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Enslaved By My Best friend’s Mom

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*(WARNING: Read tags before reading. Contains mentions of shit. All characters are over 18)*


“Hey, Isabelle, can you come to my house again today and help me with my homework?”

“Yeah, sure, I don’t have any chores to do after school today, so I’m pretty free.”

“Woohoo! I was worried about the test coming up soon, but with your help, I’m sure I’ll pass.”

My name is Isabelle, 18 years old and a senior in high school. The one who just spoke to me is Julia, also 18 years old and in the same class as me.

Julia was 5″10′, slightly taller than me, with long blonde hair, which she often tied up into a ponytail. She had blue eyes and a small nose, and always wore fashionable clothes, which had led to her becoming the crush of a lot of boys at school.

Meanwhile, I was more average. I was 5’7″ and with medium-length brown hair, that was just long enough to reach past my shoulders. I had some freckles on my face with brown eyes and a round nose, making people describe me as the cute type.

Julia and I had been friends since freshman year of high school. I had always done well in my studies since I was young. Julia, however, isn’t really the strongest academically, maybe even slightly dumb, so as soon as we became friends, she started asking for help after school with her homework.

I didn’t really mind helping her, since it was a good way to internalize what I’ve learned, by teaching it to someone else. Of course, there’s also another reason.

The only thing that was slightly annoying about the situation was the fact that Julia blatantly didn’t pay attention in class. She either sat on her phone when the teacher wasn’t looking or daydreaming while staring out the window.

“Julia, if you paid slightly more attention in class you wouldn’t have to be worried about the upcoming test,” I commented, as we were making our way to her house.

“You don’t get it, Isabelle. A girl my age has sooo many things to worry about, so I don’t have the energy to also worry about school,” Julia replied, continuing “Besides, I have you, don’t I?”

I looked at her, slightly insulted. What did she mean by ‘a girl my age’? I was the same age as her, only a few months older.

I let it slide without further comment, knowing she probably didn’t say it to insult me. I sighed and said, “You know I can’t do this forever, right? We aren’t even going to the same college after this year.”

“I’m aware of that too, though I wish this could just continue forever…” Julia answered and looked at me with a side-eye.

I ignored the second half of her reply, taking it as just empty wishes, and we turned around the corner to her street.

Julia lived in a two-story building in the rich part of town. When we reached her front door, she opened it without having to unlock it, indicating that someone was already home. This realization made me happy, but I tried to not show it on my face.

As she walked inside, I followed without hesitation. Since I’ve been here quite a few times by now, I didn’t really worry about seeming impolite anymore.

“Moommm, are you home?!” Julia yelled, as she started taking off her shoes.

Footsteps sounded from the second room to the right of the door, which I knew was where the kitchen lay in the house.

Then, a mature female voice rang from the door. “Yes, honey. Didn’t I tell you this morning that I would be working from home today?” Julia’s mom said, as she appeared in the doorway, smiling at us.

The other reason I mentioned earlier, as to why I didn’t mind helping Julia with her homework was her Mom.

42 years old and 6″0′ tall with long, blonde hair, sharp blue eyes, and a small nose with pink lips. She was clearly not overweight, but had more of a full-figured build, with a protruding bosom as well as a firm behind. Today, she was wearing an apron on top of a summer dress, further revealing her beautiful figure.

It didn’t take me long after my visits to Julia’s house to figure out her name: Evelyn.

Apparently, her husband left early after she gave birth to Julia and she had therefore raised Julia on her own ever since, not finding a new partner.

“Oh, I see Isabelle’s with you again today. Thank you for always helping my daughter with her homework,” Evelyn said to me, as she looked at me and giggled slightly.

I realized that I must have been staring too long at her body, and quickly forced out a reply, “That’s okay, Miss Evelyn. Julia is my best friend, so of course I’m willing to help her. Besides, it helps me remember my studies.”

“You’re such a good girl, Isabelle,” Evelyn said, sending quivers through my body.

“Mom, can you bring something for us to drink while we go upstairs and study?” Julia asked.

“Yeah, sure, honey. It’ll just be a little while, since I have to finish something in the kitchen,” Evelyn said and walked back into the kitchen after sending a smile our way.

“Let’s go,” Julia said, and started walking to her room. I followed right after içel seks hikayeleri her and we began to talk about the upcoming test.

After entering her room and setting our stuff to the side, we sat down at the coffee table she had and started going through what was going to be on the test.

As we were studying, Julia shifted her position, and a strange sour scent hit my nose. I tried to find the source of the smell and noticed that Julia’s feet had moved closer to me after shifting positions. As I started comprehending where the smell was coming from, my train of thought got broken by Julia.

“Hey, you said earlier that you have the whole day free, right?” Julia asked with a casual tone.

I forgot about my former thoughts and answered, “Yes, I have gotten an early weekend from work, and my parents decided to take a week-long trip to meet some friends. They have hired someone to do the chores at home while they are away. As I have already prepared for the test, I’m pretty free at the moment. Why do you ask?”

“Hmmm, then, do you want to have a sleepover today?” Julia suggested cheerfully. “We have known each other for around three years now and we haven’t even slept together yet!”

I overlooked the weird phrasing of the last part of what Julia said and replied happily, “Sure, let’s do it,” I said in a haste, before realizing, “but I don’t really have anything packed to stay over.”

“Don’t worry about that; you can just get something from me if there’s anything you need,” Julia replied, assuredly.

Now with that solved, the sleepover was decided and we started to cheerfully discuss things not relating to homework, taking a break from the studies for a moment.

A short moment later, we heard a knock on the door and Julia’s mom, Evelyn, opened it and walked inside.

She was holding a tray with two cups of juice and a plate with some snacks on it.

“Thanks, mom!” Julia said.

“No problem, honey,” Evelyn replied, walking to the nearby dresser and placing the tray on top of it since the coffee table was covered in our study material.

As soon as Evelyn entered the room, my eyes were glued to her, especially her plump butt. Therefore, I was sent into a daze when Evelyn put the tray on the dresser near us and unconsciously stuck her ass directly towards my face. There was only a slight distance between her butt and my face, allowing me to smell her perfumed scent.

Ever since I met Miss Evelyn for the first time, I had always dreamed of her ass. I would often imagine myself burying my face between her ass cheeks and start pleasuring her sweet butthole. A lot of times, after visiting Julia, I would have trouble falling asleep because of those thoughts running through my mind.

As Evelyn finished placing down the tray and the distance between my face and her butt distanced itself again, I snapped out of my daze. I realized that I had been blatantly staring mesmerizingly at her ass for a moment there and I quickly turned towards Julia to see if she noticed.

Fortunately, it seemed she had been caught up with something on her phone and wasn’t paying attention to my behavior. This made me release a sigh of relief, and I noted to myself to be more cautious in the future.

“By the way mom, I and Isabelle have decided to have a sleepover tonight, is that okay with you?” Julia asked, and I started paying attention.

“I’m okay with it, honey. Just remember to notify Isabelle’s parents so they know that she is staying here tonight,” Miss Evelyn replied, seemingly fine with the decision.

“That’s okay, mom, Isabelle’s parents aren’t in town for a week from now, so they won’t worry about her whereabouts,” Julia said, making me feel a little odd.

“Oh, is that true Isabelle?” Miss Evelyn asked, looking at me with an inquiring look.

I shifted slightly under her gaze, and replied, “Yes. They’ve decided to go on a trip to meet some friends. They said it would be one week, but they have extended their stay in the past, so it might be longer.”

Miss Evelyn looked slightly thoughtful for a moment, before saying, “Your parents must trust you a lot, Isabelle. Well, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want. By the way, dinner is ready in two hours, so don’t get full from eating snacks, alright?”

“Of course, Mom. We’ll come down two hours from now, then,” Julia answered cheerfully.

Miss Evelyn nodded and left the room, leaving behind traces of her scent.

Two hours quickly passed with small talk and we went downstairs to the dining room for dinner.

The house was pretty modern, so the rooms in the house were all well-lit, and since it was also summer at the moment, the rooms had an extra feeling of freshness.

As we walked into the dining room, we heard Miss Evelyn calling from the kitchen, “Girls, can you help me get the tableware and food on the table?”

“Coming, Mom!” Julia yelled back, and we walked into the kitchen to help prepare the table.

Ten minutes later, we all sat at the table, with Miss Evelyn sitting at the head of the table, and Julia and I sitting on our own side of the table.

This wasn’t my first time eating over at Julia’s house, so I knew Miss Evelyn was a good cook.

Tonight was a pretty simple, but delicious, meal: an Italian lasagna, with some salad as a side dish.

As we started eating and enjoying the meal, we also began to have small-talk around the table. After different topics, the subject of the conversation centered around the sleepover.

“Julia’s had a lot of sleepovers with her friends over the years, so I’m surprised this is your first time Isabelle, considering how often you visit,” Miss Evelyn pointed out.

“Well, I have had a lot of stuff to do after school, and I also have to study for the classes, so I didn’t really have the time to do it before now,” I answered half truthfully. It was true that I was often pretty busy after school, but most of the time it was because I was pretty nervous sleeping in the same house as Miss Evelyn.

“Hey, Mom, it’s been so long since we’ve slept together, can’t we all three sleep in your room tonight?” Julia asked out of the blue, making my heart skip a beat.

Miss Evelyn looked at Julia in surprise and answered, “It’s true that we haven’t slept together in a while, but shouldn’t you and Isabelle sleep alone tonight, since you’re having a sleepover?”

“But Mom, it’s not often you have time after work to be together with me, so if we don’t do it today, you won’t have time for a while. It’s also fine with you, right Isabelle?” Julia said and looked at me expectantly.

“Y-yeah, I’m alright with that,” I stammered softly, while my head was a little fuzzy over where the situation was turning.

Miss Evelyn looked at me for a moment and said, “Well…if Isabelle’s alright with it, I don’t see why not. It’s also been so long since us Mom and daughter have slept together, so it will be kinda nostalgic.”

For the rest of the dinner after that conversation, I didn’t talk much and only answered shortly when asked about something. My head was swirling with the thought of sleeping in the same bed as Miss Evelyn, under the same blanket…

Soon after dinner, it was time to go to bed and we all brushed our teeth and put on our nightgowns. Miss Evelyn wore a pair of grey sweatpants, which were digging into the crevice between her ass cheeks, and a white tank top, which showed the perfect curvature of her abundant breasts.

Once I saw this beautiful scenery, I felt jitters in my abdomen and my mind grew even fuzzier with thoughts of Miss Evelyn.

Miss Evelyn seemed to notice my absentminded state and her mature voice drifted into my ears. “What’s wrong Isabelle? Hurry up and get in bed so we can turn off the lights.”

I snapped out of my thoughts and got into bed. As Julia was already lying on the leftmost side of the bed, I laid down beside her. Once I had lain down, Miss Evelyn turned off the lights in the room and laid down to my right.

I had expected for there to be a lot of small-talk before everyone went to sleep, but surprisingly, the only thing that was said was, “Goodnight!” and then silence.

Since I was lying in the middle of the bed, every time I moved, I would accidentally brush against Miss Evelyn to my right. This caused me to lay as still as possible, afraid of disturbing her sleep.

As mentioned earlier, this was the middle of summer and it was at least 29°C in the room. With three people lying under the same blanket, the heat was starting to build from the combined body temperature.

With me lying in the middle of the bed, I couldn’t even extend more of my body out from the blanket to escape the sauna that was building under the covers.

All these factors hindered me from falling asleep and I ended up just lying there, sweating profusely, while not even being able to turn in the bed in fear of annoying either Julia or Miss Evelyn.

After what felt like an hour, I was growing pretty tired and bored. Having been in my own mind for what felt like forever now, I started getting some strange ideas.

I probably didn’t realize this before, because the situation escalated so quickly, but while lying here in my own thoughts, it struck me.

This was probably my only and last chance to be this close to Miss Evelyn. If I didn’t make use of this opportunity now, I would probably regret it for the rest of my life.

This idea kept growing in my head and I decided on a course of action. I would go under the covers and get my head right beside her ass. This way, I might catch a whiff of her sensual fragrance.

As it seemed they were both sleeping at this point, which I gathered from their steady breathing, I decided that I wasn’t going to get a better chance than now,

I hesitated no further and dove under the blanket.

Once my head was fully under the blanket, I let the blanket fall down behind me, cutting off the last spot the air could escape from.

I was suddenly hit with an extremely sour smell of sweat. It was like a sauna under the blanket, with the gathered body heat from all three people and the air being damp from sweat.

I froze momentarily from the smell, but I had already expected this, so I quickly continued with the plan.

I started maneuvering down the bed so that my head turned toward the foot of the bed and my feet the opposite. I felt like I accomplished this quite well, only brushing against Miss Evelyn a little, which probably wouldn’t be enough to wake her.

Once I had accomplished this, I was pretty much home free. At this point, there was a girl’s ass on both sides of my head, but I was only interested in the extra plump one to my right.

I was just about to celebrate the plan’s success in my head when my thoughts were broken by an intense odor coming from further down the bed. It was an amalgamation of an even more sour smell of sweat and a stale scent of unwashed feet or week-old socks.

This stench caused me to scrunch my nose.

I immediately thought back to earlier during the day, when Julia had shifted her seat slightly and moved her feet closer to me. The gross smell of that time was the same stale scent as now, only the smell was twice as bad this time.

This smell, however, wasn’t only coming from Julia’s side of the bed…

I didn’t continue that train of thought and instead focused on the goal in front of my eyes. Even though there wasn’t any light under the blanket, it failed to hide the curvature of the ass before me.

Being in this close proximity with Miss Evelyn’s ass, I quickly felt arousal building in my abdomen, unaffected by the surrounding conditions.

I tried to catch a whiff of her fragrance, but only managed to breathe in more of the bad smell coming from the foot of the bed.

It quickly dawned on me that I had to get even closer if I wanted to have a chance of smelling the scent of Miss Evelyn’s ass.

Even though this was risky, after coming this far, I wasn’t going to settle with the smell of stinking feet. It didn’t seem like my movements had been noticed by Miss Evelyn yet, so I decided to move in further.

As I moved my head closer towards Miss Evelyn’s plump butt, my arousal kept building and I was beginning to feel a little wet in my crotch.

Finally, I felt my nose touch the fabric between Miss Evelyn’s two round buttcheeks. With the continued success of the plan, without waking anyone, I got a little cocky and pushed my nose a little further between the two soft globes.

Because of the awful smell of the surroundings, I had been holding my breath up until this point. Now that I was finally at my goal, I decided to take a deep breath to catch as much of Miss Evelyn’s fragrance as possible. Therefore, I opened my airways, and–*Sniff*


I breathed in an even fouler stench than before.

I had for some reason expected the scent of Miss Evelyn’s ass to be reminiscent of flowers, considering how exquisite it was, but I was instead met with an unprecedented disgusting smell.

This odor was a mixture of the sour smell of sweat, the musty smell of unclean clothes and underwear, and the noxious stink of shit.

The smell was so bad that I involuntarily let out a low grunt and was sent into a short stupor.

A moment passed and I quickly awoke from my daze. I then tried to pull my head away from the awful odor.

That, however, was when I felt a hand grab the back of my head and a force pushing me further in between the two large butt cheeks and engulfing me in the previous stench.

Then I heard Miss Evelyn’s voice from the head of the bed. “You shouldn’t be doing such things, Isabelle, sticking your nose in other people’s private areas while they are sleeping,” Miss Evelyn said, in a stern, reprimanding tone.

I panicked and tried to reply, but I could only make muffled noises between the two engulfing butt cheeks, which at the same time forced me to breathe in more of the smell.

Then, I heard Miss Evelyn sigh and, with a softer tone, say, “Well…as you’re always helping my daughter with her studies and never ask for anything in return, this is a good time to give you a reward. Since you desire the smell of my ass so much, I guess I can give you permission to sniff it.”

This sentence would have filled me with joy before today, but now it sounded more like a death sentence. I tried wriggling my head out from Miss Evelyn’s ass crack, but the more I struggled, the further I was wedged between her soft buttcheeks. In the end, I felt the tip of my nose touch the deepest part of the ass crack, only separated by the clothes Miss Evelyn was wearing.

“Hmmm, you must be really enthusiastic about my smell to be wedging your nose so deep between my ass cheeks. I don’t really clean myself much in that area, so it should smell pretty disgusting down there,” Miss Evelyn said, sounding slightly teasing.

“You must be a pretty big pervert to like the smell that much. Since that’s the case, let me help you get a better smell of it.” At the end of the sentence, I heard Miss Evelyn sound as if she was straining. Then–*Prrfftthh*

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