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Eric’s Screening Pt. 02

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Eric couldn’t make eye contact with her. “That was… jeez. It’s okay that I had an orgasm like that, right?” His voice was anxious as if he thought that she’d be so offended.

“Of course,” Mallory looked into his eyes and reached out to squeeze his shoulder. “It’s apparently a part of this screening process. Completely fine. I’m not reading into it at all.”

“So this is kind of embarrassing and I hate to ask this, but I may need a favor.”

“What is it?”

“I am worried about what’s next, okay? Scared even. I’m really glad you’re here…” his voice trailed off.

“Hey, it’s okay babe. Whatever you need, I will do what I can.”

“Thanks. So ummm… if stuff is painful or whatever can I hold your hand?”

Mallory smiled. “You don’t even need to ask. If something hurts, you don’t need to ask permission. I can understand why you’re embarrassed to ask that, but it’s not a big deal, I promise.”


Dr. Hayes returned, followed by a nurse who was wheeling a cart. Dr. Hayes washed her hands and regloved again. The nurse did the same. Then the drape covering the cart was removed, revealing what Mallory recognized as a few catheter kit, metal sounds, and some type of scope. Eric glanced as well, but if he recognized anything on the cart, he said nothing.

“Eric, the next part of the screening will involve a close examination of your urethra and bladder. We’re finding that many of the medical students need a lot of education in this field now and we’ll need to ensure that there are no abnormalities present. And if I do find something, you’ll, of course, be able to undergo treatment free of charge.”

“What are you going to do?” Eric asked, his eyes wide again and his voice containing an edge of fear.

“The first thing we’ll need to do is drain your bladder. We’ll do that with a catheter so we can collect a sterile urine sample.”

The nurse began to cover Eric with drapes. A hole was cut out of one and Eric’s penis was placed through the hole.

Dr. Hayes retrieved a catheter kit from the cart and showed the long tube. “This gaziantep porno hikayeler is a catheter. I’ll insert it into your urethra through your penis until it reaches your bladder. This shouldn’t be painful, but you may feel some discomfort.”

Eric’s eyes got wider still. “There’s no way that that won’t hurt,” he groaned.

“I will use a numbing lubricant which will help reduce the sensation,” Dr. Hayes replied. The nurse began to swab his penis with iodine. She was generous with the amount and Mallory noted that she was very careful to cover his entire penis.

Dr. Hayes stood over Eric, a syringe with the lubricant already in hand. “Alright this will feel a little cool,” she warned. And with that, she gently inserted the very tip of the syringe into Eric’s urethra. It was only a second before the lubricant entered his urethra.

“Ooooh that is cold,” Eric whispered.

“Almost done,” Dr. Hayes said. And she was right, the syringe was empty after a mere 10 seconds.

“We’ll give that a minute to work.” She began to prepare the catheter with sterile lubricant while the nurse got the collection cup ready.

“Here we go,” Dr. Hayes said. She held his penis steady just as she had done before and slowly began to insert the catheter. Eric flinched as it first started to enter but then he seemed relaxed somewhat. His legs relaxed back onto the table. It appeared that the numbing lubricant had done its job. “Might feel a bit of pressure now,” Dr. Hayes warned.

“Agh!” he cried, pulling away an inch or two. Mallory suspected that that was the catheter entering his bladder.

Sure enough, urine was soon draining inside the collection cup. Eric was still tense. Mallory contemplated reaching out to hold his hand but he had seemed so mortified about requesting it earlier that she decided to hold off for the time being.

Dr. Hayes closed off the catheter and the nurse took the collection cup and sealed it with a lid.

“I’m going to remove the catheter,” the doctor told Eric.

He nodded and she grasped his penis again and began to pull the catheter. This apparently produced some degree of discomfort because Eric flinched again. He was otherwise still though.

“Very good,” Dr. Hayes said, tossing the catheter tube in a trash bin. “I do need to dilate your urethra slightly in order to accommodate the cystoscope that we’ll be using later. This should feel similar to the catheter, but I won’t be entering your bladder again for now.”

“You’re going to dilate my urethra?” Eric’s eyes were wide again.

“That’s right. Are you ready?” she already had the smallest of the sounds in her hand.

“I guess so,” Eric said.

“Great,” Dr. Hayes said. She quickly covered the sound with sterile lubricant and held Eric’s penis again. The sound went in smoothly and rather quickly.

Mallory watched Eric’s face. He seemed uncomfortable not in any obvious pain. The next sound was inserted and then the next. Each rod was, of course, wider than the one before it. On the fourth sound though, Dr. Hayes seemed to wiggle it around in his urethra ever so slightly. Eric made a sound that resembled a whimper more than anything else but it was over in seconds.

The nurse had set up a monitor and then the cystoscope was in Dr. Hayes hands. They weren’t wasting any time. She said, “We’ll start now” and then the cystoscope started to make its way down Eric’s urethra.

The sensation didn’t seem much more novel than the sounds. However once again, as the scope reached his bladder, Eric let out a loud groan.

“I’m going to fill your bladder with some liquid. You might feel like you have to urinate.”

Mallory could see everything through the monitor and she couldn’t help but focus on that rather than on Eric’s comfort. It was interesting. She couldn’t entirely tell what she was looking at. Apparently, bladders were kind of a light purple-ish color, at least as it was displayed on the monitor. Eric seemed to be tolerating it well. His face was relaxed again. However, about a minute into the procedure, Eric did whisper, “Fuck it feels like I have to pee.”

“That’s normal,” Dr. Hayes said. “We’ll be done in just a few.” Mallory could see the scope moving around the inside of his bladder, searching every inch.

It did only take a few minutes. Dr. Hayes announced that they were done and all seemed well and the scope was withdrawn in mere moments.

“You might notice a slight burning sensation when you urinate. Should pass within a few days,” Dr. Hayes said. “We’ll give you some information before you leave here today, okay?”

“Am I done now?” Eric asked.

“Well, we have a few more things to do. The next part though is just an x-ray. Should be painless of course. We’re going to be setting up for the part after that, which will involve a close look at your lower digestive tract. “


“Well, we’ll be inserting a scope inside your rectum, just as we did with your bladder. Nothing to worry about though. Takes just a few minutes.”

“Oh. Ummm… I don’t know if I can do that,” Eric said.

“It’s really not so bad. I can assure you.”

“What happens if I say no to that part?”

“If you don’t want to, that’s okay. However, without a complete screening, I can’t approve you as a demonstrator model. It’s up to you. You can always come back to do this part later, but the next opening isn’t for another few months.”

“Fine, I’ll just get it over with,” Eric said quietly.

“Alright. I’m glad you’ve decided to continue. We really are almost done for today. Go ahead and get up off the table. We’ll have you do the x-ray first.”

The nurse helped push the drapes aside and handed the gown back. He got up carefully but seemed eager to get the gown back on. He looked down at his feet, almost as if he couldn’t believe to be standing again.

“Mallory, you don’t need to come with me for the x-ray,” Eric said.

“Oh, okay. You’re sure?”

“Yeah. I can do that part on my own. Maybe get yourself some lunch or something?”

“Alright.” She turned to Dr. Hayes. “Where will he be afterward? In here?”

“Procedure room 1,” Dr. Hayes said. “Just on the other side of the hall. Give us about 45 minutes.”

“I’ll see you in a bit then.” She reached out and squeezed his hand. He glanced at her quickly but then returned to staring at the floor.

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