew he meant every word. Her hand went down between them and she felt his hard cock through his shorts and underwear.

“So is this.”

Eddie put his lips on hers for a lover’s kiss. As they kissed her hand moved to slide inside his shorts and onto his cock. She had been thinking about this all day. She could feel his precum already oozing, just a drop.

“I saw you started on the project list.”

She talked while kissing, neither wanting to stop.

“You are such a good son.”

The tongue play gave way to smacks of kisses.

“I want to be a good mother.”

More tongue play.

Eddie was feeling as much of her body as he could reach, hands in the small of her back, under her nightie bottoms and onto her ass cheeks. He was taking liberties most sons only dreamed of, and never realized. He knew his cock would soon be in her mouth. That should be enough.

Once again his thoughts went to feeling his cock in her pussy. It was a recurring thought he could never shake. She was always wonderful in bed. The foreplay she initiated on the couch, and in the car, was the stuff of wet dreams for sons everywhere. She gave of herself as fully as possible, without crossing the line of intercourse. He was confident he could adapt. The alternative was not pleasant.

“Time for the good mother to give her son his reward.”

She held onto his cock with one hand and walked backwards as she led him to the bed. She had the covers pulled back, waiting for them.

When they got to the bed she helped him strip off his shorts, underwear and shirt. She kept her nightie on, climbed into the bed, and motioned for him to join her.

It was still well before sunset, the room was well lit, and he continued to enjoy the sight of his mother.

She pulled him close and they started kissing.

He slipped his hand under her nightie and started to fondle her breasts, the soft mushy feeling he enjoyed so much, nothing artificial about these tits.

Over the next half hour as he took liberties with her body, playing with and sucking her tits, fingering her pussy, she fiddled with his cock, keeping it hard, but not bringing him to orgasm. He had been expecting an immediate cock sucking, but she had other plans.

She knew even cock sucking can get old, if that is all there is. She recognized that she and Eddie had a special relationship, and she wanted it to be as healthy as possible. A good mother does not give her son the same meal every time he sits at the table, no matter how good it is. She does give him the same sex every time they go to bed together, no matter how good it is. She was a good cock sucker, enjoyed the taste of her son in her mouth, but she needed to provide him with more.

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