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Eating Peaches, Peeling Bananas

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Eating Peaches, Peeling Bananas My girlfriend, Clara, is always berating me for not eating a healthy diet. While she’s drinking organic apple juice or mineral water fresh from some Alpine glacier, I’m happier slurping on a Beck’s or guzzling a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Of course, she always makes sure that she has an apple or apricot in her lunch box whilst I’m more likely to pack a marmite sandwich or grab a waffle on the run.

Last week, Clara announced that she was determined that I should eat more nutritiously.

‘But fruit’s so boring,’ I sighed.

‘You’ve not been eating it in the right way, that’s all,’ said Clara. ‘Tonight, my sweetheart, I’ll feed you in a way that’ll turn you into a fruitaholic for life.’

Some chance, I thought, as I pecked her on the cheek and rushed for the bus with my half-eaten bacon sandwich in hand.

When I arrived home that evening, Clara called me from the bedroom.

I was happy to oblige. During the day she had sent me three or four emails that were delightfully graphic in sentiment but somewhat mysterious in detail. I couldn’t wait to be tucked up in bed with her.

As I entered the bedroom, I inhaled the delicious scent of apples, apricot and other more exotic fruits.

Clara was splayed on the bed. She was wearing only a teeshirt that barely reached her bottom. Her long, honey blonde was brushed off her face and her legs, the same saffron shade as her hair, looked gorgeous.

I kissed her eagerly and slipped my hand under her teeshirt to squeeze her fulsome breasts.

She pulled away. ‘Get undressed and I’ll pour you a cocktail.’ Lovely, I thought, drinks too.

‘It’s a special bursa otele gelen escort fruit cocktail,’ she said, pouring from a jug. ‘See if you like it.’

‘Not that again, Clara,’ I said. But I tasted it and it was good. Tasted strong too. Was that rum? I soon felt quite heady.

She helped me off with my bra and panties and then pushed me back onto the bed.

Clara straddled me and, leaning forwards, held down my forearms while she swept my face, breasts and arms with a veil of golden tresses. Then her lips followed their journey, laying a trail of kisses across my skin like footprints in snow. She released my arms, sucking and nibbling at my fingertips, then stroked me softly, grazing her finger nails down my body until my nipples felt as stiff as little pebbles.

Clara sat up straight and laughed at me provocatively.

‘So you don’t like fruit, my darling? What about this?’ She leant across and picked up from the fruit bowl a ripe peach.

She rolled it across her cheek and then my own. It was so warm and round and soft.

‘See how bruised it looks,’ said Clara, rubbing a mauve patch of skin. ‘As dark as your lovely nipples.’

She held the peach against each nipple, comparing and admiring them. Then she ran it across my breasts and over my belly. Dragging it down my body, she brushed its fur against my own.

‘Mmm. How round it is,’ she muttered. ‘And look at its cleft,’ she said, drawing her finger down its groove. ‘As luscious as your ripe, round rump. And you know what I like to do to that, don’t you?’ She closed her eyes reverentially and bit into the peach. Its pungent perfume filled escort bayan the air. The juice ran down her chin and her throat, dripping over my belly in a golden shower. She rubbed it into my pussy and then lent me her fingers. I sucked and licked the rich syrupy juice off them thirstily. I was so excited and desperate for her. She bit again from the peach and then I did likewise.

Now, she’ll go down on me and put me out of this agony, I thought.

‘I love you so much, Clara. Please, God, fuck me now,’ I ranted.

‘But you haven’t eaten all your fruit yet, have you?’ she chided.

Clara took a banana from the bowl. Teasingly she peeled back the skin very slowly and deliberately. By now I could only dream of what she was going to use it for. The anticipation made my stomach churn.

Unpeeled, the flesh within looked hard and pale.

‘Mmm,’ she murmured as she traced its length with her fingers. Slowly and laughingly, she turned it from the horizontal to the vertical as though the banana was becoming aroused.

‘You like it big, don’t you?’ she whispered mockingly.

‘Yes, yes, please. Here,’ I spluttered, indicating downwards.

Instead she drew it temptingly across my mouth. I licked at it hungrily as it passed my lips but she pulled it away. Then she drew it down my neck to my breasts. I pushed them together and Clara stroked it between them as if they were masturbating a man’s slim, white cock. By now the banana felt smooth and wet from my spittle. She rolled it across my belly, leaving a thin trail of slippery wetness, like a man’s juice.

Clara parted the lips of my pussy and ran the length of it mudanya escort between them. Now it was slick with my own wetness. With her left hand she parted the lips further and slipped in the tip. It was like having a dildo in me but softer and smoother. She pushed it maybe an inch, drew it out and slid it back in, slowly fucking me with it. It felt so good, but I wanted more. Then she drew it out completely and, smiling, offered it to my mouth. I sucked on the end. Then she did the same, her tongue and lips performing deft fellatio. She nipped off the tip with her lips, licked the end smooth and pressed the next inch into me, fucking me for a little longer this time. Again she withdrew it. We each took it in our mouths, and she invited me to bite off the end.

We carried on like this, first enjoying my fruit fuck, then taking it in turns to lick, suck and eat the banana, until it was all gone.

When it was finished, she climbed off me and, crouching between them, spread my legs wide.

‘Now, will you let me taste your fruit, Anna?’ she whispered.

‘Yes ….. yes …… now …… please,’ I pleaded.

Her lips glided down the insides of my thighs, slick and sweet with peach juice. She sucked at my soft, giving lips. Each little motion of her lips sent spasms through me. Waves of delicious agony whirred from my pussy and stomach through every nerve in my body and radiated back to their source. By now Clara wasn’t only using her fingers, tongue and lips, but had also buried her face in me, bathing herself in the different juices. I could feel her chin and nose and forehead rubbing against me. It was wonderful bringing me nearer and nearer until I surrendered myself completely to my coming.

Afterwards, we lay together kissing, I could taste the juices of the peach, banana and myself on her lips.

‘You know,’ said Clara, ‘doctors recommend at least one good portion of fruit each day.’

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘I expect that we can oblige them.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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