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Eric and Roger

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Please note for the purposes of this essentially true story, I have omitted to mention the use of condoms which took place, all the sex was safe. Thanks guys.


I’ve never really thought about the sexuality of the guys I’m with, if they’re attractive to me and want to spank or bang my arse or shoot their spunk or piss down my throat, why should I question how gay they are or what morals they have?

So it was with Eric. He was a friend of my boyfriend Dave, they trained together for a while at the gym. He started to come to our house sometimes afterwards or at the weekends, with his fiancee for brunch. We even went to their wedding before she dumped him but kept the caravan some months later.

He was a fairly handsome man but had a long face and a slightly too long nose to match, both exaggerated by the shortness of his salt’n’pepper hair. I’d never seen him naked although Dave had in the gym showers, but no funny business and they were usually joined by another friend, most unattractive. And one day he came round, some months after he’d moved away and introduced us to fiancee number 2 or number 3. She worked nights on a shift pattern so, as usual out of the blue, he came round unannounced, told us how good life was but that he hadn’t had any sex for a while, how lucky we were to not have women nagging us, how great it was to have sex on tap (ie being together) blah blah blah… and finished by fucking my face. I’m not sure how it exactly came about but it was some joke about lengths of cocks and before I knew it, he had his out and I was sucking on it. That’s all it was, a blow job for Eric who even kindly let me know he was cumming so I could choose whether to have him pull out. I didn’t of course, and he came loads which I swallowed greedily.

Some weeks later, he turned up again and this time, banged the arse off me. Dave loves seeing me being sex izle fucked and sat there enjoying the show. It was pure sex, Eric had a good 8 inches of meat and shave his pubes and I could feel his balls banging And slapping against my cheeks as he thrust away, but he never touched me other than to grip my hips in his slim, long fingered hands.

Dave told him after the second time he’d fucked me like that, should he do it again then he’d take some pictures on his smartphone or maybe make a little video. Eric was cool as long as his face wasn’t in view but it never happened as when Eric had me from behind, over the dining room table, Dave was underneath it waiting to catch my cum in his mouth.

One day, I was just about to prepare lunch and there was a knock at the door, it was Eric and he’d brought a friend along, Roger. Roger was slightly shorter than Eric but equally slim, better looking and seemingly slightly better toned from what we could see. Eric said Roger had been dating a sex therapist and she had suggested using the sex toy he’d bought for her on him, which he reluctantly went along with initially, but ended up enjoying. Meanwhile she moved on and he was single.

And so there they were, sat in our lounge, drinking coffee and telling us Roger’s sexual secrets.

Eric said he’d brought Roger round as he thought we could have some fun, seemingly as the 2 of them were long-time friends, they had no interest in becoming friends with any kind of additional benefits. I didn’t know whether to be angry or not as if we were there to be use used in such a way or were the handy gay freak show, but as Eric got his cock out, already semi erect, and said “let’s show Roger what we can do,” I couldn’t help- as usual- taking his tasty head in my mouth and slowly sucking down so the semi became complete.

As ever now, whilst sucking, I used my hands fransız porno to remove my own trousers and underwear whilst Dave went and brought the lube. After the first unexpected fuck with Eric, we had agreed the sensation was better all round with a generous squirt. I stood in front of Roger, who remained seated and somewhat shell shocked I think. Hearing people tell you about their sex sessions is one thing, seeing it just inches from your face, whatever your preference, is quite another.

Roger had undone his flies and was stroking his own cock, not as long as Eric’s but seemingly cut and cute. His bush was neatly trimmed but he wasn’t shaved like Eric. He came and stood in front of me, leaving on the settee the sex toy his ex girlfriend had bought him. I stepped backwards a little, pushing Eric back with me. As normal, his hands were on my hips and he was finding his rhythm, he had a determination and once he found his stroke and my g-spot, my sphincter would clamp down on him and he could go as long as he or I wanted him to.

I pulled Roger towards me and took the end of his semi hardened cock in my mouth, immediately he became fully erect and immediately the first taste of his salty precum arrived, and I swallowed his cock further. Dave stood at the back of Roger and lubed a finger then teased his ring. More precum duly arrived. I’m not sure whether Roger thought he was getting a finger or the sex toy but Dave’s perfect cock, cut and a dainty but solid 5 inches, slid in fully in one gentle slow thrust.

Dave followed Eric’s lead and cupped Roger’s hips, gently easing him forward so the full shaft was in my mouth and Dave’s whole cock length was gliding fully in and half out of Roger’s hole. He seemed to take his cue from Eric, adapting the same rhythm although when I looked up, Roger had turned his head and he and Dave were teen porno swapping spit. I think Eric noticed too as he bent forward and began nibbling and then biting the back of my neck for the first time which I found thrilling. Being a used as a regular fuck toy was one thing, this made me feel like something more, his dirty little bit on the side. I guessed liked most so called straights and all good Catholic boys, he’d be unlikely to kiss me but this was good enough for me, and every time he bit, I clamped my butt hole muscle down hard, which he seemed to love even more.

Now I wasn’t too sure where this was leading, or at least at what pace in terms of who’d shoot first, but Roger looked favourite and he continued to leak his precum into my mouth. I was wrong, it was Dave who shot. As the visit was unexpected and we hadn’t fucked for a couple of days, he deposited his no doubt generous volume of seed up Roger, starting a chain reaction. Only having been toyed before with a dildo, he’d never experienced the sensation of fluids pumping against his innards and it sent him wild. Spurt after spurt of his jizz filled my mouth and, as I always did with Eric, I swallowed every drop except the little which dribbled down my chin and hit the floor. Damn!

Eric saw Dave and Roger cumming as his signal to bring all good things to a sticky and satisfying end and sank his teeth softly into one of my shoulders, I squeezed my arsehole tight and he pumped his creamy seed up my lubed guts. I relaxed and he held it within until his hard on slightly subsided before I felt it slip out.

I hadn’t cum but that could wait until after lunch, I was happy with the slightly bitter taste of Roger in my throat and knowing Eric had filled me at the other end.

They both pulled up their trousers and underwear, even though Eric remained slightly erect and I think were it not for Roger’s slight post action awkwardness, we could have had a second ejaculation from him, horny bastard, but they politely excused them selves and hurriedly left.

And they’ve both been back since, separately and together. Three’s company, four’s more!

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