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Enraptured by Alluring Touch

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Big Dicks

Dakota noticed the secretary was staring at something. He followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at Cody’s backside. He was standing in front of a tall cabinet and putting documents on the top shelf. As he stretched his pants fell into his ass crack and when he stretched he clinched. This showed his tight ass crack and adorable butt.

Dakota had never taken notice of Cody’s physique before, even though they were close friends. Dakota stopped by another desk for a minute and then continued down the hall. It happens that Cody was in front of him. Dakota was walking right behind Cody when suddenly Cody stopped to open a drawer from a cabinet on the side of the hallway.

Taken by surprise, Dakota could not stop in time and ran into Cody. Cody was bent over the drawer and Dakota bumped straight into his ass. His package briefly nested at the bottom of Cody’s crack and through the thin business clothes his cock rubbed in the crack and the feeling though brief was sensational. Dakota’s cock was already hard as he backed away and said, “Sorry. I didn’t expect that you were going to stop.”

“It’s okay,” replied Cody, “next time just ask first.” They both laughed.

That night at home with his wife Whitney, Dakota was going to sleep and remembered the feeling of his package against Cody’s bottom. He remembered feeling his firm butt cheeks through the fabric. He remembered the sensations on the skin of his cock and how quickly it grew hard in Cody’s ass crack. As Cody had started to react he remembered how his ass cheeks clinched on his cock. Then he remembered how he and the secretary had noticed the form of his ass. Dakota shook his head, groaned and changed positions to go to sleep. He couldn’t be thinking of another married man’s butt. Inadvertently he tried to remember how well he felt the heat from Cody’s hot spot, his asshole through the fabric.

Coincidentally, Cody at his home was also trying to go to sleep. He kept thinking of how Dakota’s cock had lodged in his ass crack. It bumped his bottom and then it felt like the entire length of his ass crack was squeezing Dakota’s cock. He remembered Dakota’s package had bumped the bottom of his crack right over his asshole, and he imagined he felt his balls bump his crotch. He remembered how it made his buns push in as if they were being fondled. ‘Ridiculous,’ he thought, and went to sleep visualizing the event. He remembered how warm the cock felt in his ass crack, as this event was captured in his dreams.

A few days later at work again, Cody found himself in a predicament. He was standing on a stool trying to manipulate a heavy box into place on a high shelf. Dakota was a couple aisles down but could see Cody’s stool had tilted and now Cody was off balance with a heavy box overhead. Recognizing the possibility of an injury accident, Dakota rushed over to help. He reached to hold Cody from both hips, but the stool shifted, and Cody’s position twisted throwing Dakota’s grasp to slip over an ass cheek, and his other hand slipped around the front of his hip bone. He held Cody tightly until he regained control of the box, and his balance.

Dakota essentially had Cody’s ass cheek in one hand with fingers slipped into his crack. His other hand had slipped around to Cody’s hip bone front with his fingers stretching the fabric tightly against Cody’s cock. His front was hidden from view to co-workers.

The tension of the fabric caused sensations in his cock and Cody found his cock was getting hard quickly.

Without realizing it, Dakota started to pull his hands away as Cody regained his balance. Not even having to think about it, he pulled his hand out of Cody’s ass crack in a nonchalant way hoping no one would notice. Then as he started to pull his other hand away he felt warmth, and hardness. His hand withdrew down over Beşiktaş Escort the head and shaft of Cody’s cock. Without actually grasping it, he felt the warmth and girth of his cock.

Fortunately no one seemed to have noticed.

Dakota said, “That was close.”

Responding Cody said, “In more ways than one!” They both laughed at the circumstance they had found themselves in. Cody was actually grateful. A broken leg or rib would not have been fun.

Casually in his sleep that night Dakota recreated how the head of Cody’s cock felt, and the shape of it.

In his sleep that night Cody recreated the feeling of Dakota’s hand feeling his ass cheek, and slipping into his ass crack. He recreated a slight motion he felt as Dakota got his grip and it was like the motion was to get a feel. Then his other hand had pulled the fabric tight on his cock and soon his hand had cupped over the head. The fingers were getting closer and closer. It was the allure of touch. Was it slow motion, or was he actually getting a feel of his cockhead. Then down his shaft the hand went, sizing it, and possibly feeling it, almost down to the balls. Was it accidental? The fingers closed in over his cock, and it felt good. With a start Cody briefly woke up, then went back to sleep. Cody realized in his dream state that it was not on purpose. He turned, and started to snore.

The next weekend Dakota and Whitney invited Cody and his wife, Alice over for a swim and barbeque.

After they arrived and had a couple drinks on the back patio, everyone went inside to change into bathing suits. The ladies went into the master bedroom and put on some tiny bikini suits, to get the most tan. The men stripped and changed in the guest bedroom. With fascination, they saw each others enchanting bare asses. They also put on bikini suits that showed off their incredibly tight asses, leaving enough skin exposed on their cheeks to tease imaginations. Also the bikinis left the top of their ass cracks exposed to tempt and test interest. They also got great tanning.

After a brief swim the ladies laid face down on towels and applied tanning lotion to each other in the most sensual ways that just drove the men crazy with lust. Cody watched as Alice applied lotion to Whitney’s back and legs. She moved the bikini band at the top to allow her fingers to put lotion on the exposed top of her crack. Then she applied lotion to the top of her legs just sliding a little under the leg band up to her butt cheeks. As she smoothed the lotion under the band toward her crotch, Cody could swear he saw enough of a gap that he might have seen the edge of her pussy. Momentarily this drove him wild to get a better look.

Dakota was busy at the grill and also caught a glimpse of the women happily tanning and chatting.

Cody laid out plates and dinner ware on the picnic table, with napkins. He came up to Dakota and put a hand on his shoulder, “the steaks smell awesome.” Remembering the predicament Dakota had been helping Cody at the office, Cody felt empathetic. He traced a finger along the top of Dakota’s shoulder, and then while they talked, he let it drift down his side. He couldn’t just blatantly hug even though he would have. As Dakota worked the meat over the fire and applied sauce and spices, Cody deftly let his hand drift down Dakota’s side to the top of his bikini suit.

Absentmindedly Cody traced his finger along the top of the bikini suit until it actually went down his crack. They were friends, and Dakota did not react. Cody looked down the crack in admiration and wished he could see all the way.

“Oh,” Dakota remarked as he spilled a little sauce on his side.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” Cody was quick to respond. The ladies were not looking this way anyhow, so Cody bent over a little and licked Beşiktaş Escort Bayan the sauce off Dakota’s side.

Dakota giggled, and they both giggled.

Cody kept licking the side with the tip of his tongue in circles, then with the flat of his tongue he licked up and down longer than necessary. He traced a drip downward toward the top of Dakota’s bikini suit.

Dakota wondered how far down he was going to go as it was already further than the drip had gone.

After the awesome swim party and going to sleep, Dakota replayed how he didn’t mind that Cody had felt of the top of his ass crack. Cody had a tender touch, and explored ever so slightly but with limitations, and respect. In other circumstances Dakota realized he would have let Cody continue.

Dakota replayed in his mind how Cody had come to the rescue and licked up the sauce so it wouldn’t get away or stain his bikini suit. Suddenly in the replay, Dakota realized that Cody had held his hip as he licked up the sauce, and his hand had actually slipped under the band of his swim suit. As Cody had continued licking further down, he had repositioned his hand to the bottom of the swim suit and his hand had slipped under the band of the suit at the bottom of his ass cheeks, and his index finger had actually slid into his ass crack and over the radiant wrinkles of his twinky star.

As Cody was drifting off to sleep that night he recreated the sight of almost seeing Whitney’s pussy, the beauty of her legs and crotch, and how the bikini show cased her beautiful ass. He remembered running a finger uninhibited down Dakota’s side and to his ass crack. He replayed stealthily sneaking his hand under the band of his bikini suit, and ever so slightly fondling his ass. He remembered feeling the heat of the asshole, and the tiny soft hairs in his crotch. As he slept he felt a warmth and closeness of friendship.

The following weekend the couples decided to do something different. At Cody’s insistence, the men decided to go on a fishing trip to nearby inland canals and waterways. It was warm in the southeast and it didn’t take a lot of preparation.

While they were out on the water between wooded islands fishing around the areas of underwater tree roots, they were trying to fish for Red Snapper. Suddenly the sky grew very dark, almost like pitch black night. Cody said, “Let’s head to my fishing shed to get out of the rain.”

They almost made it but suddenly torrential rain came down in sheets. There were a few cracks of thunder which made them feel uncomfortable in the boat. They got back to the dock quickly thanks to Cody’s expertise at boating. They tied up the boat and ran for Cody’s shed nearby.

Unlocking the door they both entered. By now they were both drenched and shivering.

The shed was not big, but had enough room for a bench. Cody lit a small lamp with some dry matches he kept in the shed. “Cody said, “It looks like we are going to have to stay the night here.” Their clothes were soaked so they stripped naked as the howling winds and sheets of rain continued to pound the shed. Cody produced a line and tied it across a corner of the shed so they could hang up their clothes to dry.

As they dried off they felt a little warmer. It was warm outside, just wet. Cody cleared a bench off one wall. He started to say they could sleep there when the lamp ran out of fuel. That was all the light Cody had, and his flash lights were at home to get new batteries.

“This bench will hold two, but we will have to sleep on our sides.” They were both fatigued, and though it was warm out, they welcomed the opportunity to get a little body heat while their clothes dried.

They shifted around in the darkness preparing to lie down. Dakota felt a bump on his chin and started to say Escort Beşiktaş something when it bumped his mouth which happened to be open as he was about to say something. Quietly in the darkness Dakota realized it was Cody’s cock. He didn’t say anything hoping Cody didn’t realize what happened. He tasted the cock head before letting it out of his mouth. It was an incredible taste, and the feel of the cock head on his tongue was out of this world.

There was no response from Cody and Dakota was relieved that apparently Cody hadn’t noticed.

To fit both bodies on the bench they realized they would have to sleep on their sides in opposite directions. At first Dakota found his face was at Cody’s knee caps, and Cody’s face likewise. They had to hold each other so they wouldn’t fall off the bench.

Dakota felt Cody’s hand grip his butt cheek, to keep from falling off. Dakota found a comfortable position where his hand was between Cody’s legs, holding his thigh.

They had to move around a little to keep their arms from falling asleep.

They had to shift downward some. Soon Dakota felt a wetness on his side. It was Cody’s tongue! Cody made one or two caresses with his tongue and stayed still.

As if to kiss him good night, Dakota let his lips come against Cody’s stomach, and he gave a small kiss lick. Soon as if to test if there was no mistake, Dakota licked a little lower.

To his surprise a few minutes later, Cody licked his side a little lower and toward the middle of his stomach.

Dakota realized his dick was getting hard. He felt Cody’s cock bump against his face.

The further down they licked the harder their cocks got. Dakota could feel the heat off of Cody’s cock. Cody licked and kissed closer, because the closer his tongue got to Dakota’s cock the closer Dakota licked. Neither said anything for fear of admitting how aroused and close their cocks were to their mouths.

Soon Dakota could feel Cody’s cock pulsing and lunging. His own cock was on the brink of control.

Dakota realized Cody’s cock was now bumping and rubbing at the edge of his mouth. The head actually touched his lips.

Cody felt reciprocation from Dakota. Dakota’s cock was now rubbing his lips.

Continuing with the compulsive and playful little kisses, Cody lightly kissed Dakota’s cock head. His cock started a thrusting movement.

Dakota with empathy and passion kiss licked the head of Cody’s cock.

Dakota felt Cody rim his pee hole with the tip of his tongue, and lick around the head.

Returning the favor in silence, Dakota lovingly licked and kissed Cody’s cock with fish lips. The sensation caused Cody to tense up.

This kept up for ages, until both held a cock halfway in their mouths, licking, tasting, and tongue caressing. Their cocks were making audible and sticky wet sounds in the back of their mouths. They could both feel the pulses of their cocks. They were sucking each other in rhythm with each other. Within reach was a container of reel grease. Cody produced it and both put some on their middle fingers, and soon both were getting prostate massages, building up a huge load of cum.

With assholes clinching, and butts scrunching for a blast, each one climaxed at the same time with gushes of cum filling each other’s mouth. After tasting, and coating their mouths with it, they both swallowed the cum.

This was the first time either of them had affectionately sucked cock, and swallowed cum.

They both lovingly kissed each others balls.

They relaxed and stayed in position for a while, fingers still in butts.

After a while Cody said, “I’m getting hard again, are you?”

Dakota said, “Yes.”

They stroked each other, and applied the reel grease. Both got intimate and had first time anal. Taking turns, each had gratifying anal with a load of cum in the ass.

The next morning they woke enraptured in each others arms after day break and just laid there in the warmth of embracing.


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