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Double Trouble

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It was nearly Christmas and Stephen had done most of his shopping and was looking forward to spending the festive season at his girlfriend’s house. Just the two of them. A big turkey, all the trimmings and lots of goodies. He always had cherry wine at Christmas. It was a Christmassy drink and he enjoyed a glass or two as well as the odd mulled wine. He hoped there would be a white Christmas this year. The weather men had promised one, but it never seemed to happen.

He had stopped off for a coffee on the way home. The café had free mince pies and he tucked in. They were steeped in brandy and were just what the doctor ordered on such a cold day. As he was draining his cup, his mobile rang. It was his sister.

‘Hi Stephen, how are you?’

‘Hi Jo, I’m fine thanks, just been shopping for Christmas.’

‘Oh, you got me something nice?’

‘You’ll just have to wait and see!’

‘Ha ha OK.’

‘Anyway, wondered if you could do me a favour.’

‘Yes, what is it?’

‘Well I have to go to see a friend in hospital. It’s not looking good, but the hospital is in Birmingham.’

‘Oh, sorry to her that.’

‘Yes, the thing is Vicky has a friend over from school and I can’t just leave them for three hours, do you mind if I drop them round. You can keep them entertained while I’m away.’

‘Yeah sure, can you give me 20 minutes to get home?’

‘Of course, see you in a bit then.’


Vicky was Stephen’s niece. He didn’t see her that much, but whenever he did, she seemed to have grown up a bit more. She was in the final year at high school and had seen her on her 18th birthday three months earlier. He had seen more of her when she was younger and helped out looking after her whenever his sister was busy. Her father left when she was really little and Jo, Stephen’s sister had done a top job bringing her up on her own.

He had been home for five minutes and was still packing the shopping away when the door bell rang. It was his sister with the two girls.

‘I’m really grateful for this Stephen. It wouldn’t be fair to leave them alone at short notice.’

‘Honestly it’s a pleasure.’

He gave his niece a hug and took the other girl’s hand..

‘This is Amanda, said Vicky, she’s my bestie.’

‘Oh OK, pleased to meet you.’

‘Hmm and you.’

‘I’ll be off, then.’ Said Jo. ‘I’ll be back as soon as but…’

‘It’s OK, don’t rush, we’ll be fine.’

‘Bye then.’

‘Stephen waved her off and showed the two girls inside.

‘Right can I offer you a coffee or something?’

‘How about something?’ Said Vicky.

‘Mmmm…as in?’

‘Something stronger.’

‘Flip, you’re only just legal and now you want drink at three in the afternoon.’

‘Honestly Manda, he thinks I’m still a kid.’

‘Ha ha, we’re big girls Stephen. Have you got some wine?’

Amanda looked at him coyly and licked her lips.

Stephen was slightly wary of giving two eighteen year olds alcohol and wasn’t sure what his sister would make of it. He didn’t want to appear to be the boring old uncle but at the same time had a sense of responsibility.

‘You’re not worried we’ll get out of hand are you unc?’

Vicky looked somewhat charming and mischievous as she said this. She had just past shoulder-length blonde hair, türbanlı escort light blue eyes and a fair complexion. Amanda had a Mediterranean appearance and was frankly quite a looker with her long brown hair and hazel eyes.

Both girls were well developed and Vicky particularly sported a fine pair of boobs, which Stephen did his best not to notice, since she was his niece, but he was still a man and it was difficult.

‘Oh go one Stephen, don’t be boring! We’ll be good honest.’ Vicky could be very persuasive and he felt a little pressured and gave in.

‘OK, but just one or your Mum will kill me!’

‘Great! Wicked!’ The two girls said simultaneously.

‘Let the party begin.’ Said Amanda who started to dance a little in his kitchen.

‘I don’t think there’ll be any partying.’ Said Stephen, trying to sound as stern as possible.

‘Ha, I think there will!’ Returned Amanda.

‘It’s OK Stephen, she gets a little bit of s handful after glass or three but you’ll be OK.’

‘Three? One!’

‘Yeah right.’ Said Vicky as she took the bottle from him and poured out the wine, into the three glasses, which Stephen had just produced.

There was a clink as the two girls toasted each other and Amanda winked at Stephen and gave him a naughty look down to his crotch.

‘So have you got a girlfriend? She asked.

‘Well, yes as a matter of fact.’

‘That’s a bit personal.’ Said Vicky giggling.

‘Not really, I’m just being civil.’

The chit chat continued and Vicky persuaded Stephen to recharge their glasses. Stephen felt that he had somehow lost control of the situation in being flexible. This feeling was about to increase a hundred fold.

‘Hey you know when I said we were besties?’


I mean BESTies. Watch this.’

Without another word with her wine glass in hand Vicky planted a kiss on Amanda’s lips. It wasn’t just a friendly girly kiss, but a full on snog. Stephen couldn’t believe what he was seeing and to his horror he enjoyed it. He suddenly felt his heart beat quicken and his cock twitched in his pants. It was his niece but she was a gorgeous 18 year old and she was kissing another girl right in front of him.

‘Erm girls, maybe this isn’t the best place to do that.’

Vicky looked at him and smiled. But this time she stuck her tongue out and Amanda sucked on it. At the same time Amanda had placed a hand on her friend’s bottom and squeezed it. Both girls wore leggings and short black skirts, which appeared to be de rigueur for girls of their age. Unfortunately Stephen found it particularly appealing. They both had rather plump, pert behinds and Amanda had quite a handful and they continued to kiss. Eventually they broke the clinch.

‘What did you think to that Stephen?’ Asked Amanda.

‘Alarming, to be honest.’

‘Would you like to try now?’


Vicky refreshed her glass as Stephen was considering Amanda’s proposition.

‘Would you like to kiss me?’

He didn’t know what to say. Now Vicky was refilling Amanda’s glass but he was too distracted to notice.

‘Do you like me?’ Asked the sultry-looking Amanda.

‘Like you? I…erm’

‘Giver her a kiss Stephen. Giver her a kiss or I’ll tell Mum you forced us to drink tüyap escort wine!’

‘Eh, you…?’

Amanda walked up to him and pulled his shirt collar and put her hand inside his leg and stroked it.

Stephen looked into her brown eyes as Vicky pushed him towards her and their lips met. He closed his eyes and felt her lush lips and her hot tongue probe his mouth. She was a good kisser and it instantly began tom turn him on. After a few seconds he broke free and took a couple of gulps of wine.

‘Whoo! That was a good one Stephen. You’re naughty! Ha ha.’

Amanda noticed the swelling that had appear at the front of his trousers and licked her lips.

‘Looks like you’re packing quite a lunch box there!’

Vicky squealed an embarrassed giggle at this remark and aimed her own gaze at his bulge.

‘Now come on girls, a joke is a joke, let’s calm down a bit eh?’

‘Awww, I’m just starting to enjoy myself!’ Exclaimed Amanda.

‘Yeah, I think we’ve broke the ice, so anything goes!’ Added Vicky, ‘Shall we go through to your sitting room now and get comfy?’

Stephen took a sharp intake of breath and sighed. He picked up his glass and showed them through to his sitting room and sat on the sofa. The two girls followed, Amanda with the bottle. She sat on the floor at Stephen’s feet while Vicky sat next to him and put her arm round her uncle.

‘Hmmmm, what would you do if you had two hot 18 yr olds to play with uncle Stephen?’

Stephen was feeling decidedly uncomfortable as Vicky now had one hand on his leg and was tickling his neck with her other.

‘You know I’ve always liked you don’t you?’

‘I like you babe, but you’re my niece.’

‘Doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun though does it?’


Vicky nodded to her friend who sat up and shuffled up to the edge of the sofa. Vicky blew her hot breath into Stephen’s ear as her friend began to unzip his trousers. He closed his eyes. He wanted to stop them because deep down he knew it was wrong, but his libido was now in control and was happy to be seduced by these two young sirens. Vicky rubbed his chin and turned his face towards hers and kissed him. It was a brief, soft kiss at first. Then she kissed him again. This time it was a deep, slow, mind blowing kiss. His cock was now hard and Amanda slipped it into her mouth.

‘Ooh Stephen, are you enjoying that?’

He was breathing deeply. Amanda was good. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

Amanda was licking and wanking his cock perfectly, so that he twitched with pleasure.

‘I know you like that Unc, but maybe I can really make you happy. Would you like to see my breasts? Would you like to fondle them and suck my nipples?’

‘Oh fuck Vicky, don’t say that.’

She smiled a dirty smile and pulled her navy hoodie off . Her ample boobs were spilling over the top of her brassiere, but she quickly unleashed them and pulled her bra up. Stephen just stared at them. Amanda sat up and eased her skirt off as Vicky sat on her uncle’s lap. As her friend rolled down her tights, Vicky pressed her soft warm breasts in to Stephen’s face. He cupped them in his hand and rolled his tongue over the exquisite flesh. She smelt so sweet. Vicky wanted to take things a stage further tuzla escort now. She took her uncle’s hand and guided it under her skirt and between her legs. He could feel the dampness even through her leggings.

‘Is that nice Stephen? You getting me all horny you know! I think you should lie down now.’

He looked at Amanda who was now stripped down to her underwear.

‘Come on Unc, stretch along the sofa, you’re gonna like this!’

Stephen lay down, with his head on a cushion. Vicky began to remover her skirt and leggings. Amanda straddled the sofa where Stephen lay and lowered her pussy on to his face. She eased herself down as Stephen stuck his tongue in to her moist cunt. She was warm and gooey. He lapped up her juices and felt an amazing sensation at the other end as his niece began to play with his dick. Amanda stroked her pussy along his nose and mouth, so that he could experience every part of her sex. She was getting wetter and wetter. Vicky now took her uncle’s cock into her mouth as Amanda unfastened her bra.

‘Hmmm, he’s good Vick, what say we swap places. I’m enjoying this but well, I always share stuff with you.’

Vicky laughed and stood up. Stephen’s cock was now throbbing with excitement and he couldn’t believe it when Vicky pulled her panties down to reveal her fine blonde pubes and a rosy slit. The two girls swapped places, exchanging a brief kiss. Stephen looked up at his niece’s pussy lustfully just before she began to grind it into his face. She had an intensely sexual odour and he ate her pussy ravenously. She oozed her juices into her mouth as his tongue probed her vulva. Amanda started sucking him again, rolling her tongue around the glans and drooling her spit on to his cock. Stephen could feel his orgasm begin to build up. He reached up with hands to fondle Vicky’s breasts as he continued to eat her out. Her breathing was getting deeper and deeper all the time and she began to moan loudly as he sucked on her clitoris. Amanda sucked him, but now wanked him faster until she felt his cock get harder and harder. As Vicky writhed with her orgasm, Amanda brought Stephen to a huge climax. He groaned loudly, shooting a massive load of cum into her throat. He pumped another lot into her mouth, which she happily swallowed and she wanked him gently, milking and swallowing every last drop of spunk out of his dick.

Vicky lifted herself of his face and kissed him.

‘You a happy bunny then Uncle?’

Stephen just nodded as the two girls began to dress.

Just then Stephen’s mobile rang and he got up to answer it, trying to put his boxers back on at the same time.

‘Oh erm hi Sis’

‘Hi Stephen, are you OK? You sound a bit flustered.’

‘Er, no ha ha, we’re just looking at my holiday snaps.’

Vicky and Amanda cracked up at this remark and Stephen gave them reproachful glance.

‘Sounds like someone’s having fun there. Are they OK, behaving I hope?’

‘Yeah good as gold!’

‘OK, just setting off, see you in an hour.’

‘OK Jo, drive safe.’

‘Holiday snaps! Exclaimed Vicky, who was nearly dressed.

‘Well I couldn’t tell the truth, could I.’

‘Well no! Ha ha. Thanks for being such a good sport!’

‘That’s OK, maybe you can drop by again.’

‘That’s a good idea’ Agreed Amanda. ‘Maybe we could come in our school uniform next time, would you like that!’


‘Hmmm, maybe we could drop by in the New Year and give you an extra special treat.’

‘I’ll let you fuck me if you like.’ Said Amanda.

A big broad smile spread across Stephen’s face. He would look forward to that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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