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Embrace of Smoke and Fur

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This is my story and also published elsewhere.


Curses! She’d let her guard down for a moment, and the first of the sorceress’s scarves had caught her right ankle. More lunged at her from all angles, and before Clarissa knew it, four had seized each of her limbs before another two coiled around her midsection and legs, binding her limbs.

The sorceress smirked, giving a soft chuckle as she approached. Even with the thick grey fur coat she wore, her body was clearly shapely beneath its folds. Judging from the exposed cleavage, with only a sash around her middle to keep the coat closed, the sorceress was naked beneath her fur. Her hair was a long and thick silver-blonde, her eyes the same grey-smoke as the smoke that trailed from the cigarette placed in her long holder.

“Grrrnt…” Clarissa hissed, trying to struggle free of the fur scarves. “You won’t get away with this!”

Her smile widening, the sorceress slipped her cigarette holder into the corner of her lips. The tip of the cigarette glowed, and smoke swirled within her mouth as she inhaled, before blowing a stream of silvery smoke upwards.

“You don’t enjoy the embrace of my fur?” asked the sorceress. She stepped closer, and Clarissa tried to withdraw away from her. The witch in her bindings was clad in a violet skirt and sleeveless vest; the classic hat had fallen off of her fluffy brown hair during their fight. “So soft and sensual…wouldn’t you surrender yourself to its comfort?”

“Never!” Clarissa spat. “I’m not going to become another of your pets, you snake!”

A haughty laugh left the sorceress. “A mere pet? Not a witch like yourself, dear. You should know the power of our magic to captivate, to enchant, to change others. Like yourself…have you ever wished to be a beautiful woman, drawing the eyes of all you long for?”

Clarissa shook her head. When the sorceress took another pull from her cigarette, Clarissa held her breath. She’d always hated the stench of cigarette smoke.

“Don’t resist, girl,” the sorceress said, smoke slipping from her lips. “Let yourself be captivated.”

She reached for Clarissa’s cheek. The witch winced as the fingers brushed against her skin, but then the cuff of the sorceress’s cuff grazed her cheek. It felt wondrously soft, like the most luxurious material imaginable…

Her gasp was enough that when the sorceress blew her smoke into Clarissa’s face, she inhaled some of it through her nostrils. This smoke didn’t smell as bad as she’d expected. In fact, it smelled almost…

The sorceress’s smile grew. “You enjoy it, don’t you?” As she slowly drew on her cigarette holder, her other hand reached for the fur scarf around her own neck. She exhaled towards the ceiling, away from Clarissa, yet a hint of the aroma found its way into Clarissa’s nostrils. A strange feeling crept over her, along with a revulsion for actually liking the smell of this sorceress’s gaziantep erotik itiraflar smoke.

“Then perhaps you’ll enjoy the feel of this.”

The sorceress brought the end of her scarf to Clarissa’s face, rubbing the front of her face. The witch shuddered at the softness embracing her skin, flooding her with enough excitement to gasp.

Her inhale made her eyes widen.

She’d hated the smell of fresh smoke, but even more she hated the stale odor a smoker’s belongings took on. The stink that permeated their clothes.

The sorceress’s scarf smelled strongly of her smoke. Yet it was like a perfume, rather than a strench. Delicate, sweet, yet overpowering…!

Clarissa couldn’t help but to take a deep breath from the scarf, nuzzling her face into the luxurious softness. A soft mewl left her throat.

The sorceress drew her scarf away. Lucidity began to creep back into Clarissa’s mind, enough to realize what the sorceress’s perverse smile was about. She was falling under her spell…she had to fight back, had to escape those fur scarves binding her…

The woman before her closed her coat tighter as she drew in. Her hand slid around Clarissa’s head. Then she gently guided Clarissa’s face into her fur-covered bosom.

Her face was immediately enveloped in the heavenly softness of the sorceress’s fur. It brushed against her arms and legs. Clarissa’s body shuddered, not just from the euphoric sensation but also her mind knowing where her face was, her mind knowing—

Without thinking about it, she sniffed deeply. The fragrance of smoke flooded her mind once more, evoking a sigh from the witch and a tremble through her body. Any hint of the worry, the fear that gripped her as the scarves had wrapped around her, as she’d realized how the sorceress was swaying her into her power…

All of it was gone, replaced by bliss, and something even more, as Clarissa simply breathed deeply with her face buried in the sorceress’s fur-covered cleavage. The smoky perfume intensified every few moments, and that made Clarissa feel even warmer. The sorceress must have been exhaling her smoke over Clarissa, that wonderful smoke…

Clarissa didn’t know how much time had passed when the sorceress lifted her head from her chest. She was smiling, a delighted smirk as she took a long drag from her cigarette. Clarissa had a small smile upon her lips as well, her mind too clouded to let reality set in once more.

The sorceress blew her smoke into Clarissa’s face, and Clarissa breathed it in deeply. It was the most captivating aroma, so calming and soothing…even as it flared the heat in Clarissa’s groin to watch the smoke dance through the air before her, wisp from the sorceress’s mouth as she took another puff.

Softly chuckling, the sorceress began to slip off her coat, leaving her naked save for the scarf which just managed to cover her bountiful breasts. Having such a beautiful, sexy woman before her, as naked as she was, smoking so elegantly…

Clarissa didn’t notice the scarves unravelling from her body until the sorceress took one hand, slipping it into the sleeve of the fur coat. Every inch of her skin was embraced by that fluffiness, that softness. Clarissa moaned just from that sensation alone.

She let the sorceress slip the coat around her back, then pull her other hand into the other sleeve. Clarissa couldn’t stay still…she was shuddering from the overwhelming pleasure, sighing and gasping as more fur brushed over her exposed skin. If only she could be as naked as the sorceress, feeling it all over her body.

The sorceress smiled, and took a long pull from her cigarette before blowing smoke down over Clarissa’s body. The thick cloud of blue-grey swept about Clarissa’s figure within the coat, her garment disappearing as the smoke drifted away.

The moment her body was enveloped in the euphoria of the sorceress’s fur coat, Clarissa let out a loud moan. She couldn’t hold herself back any more.

She dropped to her knees, reaching into the open front of the coat, plunging her hand into her pussy. Her fingers frantically rubbed, spiking the pitch of her squealing higher and higher. Her other hand took the collar of the fur coat, nuzzling it into her face so she could breathe in the perfume of smoke that lingered upon it. Horny, lewd sounds kept escaping from the witch as she masturbated, rubbing her face with the soft, smoky fur.

The sorceress, kneeling down, took her chin with one hand. Taking a puff from her cigarette, she locked her lips to Clarissa’s, exhaling as she kissed. Clarissa felt the warmth of the smoke fill her lungs, flood her head with that calming bliss—so off-set by the sheer arousal this smoky kiss filled her with. Even the sight of smoke rising from her own breath seemed so sexy, reminded her that she was now half-naked, clad in nothing but a plush fur coat, fucking herself while this beautiful sorceress tempted with her body and teased with her smoke—

It was the sorceress’s second smoky kiss that sent Clarissa over the edge, into the most euphoric orgasm she’d ever known. As if the pleasure her body and mind were blanketed in all welled in her pussy, erupting in all-consuming ecstasy that left Clarissa screaming and gasping.

Her writhing made the fur rub over her body, made her horny anew. But the sorceress began to pull her fur coat off of Clarissa’s body. She didn’t even think about how she was now naked, but simply that she was no longer embraced by that lovely fur. Once the sorceress put on her coat, Clarissa pressed against her once more, nuzzling her face into the sorceress’s chest and breathing in deeply.

The sorceress let her do this for a few seconds, before fresh smoke swirled about Clarissa. She looked up to the sorceress, a longing filling her stomach as she watched the smoke drift upward from the tip of her cigarette. She needed more, she craved more and more…

Smiling, the sorceress took a cigarette case out of her coat pocket. She replaced the one in her holder…then slipped a second between Clarissa’s lips. Her heart raced with anticipation, watching the sorceress take out a lighter and ignite her cigarette. The first puff of smoke was like oxygen to a drowning person, and only made Clarissa’s body and pussy flare with excitement.

The sorceress lowered her lighter to Clarissa’s cigarette, then flicked the flame to life.

The moment the fire touched the tip, Clarissa drew on her cigarette.

She expected it to be harsh, to make her cough. Rather, it was smooth and rich as it filled her mouth, as she drew it into her throat and lungs, as she let its soothing high flood her brain…

Her eyes closed, and she blew the smoke at where she knew the sorceress’s face was. Clarissa slowly opened her eyes, the irises now the same smoky blue-grey as the sorceress’s.

“Such a sexy smoker,” the sorceress said, on the verge of laughter. “Now, let us get you into something perfect…”

She drew from her holder, then blew smoke over Clarissa’s body. The smoke left behind a thick fur vest, its front open and leaving Clarissa’s chest exposed, and a plush fur skirt, both of which matched the sorceress’s fur coat.

The fur back on her body made Clarissa moan. As if thinking of how wondrous the sorceress’s coat had smelled, she brought her cigarette to her lips, taking a deep drag. The sorceress kissed her as she exhaled, drawing in Clarissa’s smoke. This was absolute heaven, and she was already so horny again…

As Clarissa’s free hand began to tend to herself once more, the sorceress said, “Heheheh, yes, my lovely pet. You shall be a slave to my fur and smoke, and let yourself embrace their pleasures. And in time, you’ll lure more of your fellow witches into our fetishes. Isn’t that right, my lovely little seductress?”

Clarissa sighed at the thought of it, letting her body move around in her new fur attire while she touched herself and smoked. The two would share many more pleasures, until the sorceress sent Clarissa on her way, with the command that she not tell others of their tryst.

Though no one discovered the truth, her fellow witches did comment on how Clarissa went from a girl who’d never indulged in vice to a proud pack-a-day smoker in less than a week. Every time she lit up, she thought about how the fragrance would seep into her clothes, leave them perfumed with the scent of her smoke. At night, she transformed into the fur clothes her mistress had gifted her, their softness upon her flesh driving her into a one-woman orgy of masturbation and cigarettes.

And at the end of every night, Clarissa would drift off into slumber, fantasizing of the day that sorceress had awakened such fetishes in her heart.

And she’d smile, hoping that one day she and her mistress would get to awaken more women into their vices…

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