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Erin , Jeremy Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: You Always Remember Your First Time . . .

Author’s Note: I would like to thank agirl2envy for her help in this project. It is about her and I that this story is written. The names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Jeremy was very nervous. In just a few minutes he would finally meet her; actually meet Erin in person! His stomach was in knots. They had started chatting online a couple of months ago after he had sent her an email about her profile on .com. He was amazed how much they had in common. They were both very sexual (some would say perverted) and shared many interests outside of sex, if indeed there was such a thing.

He pulled into the Motel parking lot and took a deep breath and let it out slowly before shutting the car off and exiting it. He looked around the parking lot for the car she had described to him. He didn’t see it! A million thoughts raced through his mind. Where is she? She said she would be here! Did she chicken out? No She wouldn’t do that to me would she? No she wouldn’t back down from anything. That’s one of the reasons I love her so much: she’s fearless! But where is she? Did she get held up in traffic? Or did she get in an accident? No, that couldn’t be it. It just couldn’t happen. He quickly pushed the horrible thought from his mind, not even wanting to think about it but where could she be? Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I’m late. Maybe she was already here and has already left. Maybe I’m at the wrong place. He checked the name on the motel with the piece of paper in his hand. No this is the place. So where the fuck is she!

He looked around the lot again. Wait a minute is that her car? He wasn’t sure. It looks like I . . .t but I don’t know for sure. If it isn’t her car, and I walk up to it I’ll look like an idiot! But then again if I don’t and it is her, she might not notice that I am here. What do I do? As if in response to his unsaid question, the car door opened and out stepped Erin.

Erin was about his height and had shoulder length red hair. She stood 5′ 7″ and wore a black tank top that struggled to contain her 38 D breasts and very short jean skirt. And he knew from their past conversations that she was wearing a matching black lace bra and panty set underneath it all. She was a sight to behold a variable Sex Goddess standing there in the late afternoon sun. He just stood there dumbfounded by the sight of her, or more precisely, by the sight of her there for him.

Now, Jeremy found, he was more nervous than ever Erin grabbed a bag out of the car and closed the door and waved at him. There she is. Just a little way away. But what do I do? Do I run up to her and start making out with her right here in the parking lot? Or do I walk over and say hi. But if I do that I might seem dull to her. I don’t want to do that. But if I don’t do anything she might think there is something wrong. But I don’t want to seem to forward, or do I? I don’t know!! Erin again answered his unasked questions for him. She ran over to him, dropping her bag by his feet. She flung herself into his arms and kissed him deeply. He took her into his arms and swung her around gently.

“Hey baby,” she said seductively after her feet where once again firm on the ground. “God I have been waiting for that for months!” Jeremy smiled and placed another quick kiss on her lips and said, “Me too.

“Whatcha got in the bag, baby?” He asked with a knowing smile as his hand brushed against her breast. He felt her already stiffening nipples through her black tank top. They reacted instantly to his touch and became very, very hard. Her nipples really are sensitive, he thought

“Well,” she said thoughtfully. She paused for a moment, but whether it was to contemplate her answer or to enjoy the attentions that both of her breasts were now receiving, Jeremy did not know. Finally she said, “You’ll just have to find out.”

She pressed herself against him tightly. He could feel his rock-hard cock pressing against her. “Mmmmm, ” she moaned, “I can’t wait to get that inside me,” she cooed. They kissed again their tongues entwining with each other. When the finally broke the kiss, Erin said in a hoarse whisper, “Lets go get checked in.” Jeremy, speechless with anticipation, simply nodded his approval.

Erin broke their embrace reluctantly and turned around to pick up her bag. She bent over slowly and enticingly causing her short skirt to ride up her ass, revealing the bottom of her black lace panties. Jeremy moved right up behind her and pressed his ragging hard-on against the crack of her ass and gripped her by the waist. He heard a slight moan escape her lips as she slowly raised herself back up, rubbing her ass hard against his cock. She brought her head back against his shoulder and turned her head to face his. They kissed again, “God,” she said after their lips parted, “if you keep that up we won’t make it to the room.”

Somehow they managed pull themselves apart and made Beylikdüzü Escort for the front office. As they walked, Jeremy placed the palm of his left hand at the small of her back and let his fingers fan out over Erin’s ass. For once he didn’t even think about other people and what they might think, and if the thought had crossed his mind, he simply wouldn’t have cared what they thought. He was with a girl he found irresistible and had dreamt of for a long time.

They managed to contain themselves long enough to make it to the front office. They stood together waiting for the manger to retrieve their room key. Jeremy put his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly; letting his hands gently massage Erin’s large breasts. The manager returned with their key and eyed them a little suspiciously. “Probably wishing he was getting some too,” Jeremy whispered into Erin’s ear as he gently nibbled on it.

Erin turned her head towards him slightly and raised her eyebrow seductively, “You want to include him in the fun,” she asked a little louder than Jeremy thought necessary. “No, ” he replied as he squeezed her and pinched gently at her nipples, “I want you all to myself now.” He remembered how Erin had told him about all of the different things she had done: men, women, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, etc. Erin was a very uninhibited woman and he knew she would not be opposed to adding a partner, but right now he wanted her all to his self.

As they stepped into the room, Erin, who had entered first, spun around and embraced Jeremy pushing him against the wall next to the door. Not even waiting for the door to close, Jeremy took hold of the bottom of Erin’s tank top and pulled it up over her head. Meanwhile, Erin had busied herself with undoing Jeremy’s pants. As soon as her arms came loose from her tank top, Erin dropped to her knees and pulled Jeremy’s pants down with her, revealing a pair of thong panties, her thong panties, to be more precise.

She smiled up at him devilishly and cooed, “I’m so glad you wore my panties,” as she gently rubbed her soft, delicate hands over his length. “Me too,” was all Jeremy could mange to say.

Erin stood up and reached up under her skirt and pulled her black lace panties down and offered them to Jeremy, whom she knew had a huge panty fetish. He greedily snatched them up and put the crotch to his nose and inhaled deeply her womanly scent. He had never smelled anything more heavenly in his life. To further add to his pleasure, Erin had now pulled his ragging-hard cock from the confines of the borrowed panties. And had begun to tease it with her tongue.

She began by swirling her tongue around his engorged head, sucking it into her mouth at the same time. She dragged her lips down his length until her nose was buried in his thick and unkempt pubic hair. She, too, inhaled deeply, letting the little hairs tickle her nose before dragging her lips back up to the tip, sucking hard as she did so.

Jeremy felt like his cock had just been put inside a vacuum cleaner, a very wet and very hot vacuum cleaner. It felt wonderful! It had been so long since he had had sex that he had almost forgotten how good it felt. But as good as it had felt before, it felt nothing like right now! With Erin performing magic on his cock and her panties draped over his face, her heavenly scent filling his nostrils, he knew he wouldn’t last very long at all. He managed to groan something to this effect, and looked down at her. Her eyes locked with his as her head bobbed back and forth a long his length, and, between strokes, she managed to say that it was okay and that she wanted to taste his cum.

Jeremy continued to stare into her eyes as she moved her head expertly along his length. Jeremy began to feel the pressure build up in his loins, he knew he was about to cum, but then suddenly, Erin stopped her expert ministrations. He looked at her, confused. And then, with a little giggle, Erin took his balls into her mouth and began to suck them. She alternated between the two and then began to trace the bulging veins of his cock with her tongue. When she reached the tip she, again, sucked it into her mouth and sucked hard on it for a short while before retracing his veins back to the base of his cock.

Then gently cupping his balls in her delicate hands, Erin guided Jeremy over to the bed and had him lay back with his ass hanging over the edge. Using the pillows to prop himself up, Jeremy watched in fascination as Erin again swallowed his whole length. When she pulled her lips back to his tip, she released her vacuum-seal and dragged her tongue down the underside of his cock. She went all the way down to his balls but didn’t stop there and continued down to his asshole.

Jeremy jerked slightly as he felt her tongue swirling around his puckered hole. “Oh God,” he bellowed as she pushed her tongue into his hole. He pulled her panties to his face and inhaled Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan again. This has got to be pure heaven, he thought.

After a few minutes of eating his ass, Erin returned her attention to his cock but continued to lightly play with his ass with her fingers. The other hand was gently massaging his balls. Erin worked him expertly, bringing him again to the brink of orgasm. Sensing this, Erin moved so that only the tip of his cock remained in her mouth and began to suck very hard. Then, all at once, she jammed a finger up his ass and flicked her tongue into his sensitive pee-hole. Having a finger driven deep into his ass caused Jeremy to breathe in deeply, and with the panties on his face, her musky odor filling his nose. He could not contain himself any longer and shot his load deep down her throat. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever had, and he couldn’t wait for more.

Erin savored each blast of his cum as it hit the back of her throat. “Mmmmm,” she moaned in delight. “Baby,” she said, playing with the cum in her mouth, “that was great!” In the afterglow of his orgasm Jeremy mumbled something to the effect that he had saved it up just for her.

Erin smiled at him coyly and climbed up on top of his stomach leaned down and kissed him, saying,” thanks baby.” She then began to pull his shirt off. This made Jeremy a little self-conscious. He knew that he was by no means in great physical shape, but still felt that his body was at least adequate for what it needed to do. He was slightly over-weight and had a gut that he felt was too large, a set of “male-tits” to match. But it rarely bothered him, until now. What if she thinks I’m fat? I am fat. So how can I expect her to think differently? What if she doesn’t like my body? But she already sucked my dick (and gave me the best Damn blowjob I’ve ever had, but then again that doesn’t mean much). His thoughts were again racing through his head, but Erin soon laid his fears to rest as she bent down and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on it for a moment or two and then moved to the other and did the same.

“Okay,” she said after she had finished playing with his male-tits, “My pussy needs some attention.” Jeremy’s face turned a little ashen, he had only been with one girl before and she didn’t seem too overly impressed at his oral skills – not that she didn’t get off – but she gave him the sense that she had had better.

“What’s a-matter Hun?” Erin asked, concern in her voice. Jeremy explained the situation to her. To his surprise, Erin gave a relaxed, almost gleeful, sigh, “Is that all baby? Don’t worry about it.”

“But first . . .” she stood and pulled Jeremy to her chest. Jeremy buried his head into her amble cleavage as he unhooked her bra from the back. He greedily removed the garment and tossed it aside as he once again buried his face between her38D tits. As he licked, kissed, sucked and fondled every inch of her tit flesh his lips found one of her erect nipples. He began by circling her areola with his tongue, making concentric circles, each drawing closer and closer to her distended nipple. When he finally reached it, he swirled his tongue around it and drew it into his mouth and sucked with all of his might, trying to create a vacuum around it.

Jeremy then took Erin’s nipple between his teeth and, biting down gently, pulled on it. Erin Shuddered at the sensation and moaned deeply. Jeremy moved to the other nipple and repeated the process. He then switched between biting and sucking on the nipples as he moved from one to the other.

Finally Erin had had enough and said, between gasps for air, “Okay. Now its my pussy’s turn.” Erin shoved Jeremy back on to the bed, quickly dropped her jean skirt to the floor and climbed on top of him. She slowly dragged her steamy cunt up his body, making sure to rub herself all along the length of his cock several times before continuing on up. When she reached his neck she paused and said, “Alright babe, I’m easy to please orally. All you have to do is stick your tongue straight up and let me do the rest.” With a wink, she added, “I LOVE to ride!”

And ride she did. She fucked herself on his face as if she was trying to fit the whole thing into her pussy. Jeremy reached up and grabbed on to her large tits for support, as she fucked his face mercilessly. She didn’t let up until she had came twice, and, having done so, laid herself across his body, thus creating the famed ’69’ position. Erin began to lazily suck on his cock as Jeremy began to explore her pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers, wanting to get yet a third orgasm from her before he entered her. It didn’t take long for Erin to come, and this gave Jeremy a boost of confidence. Maybe he thought, I’m not as bad as that dumb bitch seemed to think. What the fuck did she know anyway, the prude. Fuck her! Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea. Yeah, fuck her the Escort Beylikdüzü way I wanna fuck and see how she likes it.

All of these thoughts disappeared however as Erin flipped herself off of him turned herself around and mounted him again. Not a word was spoken between them as Erin took hold of his manhood and lowered herself onto it. Jeremy watched, enraptured by the sight of his cock heading toward Erin’s pussy. The first thing he felt was the heat from her pussy as Erin slowly lowered herself onto him. As he felt the soft, delicate folds of Erin’s lips touch the tip of his cock, he threw his head back and moaned at the sensation. But he quickly brought his head back up and watched as his tip disappeared into Erin. The heat, the pressure, and the wetness of her pussy enveloped his rod. “Oh shit,” escaped his lips in a barely heard whisper.

Erin, unable to take he suspense anymore, dropped herself the rest of the way down his shaft. She moaned loudly as she felt herself spread from within. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” she bellowed as she began to drive her body up and down, impaling herself on his shaft.

Jeremy reached up and grabbed her tits and began to maul them with his hands as Erin fucked herself silly on his cock. Soon their voices filled the air in a chorus of pleasure and passion. Erin bent down onto Jeremy and kissed him deeply as she pounded herself onto him. Jeremy grabbed her ass and dug his fingers into it, pulling her up and down his cock. Erin managed to scream out that she loved it in between her sounds of pleasure. Knowing she liked it rough, Jeremy took one hand off her ass and quickly raised it up and brought it back down onto her ass. Erin howled in pain and pleasure at the sensation of her stinging ass. Jeremy repeated this with the other cheek and was rewarded with another scream of ecstasy. Jeremy began to spank her with abandonment, his mind clouded by the pleasure he was receiving in his loins.

Suddenly Jeremy felt that old familiar sensation in his balls, and he knew he was going to cum soon. But this time the sensation was multiplied many times over. It was incredible! “I’m gonna cum!” he bellowed.

“No,” said Erin adamantly and pulled herself off his cock.

Jeremy just lay there stunned. He was in shock. What happened? Was the only thought that was going through his mind. Erin kissed him deeply and said, “I want you to fuck my ass first.”

When she was satisfied that he was no longer on the verge of climax. She took his cock in hand and again lowered herself onto him, only this time she placed his head at the entrance to her ass. She didn’t use any lubricant; she uses her juices that had flooded out over her ass and his cock. Somewhere in the back of his mind Jeremy remembered that she said she liked it rough, and rarely used any lube.

Erin slammed herself down on his cock and screamed in ecstasy. This was Jeremy’s first time having anal sex and he was not prepared for just how hot and tight assholes can be. He almost came on the spot, but Erin would not allow that, she instead bent herself down and shoved her tits in his face. It took all of Erin’s willpower not to fuck herself silly on her inexperienced lover, but she managed to hold off enough until she was sure he could handle it.

She didn’t have to wait long before Jeremy began to slowly fuck himself in and out of her ass. Taking this as the sign that he was ready, Erin steadied herself, placing her hands on his chest and then began to impale herself up and down on his shaft. Jeremy grabbed her hips and began pounding up into her as she plunged herself down. On the up-stoke, he pulled himself out until only the tip remained inside.

The fucked each other furiously until neither could stand it anymore. Erin came first. Her pussy and rectal muscles expanding and contracting quickly milked Jeremy’s cum out of his cock.

The next thing Jeremy knew, Erin was back between his legs lazily sucking his limp dick. “Hey there honey,” she said when she realized that he had recovered. “Like it, did ya?”

It was then that Jeremy realized that he had passed out. Shit, he thought, I can’t believe I fucking passed out! Shit! She must think I’m a fucking wimp! His face twisted in frustration. And now I got a fucking limp dick! I probably won’t get it back up for a while, and that will fucking be great won’t it! There was so much that he still wanted to do with her and now . . .

Erin, seeing the anger on his face, realized what must have been going through his mind, cooed soothingly, “It’s okay baby. I don’t mind. In fact,” she said, an impish smile spreading across her face, “I want you to be well rested for this next part.” She stood slowly, revealing the lower half of her body, which had been covered by the bed. Jeremy gasped excitedly as he saw what she was wearing a strap-on dildo!

For quite a while now, Jeremy had had a fantasy that involved having a woman fuck him in the ass with a strap-on dildo. He was not gay, not bi, nor even bi-curious; he had no desire to have sex with another man and, in fact, was extremely turned off by the idea. However he did enjoy having his ass played with during sex (not that the only girl, besides Erin, that he had had sex with ever played with his ass).

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