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Enki’s Puzzle Pt. 12

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

It was one thing to hear about and imagine her sweet mom getting dirty with her brother’s ridiculously sized cock, it was another to witness it. The scene unfolding in her parents’ bedroom triggered some major cognitive dissonance for Alyson. She had to lean against the doorframe to catch her balance as she peeked through the cracked door. She felt hot and dizzy. Her previous reality, built moment by moment throughout her whole life, chaotically clashed with the reality Enki had wrought.

Kate and Nick were drenched and naked. They clearly had been showering together and hadn’t taken the time to dry off. Alyson was struck by how familiar they seemed despite their nudity. They behaved like lovestruck teenagers, which was half true. Her eighteen-year-old brother lay down on the bed, his giant penis standing proud. Her mother paused to take in the sight of him and then climbed on. They were talking, but Alyson’s brain was so shocked she couldn’t take in the words.

Alyson thought her brother might have glimpsed her through the crack. But then Kate climbed on top of him and blocked his view with her pussy. Alyson shook her head to clear it. She could see her brother’s hands on her mom’s ass. He was eating her out. And she was… she was… holy shit. Alyson slid down to the floor, her butt resting on the carpet. Her mom was devouring Nick’s cock. It wasn’t possible, was it? Kate had most of him in her throat. No, it was all of him. She pleasured him with impossibly long strokes. If Alyson hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she never would have believed her brother’s retelling of this moment. Her legs spread where she sat in the hall. She stuck her hand under her yoga pants and panties.

It hit Alyson like a load of bricks. It was Enki. The god had changed their mother just as he had changed Nick and Alyson. Each of them in different ways. That’s what Kate’s squirting was about, too. Oh, God. She was going to squirt all over Nick’s face while Alyson watched, wasn’t she?

It wasn’t just the sight of them. The slurping and moaning drove her crazy, too. Not only was this the most erotic thing Alyson had ever witnessed, it was the most compelling moment in her life.


There were aspects of the sixty-nine that Nick had expected. The mutual pleasure. His mother losing concentration, and her blowjob skills diminishing as she approached orgasm. And the wonderful way her curvy body pressed against his stomach and chest. These were expectations fulfilled. But other things caught him off guard. The inviting look of her cute little asshole just above where he was working. Her trembling ass under his fingers. And the way she hunched her hips rhythmically into his face. These magnificent things caught Nick wonderfully by surprise.

If a sixty-nine wasn’t the answer to the final riddle, Nick would be doing a lot more of it anyway. And if it was, well… he’d still be burying his face in his mother’s pussy every chance he got. He held her ass tightly as her shaking increased. Her orgasmic scream was oddly muffled by the cock in her throat. Another lovely surprise.

“Mmmmpppphhhhhhhhh.” Fireworks exploded in Kate’s brain. None of their previous play had prepared her for the joy of this new act. She didn’t know how she could swallow his whole penis, but she thought it must be divine intervention. She thanked God for the new skill and promised to put it to good use. As her orgasm subsided, she went back to fellating Nick in earnest. She reached down with her left hand and massaged Nick’s left testicle. It felt enormous in her palm. How much did he have stored for her? She opened her eyes to look at his balls and paused her throat strokes. Her wedding ring glittered at her, pressed as it was against Nick’s wrinkled skin. A pang of guilt hit her. But then Nick’s tongue delved a little deeper into her vagina, she started stroking again, and she closed her eyes. She forgot completely about her husband and lost herself in the moment.

“Mmmmoooommm.” Nick’s voice was too muffled and distorted by the pussy on his mouth. He grabbed her ass cheeks a little tighter and lifted her off his face. “Mom… I’m going to… cum soon.” Her throat was perfect. It was a miracle he’d lasted that long. He hadn’t yet cum that day. It was going to be a massive eruption. He wanted to warn her.

“Mmppppphhhhhhhh.” Kate squeezed his ball in time with her strokes. She was ready. She wanted him to give her everything he had.

“It’s… too much… too much.” The delirium of his orgasm overtook Nick. He wasn’t aware how unclear his warning had been.

Thinking that her son was telling her that his incoming orgasm was too much for him, Kate didn’t change a thing. She was going to bring his release as soon as possible. She could feel the strong muscles in his abdomen clench. The testicle in her hand tightened, too. And then, the eruption hit her throat. She had thought she would swallow it all. She had thought wrong. Kate choked Lefkoşa Escort and lifted her mouth off his cock. Nick’s climax was volcanic. His sperm shot into the air and then fell back to the bed, covering her hair, back, and the side of her face. His hips bucked erratically under her. If she hadn’t known what he was doing, she would have thought his grunts were angry and brutish sounds. It was quite a contrast from the sweet son she’d come to know the last few days. He stopped licking her, but his fingers pressed even tighter into the flesh of her butt.

“Ahhhh… ahhhh… aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Had Nick’s brain still been processing thoughts as he came all over his mother, he might have been thanking Enki for gifting him a new, ecstatic perspective on life. Or Artur Victorovitch Siyankov for shining light in the darkness. But instead, he mindlessly let his body unload all over his parents’ bed.

When the orgasm was over, mother and son panted and clutched each other, still facing opposite directions.

“That was way more… than I was expecting, sweetie.” Kate’s hand absentmindedly found his penis again, and gently caressed it, her fingers trailing sperm up and down his shaft. “I need another shower.”

“I… cum… a lot… Mom.” Nick was still panting and staring at the ceiling.

“I’m not… um… comfortable with that word, Nick.” She kept her gaze on his massive penis.

“I… spew… a ton… Mom.”

Kate laughed. She couldn’t help it. The ridiculousness of all of it hit her. “That is the understatement of the century.” She grasped him with her hand and pumped his engorged head slowly. “I bet you could go again, couldn’t you?”

“Yes, please.” Nick bit his lip. He was still a little sensitive from cumming, but didn’t want to slow her roll.

“Okay.” She licked her lips, tasting the saline stuff he’d left there. She licked the head. Even more pungent saltiness. She put her other hand on his penis, and pumped him with long strokes, watching the way his foreskin moved up the head and his prominent veins. She was enamored of her son’s beauty. She moved her vagina back onto his face. It took a while for Nick to explode again. Before that happened, she orgasmed three more times on his tongue, squirting all over him the second time. And, not surprisingly, she took his great length back into her throat.

When Nick finally erupted, Kate didn’t even try to swallow his stuff. She pulled off him and pumped him with her hands, watching in awe as Nick’s geyser coated her, him, and the bed all over again.

It was lunchtime when they finished. She thought they should eat something after the morning of yoga, biking, and dirty exercise. So, she sent him off to his own shower, showered herself off, and piled up her blanket to take to the laundry. The pungent smell of him drove her wild as she carried it downstairs.


“How are you feeling, Mom?” Nick scanned the doorways, trying to spot his sister inconspicuously. He didn’t see her peeking out from anywhere. Maybe she was on her lunchbreak, too. He took a bite of his turkey sandwich and quietly munched.

“Honestly?” Kate put her sandwich down on her plate. “I haven’t been this relaxed in… forever. I could melt through this chair. I know what we have now can’t last forever, Nicky. But it may be the best thing that ever happened to me.” She gave him a nervous glance. “I hope it’s been good for you, too.”

Nick finished chewing and swallowed. “Are you kidding? This is the best thing that ever happened to anybody. I love you, Mom. And… um…” He wasn’t sure how to avoid sounding sappy. He decided to push ahead anyway. “And to have you show your love… in such a stunning way… fills my heart.”

“Oh, gosh.” Kate had some idea her son felt that way. But to hear it was remarkable. “I love you so much, Nicky.” She got up, walked around the table, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. She then wiped off the wet spot with her napkin and returned to her seat. Her whole body vibrated in the most wonderful way. “So, what do you want to do with your mother this afternoon, sweetie?”

“I’m not sure.” He wanted another blowjob, but he didn’t want to be greedy. “What do you want? I want to give you the perfect day.” And he really meant it. Which was odd, because unless the sixty-nine solved the last riddle, she wasn’t going to remember any of it. It didn’t matter. Seeing the blissful smile on her pretty face in the moment was enough.

“Well…” She took a bite of her sandwich and looked at him slyly. “This morning, I thought of a fantasy… no, never mind.” She dropped her gaze to her plate and her cheeks turned crimson.

“It’s okay.” Nick couldn’t believe it. She was fantasizing about him. This really was the perfect day. “You can tell me anything.”

Kate looked up at her handsome son and studied his face for a moment. “It’s true. You’re such a good listener. I really can tell you anything.” She picked up her napkin, dabbed at her mouth, and then fiddled with Kıbrıs Escort it in her lap as she thought things over. “You know how you like to play video games?”

“Sure.” It felt like forever since he’d played any games. He hadn’t played much in the loops.

“Well… I thought… it might be fun… if you played a game on your console in the basement.” An embarrassed smile spread across her face.

“You want to watch me play a video game?” Nick’s eyebrows knitted together.

“No… I… um… want to try and… distract you… while you play a video game.” Kate’s heart drummed in her chest. “I want to… go down on you again… and… you know… distract you.”

Nick’s laugh was soft and kind. “Okay. Let’s do it. We’ll go down to the basement after lunch.” He said the last part loudly for his sister’s benefit. Alyson would want to go down to the basement first and find a good hiding spot. The stairs were too creaky to sneak down once Nick and Kate were down there.

Kate was so relieved when Nick said yes. Once, years ago, Kate had tried to bring a fantasy she had into her marital bed, but Fred’s laughter had not been kind. Her husband rebuffed her, and she hadn’t tried again.

They finished up lunch, washed the dishes together, and Nick went down to the basement to start up Dark Souls.

“What did you do to our mom?” Alyson whispered from the closet. She had the door open just a crack.

“What?” Nick turned around and smiled at her. “Hello, Alyson. What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean?” Alyson stuck her head out a little further.

“You’re talking about her blowjobs.” Nick nodded. “We both know it’s Enki. She’s –“

“Nick?” Kate called down the stairs. “I’m coming down, sweetie. With some hot chocolate while you play your games.”

“We’ll talk later.” Nick whispered at Alyson. He winked at her as she disappeared back in the closet’s shadows.

Carrying a tray, Kate carefully made her way into the basement. Nick was sitting on the edge of the couch with a controller in his hands. He was playing something violent and creepy. “You really like that game, huh?” She put the tray on the coffee table and watched the action on the TV with her hands on her hips. She couldn’t believe she was acting out her fantasy.

“Yeah, Mom.” Nick wasn’t sure how this fantasy went, so he figured he’d just do his best. He was already hatching a scheme to let her live out her fantasy on a future today before she could tell him about it. He thought she’d love that. But he’d have to remember exactly what she wanted.

“Sometimes I wish I could compete with something like this. You get so involved when you play.” Kate chewed on her bottom lip. “Oh, you died.”

“Yeah, this game is really hard, Mom. I get killed over and over.” Nick glanced over at her. He could tell she was working herself up to something.

“Do you mind if I watch you play for a while?”

“Sure.” Nick scooted over and made room for her on the couch. But instead, she sat between his legs on the floor, resting her head against his thigh.

“You died again, huh?” Kate ran her fingers up his pants and squeezed his calf. Soccer had given him the most wonderfully overdeveloped calves. “I hope I’m not distracting you.”

“No, it’s okay.” Nick felt her squeeze his leg hard. “I mean, yeah, you’re distracting me a little.”

“Drink your hot chocolate, Nicky.” She rubbed his calf gently and leaned her head back against the bulge in his pants. A thrill went through her. She could hear her son sipping at his drink.

“It’s good, Mom. Thanks.” Nick loved this fantasy. She was clearly rubbing the back of her head against his junk. “Okay. I’m going to try and get past this undead knight.” Nick worked the controls.

“This game is scary!” It was true. She turned her body and buried her face in his thigh. “Are you going to beat the knight?”

“Maybe.” Nick wasn’t into the game at all. His mother commanded his complete attention as she unbuttoned and unzipped him. But he tried to focus on the undead knight for the sake of her fantasy. “It’s really hard.”

“It really is.” She pulled out his penis and inspected it. He was so beautiful and full of life, the antithesis of those foul things on the screen behind her. “It sounds like you died again.”

“I did.” He tried not to look down at her.

“Keep playing, Nick. Don’t mind me.” She moved his penis up toward his stomach, exposing his balls. She licked one and then the other.

“Oh… Mom…” His breath caught. He died again on screen.

“Are… you… getting… distracted?” Kate said between licks. Even after all his morning ejaculations, his balls felt ripe. She sucked his right one into her mouth.

“Yes.” Nick put down the controller.

After lovingly rolling her tongue around the wrinkly ball, she spit it out of her mouth. “Keep playing, Nicky.”

“Okay,” he said dumbly. He picked up the controller, but he didn’t look back at the TV. Instead, with his Girne Escort mouth hanging open, he watched his mother sit up, grasp his cock firmly, and sink her mouth down onto him. Soon, she was stroking him rapidly with her throat. Her pretty face, warped by the task of swallowing his dick, was far more compelling than any game. This was a silly fantasy, but he loved it. Nick leaned back on the couch and dropped the controller for the last time. His mom didn’t seem to notice.

Kate worked her son hard and fast for a long while. Eventually, when he was ready to explode, she finished him with her hands. There was less sperm than there had been earlier in the day, but it was still more than Fred could pump in a year. Or so it seemed. She was elated at the way he moaned and shuddered as the geyser sprayed both of them. A little later, she found herself on the couch with her dress around her waist. “Wait… wait…”

“What?” Nick looked up from between her legs, wondering what was wrong.

“Turn off the TV. I don’t want to look at those awful things while you do something so… wonderful.” Kate was relieved when the TV went dark. And even more so when her son’s tongue found her clit. “Ohhhh… Nicky… ooooohhhhhhh… I’m so glad… you’d rather spend time… with me… than with those… nasty games.”

“Mmmm tttttppphhh.” Nick tried to say me too, but her pussy muffled him. He figured that she got the idea.


“Are we on for some fun later tonight?” Fred smacked his wife on her round ass. He smiled when she jumped at his touch.

“Oh, Fred. You’re home.” Kate looked over her shoulder at her husband while stirring the frying broccoli. “Um… not tonight. I have a bit of a headache.” She didn’t like to think what he would do if she told him the truth. That she’d spent the day swimming in sperm. That her son had given her so many orgasms she felt he’d exhausted her annual supply. She glanced at Nick sitting at the kitchen table, talking to Alyson.

“Shit, Katie. I was waiting all day for this.” Fred stalked off and got himself a beer.

It was an awkward dinner that night. Kate and Nick carried the conversation. She knew that Fred was mad at her, but there was nothing to be done about it. She didn’t know why her daughter was so quiet, but she assumed it was more trouble with Chris.

“Why are you staring at me like that, sweetie?” Kate took a small bite of carrot.

“Oh, sorry, Mom.” Alyson blushed. “I guess I’m just tired.” She looked away from her mother and sipped her wine. “Really good dinner.”

“Well, you should thank your brother, too. He helped. We’re quite the team.” Kate nudged her son’s shin affectionately under the table.

Nick smiled magnanimously.

“Oh… thanks, Nick.” Alyson’s blush deepened and she drank more wine.

“Yeah, thanks, Nicky,” Fred mumbled through some broccoli.

It was an awkward dinner.


Later that night, the siblings huddled in Nick’s room. Chirpee watched them curiously from the windowsill. Cool night air wafted in from the window.

“So, this could be it.” Alyson sat cross-legged on the bed facing her brother, their knees touching.

“Yeah, we could be free tomorrow.” Nick nodded. “A sixty-nine is totally completing a circle.”

“It is.” Alyson reached out and rubbed his thigh through his pants. “After I watched… you two… I drove into the city and got the puzzle. It’s in my room.”

“What should we do with it tomorrow? Destroy it?” Nick didn’t like the sound of that. He had hated Enki with a passion for so many loops. But now, he mostly felt gratitude.

“No way. I’ll study it. Write papers. It’ll make me famous.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone…” Nick suddenly looked worried.

“Oh, God no.” Alyson laughed and lowered her voice. “I don’t think I want anyone knowing my mom is a deepthroating machine.”

“Okay. Good.” Nick’s mind got lost remembering what it was like looking down at his sweet mother swallowing his dick.

“I was thinking…” Alyson twisted his pants with her fingers nervously. “In case what you did with Mom doesn’t work, is there anything we can do to complete the circle?”

“You and me? What did you have in mind?” Nick’s tired cock roused itself and swelled at his sister’s proposition.

“Well, I was thinking about it.” Alyson took a deep breath. “In the fifth riddle, Enki mentions all three of us. Three form a broken circle… the first must drink life from the second… the second must drink life from the third. You and Mom drank from each other. You’ve… um… been hungry with me. Maybe I’m supposed to…” She shrugged. “I know you and mom really went at it today. Do you think you could still get it up?” But she didn’t need to ask, she could see the outline of his cock down the leg of his pants. Her panties were soaked. She had spent the whole day in a constant state of arousal watching her brother and mother from the shadows, and then replaying those dirty memories over and over in her mind. And now this. It was almost too much.

“I really appreciate how open you are.” Nick leaned forward and gave her a long hug. He loved the way her enormous tits pressed into his chest. He ended the hug and held her shoulders, looking deep into her eyes. “I love you, Alyson. I’ll try anything you want to try.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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