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Erotic Dreams

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Normally when I have erotic dreams I can somewhat control them. What I mean by that is I can place people events, desires and other things into the scene and even if I wake up, be able to return to the scene to continue. I’m also most of the time fully aware of how my body reacts to these dreams. The feel of hands, the sounds of various things and yes even taste to some degree. Although this may be colored in sometimes abstract ways, it seems as if my mind at least has a handle on how and what is going on.

This particular night was a bit different. I saw all of this as if in third person but felt everything that was going on as if I was both observer and subject at the same time, and I had no control over the events; my mind was on its own.

A candlelit room, a mist seems to just cover the surface of the bed. In that mist a man is tied to the bed with silk scarves. A woman sits in a chair nearby, in sight, but her body in shadow. The only thing you can see is the flicker of the candle caressing her skin bathing her in a subdued glow. Her nipples erect and her sex showing obvious signs of her arousal.

The man on the bed can watch her but cannot touch due to the restraints but he is totally enraptured by what he is seeing as the woman on the chair slowly pleasures herself and talks to the man. Telling him what she feels. How wet she is. Where her fingers are and what it does when she strokes herself slowly building herself up to her release. His reaction is obvious. A quickened breathing, etiler bdsm escort his cock slowly getting hard, his slight struggles to get out of the ties but to no avail.

The woman’s throaty whisper continues. Teasing him, arousing him, her eyes watching as his body continues to react despite his best efforts to control it but alas he cannot. His cock is very rigid and pulses slowly. Precum leaks from the tip, he feels as if she touched his throbbing dick, all control will be gone and he’ll cum immediately. The tease has become almost painful to him but he is powerless to do anything.

The woman gets up and gets on the bed with him. He feels her nails doing a slow rake down his chest, just sharp enough but not enough to cause pain or marks. She continues down bypassing his raging cock and continues down his inner thigh only to return back up to his chest. She takes her hand, draws her fingers through her soaking cunt, and brings up to the man’s lips. Her scent invades his brain but she keeps her had just far enough from him so that he can only see the moisture glistening on her fingers.

She whispers to him, “you may have this, but only when I say so and not before.”

He groans lightly and lays his head back down waiting for her… She takes her hand a slides it over his lips, her taste there for him to enjoy, her scent filling his mind. She straddles his chest her pussy inches from his face. She reaches down and opens herself up, showing etiler elit escort the glistening moisture inside, the arousal of her clit, her heat flowing from within.

She tells him, “This is my gift to you. If you treat it right you will be rewarded.”

He is nearly crazy with lust as she brings her pussy up to his waiting mouth, his tongue reaching out to lap up the cream like a thirsty cat. His only desire now is to make her feel something. To make her drooling sex wetter, to make her cum like he so desires he could.

Her cries are music, her taste is divine. He works feverishly to bring her to orgasm even as she reaches down to pull his face closer to her pulsing cunt. Her breath shorter, her movements quicker, he knows that he has her almost to the point of release and he works harder, nipping at her clit, tugging on her lips, lapping along the inner reaches of her core. Right when he feels her about to release she pulls away slightly and lets go of his head.

“Not yet,” she gasps, “not yet.”

She slides herself down, crouching over his straining cock. Looking in his eyes she spreads her pussy and ever so slowly slides herself down on his pole. Slowly, so agonizingly slow she buries him inside her. She feels to head of his cock slid into her, that exquisite sensation as his girth fills her, sliding ever so slowly to reach her depths as a long breathy moan escapes her. Fully seated within her she begins to rise back up, his cock pulling etiler escort her lips as he withdraws, tugging deliciously on her erect clit. When she reaches the apex, she presses back down, feeling the invasion of his cock once again until fully seated within her churning depths. Her belly quivering, her pussy gripping his shaft tightly in an age old rhythm, arms no longer able to support her. She falls against him and wraps herself around him so as to fully possess him. Oblivious to her surroundings, her mind, breasts, and cunt all in tune for her impending release. Her body building toward the ultimate pinnacle of ecstasy, when he can no longer hold back, and splashes her seething pussy with his hot cream.

He watches as his raging cock disappeared inside her treasure, feeling her hands alongside his shaft as she presses down. Her heat engulfs him, her wetness like silk, and the grip of her pussy almost more than he can stand. He feels himself getting harder as she slides all the way down. He feels her reach behind herself to caress his straining balls. She leans forward, brushing her hard nipples over his chest and wraps her arms around his head and he hears her cries of ecstasy softly in his ears as she works herself ever so slowly up and down his straining hard cock, coating him in her nectar. He feels like he is being slowly fucked to death. Stroke by stroke she tortures him. His cock straining to meet her thrusts, and when the pleasure is almost too much for him to stand she senses his impending explosion and without missing a stroke whispers to him,

“Cum for me baby, cum get your reward.”

At this point I wake up. The images gone, the only thing left of the dream is the fading feel of her skin on mine, an ache in my balls, a very hard cock and the morning sun through the window…

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