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Driver Education Examination Ch. 03

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Driver Education Examination CH. 03

My mother called me at home one afternoon after school ended for the day and said that Wren had been asking about me and that it would be nice if I were able to pay her a visit. My mother said that she would have to keep the car that evening but maybe I could use my bicycle again.

I did like to use the bicycle to keep in shape and the weather was nice for a ride so I took a shower, dressed in some loose-fitting clothing, and headed up the road to the hill that my family used to live on. It was located behind an active DOD defense contractor site that dominated the sleepy neighborhood now.

Up to Wren’s front porch I arrived quickly on the bike and I laid it down on her porch to keep out of sight of possible thieves, despite the few people left around this block. Wren met me at the door and invited me into her kitchen. She gave a hug and said that I looked nice. I had not been paying much attention to her so her own growing body surprised me when she pressed close to me. Wren was well on her way to possessing an admirable pair of boobs as a fully-bloomed adult.

Her aunt was also in the kitchen as was usual, she had her back to me as she was washing dishes in the large old kitchen sink. She was wearing what for her was a uniform in a button-up work shirt and this time some baggy sweat pants. She said hello to me over her shoulder and apologized for being rude.

Wren seemed to want to talk to me at the kitchen table almost immediately so we both sat down.

The news was that Wren thought that she was almost ready to take her driver examination but this time with a confidence of passing it. I asked her what was different this time and she said that I was the difference. Wren felt that I had instilled confidence in her.

The main issue now was if Wren would be able to take the examination in my own family’s car since it was smaller than the one that they had here at their home. Their car was of a Detroit V8 gunboat design and it was at least one third car length longer than my family’s V6 vehicle.

I told both Wren and her aunt that I would be happy to speak with my mother about the possibility but that I had no problem with the idea. Wren beamed at me when I said that in response. She seemed to want to hug me again where I sat but her aunt turned just then and with a stern look, Wren slunk back into her kitchen chair.

The room grew quiet for a moment until I said that the weather was beautiful outside and possibly we could sit on the back porch this time. Wren agreed and her aunt nodded to me while keeping a wistful eye on both of us.

We had to walk through the unit to reach the back door. There were some folding chairs out there on the porch which we opened up and sat in.

“My grandmother never liked sitting on the back porch because there was no privacy but with everyone gone, it is the most private place now to come and think,” I told Wren.

She seemed to have a different take on the neighborhood. “All of my friends moved away from here once the neighborhoods were abandoned. It was so sad,” Wren told me.

I might have comforted her on this reality but I did not want to move from my chair in case anyone was watching me inside.

Wren finally blurted out that with a successful driver examination test passage, she might herself be able to leave this place. It seemed that was what was driving this outburst of emotion.

As I looked towards the unkempt tree-line, from the side of my eye I could see a tear rolling down Wren’s face. All of a sudden I felt very uncomfortable.

Sure enough, just then the aunt came out with some drinks and a television tray stand to set them on. Once she saw Wren’s tears, she sent Wren inside. The aunt then sat down next to me kaçak iddaa in the empty seat.

“I know that you did not do anything to make her cry, she just keeps it all welled up inside of her,” the aunt shared with me. The aunt reached over and patted my hand on the old wooden chair arm rest it lay on. “She’ll be fine. Maybe she was just tired,” she told me.

It was really not my place to agree to this or not but the overall understanding of Wren that I had gathered to this point was that she had little freedom here and few diversions of her own despite a colorful, artistic personal style.

I resigned myself to leaving soon. The aunt invited me back inside to finish my drink and she followed me in. Wren was nowhere in sight.

While I considered the merit of sitting down in the kitchen, the aunt beckoned me into the now-routine location of the larger middle room. I noticed a mattress with sheets on the floor, as well as some pillows as I entered it. I sat down on the couch where I normally sat, my feet almost kicking the large mattress.

The aunt remained standing near the wide open doorframe. I asked what was going on with the mattress and the aunt said that while she lived next door, a leak had developed over there and the management would not address any repairs so she was staying here for now. I told her that I was sorry to hear that. The aunt nodded at me in reply. She added that possibly Wren was upset by the new person in the home, but I did not say anything at all to that.

The aunt continued to have something to say. The point that was being made here today was that Wren was excited to see you today and to make a commitment to be able to drive on her own in the future. I agreed that was very good news indeed. I said that it was too bad that Janet, Wren’s mother, was not here to see this for herself.

With that, the aunt kind of giggled and proceeded to close off the wide doorway with the surprisingly effective light blocking fabric curtain. “Janet,” she said without raising her voice very much, and shutting off the light switch. Janet proceeded to come through the one door and immediately sat next to me. My eyes were still adjusting to the low light at that moment. The aunt too walked towards me to the other side of the couch and sat down next to me.

“Well what do we have here,” I said in a lower voice tone to both of them. “Am I due for another ball check just from sitting on the back porch now,” I wondered aloud?

Starting with Janet on my right I felt around and determined that she was buck naked under a thin terry cloth robe. Everything was right there. I wasted not a second or a finger by reaching between her parted legs and felt the wetness greeting me in return.

“It looks like we might have to investigate this further,” I playfully offered in jestful banter as I rubbed my hands and fingers across all of her body areas. Her robe was already mostly off.

The aunt had come behind me and had cupped the back of my head with her breasts underneath her black lacey undershirt that she always wore. She must have been wearing the softer bra that she had worn the last time since there was no resistance. Maybe she was not even wearing a bra.

As I developed a formidable erection I also recognized I had more confidence than my past experiences in this room. Possibly the mattress gave me some horizontal license that I could do even more for this family.

I pulled Janet up and laid her down on the mattress. I stepped out of my shoes and lowered my face into her soaked pussy. I started lower and slower and moved up with my tongue towards her clitoris. Janet was shaking almost immediately as she took a free hand and pushed down on my head into her. I reached up and felt for a nipple only to bump hands with her kaçak bahis already doing so to herself.

Shifting gears I used a finger underneath my tongue which also elicited a gasp from the prone Janet who lay on her back in the darkened room. The finger was rolling around the rim of her outer lips and the sensation was rocking her world. More wetness accompanied my latest finger path.

I was far enough onto the mattress to feel the aunt kneel down alongside of me. She quickly raised my hips with an upward nudge and pulled down my jogging pants along with my underwear this time. She began to grip my erection with her smaller hand and pulled on it lightly with her fingers as she reached around my thigh to do so.

In turn, I put two fingers into Janet and rotated her entire body so her butt was up in the air and I held the area between her legs wider. Pushing into her gaping chasm, I pressed forward enough to deeply penetrate her sugar walls that it started a shuddering spasm through her whole body. First she pushed forward with her hips, and then pushed back into me as hard as she could. The glancing pressure against her cervix was building her to a tremendous level of ecstasy and her breathing became deeper.

My deft fingering pushed Janet into a powerful orgasm that went on for a moment. It was clearly easier for me to get on top of her right then but she had fallen forward in an effort to contain the forces driving her wild. It had temporarily taken her out of the present activities. Her robe hung off her prone body like a windswept curtain aside a window sill.

I turned to the aunt who was also kneeling like me on the mattress and I pulled her towards me. She barely resisted as I pulled her face to mine in an awkward kiss. My tongue still full of Janet who still lay there spent.

The aunt for an instant seemed to catch herself with me as if to lay down a ground rule and I again kissed her, forcing her mouth open and stifling her present expression. I shifted myself closer to the aunt and reached down and untied her sweat pants. She put a hand on the waist band but I got my larger hand past hers and felt her underwear there. She quietly said, “We can’t,” but she sure did sound unsure.

I pulled her around and she sat on the pillows with my arms around her from behind. Squeezing her breasts gently I kneaded them through the thin black lacey material. The aunt was still wearing a bra but it was so loose as to now be a bonnet more than anything else. With me reaching down into her sweat pants, she tried to use her arms to hold my fingers back, but I used the moment to pull her black lacey top off and over her bare back. She had not expected that to happen and now put a hand over a bra cup as I detached the bra also in the back.

Her breasts were so large that her hand could not possibly cover the one breast, let alone both of them. I slowly pulled the bra out from where it was hanging off her wrist, and the aunt kind of folded in my arms as I began to cup her loose gigantic breasts. My fingers traced the edges of her magnificent globes and she shuddered with raised gooseflesh as providence of her bodily response. Her nipples truly sprang to action as I took both of hers in hand simultaneously and rolled them within and across my fingers.

I learned a great lesson that day after I took one of her nipples into my eager mouth. The imposing size of the boobs made them all the more sensitive to my careful touching and foreplay. I could sense an orgasm stirring in the older woman as I pushed her beyond some threshold that she had existed at since her husband had died years before.

There was a barely a finger lifted to prevent me from reaching into her untied sweat pants and beneath her underwear as I located a wet snatch of hair illegal bahis there and some raised pussy lips. Using my practiced technique, I rolled my finger around the warm opening until I got a finger inside. From there, I teased the little man in the boat who I found there waiting for me to stimulate him into ferrying her to an orgasm.

Between the mouth on her nipples and my finger in her twat, the aunt soon came in a low heaving cry. The pressure that she exerted against my fingers was profound in nature. The fluid that she expended was considerable. Her breathing came back to normal in the form of some disquieting gasps. I remained sucking on her nipples and felt them re-harden in a smaller, more sustainable way than before.

I looked back at Janet and she had risen to her knees and then sat down with the robe around her, taking in the low light movements that she witnessed. She had a hand inside her robe, presumably fondling her own nipple.

That visual image was enough for me to act. Letting the aunt go, I laid Janet back on the mattress, and she took me in her arms. I felt her down below and could tell that no lubrication was needed. Spreading her legs, I entered her twat a bit at a time, going slow and steady. Janet was a perfect willing partner for my bulging, slightly aching hard on. Once I pushed past her clitoral lips, the response was wonderful.

Keeping up a steady rhythm, I had Janet writhing underneath me. She had pulled off my undershirt and was touching my own nipples with her hands. At times, she would go back to squeezing her own nipples.

The aunt had gotten alongside me and was putting her fingers behind my nut sack. She was very good at doing this and it again began to prime my cock for a major ejaculation.

I got my one hand around Janet’s large breasts and started to play with her nipples as I increased my cock strokes. I pushed into her as hard as I had ever felt to do sexually. The aunt continued to target my balls with her small fingers. Something had to give.

Pulling out of Janet’s pussy, I moved myself up to her head and her open mouth. She willfully took my cock into her mouth and finished me off as I reached down and caressed her one nipple with my loose hand next to her.

It had been a wonderful afternoon with these two women. I was tempted to try to jump start the moment again but the aunt soon resumed her matronly demeanor and again brought warm wash cloths so that we could try to clean ourselves up where Janet and I lay together.

The aunt buttoned herself up and waited until Janet went back through her side door and I had pulled up my sweat pants before she pulled aside the fabric door covering. The light soon came on again in the room.

Wren was nowhere in sight for as long as I was in the home the rest of that day. Did she know any of this was going on? How much did she even know about sex at her age with such protective relatives? For as horny as these older women were with no men apparently around, the girl seemed bound to pick up on some of the repressed energy that existed within these creaking walls.

I said farewell to the two women that I had just fooled around with and fucked. They waved goodbye to me as I pushed off with my bicycle into the heat of the afternoon.

My mother met me at our house and asked how everything had gone. I said that I had heard some good news about Wren and her driver license examination. My mother smiled at me and said that I was a good guy to help out a fragile girl like her. All I could do was nod my head without breaking my composure.

Later that week, Wren’s aunt put in a good word for me with my mother and said that when I had the time that I should try to stop by and see the aunt when I was in the neighborhood. My mother said that her co-worker would make another hot dog for me, but after hearing that I knew it would be me actually giving out the hot dogs that day, whenever it might be.

(End of Chapter Three)


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