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Dreaming Of You

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I had a dream last night that we were at a club. It must have been about 2 AM. A slow song comes on, and we get closer, holding each other tight, kissing slowly. I could feel you rubbing against me. I slide my tongue slowly across your jaw to your ear, and whisper, “I want you.” Bringing my lips back to yours, I catch this little hint of a smile, and I say that I want to stop by the beach before we go home. Poof-we are gone. I stop to slide my pumps on at the door (you know these damn pantyhose are gone as soon as we get in the car!). The guy at the door chuckles as we walk out. The next thing I remember, we are on a blanket on the beach. It’s nice and cool. All you can hear is the wind and waves hitting the shore. Sitting in your lap facing you, kissing you, I start to unbutton your shirt as I run my hands down your chest and around to your back, pulling you closer to me. I feel your mouth on my neck, sucking on me as I kiss your shoulder. Hmmmm babyyy, I love the way you feel. I slowly push you all the way down on your back.

I slide my tongue across your lips, then in between them. I tell you, “Babyyy, I’m going to fuck you, but first I want to taste you.” You feel the tip of my tongue sliding down your neck to your chest. I can feel your hands slip under my skirt (you realize that It wasn’t only my pantyhose that came off in the car), and I feel your hands sliding extraordinary izle up the back of my legs, and then to my ass. Taking your nipple between my lips, I lick it. You can feel my ring running over it slowly. Then I feel your hand on the back of my head as I start to suck on it. I bring my legs from around you, and slip them in between your legs, as I slide down in between them. I hear a light moan come from you as I start to rub your balls. You take your hand from my hair and start to rub your cock on my tits. It’s already thick and hard. I slide myself down further. You can feel my tongue slip down your belly, and you start rubbing your cock all over my face. I hold my tongue out as you rub the head over it slowly. I lick it with long slow strokes, from the bottom to the top, as you hold it for me. I run my tongue down to your balls, and suck on you.

As I hear you moaning softly, you’re making me hot. I slide your cock deep inside my mouth, making long deep strokes. Now, I feel both your hands on my head, pulling me closer to you as I suck on you. I can feel you to the back of my throat, and I take you in deeper and deeper as I suck on you. I feel you getting harder and thicker with every stroke, feeling your balls against my chin and your hands pulling me in. Babyyy, I can’t wait any longer! You wrap your hand around your cock forecasting love and weather izle as I slide it out of my mouth, and bring your legs together as I crawl up your body. Now on my knees, I open my legs up around you and bend down to meet your lips. As I lick your lips, I feel you running your hard cock all over my pussy. In between my pussy lips, you can feel how wet I am, and you slide it slowly back and forth, feeling my wetness dripping down your cock and your hand. Moaning in each other’s mouths, you know I want you, I need you. Bringing your cock back down, you guide it inside me. With your other hand, you pull me down on it. I can feel you sliding deep inside me as I rise up.

Now I’m sitting straight up, and I feel your hands on my tits. You bring two fingers up to my mouth. I suck on them as I rock back and forth, fucking you slowly. I feel you moving in and out of me. Then I bring my hands down to just above your shoulders. I feel your hand rubbing my clit, with the other on my ass, pulling me down on your cock. I start to fuck you faster, feeling your cock throbbing inside me. My wet pussy starts to tighten around you. I tell you I see someone coming over to us. You say, “Don’t stop!” You start pulling me down on you harder. The couple sits on the sand about 8 feet from us, watching as freeridge izle we fuck each other. They listen as you tell me to fuck you harder. We both moan and cum together. I lay there on top of you, not wanting to move at first, and it isn’t long before I want you again. Licking and sucking you, I can still feel you inside me. I feel you growing harder; I start to pump you slowly. Sucking on your tongue, I can feel your hands all over me now.

I tell you, “Babyyy, I want to feel you fucking me from behind hard. ” You roll me over on my back, holding my legs up and wide apart. I can feel your hard cock slide inside me again. I bring my hand down, and touch your cock as you fuck me. I feel your balls slapping against me as you start to fuck me harder, feeling my whole body jar, and I moan. I close my eyes, and all I can do is feel you moving deep inside me, feeling your cock pumping in and out of me, faster and faster. I want to cum, and you can feel it in me. You roll me over on my tummy, and pull me up on my knees, beginning to fuck me from behind. I push back on your cock, fucking you too, touching your cock and balls with my hand between my legs. I can feel your legs slap against mine as you fuck me harder and harder. You bring your hands around my sides, and take hold of my tits to pull me back down harder on your cock. I can feel it start to run through my whole body as my legs go weak. I start to cum, and you can feel it warm all over you cock as I moan. I feel your mouth all over my back. You push my head down on the blanket, and you start to fuck me harder as you cum deep in me. You push me all the way down, and I feel you lying on my body. Feeling each other’s hearts beating. Then I woke up wet as hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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