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Earning Beads Ch. 02

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If you’ve read part 1, you have a good idea where this story is going. If you haven’t read part 1, you may want to. This part could also be in the Anal category. Enjoy!


My mouth goes dry, my pussy drips, as you crawl on your hands and knees to the head of the bed. You lean your chest down to the mattress and lift your ass in the air. A quick little shuffle spreads your knees wider, exposing your hairy ass, tight anus, heavy smooth balls and your hard cock.

You playfully wiggle it at me, breaking my dazed stare. I move behind you to place a brief kiss on each sweet cheek. Then grabbing each in a hand, spread your cheeks wider before dipping my tongue into your crack. I love the feel of your rough hairs against my tongue. You groan loudly as I boldly explore.

My tongue traces your tight hole, swirling around, causing your breath to quicken. The hint of strawberry oil lingers on my tongue. I pull away from your darkly tempting anus, replacing my tongue with a finger. You push back, forcing my finger even deeper as a “Mmmmmm,” rumbles in your throat.

“I found a second bead, baby.” I’m not sure you even hear my whisper, you’re so caught up in the sensations of my finger rubbing your prostate. I ease a little more oil into your hole with my finger before halo izle pushing in the first 3 beads, one after the other quickly. Your groan makes me smile. You try thrusting back onto the beads but, yelp as I slap your ass hard.

“It’s my turn,” I remind you thickly. I push in 2 more beads as I kiss the red mark my hand left.

I ease the next 2 beads in, with slight pauses in between each one. The beads get progressively bigger on the strand, the smallest being the size of a pencil eraser, the largest the size of a shooter marble. You whimper quietly, not because of any discomfort, because of my agonizingly slow insertion. Your hungry hole stretches accepting each bead, your back is relaxed, your hard cock dripping onto the comforter.

“Please baby, more,” You beg and roll your hips a little. My insides clench, you’re complete submission, begging for more, a massive turn on. I continue the slow torturing pace as I push the last of the beads inside.

As the final bead goes in, I lift your head from the pillows to kiss you deeply. The flavors dancing over our tongues, a delicious mix of cherry, strawberry, my juices and your musk. As we kiss, I reach down for the pink rubber circle and tug out the first bead. You groan in my mouth as it pops free. high rise invasion izle The second slides free easily before you clench the rest tightly. I roll you to your back and start my search for the remaining 4 oil spots.

My tongue travels along your jaw, then up to your right earlobe. I briefly suck the soft flesh into my mouth, before licking the soft spot behind your ear. “You need to count for me, baby,” I breathe in your ear. Another shudder runs through you, “3, Oh!” The bead was removed quickly and without warning.

I smile slyly at you before placing a quick peck on your gasping lips, then return to my quest. I move to your left ear starting at the top and swirling my tongue along the shell before biting gently on your lobe. “4,” you croak. This time a slow steady pull, releases the bead with a soft pop.

I lick down your neck, to the hollow of your throat, continuing south across your hairy chest. The coarse dark hairs get flattened by my lapping tongue. I swirl it around your manly little nipples before lightly biting, your quick intake of breath making your cock bob in the air.

Faster I search, desperate to take your hard throbbing cock deep down my throat. ‘Only 2 left,’ I think to myself, suddenly I’m skymed izle sure I know where they are. My mouth keeps moving down your chest, leaving butterfly kisses across your belly, hip and thigh. I lift your knees with your assistance and lick the soft spot under your smooth sac. “5! Oh gawd.” Your voice, almost as desperate as I am, to have this wonderful but, tortuous game over.

I pull a bead from your hole unceremoniously, and then lap at your heavy balls. “6,” You groan. I open my mouth as wide as I can, sucking first one then the other gently, while I pull out the sixth bead.

My tongue does a happy zigzag up the underside of your shaft. A quick swirl around the very tip, lovingly licking the tasty precum there, before dropping quickly and taking you all the way to the back of my throat. I hum my pleasure, as you thrust your hips toward my mouth. I begin bobbing my mouth up and down your length. Twirling my tongue around your head each time I reach the top.

I can sense you’re close, by your ragged breathing and pull out 2 beads as I take you deeper. Your legs tense, your hands wind into my hair, your ass clenches as your cum explodes into my mouth and I rip the last of the beads free. I swallow every tasty drop and keep my mouth over your tip loosely until your quivering ends. Then I crawl up and curl into your arms.

“That was a great game, sweetie.” Satisfaction oozing from each word.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, baby. I’ve thought of a few more things I’d like to play with you.” I smirk and kiss you deeply, mingling our essences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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