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Dragon Slayer

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This is my turn to come and visit you. You picked me up at the Airport and we were on our way. When our eyes meet my heart skips a beat, not to mention all the other feelings that are going on inside my body.

You drop me off at where I’m staying so I can take a shower. We agreed you’d be back in two hours. Then you were going to take me and show me around where you live. I unpacked my belongings, and just sat back on the bed. My mind drifted to you. I couldn’t wait to be in each others arms. To feel your fingers go to my hair, your lips touch mine. I sat day dreaming for a while. Then jumping up to take a shower.

I waited for the water in the shower to get really hot, my back needed it. I also has my radio playing, needing something to relax me. I stepped into the hot steaming water, letting it run down my back. There’s so much steam from the hot water I could hardly see. But what did it matter, I don’t need to see my body to wash it.

I lathered up my hair, scrubbing to make sure its squeaky clean. Stepping back into the water to rinse it, letting the hot water run down my body. It felt so good. I reached for the soap, but it wasn’t there. Dam I thought, I knew I put soap in here. Just as I’m about to step further into the water I bump into someone standing behind me. I start to freak out, and you whisper, “Sheree.” My body relaxed, leaning back on you. Reaching around smacking your ass for being bad and scaring me.

I turn around so were in each other’s arms. Our lips meeting, kissing small sweet kisses then into deep hungry passionate kissing. You have the soap in your hands, you start lathering up my tits as we kiss. Regardless of the hot water, my nipples were hard instantly. Taking the soap from you, it’s my turn now. Lathering my hands and going to play with your cock. Stroking your whole cock, from base to the head. Running my fingers all over the head of your dick.

We both step into the water to rinse off. Then you turn me around, pinning my hands against the walls. You start to grind your cock against my ass. My body responds to yours, rubbing back on you.

You part my legs with your own. Still holding my hands you enter my body from behind. I gasp for air as your dick fills my pussy. My body pushes back to yours, you grind your dick into my wet pussy. You take your hands from mine only for one to go to my tits and the other to my clit. Each time you thrust your dick into me, my pussy’s there to meet you.

Your fingers rub my clit slow, teasing it. The other hand playing with my nipples. You lean in kissing my neck, my ears. Feeling your lips and tongue licking, sucking on my ear with each thrust of your dick. My body goes stiff, back arching. Waves of hot orgasm over take my body. You grind your dick deep into my pussy istanbul escort till it ceased.

I turn you around washing off your dick, then pushing you to the wall. I lean in kissing you deep. Kissing my way down your body. Reaching your chest I lick and suck on your nipples a little, as my hand strokes your dick. Further I lick and kiss, reaching your waiting cock. My hands go to your ass. My mouth, I lick the under side of the head. Your fingers curl up in my hair.

I take your cock in my mouth, sucking on the head, letting my tongue roll around the head. Working the head over you push down on my head. I take a little more of your dick in my mouth. Sucking and licking, each time I take more of your cock in my mouth. Working your whole cock in and out of my mouth. I can taste you on my tongue. Sucking harder, working your whole dick in and out of my mouth. Flattening my tongue, licking the length of your dick and I suck it in and out of my hot mouth.

I wrap my lips tighter, sucking harder your hips meet my rhythm. You start working your cock in and out of my lips. I suck you in from the head down to the base licking. I start playing with your balls. Rubbing them slow, holding on to them. Your body goes stiff, your cock gets a little bit bigger in my mouth. I start sucking harder and faster. Both of your hands go into my hair. I let go of your balls, still sucking on your dick. You fill my mouth with your hot creamy cum. You shoot your cum deep into my mouth and throat. I keep sucking till I have the last drop in my mouth.

I stand back up and you wrap your arms around me. Your lips go to kissing, sucking and licking on my neck. I push you away, into the water to wash you off. Then sending you on your way out so I can finish. And I do just that, lathering my body and rinsing off.

I step out of the bathroom and there you sit on the bed with a smile from ear to ear. I guess I don’t need to ask you if it was good. You sit there watching me, not saying a word nor do I. I get myself ready and you still just sit there watching not saying anything.

When I’m ready you finally do more than smile. You walk over to me placing your arms around me. Taking me close to you, kissing me deep and passionately. Once again taking my breath away. I return the kiss and the passion.

You take me by the hand leading me out of the hotel room and to your bike. Oh, do I have plans for your dragon later. You take me showing me around, showing me things I would have never seen if we hadn’t met. Most of all I wanted to see the sun set on the beach and share it with you. We rode around for hours with my arms wrapped around your waist. My tits leaning against your back. Every once in a while I’d let my hands avcılar escort roam over your body. My hands would creep down to your manhood, letting my fingers glide over your cock. You’d grab my hand stopping me.

We headed to the beach. When arriving you took out a blanket, taking me by the hand leading me down to the sand. We spread the blanket out and took off walking down the beach. I felt so at peace, having you by my side and watching the waves come crashing in. Taking off my shoes I wanted to feel the ocean.

When the sun was about to set we headed back to the spot with the blanket. I wrapped my hands around your neck yours went to my waist. Once again our lips meeting kissing, standing there like no one else existed. Slowly we sank down to the blanket. Our lips never parting. Bodies intertwined, nestled in each other’s arms.

The sound of seagulls are heard off in the distance over the ocean. The taste of salt is in the air. We lay there, in each other’s arms. The sun setting off in the distance over the ocean. We never spoke a word, words weren’t needed.

The sun sat and darkness settled in over us. Our eyes met and locked. Our lips soon to follow. You rolled on top of me grinding your body down on mine. My legs slightly spread apart letting you have more access. We very slowly start undressing each other. Clothes flying every where.

My lips find yours again. Hot, fiery lips moving over mine. Your mouth moves down to my neck licking and sucking. Reaching my ear my body goes still, I feel a sudden rush of pussy juices flow from me. You part my legs with your own. Laying on me you rock your hips back and forth. Your dick lay between my pussy lips, rubbing from my clit down to my hole.

Slowly I feel your cock enter my body, the head first then the length to follow. Deep throaty groans came from you. Sounds escaped my lips as well. Our lips coming back together.

I roll on top of you, sitting up making your dick go further into my pussy. Your hands moving to my hips. Riding your cock the head at first then you slam your cock deep in my pussy. My body comes down hard on yours, our flesh meeting. In long strides I ride your cock. I lean down to kiss you, your mouth goes to my tits sucking, licking on my nipples. Your legs spread wider under me, letting me take more of your cock in my pussy.

Climbing off of you I turn myself around. Placing my ass and pussy over your face. I kneel down over your body. Your hard dick pointing straight up at me, I lean in to lick around the head. You grinded your face in my hot, wet pussy. Grinding your face back and forth. Licking and sucking from clit back to my hole and still going further to my ass. Long hard licks, lapping your tongue, back and fourth. My ass şirinevler escort grinds down harder on your face. My body stiffens, your cock plunges deep down my throat.

My head is the only thing moving, bobbing up and down on your cock. Working it, my lips wrapped tight around the shaft and my tongue licking away as your whole dick is being pumped in and out of my mouth. Your fingers slowly being worked in and out of my pussy and your eating my pussy. Both of our bodies go stiff and explode at the same time. Hot juices flow from our bodies. My pussy juice drips down all over your face. Hot cum drenches my throat. We sucked and licked till the juices stopped.

Climbing off of your body, you take me in your arms kissing me deep. Passion flows over us. Your cock still calling to be slain. We grind against each other

I take you by the hand leading you over to your dragon. Stroking your cock as we walk. Upon reaching your motorcycle I stopped short, turning and kissing you long and hard. You place your hands over my tits playing, pinching slightly. I stepped back towards the bike. My lips part turning around, leaning over your Harley, legs spread wide.

Your body moves closer to mine. Placing your wild dragon in my waiting pussy. Getting your cock nice and wet you pull out of me and rub the head over my ass. Then thrusting it back deep in me. Your hands reach for my tits. I reach around taking your big dick from my pussy and placing it against my ass then backing on to your dick.

First I could feel the head enter me, then part of the shaft. Pulling out and grabbing something from your bike you rub mineral oil over your dick. Your fingers then going to my ass, rubbing,lubbing it up. Then placing the head of your dick back into my ass. Slow movements, sliding your head in and out of my ass. With each grind of your dick I feel move of the length enter my body. Your mouth goes back to licking and sucking on my ears. I feel hot juices drip from my pussy, getting wetter.

One of your hands plays with my tit and the other goes to play with my clit. Your fingers dance over my wet pussy, stroking then settling on my clit. My body backs up to yours. With each thrust of your dick your bringing me closer. My ass can feel your dick grow bigger in me. Rubbing my clit,sending waves through my body.

You tell me that you want us to cum together. Thrusting your dick deeper in my ass, rubbing my clit at the same time. Your hips pound on to my flesh, our bodies move together. Deeper you plunge into me. My body gives into the demands of yours. Hot sensations over take my body. My ass tightens around your cock. One more thrust and your dragon is slain, long burst of hot cum is shot deep into my ass. You grab onto my hips tighter. Pounding your big dick, shooting the last drops of your fluid into me.

Our bodies collapses down on each other. Our breathing heavy from our love making. We stay still, not moving. Until I feel you with drawl from me, the juices start to run from my body. Taking me by the hand you lead my into the ocean, we disappear into the water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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