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Drew Tugs It to His Sister-In-Law

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[In chapters 1 and 2, a brother-in-law pursues his depressed, widowed sister-in-law. Read chapter 2 here: https://www..com/s/making-moves-on-his-sister-in-law.]


She walked towards him and put her elbows on his open window. She put her chin on her arms and looked up at him.

He saw in her look that she was as hungry as he was.

Her hair was the same style that she wore to Christmas four years ago, back when his brother and her husband were still alive.

And his sister-in-law was wearing something he had never seen her in except for a thousand times in his other fantasies: a black miniskirt and a spaghetti strap shirt showing too much cleavage.

He could see down her shirt as she leaned on to his driver-side door. His mouth was open but he was still in control of himself. He knew he was in control of her, so he worried about nothing. He just enjoyed the view.

No man would have to try to see her cleavage. Now Drew had an even better view, though. And Arya was pushing her tits together just right, to make them look bigger and so that he could see even more.

Arya was looking down her shirt to see how well she was doing at showing her brother-in-law her breasts. uşak escort With her face still down, she only moved her eyes up. She had a look of unmistakable interest common among wolves.

After she checked her intensity, the mood lightened as they flirted with smiles. They still hadn’t said a word. But her flirtatious looks gave way to swaying hips.

“It won’t be much longer before she’s in my truck and on my lap,” he knew.

When she got in, he didn’t ask and she didn’t tell him where she wanted to go. “Having grown up here, Drew will pick a fun and private place,” Arya thought.

“No, don’t start the engine,” Arya said to Drew. “Let’s sit her for a minute.” Her bouncy chest got closer as she moved to sit closer to him. She was wearing a form-fitting, white blouse. Her top three buttons were already undone.

Arya moved from sitting next to him to turning around, propping herself up on her knees, and facing Drew.

After only a few seconds, she turned around in her seat. She pushed herself up on her knees so that she was facing him. As she got up on her knees, she pushed her body towards him. She put her tits at the same level as Drew’s eyes.

She pushed uşak escort bayan off of her knees to shove her breasts into Drew’s face.

He kissed or licked or nibbled on all of the area from her face down to her ribcage and across her chest. He would have kissed her in other places if he could. But that was all he could reach as she was in one part of his lap along with the steering wheel that was limiting his reach.

Her tits were 100-% real D-cups. They looked like perfect cleavage tits plus oth

Arya wanted to start in Drew’s dad’s yard. They knew that their dad was asleep. Her father-in-law’s bedroom window was not far from Drew’s truck.

Drew turned off the engine and put his arm around his horny sister-in-law, Arya.

He began to touch her dress with his free, left hand.

Soon he moved his hand down her dress to delightfully putting his hand between her thighs. Her skirt was so high that he could almost see where her inner thighs met her pussy. His face was three feet above her pussy, so she was nearly showing it to him.

Instead of touching that protruding pussy, he moved his hand on the outside of her thigh.

He moved his left palm escort uşak back and forth on her outer right thigh.

Suddenly Drew was about to cum. But he didn’t want to cum without thinking about fucking her.

In his imagination he fast-forwarded the scene. Suddenly Arya’s panties were off. He had his right arm around her and sucks and spit on his left fingers.

He rubbed his glob on her pussy. He didn’t need to. He used his middle finger to barely touch the part of her pussy that was sticking out. She was so turned on that blood had filled her pussy and made it puffy.

Drew gently pet her protruding clit and labia. Arya moaned.

That was more than enough invitation.

Drew got down on the knees of his truck floor. He got in between her legs and faced her.

She invited it by squeezing her thighs around him.

They continued to kiss hard as he undid his belt. She opened her legs so that he could pull down his jeans and boxers. But she kept her pussy just as close to his dick, or closer.

After he pulled his pants down he grabbed his dick. Arya kept her legs open but her pussy close so that he could enter her more easily.

Arya let out a quick, brief moan when he was halfway in her pussy.

Drew pulled it back out halfway to lubricate it so he could go all the way to the back.

Thinking about fucking Arya made Drew cum soon.

With cum in his left hand and a limp dick, Drew remembered the situation.


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