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Educating Caesar Ch. 03

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Ajax, a former gladiator and Roxanna’s chief guard, was posted outside the heavy gate that accessed the small alley behind the property. He saw the senator approaching in the late twilight of the summer evening and opened the gate to admit him. Felicity, Roxanna’s youngest servant, was waiting in the rear yard. She greeted the senator and showed him inside the house as Ajax bolted the gate.

Felicity led the senator to the opened doors of the bedchamber where she gestured for him to enter and took her leave with a gracious bow.

Roxanna, wearing a lightweight dressing gown, was sitting in one of the chairs flanking the small citrus wood table in the corner of the chamber, sipping a cup of chilled wine. She smiled at the handsome figure he cut as he entered, walking straight to her bed as if it were his own. She had thought it best not to make him wait this evening, knowing he might be angry. Their second meeting had come only two days after their first; their third had been scheduled for two days following the second. Roxanna had cancelled that meeting, her message stating only that she was not well and would send word when she had recovered. That had been eight days ago. He was intelligent and she felt sure he had understood the circumstances, but there was no need to add insult to injury by making him wait for her to make an entrance tonight.

He sat on the edge of the bed, crossing his arms and his ankles. From this vantage point, he saw her immediately.

Roxanna sat the cup down, smiling at him as she rose. “I am happy to see you, Caesar.”

He stood and appraised her briefly before gracing her with a somewhat cold smile. “And I, you, Roxanna. You look well; I hope you have made a complete recovery.”

“I was not ill,” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone as she approached him, stopping two feet before him.

“Your first message said you were unwell and your second, that you were recovered.” His arms remained crossed as he spoke.

“I was… indisposed for your company. I regret the timing, but such things are unavoidable.”

“Of course,” he said, lowering his arms but not favoring her with a genuine smile.

“I am not blessed with…predictability in this matter. I saw no need to postpone our meeting for an event that might be many weeks in the future. I truly do regret the timing, Caesar, but it is beyond my control.”

He stepped forward, satisfied by her revelation, and stroked her hair. “I hoped such was the case, but I feared you had changed your mind about our… agreement.”

Roxanna rested one hand upon his, “You need not fear, Caesar; I never break my word.”

The laws of hospitality demanded that she see to his comfort, so she cast her eyes toward the refreshments on the small table and drew a breath to offer them to him.

Caesar rested a finger against her lips and shook his head, “There is nothing on that table that will ease the hunger I feel.” His eyes held hers as he untied the four ribbons holding her dressing gown closed and untied his belt. He pulled the tunic over his head and opened her gown as he stepped closer, pressing their naked flesh together. He lowered his head and caught her mouth in an unapologetically passionate kiss.

He slipped his hands beneath the gown and fondled her perfect breasts, loving how quickly her nipples rose beneath his palms.

Roxanna wrapped one arm around him to rub his back as she stroked and teased his nipples with the other hand. She broke the kiss, but only to enable her to taste his jaw, chin, and his neck as she kissed, licked, sucked and gently nipped at his flesh with her teeth. Caesar lifted his head, giving her full access as his hands became more insistent, squeezing her full breasts and pinching her nipples.

Roxanna lowered her head and flicked her tongue against his nipples before settling upon one and sucking it hard as she fluttered the tip of her tongue against it. She released it and licked her way to the other side, sucking and licking his other nipple. His breathing was heavy.

Caesar took a step backward, nearer to the bed, pulling Roxanna with him. She allowed it.

Roxanna took a step forward, closer still to the bed, pushing Caesar before her. He allowed it.

The final step was a mutual performance with Caesar pulling and Roxanna pushing so that they both lost their balance and tumbled onto the bed. Well beyond the mindset of saving face, the two simply continued their heated embrace as if the unceremonious fall had been part of their plan.

Caesar rolled Roxanna onto her back, his hands still upon her breasts. “What have you to teach me tonight, Roxanna?” he whispered directly into her ear before he nibbled his way down her neck.

“A secret that is practically unknown to men,” was her rather breathless reply. His mouth had joined his hands. Roxanna’s pleasure was heightened by her understanding of Caesar’s fixation beylikdüzü escort upon her breasts this evening. She knew his desire to touch and taste them was the result of spending many days dwelling upon the memory of their last encounter, when she had pleasured him with her breasts. The memory was powerful for her as well and she ran both hands through his hair, pulling his face almost painfully against her bosom.

Caesar felt the tension rising in her. He stroked his right hand down her torso and over the narrow strip of her short pubic hair. He gasped when his fingers encountered her dripping pussy, “You have missed me,” he growled. He slid two fingers between her lips, stroking from her swollen clit to her pulsing little hole. Roxanna surprised him by grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand up. She fixed her eyes upon the glistening fingers and then took those two fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices off them. Caesar waited for her to release the fingers and then he returned them to her box, giving her clit several strokes before inserting the fingers into her tight cunt. This time he brought the fingers to her mouth without any prompting and, as she sucked them in, he kissed her, tasting her juices as she did so.

“Now I shall taste your nectar directly from its source,” he whispered, pulling her legs roughly over his shoulders as he buried his face in her crotch.

“Oh… Caesar… you’ve got me so close already!” She moaned and arched her back when she felt his fingers pushing against her opening. “Quickly, turn your palm up toward the ceiling. Yes, perfect! You must keep your palm in that position. Now, for the love of all the gods, finger fuck me hard and fast while you suck my clit!”

Caesar did as he was told and was soon rewarded by a dramatic increase in the volume of her moans.

“Just like that…just like that…gods…yes…yes…you’re going to make me cum! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh… Caesar! Hold your fingers inside me and curl them as if you are motioning for someone to approach you. Yes! Yes! Keep doing that! There… there… there… CAESAR… GODS… OH… OH… UNGH…. FUCK!”

Roxanna was screaming now and tossing her head violently from side to side. She clamped down on his fingers harder than he had ever experienced, as a gush of fluid flowed from her. He felt her spasm two more times, both accompanied by the rushing fluids. She pushed his hand away and he looked down, shocked to see that her thighs and her dressing gown were soaked. She was panting heavily.

“What in Hades just happened, Roxanna?”

“What did it feel like, Caesar? What does it look like?”

Caesar’s mind struggled to wrap itself around the situation. “I felt your climax begin and then… it’s as if you… ejaculated. But women are not capable of such a thing…”

“Yet, I am a woman and I just did so. I would say that is strong evidence that we are indeed capable of such a thing…”

“I have never heard of a woman spraying forth her pleasure like a man…”

“I told you it was a secret practically unknown to men. And now you are one of the very few who know how to accomplish such a feat.” Roxanna smiled up at him, still panting. “In some ways, women are very like men; but not in all ways. Having spent my passion at the skillful urging of your mouth and fingers, my desire has only increased.”

Roxanna raised herself to a sitting position so she could reach his cock. Its rigidity told her that he was powerfully excited by this newly gained knowledge. “Umm…. You are like smoothly polished stone. I would have you inside me now. Would you like to be inside me, Caesar?”

Caesar’s reply was a low, dangerous sounding growl.

Roxanna flipped onto her hands and knees, crawling up to the head of the bed. She reached back and pulled the dressing gown high up her back before she entwined her fingers into the ornately carved headpiece of the bed. She spread her legs wide and thrust her curvaceous ass into the air, waving it from side to side as a moan of frustrated desire escaped her. She looked imploringly at him over her shoulder. “You’ve made me so hot and wet, Caesar. I’m on fire for you! Please fill me with your cock. I need it so badly. I’ve waited so long. Please, Caesar, I’m begging for your cock. Mount me and ride me hard!”

Caesar watched as she thrust her pelvis up and down in the air. Her slit was slick and swollen, its lips spread like a flower. He climbed behind her, twining the fingers of his left hand into the headpiece of the bed. Kneeling above her, his cock found her opening with no assistance and he thrust himself all the way to the hilt, reaching his right hand around her to finger her button as he began fucking her in earnest.

“Oh, yes, yes! Finger my little clit while you fuck me. I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh…. oh… oh… oh.”

Caesar’s balls slapped against beyoğlu escort her as he rammed his manhood into her quivering depths. They were very full. His wife had offered herself to him twice. He had been more than willing to relieve himself of his burden within her, but his thoughts had unfailingly led him to the memory of Roxanna’s tits bouncing up and down the length of his ample shaft, his seed spurting onto her face as she masturbated herself to orgasm at his feet. No, he would not pollute his marriage bed with thoughts of another woman. Twice, he had awakened in the night from dreams of Roxanna and both times, he had narrowly avoided spilling his seed unbidden, though his sleeping tunics were wet through with pre-cum.

Roxanna had haunted him in the very Senate house as long-winded tribunes droned on and on in favor of practical laws the Senate, in its greed, would never pass. Caesar’s mind had returned effortlessly to Roxanna’s cum-soaked face, his cock swelling and dripping. In one particularly crowded meeting, his late arrival had resulted in having to stand at the back of the packed curia. His mind, full of Roxanna’s cunt and tits and language, had gained superiority of his body, his reason only returning when the unconscious swaying of his body, pressing the sensitive head of his prick against the coarse cloth of his tunic brought him dangerously close to ejaculation. Complaining of an excruciating headache, he had excused himself from the company of the others as soon as the session had ended, rushed home and stalked straight to his bedchamber. He had banished his wife, his mother and his servants and had bolted the door behind him, leaving his body servant to explain that the master had taken ill with a headache. As soon as the clamoring outside the door faded, Caesar had impatiently freed himself from the heavy toga and removed his tunic, casting both of them into a heap in the corner. He had dropped onto the sleeping couch, one foot still upon the floor in his rushed movements, pumped his cock furiously, biting his lip to remain quiet as his body jerked violently and he sent six great volleys of jizz flying. The first had narrowly missed his face, striking the wall behind his head.

The single, frenzied self-induced release was the only one he had allowed himself during his eight-day hiatus from the object of his obsession. Now, with his cock finally buried inside her amazing cunt, he wished he had stroked himself off this evening before visiting her. He was too easily stimulated and, as she pushed her perfect ass against his groin and he watched his cock piston in and out of her soaking wet pussy, he knew he could not hold out. When she lost her grip on the headpiece and her upper body collapsed onto the bed, leaving her ass high in the air, he grabbed her hips and thrust so hard and fast that he soon emptied himself into her with a great, loud howl of release.

He fell beside her and rolled onto his back and, after both had cooled and caught their breath, Roxanna had rested her head upon his chest and thrown one leg across his thighs. Caesar twisted a lock of her hair in his fingers as he considered this situation.

Roxanna had been the most skilled prostitute in Rome and had made a fortune. She was not lacking in business and financial skill. Only a few years older than Caesar, Roxanna had been able to retire from selling her own body and now ran the most prosperous brothel in the city, catering to the whims of Rome’s elite.

Caesar had hired her to train him in the arts of lovemaking and she had accepted, though not without trepidation. He was not troubled that Roxanna was not living up to her end of the bargain, for he knew beyond any doubt that Roxanna had already taught him a great deal. It was something altogether different that concerned him and he decided it would be best to voice those concerns.

“You have bewitched me, Roxanna.”

Roxanna heard the candor in his soft voice and knew he was troubled; knew he was seeking an explanation and her advice. She also knew that she must be completely honest with him. “No less than you have bewitched me, Caesar.” She felt him tense at her reply and, sighing, sat up, pulling the dressing own closed as she looked down at him.

“Do not trouble yourself, Caesar. This is infatuation, which is the child of desire. Infatuation is like a creeping vine that grows around us without our knowledge until we find ourselves ensnared. Sometimes infatuation binds a man and a woman closely enough and for a long enough time to allow love to take root and grow about them, but that requires circumstances that you and I do not share. Love requires a deep inner knowledge and complete acceptance of another. We do not know each other, not really, and it is unlikely we ever shall. Even if we do acquire such knowledge, we are from,” Roxanna looked away, knitting her brows and lowering her voice to a bomonti escort whisper, “different worlds.”

She turned her attention back to Caesar, favoring him with a soft smile as she lightly stroked his chest. “It is just as well that you experience this unsettling emotion now. Infatuation can be powerful and easily mistaken for love, and that makes it far more dangerous. When it does not encourage the growth of love, infatuation’s temporary nature always brings regret. Men do foolish things in the name of love, after all. An act of love is a noble thing- so long as it is borne by love. When an amorous infatuation cools, actions taken on its behalf become ridiculous.

“You must be on your guard with infatuation, Caesar, for it cannot always be avoided and, depending upon its object, it is possible for love to grow in its shadow.”

Caesar had laced his fingers behind his head as she had spoken. He smiled up at her. “Your wisdom surpasses your beauty, and that is no small achievement.

You speak of the difference between love and infatuation as if you have known both; have you, Roxanna?”

Roxanna withdrew from the bed and poured another cup of the chilled wine. The snow packed around the pitcher was melting quickly in the summer heat. She sipped the wine before answering his question. “I have known the love of a child for her parents and the love between close friends.”

Caesar sat up, holding his hand out for the cup. As Roxanna returned to the bed, he asked, “You have never been ‘in’ love?”

Roxanna smiled, giving a shake of her head as she placed the cup in his hand. “That is a dangerous question- one I would advise you not to ask the women in your future.” She sat facing him as he drank. “Once, before I arrived in Rome, before I set my mind to the course my life would take, I loved a man.”

“What happened,” Caesar asked.

Roxanna knew from his tone that he was not simply making conversation; he sincerely wished to know. She breathed a soft sigh. “It was not meant to be. There were…complications.”

“Was he married?”

“In a way; he was tied to another through a bond stronger than marriage. I knew nothing of this bond when I came to love him and, when he revealed his secret, I knew I could not trust in the love he professed for me.”

Caesar was about to ask another question when Roxanna gave him a warning look. “I have answered your question, Caesar; I have been in love. I am disinclined to expound upon this subject, besides,” she said, giving him a mysterious smile, “a woman lacking secrets makes for a boring lover.”

“You need not worry about being accused of that offense,” Caesar laughed.

“If I were so accused,” Roxanna began in her honey and incense voice, leaning forward just enough to allow the dressing gown to fall open, as she placed one fingertip against his chin and slowly traced her way downward, “who would represent me before the court?”

Caesar was powerless against her enticing pout and the fingertip that was now brushing against his navel with no signs of slowing its descent. “I can think of one or two advocates who would be,” he paused, his words lost as her fingertip reached its destination and was joined by its fellows. “I would represent you,” he finished in a thick voice.

“Truly? What gift could I offer you in return for such a service?”

Her face was pure innocence, which was more than he could say for any other part of her at that particular moment. “Actually,” he managed, “I very recently discovered a particularly sensitive area of the female anatomy. It is very responsive to manual stimulation, but I wonder if it can be stimulated using another appendage. Perhaps you could gift me with enlightenment?”

Roxanna motioned for him to lie on his back and then she removed the dressing gown, folding it double and double again. “Lift up,” she instructed, sliding one end of the gown beneath his raised hindquarters. She then sat astride him, caressing his hard length with her slick warmth. “I’ve shown you the location; let us see if you learned any engineering skills during your stint in the legions,” she challenged as she deftly positioned him with one hand.

Caesar thrust into her at once and answered her challenge with a passion-glazed smile, “Oh, I have a keen grasp of engineering.” Placing one hand upon her hip and the other midway up her back, he angled her body as he made a series of shallow thrusts inside her. Satisfied that his calculations were correct, he grabbed both of her hips and ground her down onto him, sliding her back and forth upon his shaft.

Caesar maintained the perfect angle, speed and depth through three of Roxanna’s earth-shattering, bed-soaking orgasms. When she was somewhat recovered from the last, she straightened her back and looked down at him in respect. “You do have a keen grasp of engineering. Tell me, Caesar, what do you think of THIS grasp?” She tightened her muscles around him as she took over, raising and lowering herself upon him in a fast pace.

Caesar considered her question for about thirty seconds. He replied by pinning her against him with his strong hands as he made his final thrust, penetrating her as deeply as possible.

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