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Emily P.

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I arrived at the Sinclair Ballroom dressed in an black evening gown I had purchased just for this occasion. A reception for world famous English author Emily P. she was touring the states with the release of her new book. A partner at my law firm had arranged for me to be on the exclusive guest list and I was excited to meet my favorite author. The Sinclair Ballroom is inside the Waldorf Astoria situated on beautiful Lake Michigan I had come a long way from that small farm in Kentucky.

Entering the giant ballroom packed with guest I took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. This was a crowd of the rich and elite some of who I knew has they were clients of my law firm. I mingled making small talk waiting for Emily’s arrival I wanted her to sign one of her books for me. Although I had no way to bring one with me and this was not a book signing a girl could still dream.

She entered to applause from the crowd moving effortlessly greeting guest. I waited for her to make her way around the room not wanting to seem to eager. Then she was gone out the other door I sank with london escorts disappointment.

“She always does that.” Came a soft voice from behind me. I turned to see the most beautiful lady a little shorter then I five foot I guessed. I starred not speaking as she continued “She hates these things, much prefers to be writing in her night gown and robe.”

“You know her.” I stammered.

“I’m Michelle her travel companion nice to meet you.”

My name what is my name mind blank “Ch-er-yle.” extending a hand awkwardly. She took my hand leaning in to kiss my cheek softly. We conversed about their travels, the new book, Chicago, my law firm I was at ease with her. She seemed so down to earth and liked to giggle in that cute way only confident women can pull off. How long we talked I’m not sure but looking up people were leaving I looked at

my phone midnight. How was that possible?

“Michelle, I should probably head home.”

“You want to come up to the Suite?”

“What?” hiding my excitement.

“Meet Emily, isn’t that why you’re here?”

She reached london escort out taking my hand and we walked out of the ballroom toward the elevators. I was tingling with excitement and anticipation has the elevator doors opened. Michelle seeming to sense my nervousness hugged me gently she felt soft and warm. I looked in her eyes suddenly we were kissing her tongue parting my lips. Arriving at the top floor my hand found hers as we entered the suite.

There was Emily in a short nightgown “What do we have here?”

“This is Cheryle, she came out tonight to meet you.”

“How lovely” rising she approached me, taking my hands in hers “Wonderful to meet you my dear.”

I smiled “Your writing touches me.”

A strangely erotic meeting with a genius, I realized she was still holding my hands starring in my blue eyes. Michelle rubbing my shoulders gently lost in the feeling of the moment. I told her of my abuse how reading her books helped me be brave enough to get away. She just listened has I babbled on and on, smiling, her soft eyes seemed to see into my soul. london escort agency I was turned on enjoying the thought that a genius cared what I had to say.

She came closer our lips meeting Michelle stroking my long red hair. My hand drifted under her night gown I was caressing her pussy lips. Her lips moved to my ear moaning softly she whispered “I want to taste you.”

My evening gown fell to the floor Michelle unclipped my bra freeing my breast cupping then gently then teasing my delicate nipples. The feeling was wonderful has Emily dropped to her knees moving my thong aside she kissed my wetness which was growing. The first lick sent shivers up my spine has she eagerly attacked my pussy. Michelle kissing my neck still playing with my breast I was moaning loudly. My fingers found my clit rubbing franticly my scent filling the suite. Emily between my legs tasting me, a genius, wanting me, begging for my orgasm.

The two women working my body hitting all the right notes like a master musician. I was getting close pushing my hips forward into Emily’s face. Glancing down at the sight of her between my legs licking, sucking Michele’s hands working magic on my breast. I exploded in orgasm after orgasm I felt wonderful, perfect.

I awoke naked and alone in the suite a signed copy of Emily’s book on the nightstand. P.

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