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Duke , Dana pt. 2

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Big Tits

Duke & Dana

Part 2

Karen’s last client cancelled their meeting so she decided to drive straight to the airport and see if she could get an earlier flight to Dana’s neck of the woods. Sure enough, there was several to choose from so she picked the one that flew direct. It would put her in there around a quarter to six. She started to dial Dana’s number but then hung up. ‘I’ll surprise her,’ she thought to herself.

Karen parked her rental car in front of Dana’s house at 6:17pm. Dana’s car was in the drive way so Karen knew she was home. She left her bags in the car and decided to just knock on the door and see her friend’s reaction. She knocked on the door and waited. Nothing. She knocked again and again there was no answer. ‘Maybe she’s in the shower?’ Karen thought. She dug through her purse and found the key that Dana had given her the last time she had visited. She eased the door open and walked in, quietly closing it behind her. Karen heard what she thought were the sounds of passion coming from the bedroom. She was thinking Dana may be having a little fun before she had to pick her up at the airport. The thought of seeing Dana having sex with a hot guy was getting her turned on. She removed her heels and quietly padded down the hall.

When she reached the door to Dana’s room Karen was shocked at the sight she saw. Dana was naked with her upper body lying on the foot of her bed with her knees on the floor. A magnificent Great Dane stood behind her with his ass pressed to hers. They were obviously tied and Dana seemed to be in heaven by the sound of her moans. The big beast was starring at Karen and she wasn’t sure if he was friendly or not. A low growl came from him and he leaned forward, making Dana moan louder.

“Duke stay!” Dana said softly gasping, “Good boy…stay.”

The next time he growled, Dana turned and saw Karen’s mouth hanging open and eyes wide, standing at the doorway. Dana’s whole body blushed as she met her friends shocked gaze.

“OH MY GOD! Karen! What are you doing here?” she said, then buried her face in the sheets.

Dana wanted to run and hide but in her present condition she could do neither. She began to cry. Karen could see her friend wracked with sobs as she hid her face and it snapped Karen back to reality. She felt terrible making Dana cry and tried to sooth her.

“Its ok honey, don’t cry,” she said slowly stepping into the room.

Her soft words made Duke relax and his tail start wagging so she moved to the side of the bed to comfort her friend.

“Ssssshhhhhh…don’t cry honey, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad,” Karen said stroking Dana’s long blond hair.

“You weren’t supposed to see me like this. You weren’t supposed to know. This is horrible! You must think I’m a terrible, disgusting person…Oooohhhhhhh,” Dana replied still hiding her face as Duke shifted again.

Dana had a small orgasm when Duke turned toward the new female in the room. His head was up and he sniffed the air, watching her every move.

“I don’t think any such thing. You’re beautiful,” Karen said, feeling a wave of arousal wash over her as she watched her friend tremble in pleasure.

Dana stopped sobbing then pushed herself up and looked into Karen’s warm brown eyes.

“What?…What did you say?”

“You look beautiful,” she repeated wiping the tears from Dana’s cheeks.

“Ha…How can that be? I’m laying her naked with a dogs cock stuck in me, and my best friend in the room who caught me like this…,” her words trailed off.

Duke shifted again and Dana was hit by another small climax. Kartal Escort Her cheeks reddened even more once she recovered, seeing Karen watching her intently.

“That right there was beautiful…and sexy…and erotic,” Karen said running her hand down Dana’s back to her firm ass.

She inspected the union of her and Duke’s bodies. The knot was causing Dana’s lips to flare outward each time Duke moved. Karen moved her hand under the two of them and felt Duke’s velvety balls then she touched Dana’s inflamed clit and sent her spinning into a new vortex of pleasure. Dana was bucking wildly and crying out in ecstasy. Duke move forward and his deflating knot pulled free of Dana’s clenching pussy. She let out a sharp scream and collapsed onto the bed again. Karen watched as a torrent of cloudy white liquid cascaded out of her friend’s pussy like a miniature Niagara Falls and splashed to the carpet. Duke was there immediately to start licking her clean. She groaned as his tongue lapped at her outer folds and plunged into her depths. When he finished with her and cleaned the carpet too, Duke laid down and cleaned himself.

Karen held Dana’s hand while Duke did his work. She had two more orgasms before he was finished then succumbed to her exhaustion. Karen helped Dana onto the bed and pulled the covers over her groggy friend to let her rest. She kissed her on the fore head then quietly left the room.

Dana awoke disoriented in a darkened room. She was in her bed and under the covers but she felt like something was wrong. ‘Had it been a dream,’ she wondered briefly, and then felt the soreness of her muscles and the tenderness of her pussy. She looked at the clock which read 9:12pm and she panicked. She had to pick up Karen. But wait, she remembered Karen was by her side before she passed out. Dana could hear the TV in the living room. Embarrassment, shame and doubt filled her as she rose and put on her knee length silk robe and walked down the hall. She could see Karen’s long brown hair hanging down over the back of the couch as she approached.

“Mmmmmm…you’re a good boy Duke,” Karen said softly, scratching him on the head.

Dana looked on in amazement at her friend on the couch. Karen had changed out of her business attire and into a tank top and shorts, but the tank top was pulled up over her firm breasts and her shorts lay on the cushion next to her. One of her legs was on the coffee table and the other was on the floor with Duke sitting between them lapping at her exposed pussy.

“KAREN!” Dana exclaimed coming around to face her friend.

Startled, Karen sat up and pushed Duke back.

“Oh…Dana! I uh…I hope I didn’t disturb you? I was just…,” Karen fell silent unable to finish her thought.

Dana wasn’t sure what to feel at that moment. She sat on the other end of the couch from Karen in silence. Neither woman spoke for several moments then Duke thrust his muzzle back into Karen’s wet crotch.

“Duke! No!” she pushed him away then chuckled nervously.

Dana remained silent then Duke tried again to get at her pussy. Karen shoved him back once more.

“Persistent isn’t he?” Dana finally said with a meek smile.

Karen was about to respond when Duke made another attempt.

“DUKE! Enough!” Karen said sternly.

To both their surprise, Duke stepped back and sat down. Dana and Karen looked at one another then back to Duke.

“I guess you have to know the right command,” Karen said, “You’ve trained him well.”

“I didn’t train him,” Dana replied.

“It’s hard to believe he’s a natural at…well, Kartal Escort Bayan you know. When I saw you two together I just figured you did a good job training your dog.”

“Duke belongs to my brother and I didn’t train him. Karen…about what you saw. I’ve never done anything like that before. It just happened. Things started happening and…well you saw,” Dana said, unable to look Karen in the eye.

Karen didn’t reply.

“Then I find you out here with Duke licking your pussy, what’s up with that?”

“Once I got you into bed, I brought in my stuff and put it in the guest room. I couldn’t get you two out of my head. I was so turned on that my panties were soaked and Duke was pestering me the whole time, trying to get at my pussy. So I changed into some shorts and this tank top and tried to watch TV. I finally gave into Duke’s advances and here I am,” Karen finished by opening her arms and pointing at herself.

They both laughed and Dana leaned over and embraced her friend. Karen reassured Dana that their shared secret would stay just between them. Karen then explained how she had come to be there so early along with other trivial details of her day. They were still holding onto one another when Karen finished. There was a long silence then Dana kissed Karen gently on the lips. Karen pulled her close and returned her kiss and their passion began to grow. Karen’s hand moved under Dana’s robe and found her damp sex. Dana pulled back suddenly in pain, air hissing through clenched teeth.

“I’m still a bit sensitive down there right now,” she said seeing the concerned look on Karen’s face.

“I’m sorry,” Karen replied, “I was thinking we could…”

Duke let out a loud whine and began thumping his tail on the carpet, causing Karen to cut her statement short. They both looked at Duke. His fiery red cock was starting to poke out of its sheath. They looked back at each other again.

“I think he’s ready to play again,” Dana remarked looking to see Karen’s reaction, “How many orgasms did he give you before I interrupted?”

“He was working on my second when you walked in,” Karen smiled then turned to Duke spreading her legs wide and patting her mound, “Come on, big boy.”

Duke was between her legs in a flash, lapping at her moist valley. Karen moaned loudly and gripped Dana’s thigh. Dana took one of Karen’s rock hard nipples into her mouth, sucking and licking while she rolled the other between her fingers. Karen’s body stiffened as her second orgasm took hold of her and shook her violently. Duke furiously devoured the fresh supply of honey that she was producing, making Karen writhe even more. Then without warning, Duke sat back down and whined. She patted her sex again and he licked her briefly then began to pace back and forth. They could both see more of his cock protruding from its sheath.

“I think he wants to do more than just lick you,” Dana said, sitting up.

“I think you’re right.”

“Come on, lets get more comfortable,” Dana said as she stood and pulled Karen up by the hand.

They returned to Dana’s room with Duke following close behind. Dana climbed on the bed to watch what Karen would do.

“I’m gonna do it like you did,” Karen said kneeling at the foot of the bed, “He’s too big for me to hold up.”

She placed her right elbow on the bed and looked over her shoulder at Duke. He was pacing behind her but hadn’t tried to mount or lick her. She patted her ass and Duke moved in and licked her dripping pussy. She moaned long and deep as his tongue prepared her for him. Karen shuddered Escort Kartal as a climax began to build but before she could reach her release, Duke mounted her. His powerful front legs closed around her waist and he was making slow probing thrusts with his hips. He was coating her ass and legs with hot pre cum but hadn’t yet found her needy pussy. She lowered her body and arched her back and his thick cock found the target. The tip went in then pulled out but when he felt her wet heat he yanked her backward several inches, stabbing two thirds of his rigid pole into her warm depths.

“HOLY SHIT!” Karen exclaimed as the rapid thrusting began.

Duke pounded into Karen hard and fast, driving home the remainder of his cock into her pussy. His head came to rest on her shoulder like he had done with Dana. Karen screamed as her impending climax crashed over her like a tidal wave. Her deafening cries split the air for the entire length of that orgasm and the next.

“My god…he’s huge…uh…uh…uh…and he’s still growing…uh…uh…AAAHHHHH!” Karen screamed again as Duke shoved his knot into her already stuffed pussy.

His thrusts shortened but speed up while his cock and knot swelled to fill Karen’s vagina to its maximum capacity. She was groaning and quaking from one orgasm after another. Dana watched in total fascination at what was happening to her friend, remembering how just hours earlier it was her in that position. The fire between her legs was burning once again out of control, all moral conflict now gone from her mind.

“OH MY GOD! He’s cumming in me…AAAHHHHHHH,” Karen cried as Duke’s seed flooded into her womb.

Dana was lying on her side in front of Karen mindlessly massaging her own breasts as she watched. Karen pulled Dana to her and hungrily kissed her. Their tongues coiled and twisted in a constant duel only stopping long enough for Karen to cry out in ecstasy from each climax.

Duke eventually released his grip on Karen’s waist, standing with his front paws flanking her sides. He shuffled his stance side to side for a few moments then turned to stand on the floor with his ass pressed to hers. She moaned as his movements tugged at the huge knot inside, pulling it tight against her g spot. Its relentless throb bringing more carnal pleasure with each passing minute as more doggie cum was pumped into her uterus.

“I’m being filled like a human water balloon,” Karen commented, dropping her head as a fresh orgasm rumble through her.

Dana caressed and kissed her friend, squeezing Karen’s tits then her own. They lost count of Karen’s orgasms as Duke tested his union with his bitch from time to time. Dana moved off the bed to look at their coupling and finger Karen’s clit, sending her screaming into a new world of pleasure. Dana returned to her post in front of Karen and they kissed softly for a few minutes before Duke pulled free of Karen’s tight hole. He hadn’t lasted as long with her as he had with Dana but Karen wasn’t complaining. Duke lapped up their combined fluids from her gaping pussy then the carpet and finally himself.

Karen crawled up the bed until she reached the pillows then collapsed and rolled onto her back panting. Dana cuddled up beside her and they caressed each other in silence while Karen basked in the afterglow of her monumental fucking.

“Duke is one amazing lover!” she finally said.

“He rocked my world,” Dana agreed, “And just think, I never considered doing something like this until he licked my pussy while I was looking at those pictures you sent me, but it was the best sex ever!”

“He’s definitely well trained for sex with a woman,” Karen commented.

“How would you know that?” Dana asked turning to look at her friend.

“Because Duke wasn’t my first.”

Dana’s eyes flew wide at Karen’s revelation.

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