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Doubling Our Chances

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“You know what I miss more than anything?” my wife asked as we lay in bed after a particularly vigorous bout of lovemaking.

I took a deep breath, still feeling my heart beating like a hammer in my chest from the exertion, and looked over to her with a kinked eyebrow. “Perkier breasts?” I asked playfully.

She looked down at her bountiful bosoms and held each magnificent tit in her hands, hefting them into the air, and contemplated them for a moment. “Okay. You know what ELSE I miss?” I shrugged. She bounced her breast-filled hands gamely. “I miss not using these puppies for their intended purpose.” She let them drop heavily and sighed. “I miss having kids around the house.”

I smirked. “Don’t let our daughters hear you say that out loud. They might protest.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “I mean LITTLE kids. The pitter-patter of little feet. Our girls are grown now. They both turned eighteen two months ago and both are already doing well enough in their own ventures to not really need college if they don’t want it. I sometimes wonder why they’re even still living here, as successful as they are.” While technically true, the REAL truth is that our girls, identical twins, had BOTH gotten themselves into the independent porn industry and were making a killing. Lisa was running a live web-cam website out of her bedroom. All she ever did was strip and masturbate for the camera, but the money she got from doing only that had already put her personal bank account well past the $100k mark. Our other daughter, Kim, was selling sex toys through Lisa’s website and had a side-gig of “unboxing” them on her own web-streaming channel. Her bank account was doing very nicely, too. Both of them being so young kept their customers’ interest. Both of them also being extraordinarily attractive didn’t hurt things any, either. They were just at four-feet-nine-inches tall (as was my wife), had large C-cup breasts with trim waists and each went to the gym regularly to keep their young bodies toned.

Their mother and I were, as you might imagine, a pretty liberal couple. We both felt that we would only do our daughters a disservice by trying to make them afraid or ashamed of sex, so we taught them from an early age to be proud of themselves and to explore their sexuality freely. We never harped on them about anything and always answered questions honestly and openly. Had we seen their business endeavors? Yes. Absolutely. We approved of their ingenuity and tenacity, no matter what form it took. I can’t say that I really enjoyed the idea of countless, faceless men out there jacking off to my daughters’ faces, but I couldn’t really blame them, either. As a man, even I had to admit that my daughters were extremely easy on the eyes. Their long brown hair, their almost golden-hued eyes and full, pouty lips in conjunction with their stellar bodies (inherited from their fox of a mother, of course) would turn nearly any man’s head. So, yes, I had seen my twin daughters naked and doing very sexual things with their bodies… ONLINE. Never in person. And I most certainly didn’t participate. I loved and was one-hundred-percent faithful to my wife. We had a happy, healthy marriage and I was never tempted to stray from her, no matter what.

I looked at my wife sympathetically and rolled over to lovingly stroke her thigh. I didn’t miss the fact that she was still slightly sweaty from our carnal session, but my touch wasn’t a sensual one. “Honey, if we could, I’d knock you up again in a hot minute. You know that.”

She nodded but kept her gaze downward. “Fuck cancer,” she said hollowly.

Shortly after the girls were born, we’d learned that Marie had uterine cancer. The doctor told us that the girls had been a true blessing because there was no way that Marie would be able to carry another child to term without putting herself and the fetus at great risk. Treatment, unfortunately, wasn’t an option. She underwent a radical hysterectomy and had ALL of her reproductive plumbing removed. It took us both quite a while to come to terms with the fact that the girls would be our only shot at parenthood, but we managed to get through it. The love of two innocent souls who depended on us for everything kind of helped, actually. But, now that they were eighteen and legally old enough to move out on their own (even though neither one had even hinted at wanting to), Marie was starting to get “empty-nester’s” syndrome. Her role as caretaker and mother was coming to an end, a role which had pretty much defined her for the last eighteen years.

I gently squeezed her thigh. “Seconded and affirmed,” I said. “But, hey, it never came back, did it? And our daughters have both grown up into amazingly beautiful, intelligent creatures. We’re luckier than a lot of parents out there, honey.”

She nodded and heaved another great sigh. “I know,” she agreed. “But… still… I’d give anything to have little ones around the house again.”

I shrugged. “Give it time. Before you know it, the girls will end up giving us bostancı escort grandchildren. We’ll be neck deep in diapers again, probably sooner than either of us would like.”

Marie huffed in exasperation. “They’d have to find someone to knock them up first,” she said and then looked at me. “Did you know that they BOTH broke up with their boyfriends just before their birthdays? Honey, I’m not even sure they’ve had SEX yet.”

That caused me to give her a skeptical look. “Seriously?” I asked. “OUR girls haven’t had sex?”

Marie shook her head. “Not with boys, no,” she said seriously. “Their business ventures aside, I honestly don’t think they’ve taken the TIME to have sex. Both of their boyfriends were jerks, which is why they broke up with them. Sexually liberated as they may be, I really do think they’re both still virgins.”

I hadn’t really given it that much thought, to be honest. I’d always just assumed that, being so attractive, both of them would’ve tripped at least ONE guy each. There certainly wouldn’t be any shortage of potential suitors, that’s for sure! Their customer base alone was evidence of that. The girls could have any guys they wanted, the pick of the litter. Hell, they could hang a shingle outside the house and have men lined up down the block for a chance to date them.

As I pondered it for a moment, I found that I couldn’t remember a single time since their birthdays when they’d brought some boy home for us to meet. They went out to see movies and eat dinner, usually together, but they always came back home alone. Happy, but alone. “You don’t think…” I choked on my next few words, but forced them out, “…that they’re… TOGETHER or something, do you?”

That idea seemed to genuinely surprise my wife. “What? THEM? I… no. No, I don’t think… I mean, it’s not like we… noooo. No way. Since they were sixteen, BOTH of them have always shown a healthy interest in MEN. Not even a hint of Sappho in them. At least, I don’t think…” She shook her head as though to clear away some cobwebs. “No, honey. I don’t think our daughters are lesbians.” She sat there quietly for a moment and shrugged. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt if they were, though.”

I clucked. “Yeah, but… no grandchildren, if they are.”

My wife looked down at me archly. “A lesbian woman is perfectly capable of having a child without bringing a man in the picture, you know.”

“Not directly, no,” I allowed. “But I stand corrected on the broader point. Yes, if they’re lesbians, it doesn’t preclude the possibility of them having children at some point.” Then I added. “But it certainly isn’t as LIKELY anytime soon, is it?”

Marie bit her lip as she thought some more about it, then she looked down at her crotch, which was still leaking some of my cum. “I’m gonna go clean myself up,” she announced. “You go ahead and get some sleep. Love you,” she added as she bent down to give me a quick kiss goodnight and then skipped off for the bathroom, naked as a jay-bird. I rolled over and went to sleep, giving the conversation no more thought. Sleep, especially after having had really good sex with my wife, came to me quickly and I slept so hard that I didn’t even notice her joining me back in bed.


I woke up the next morning and found that Marie had already gotten up. It was a Saturday, which meant no work and no worries. Nothing planned for that day at all. I glanced at my cell phone, which was perched in its charging base on the bedside table next to me and saw that it was 8 AM. Pulling on some boxer briefs, I immediately made for the bathroom to take a leak and have a quick shower (something I normally would’ve done the night before, but was too tired to do after having sex with Marie). Feeling refreshed and awake, I got out of the bathroom and the distinct smell of bacon filled my nostrils. While not unheard of, home-cooked breakfasts were a rarity in the house, but always welcome. I threw on some sweat pants and went upstairs to see what was going on in the kitchen. Walking in through the kitchen door, I noticed my wife standing in front of the stove, humming softly and going through the motions of getting our first meal of the day prepared. All she wore, however, was an apron. And that’s it. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms lovingly in an embrace as I kissed her neck and rubbed my clothed groin into her backside.

“Woo!” she yelped and jumped slightly. When she realized that it was me, she immediately calmed down. “And good morning to you!” she said cheerfully.

“Good morning,” I mumbled into the softness of her neck. “Smells amazing in here,” I said. “But what’s with this getup? The girls leave early or something?”

She wiggled out of my embrace to pour off some of the bacon grease into the sink. “Nope,” she said breezily. “They should be out here in a few minutes, actually.”

While I wasn’t opposed to nudity in the house, this was something entirely new, but I rolled with it. “Okay,” I said uncertainly bostancı esmer escort and went over to the part of the kitchen where we had all of our coffee fixings- mugs, creamer, sugar, several types of coffee and teas and the coffee maker itself. Bless her, Marie had already brewed a fresh pot. As I started to prepare a cup of joe for myself, I said, “So… you’re not worried about the girls seeing you like this?”

She put the frying pan down and turned to look at me with a playful smile on her face. “Why not? They’re women, too. It’s not like I have something they haven’t seen before. And, considering that we had a threesome last night while you were asleep, I figured that hiding myself was a moot point.”

I stopped pouring the coffee for a moment and looked at her slowly. “You had a…”

She walked up to me with a sultry swagger. “The girls and I had a long talk last night. Some things are going to change around here and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll just go with it. Trust me: you won’t be disappointed.” I arched a curious eyebrow at my wife. While she isn’t a lesbian, she HAS been known to dabble from time to time, especially before the girls came along. We weren’t swingers, not even back then, but when we were younger, our sex life had been a little on the adventurous side. Since the girls came into our life, however, we’d only ever been with each other and no one else. Throughout the years we roleplayed quite a bit, even including incest scenarios (something we both enjoyed- neither of us had a taboo about the subject, really), but bringing another woman into our bed was something that had never again come up. To hear that she’d had sex with our twin daughters last night, on the heels of having had sex with me, was quite a surprise. “I told you,” she said throatily, “I WANT grandchildren. The girls and I have come to an agreement.”

“And that is…?” I asked.

At that moment, both our daughters came into the kitchen. Both were naked as the day they were born (a day I will never forget). If not for the fact that Lisa likes to keep her hair just a touch shorter than Kim, I wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart- shaved pussies and all. “Hi, Daddy!” Kim said brightly as she came in and made a beeline for the counter area where the food was waiting to be set out. Her twin sister parroted her happy greeting and followed suit. Within seconds, breakfast had been placed on the table and they were already set about the task of getting out plates and silverware. Naked and acting as though it was perfectly normal, like this happened all the time.

I looked at my wife questioningly, but she said nothing as she took off her apron, draped it over the back of her chair and joined our daughters in nudity. When I just stood there in utter bafflement, she pulled out her chair and looked at me expectantly. “Are you joining us for breakfast, honey, or not?”

I numbly nodded and took my customary seat at the head of the table while I watched my naked teen daughters finish setting the table. When they sat down, all three women stared at me with bemused grins on their faces. “All right,” I said finally, “what gives?”

“You didn’t tell him?” Lisa asked her mother.

Marie shook her head. “Of course I told him. I think he thinks it’s a joke, though.” She looked at me. “I wasn’t kidding, honey.”

I silently looked at the three of them, one by one, and then held up my hand as I processed this. “Okay,” I began slowly. “You want grandchildren. Got it. We talked about that and I agree with you: grandkids would be nice someday. But what does THAT have to do with-” I waved at their naked bodies, “THIS? And… you had a THREESOME together?!?”

“Okay,” Kim said. “You told him, but he still isn’t getting it. Look, Dad, it’s real simple: Mom wants grandchildren and we want to give them to her. And we want you to do the honors.” She glanced at her twin sister, who nodded slowly with a happy grin on her face. “We’re all clean, so there’s no worry about STD’s. And we get the impression from Mom that you’re a good and attentive lover, which is good for us because we’ve never been with a boy. With what we do to make extra money, neither of us has a hymen left, so we’re only TECHNICAL virgins. We also don’t have the time to go around dating and looking for guys to knock us up. Neither of us is in a hurry to settle down, either. So we all talked it over and decided let YOU get us pregnant. Either one or both. It was Mom’s idea, actually, since she’s the one who can’t have kids anymore. So… any questions?”

I just sat there in silence for a moment as all of this new information settled into my brainpan with a resounding THUD. I dazedly looked at my wife, who was beaming proudly at Kim for how succinctly the situation had been explained. “And… you’re OKAY with this?” I asked her.

Marie blinked at me in mild confusion. “Well, like she said, honey, it WAS my idea to begin with. So, yes, I’m okay with this.”

I bostancı olgun escort looked back at my daughters, who were both nodding in affirmation. My brain started to catch up with the situation and I eyed them carefully. “Okay. Spill it. What’s in it for you two?”

Lisa blinked at me innocently. “What do you mean?” she asked. “We love you. You’ve both been wonderful parents and we owe you literally everything. If you want to have grandchildren, we’re only too happy to give them to you.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. While both my girls truly are kind-hearted, they’re both also VERY smart and rarely ever do things for purely altruistic reasons. That’s not to say they’re greedy or duplicitous, but they tend to somehow make everything they do work more in their own favor than anyone else I know. “Aaaaaand?” I prompted her to continue and didn’t break eye contact, letting her know that there was more to tell.

Lisa rolled her eyes balefully and huffed out. “Okay. FINE. We want to do a live stream of it. Play it off as a roleplaying thing so that no one really believes you’re our father, but we’re going to tell the audience that we really ARE going to be impregnated by you. We won’t show your face, either, just to be on the safe side.”

“And that’s when the threesome broke out,” my wife put in. “Our girls take after their parents, honey.”

Like I said: my wife and I are, sexually speaking, pretty liberal even though we’ve been exclusively devoted to each other since we got married. If this is what they wanted to do, who was I to argue? As a male, I couldn’t very well say that the prospect wasn’t appealing; our daughters were incredibly attractive creatures. As a father and husband, I most certainly wasn’t about to say no, either. So I took my wife’s advice and just rolled with it. I began to pile food onto my plate and said, “So… when did you three expect to do this, anyway?”

The girls and my wife visibly relaxed and started to dig into breakfast themselves as Kim nonchalantly answered, “After breakfast.”

I paused for a second. “That soon?”

“Well, of course,” Lisa answered as she started to butter some toast. “As you know, I don’t do online shows while I’m on my period. Turns off most guys. So I was off camera all last weekend and the first half of this week…”

Her twin picked up the thread. “…and since we’re both synced up, that means our flow ended a few days ago, so I’m done with my cycle, too…”

And now it was my wife’s turn to add to the conversation. “Which means that, right now, they’re both ovulating.”

“RIGHT now,” both girls added in unison.

“Like,” Lisa continued, “our ovaries could probably just GLANCE at sperm and put out the ‘Open For Business’ sign.”

As I dug into my breakfast, I said, “It seems like you’re both pretty blasé about all of this, considering that you’re virgins.”

Kim waved the observation off. “Pfft. With all of the toy-testing that I’ve done, I’m no stranger to having something inside my pussy, Daddy. And neither is Lisa- she’s played with more than her fair share of toys, too, for her show. And it’s not like we’re not comfortable around you. I mean, you’re our FATHER…”

“…and we love you very much,” Lisa put in.

“We’ve known you our whole lives, so it’s not really something we’re worried about because we trust you completely. Sure, we’re excited to FINALLY be having sex-“

“Amen to that, sister!”

“-but because it’s you, we’re just looking at it as a special sort of… uhm… what was the word you used, Mom?”

“Expansion,” Marie said around a mouthful of eggs.

Kim pointed her fork at her mother appreciatively. “Right. Expansion. It’s just an expansion of our relationship with you. Really, it’s more of a gift.”

Lisa giggled and looked at me squarely, taking on a sexy pose in her chair. “That’s right, Daddy. We’re giving ourselves… to you.” For effect, she caressed her left breast and tweaked her nipple playfully.

“No sexually teasing your father at the table, Lisa,” Marie said, a string of words that I never, in a million years, thought that I’d hear her say. Ever.

“I’m surrounded by crazy women,” I muttered as I forked food into my mouth.

I felt Marie gently stroke my shin with her foot. “Yes, but fortunately we’re YOUR kind of crazy.”

I looked down at my crotch and found, unsurprisingly, that at least SOME part of me was wholeheartedly in favor of this plan my wife and daughters had concocted. My johnson was stiff as a board and made a respectable tent under my sweat pants. I looked back up at my ladies with a wry grin and said, “I can’t say the idea isn’t appealing to me,” I began, “but I’m not sure keeping my identity a secret will be as easy as you think.”

Marie waved that one off. “Not a problem. I’ll work the camera.”

I cast a surprised glance at her. “You think you can handle watching your husband impregnating our girls?”

“Handle?” Marie scoffed. “I’m looking FORWARD to it. I mean, c’mon, honey. You have to admit that it’s kind of hot knowing that the same sperm which made them is going to get them pregnant.”

“And to be completely honest, Dad,” Lisa said, “we’ve BOTH always thought you were a bit of a hunk. We know we’re beautiful. With you, our babies ought to be gorgeous.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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