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Em , Me Ch. 2

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It’s been just over a week since… well, you’re up with the play if you read the first part.

Mom was looking very pleased with herself the next morning, so it looked like her evening out with Dad didn’t end with just dinner! Both of them had the day off that day, so Mom and Em made up a packed lunch for the four of us and we went to the beach. It was really great – the first time we had been together as a family like that in a very long time. Randy Pete, now not quite the Mr Average Geek, spent a great deal of the day lying on his belly to hide his huge boner. The said boner being caused by a combination of vivid mental flashbacks to the night before, plus the sight of his sister’s skimpily clad, curvy body laid out so invitingly before him in a very tiny bikini. He also got quite pissed off a couple of times, because when Em wanted someone to rub sunblock on her back and the backs of her legs, she asked Mom to do it. At least she didn’t ask Dad.

The next week saw Mom on day shift and Dad on afternoons, which meant that at least one of them was always around the house, so I had no real opportunity to get Em by herself and talk to her about what had taken place between us. In any case, my sister seemed disinclined to be alone with me and was unresponsive when I spoke to her. She only used the computer when I was not in my room and when I did find her in there she left almost immediately. Also, she was always dressed “properly” in jeans and sweat-top or sweater, and always seemed to be wearing a bra. I couldn’t figure Em’s behaviour out. Was she trying to dampen my interest in her? Was she having second thoughts over what we did? Even if she was rapt at the time, was she now feeling guilty? Maybe she’d talked it over with someone, a counsellor at school or a girlfriend perhaps, and reached the conclusion that I was “bad”? Let’s face it, masturbating while lying beside your brother and then jacking him off is generally frowned on in “normal” circles. And when anything happens like that is always “the male’s fault”!

Meanwhile, in true geek fashion, I carried on churning the whole episode over in my mind, simultaneously fretting about things going any further and praying fervently that I would feel my sister’s soft warm hand on my throbbing tool again soon. But, I also figured that the best course of action for the moment was to sit back and play it cool. After all, it would be stupid of me to rush in and do or say something that might spook Em for good.

On the last day of her day shift cycle afternoons shift nurse aide called in sick and Mom was asked to work a double duty. Overtime was scarce and the extra money was welcome, so Mom accepted immediately. But, as luck would have it, Cute Sister was going out on a date! Alone in the house and almost beside himself with frustration The Geek reverted to type and surfed The Net for a while. There are no prizes for guessing where he ended up. And there are also no prizes for knowing that this was the worst possible thing he could have done, because in no time at all he found some really cool stories about brothers and sisters getting it on and grew a hard-on that felt as big as a house.

The Geek became so engrossed in reading about a guy who was giving it to his cute sister in the ass, while their father was busily screwing his other sister on the bed beside them, that he lost all sense of space and time. His next move was averagely predictable: unzip chinos and do something about aching stiff cock with fist! The story was so hot he didn’t notice his own Cute Sister slip into the room behind him, and only knew she was there when she clapped her hands over his eyes and whispered, “Booo!” in his ear.

I jumped a mile and smiled guiltily, knowing that my face was rapidly turning a hot beetroot red.

“Peter!” she breathed, “couldn’t you wait for me?”

“Em! W-what are you doing here? I… I thought you were out on a date?” I stammered in shock and embarrassment at being caught out jacking off yet again.

“I was, but I couldn’t bear the thought of you being here all on your own. So, I told Greg I had a headache and asked him to bring me home. But, by the look of things you don’t need me!”

Greg! Now that was a name I’d not heard mentioned before. He doesn’t go to our school. Greg must be Em’s new stud; and he must be an extra pissed off one by erenköy escort bayan now I would think!

Em spun the chair around so that I was facing her. She had changed out of her street clothes and was barefoot and wearing my favourite uniform – the sweat-top part anyway. I mumbled something incoherent about it being nice to see her. It was when she sat down on me with her legs astride mine I saw that Em was wearing my other fetish-like essential, the white cotton panties. My stomach lurched in a kind of barrel roll. Meanwhile, my hand, still clasping my rampant tool, was just inches from her crotch. If I were a Cool Guy I would simply push her panties to one side and slide my dick into her snatch… but I was only a geek.

She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. In the process, Em’s panties pressed briefly against the head of my cock leaving a smear of pre-cum on their chaste whiteness. She murmured, “Hey, I’m sorry if I’ve seemed unfriendly this week. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the other night and trying to sort out my true feelings. We didn’t do anything really bad, did we?”

I shook my head dumbly, utterly entranced by the lovely sight before me.

“Pete! You are staring!”

“I can’t help it,” I gurgled; my eyes fixed on the strip of material guarding her sexual secrets. “You are so fantastic!”

“And so are you,” Em murmured, removing my hand so that she could get a good look at my throbbing erection, “Err…Pete, can we go and lie down?”

My heart started pounding like a sledgehammer in my chest. Wordlessly – there was no way I could use my voice or I would have produced one of my infamous squeaks – I gestured to Em to get to her feet. Then I got up from the chair and led her to my bed.

“Pete, do you mind if we turn off the light?” she asked.

I did what she wanted, but the glow from the computer screen still lit the room. “That’ll go off soon,” she breathed, wriggling closer to me and throwing one thigh across mine. I felt her hand slide down my belly, undoing my belt and waistband and slipping inside, seeking my penis. “You can touch me now, you know.”

“But… you stopped me last time.”

“Hmmmmm, I know I did. I didn’t want to, but I wasn’t sure if my period was completely finished…”

“I didn’t know… I wouldn’t have minded…”

Em clasped my prick in her warm palm, “I’ll remember that next time!”

I reached for her. My trembling fingers caressed the insides of her thighs, climbing ever so slowly, ever higher towards that white-covered junction I had fantasised so many times about. I couldn’t believe how soft and silky smooth she was! My wildest imaginings had never prepared me for the fact that human female skin can feel just like warm, living satin!

And while I gently stroked her sleek, tanned thighs my sister fondled my sex-muscle, arousing its hot length to greater heights of pleasure than I could ever achieve on my own and pulled back my foreskin to smear my flowing pre-cum over my purple-red, bulging helmet.

The instant the backs of my fingers touched the pristine cloth between Em’s thighs I totally lost all control. My sperm boiled from my wildly pumping rod in a thick, pearly, sticky spray that splashed all over Em’s gorgeous thighs and my chinos. “Ohhhh! Noooo!” I groaned in exasperation, torn apart by ashamed confusion at my lack of restraint and the absolute ecstasy of my ejaculation.

“That’s Okay, Pete. Don’t fuss so much,” My sister breathed, gently running her fingertips up and down my pulsating shaft, making my jump with the additional stabs of delight she induced. “It’s not the end of the world.” She let me completely subside and then asked me if I had a handkerchief in my pocket so that she could wipe us both down.

Em took the facial tissues I dug out of my pants pocket and mopped up my slime. She seemed almost motherly, humming softly to herself under her breath as she went about cleaning us both. Here I was a year older than Em, yet I felt like an inexperienced kid. All right! Okay! So, I was inexperienced! No need to remind me!

The computer screen went on to power save, plunging the room into sudden blackness.

Em put her arm across my chest and rested her forehead on my shoulder. “Pete…” She etiler escort bayan sucked in a huge, deep breath and exhaled heavily as though she had come to a crucial decision, “Would you like to kiss me?”

I moved to press my lips to hers, but she stopped me. Taking hold of my hand Em gently pressed her fingers on the narrow strip of material between her thighs. Her panties were damp and I could clearly feel the swell of her engorged sex lips beneath the cloth. “No, Pete… I meant down here. I would love it if you could. But don’t worry about it if you don’t want to… I’ll understand… I know that a lot of guys don’t like doing that, because of the smell.”

There are guys that don’t like eating pussy? Amazing! Okay, us guys all make juvenile jokes about “munching hair pie” and “going down to Tuna Town” when we are kids. That’s all part of boys growing up. But, the concept that someone could be put off by a girl’s smell still astounded me – in spite of the fact that I had never done it before and consequently had no idea of what eating pussy would be like! I guess it’d be different if Em didn’t care about her personal hygiene: I read an article on The Net once about a trend among some British girls who deliberately forego washing in order to repel guys, but Em wasn’t like that. My lips found hers and I kissed her long and soft while my fingers gently caressed the intriguing, moist contours of her slit through her panties. When we finally broke apart I moved my sister onto her back and made my way eagerly, if a bit uncertainly down her body.

Even in the dark, I knew Em’s eyes were following my every move looking for the slightest sign of reluctance on my part. Why was she so fearful? I knelt down in front of her. When I parted her knees and looked up the shadowy sweep of her thighs to the white ghost of the Holy Grail at their junction, I imagined Em’s panties now being so wet they were almost transparent. I think I moaned with anticipation. Very slowly, and not all sure that I was doing it right, I started to french-kiss my way up her incredibly soft, incredibly smooth columns of flesh. I was amazed to find that I could almost taste the musty yeast odour where my sperm had smeared on her. And, thank heavens, Em’s sharp intakes of breath and soft sighs and the way she opened her legs wider and wider as I approached her humid centre told me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. In fact, it sounded as though I was doing everything just right!

At last, I reached my goal! The fresh seashells and musk tang of her sex filled my nostrils. How could anyone dislike such a heady aroma? I pressed my lips to the damp strip of cloth and tongued her pussy lips through the thin material. She moaned, “Oh Pete! Just hold on a minute!”

While I had been on my delightful journey, Em had pulled her sweat-top above her waist. Now, she gently grasped my head in both hands and led me up and over the rise of her pubic mound until my lips found the soft skin of her belly. I circled her navel with the tip of my tongue and she bucked her body and gasped convulsively. Then, as I followed her down with soft kisses, my sister slowly pushed her panties down over her hips, over her lower belly and down her thighs.

My lips and tongue found the springy dampness of her thatch and Em spread her legs wide, offering me her very core. I traced the lush contours of her labia with delicate licks and she sighed with a deep sensuality. I trailed my way down further and reached the entrance to her vagina. I pushed the tip of my tongue into her opening and was rewarded with a rush of sweet, slightly salty flavour and a delighted “Mmmmmm!” Finally, I found the sensitive seat of her ultimate desire and she moaned an ecstatic, “Aaaaah! Yesss! Oh Pete, just there! That is so beautiful!”

My sister trembled, sighed, and mumbled soft, incomprehensible gibberish while I feasted on her, luxuriating in the exotic tastes and smells and moist texture of her sex. Her husky moans of pleasure became deeper and louder as her arousal surged ever higher. Her abdomen heaved in tune with her ecstatic sighs until, finally, she stiffened and gave out a sharp cry of rapture. Em’s belly snapped hard and she violently thrust her sex at me, once, twice, three times. Then she was transported into a shaking, göztepe escort bayan shuddering, choking maelstrom of sensations as her orgasm, my first, burst through her. I tried to follow her jerking movements with my questing tongue, but Em pushed my head away, wailing “Oh, no! Pete, please stop! It’s too much…!” And she rolled aside and shut herself away in her own private world.

Unsure of what I should do next, if anything, I rested my cheek on her hip and stroked the outer side of her leg softly. Even this simple, non-sexual touch caused Em to twitch convulsively and mutter under her breath. But, eventually she came back to reality and pulled me up to join her face to face. Even in the near-total darkness, I could see the stars dancing in her eyes.

She kissed me hard. “Oh, Pete! That was so awesome! I never, ever thought that it would be like that!”

I grinned at her, proud of my newfound prowess, “You enjoyed it then?”

“Enjoyed it? It was so wonderful I thought I was going to die! And I still feel totally fantastic, just as though my whole body is full of electricity and wants to burst out of my skin!”

“So, it was as good as all the other times? You know…”

Em rested her forehead against mine and traced the outline of my lips with her fingertip, “Pete… there haven’t been any ‘other times’ with a guy… or with anyone else. You are the first person ever to go down on me… and the first person ever to make me cum.”

“You mean…?”

“Right! I have been out with lots of guys, as you know. And I have done some things with a few of them… or rather; they’ve done things to me. And all of them have been absolute selfish pigs – slam, bang, thank you ma’am, if you know what I mean! I was beginning to think that all you guys are the same, so I was kind of anxious about you as well. But you were so brilliant!”

So, that was why she seemed so worried earlier on! And Cool Guys can’t be all they’re cracked up to be either!

Before I could say another word, Em clasped hold of My Man, who, of course, was as hard as a rock again! Let’s face it, what guy wouldn’t be after something as awesome as that – unless he was cold as stone of course, or gay!

“Now, what about you?” She swiftly dived down my body and kissed his tip, “What do we call you?” she murmured. “Has Pete given you a name yet? Peter’s Peter perhaps?”

Em turned to me and smiled, “Well…?”

I blushed in confusion. I’d never thought of giving my dick a name before! Then inspiration hit me, “I know… Zorba!”

“Zorba?” Em looked puzzled. “Why Zorba?”

“Zorba the Geek!” I said sardonically.

“Oh Pete, that’s awful! And you are not a geek… not any more!” She laughed happily, then she turned back to My Man and kissed him softly again, “Well, you heard what he said. I think he’s pretty mean, but he says you are Zorba, so Zorba it is… it’s lovely to meet you!” And she kissed my cock again. This time she pulled back my foreskin and twirled her tongue around my glans, making me jump.

The realisation rushed through me: Oh my God! Em is going to give me head! After what happened earlier, this is almost too much to believe! But… Oh Hell, Sis! Don’t hang around!

Just then I caught sight of the time by my bedside clock… 11.15! Shit! Mom will be home in five minutes! Oh fuck it to hell!

“Hey Em!” I shouted. “Look at the time! We’d better shift ass!”

The next few minutes were sheer chaos as Em and I fought for use of the bathroom and got changed into our nightclothes. Fortunately, Mom was a couple of minutes late and we were in our separate beds ‘asleep’ when she came through the front door.

The ex-Geek definitely was not asleep. He was buried beneath his bedcovers, suffering from a major identity crisis. If he was no longer a geek, what was he? Eating his sister out certainly didn’t make him a Cool Guy! In fact, probably just the opposite – a Cool Guy was someone who walked into a room and took his choice out of all the chicks there; who would all be sticking their chests out and wetting their pants in the hope that they would be The Chosen One. By comparison, he was only playing in his own back yard: a very un-Cool Guy thing to do. And this certainly excluded him from being a Mr Average as well. Was he a sicko? Or, maybe, a pervert? And if he was either of these things, what did that make Em?

These were worrying times!

Nevertheless, these serious concerns did not prevent the ex-Geek from lasciviously savouring the after-scent of Cute Sister’s pussy that still lingered on his mouth and chin. Or from stroking the newly christened Zorba, hoping, and wondering what in the hell was going to happen between him and Em next!

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