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Eric and Yaz Pt. 01

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Hey, my name is Eric and here’s the story of how I slept with my neighbour.

Late last year I moved into a dingy building downtown, set to be torn down sometime in the near future so the rent was low and nobody cared if I messed up the walls and flooring. A studio with a large walk-in closet where I kept my bed, it was small but mine.

As the months went by, quarantine began. Luckily I work in tech so working from home was an easy transition, and it was a great opportunity to get in shape and eat right. No more work lunches or coffees with doughy treats to keep the spare tire around; I ordered a chin up bar and some weights before prices started skyrocketing and any sort of home gym equipment.

It took time but progress was being made, turning me from a 5’9″ average soft-body into a guy who isn’t exactly ripped but I’ve finally got some nice muscle definition going on and the love handles are fading away. I shaved the head, kept the beard, and made the most of a bad situation.

I didn’t meet Ms. 205 until mid-June. It was a hot sunny day and I was wearing shorts with an unbuttoned button-up, making it into sort of a deep v-neck. I’d just gotten a new record and had it cranked while I was working out. Three quick knocks at the door interrupted me.

She was beautiful. I opened the door expecting my landlord, a middle-aged guy, when instead I got Yaz. 5’4″, short dreads pulled back in sort of a pony tail, her overalls with one strap down covering most but not all of her caramel-toned skin and small but perky tits.

“Oh uh hey, can I help you?”

“Hi neighbor! Um ya I know it’s in the middle of the day and everything but could you keep it down please? It’s just kind of all our space you know? And I’m just trying to get some work done and I can’t think over the sound of your music.”

“Ya that’s my bad, sorry. New record, wanted to give it a listen. I’ll turn it down though.”

“Thanks! Ya I totally get it, it’s just a bit too loud.”

“For sure. Hey I like to crank the volume sometimes but I don’t wanna bother you again, can we try something? It’ll only take a couple minutes.”

“I’m listening.” She put her left hand on her hip, the strapless side of the coveralls, bringing just a touch more of her breast into şişli grup yapan escort view.

“Call me, go to your apartment, and I’ll change the volume until we can find something you can’t hear. Here’s my number.”

“Okayyy but if this is just some trick to get my number, I’m onto you.”

“Haha of course not! Don’t worry let’s just get this resolved, I don’t want to be a bother.”

“Suuuuure.” She gave me a little smirk as she punched my number into her phone and dialed, setting off my device with a light touch of her fingers.

I answered and she went back to her apartment with what looked like a little bit more pep in her step as her ass swayed back and forth on her way over. We spent a moment figuring out where the volume might be a bit too high, she joked about knowing how to contact me if it was an issue again, and we left it at that.

About a month went by and while I hadn’t forgotten about Yaz — more than a couple nights were spent fantasizing about pulling off those overalls — she certainly wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. It was a Friday night and I’d gotten another record plus a six pack to tide me over for the weekend as a treat since I hadn’t had anything to drink since the pandemic started.

Maybe it was the beers, maybe I just secretly wanted an excuse to talk to Yaz again, but I started upping the volume. After about five minutes I didn’t get a text or anything, and forgot all about her.

I cracked another one and kept playing video games for about half an hour before I got the same quick knock at my door. There she was.

“Heyyy, come on I thought we found a good volume, what gives?” It looked like she was on her way home from a night out, dressed up in a frilly skirt and halter top with a bit of booze on her breath.

“Sorry Yaz, had a couple beers and got carried away. This place is just such a shithole, the walls are so thin I can barely listen to anything without someone else hearing it. It’s Friday, you mind if I keep it loud for a bit longer? The album’s almost finished.”

“OK fine, just for tonight. Hey do you have any more beer?” She looked past me, leaning forward and staring into my apartment while I stumbled for an answer.

“Two şişli masöz escort left, which I was going to just drink myself” Yaz started pouting “but I could make an exception, just for tonight. Deal?”


I let her in, she took off her shoes and went to look at my record collection as I went over to the fridge. “Hey you’ve got some good stuff in here, why don’t you play this?”

“I do, but SOMEONE asked me to keep it down”

She rolled her eyes and put the album down. I handed her a foamy glass and we went over to the couch. I sat on one end and she went to the other but got comfortable right away and laid down with her feet almost in my lap. From the corner of my eye I thought I could just a sliver of her panties under her skirt but I didn’t want to seem obvious or creepy. We chatted for a bit, emptying our glasses and letting the record bleed out into the runoff groove, not noticing the music had stopped.

My eyes were losing the battle and now each time she shifted her legs I was trying to catch a glimpse of her pink panties again.

“Hey Mr… watcha lookin for under there?”

Shit, she caught me. That damn smirk came back as I stammered up an excuse.

“Ah sorry I uh you know your leg moved and it just uh caught my eye…”


She started moving her left foot into my lap now, her heel finding my now fully-erect cock.

“You’re pretty cute you know.”

“Thanks, you too. I mean, you’re gorgeous.” I kept staring into her eyes as she kept playing footsie my dick. I was trying to keep my cool when her other leg started moving, opening her skirt and giving me a good look.

“Is this what you were looking for? They’re my favorite pair, I was kind of hoping I’d meet a cute guy and get laid tonight but you basically can’t even talk to anybody at the bar outside of the group you came with. Do you like what you see, Eric?”

I could see everything, from the wet patch of darker pink to the outlines of her pussy straining against the fabric. I’m polite but I’m not dense, and my left hand started creeping up her leg towards her hot, wet pussy.

“Oh I like what I see… but now I want a taste.” My fingers reached her wet spot and started rubbing şişli otele gelen escort gently, teasing her through the fabric as I started repositioning myself to get a bit more comfortable as I dove face-first into her crotch, eating her out gently through her soaked panties for a bit before pulling them to the side and getting a good taste.

“MMMmmm oh fuckkk that’s good.” Yaz moaned as I devoured her, one hand now massaging her breast and tweaking her nipple as the other finger fucks her with my tongue on her clit. She pushes down on my head, forcing my tongue deep into her folds. Every moan is another signal not to stop or change it up.

“Does that feel good Yaz?” I stop eating her for a moment and go in for a hot sloppy kiss while my fingers keep her occupied. She doesn’t answer and instead just kisses me back passionately while her right hand reaches desperately for my cock. I push my fingers deeper as she finally wraps hers around my shaft.

“Ohhh fuck Eric” she moans and her eyes roll back as I fill her up and she feels how hard I am. I kiss her one last time before I sit back over on my side of the couch and look over at her coyly.

“My turn. Be a good girl and suck my cock, Yaz. I want to put my big thick cock in that mouth of yours.”

She doesn’t think twice and shifts position, laying on her front now and bringing her lips to the tip from the side. Yaz looks up at me, hunger and lust in her eyes, as she slowly but surely takes every last inch of my cock all the way to the base.

I’m not huge, a little under 6″, but I gasp as I feel the tip of my cock go down her throat and her teeth come to rest on my balls. She stops there, savoring the moment and massaging the tip of my cock with her throat as I feel her get used to the size. One more push forward to get that last fraction past her lips before she starts bobbing up and down, giving an amazing performance.

“Holy shit Yaz” I moan and mumble as my hand grabs her by the ponytail and helps out. “Baby I’m gonna cum.”

“Mmmhmmmm” she moans as she looks up and makes eye contact, not slowing down at all. It doesn’t take long before I cum in her mouth, spilling a huge load of pent up seed down her throat.

She looked up and smiled at me, obviously proud of her accomplishment.

“Maybe don’t always keep your music turned down… I could use another excuse to come back here.” Yaz got up, wiped her lips, and started getting herself put together for the quick walk up to her apartment. “Have a good night, maybe next time if you don’t come so fast we can do something a bit more… satisfying.”

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