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Eva and Daddy Ch. 04

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Big Tits

The story continues! Sorry about the delay. Please read the first three chapters to really be able to understand the characters (they aren’t long). And if you liked the story, please vote and comment!!! Thanks!


Out of the shower, Warren was confused. While stroking his rampant cock under the hot spray, the thought of burying himself inside his daughter’s sweet pussy had made sense. The actual reality of it, however, was significantly less so. Despite his desires, Warren was still a doting dad and a decent man — it was hard for him to just push the past 18 years aside. However, even being in a post-orgasmic bliss had not assuaged the throbbing in his loins, and Warren found himself at cross-purposes: to cherish or to despoil?

Luckily Eva had left for her beach volleyball game, so Warren decided to go to his office and get some work done instead. Hours later, he was still staring blankly at the designs for his latest project. Thoughts of Eva kept invading his mind, distracting him from his work. His cock had been in a constant state of semi-arousal and was begging for attention. Giving in, Warren unzipped his shorts, pushed down the elastic of his boxers, and released his prick to the open air. The tip of his penis was shiny with precum and the plum-shaped head angry and purple from neglect. Warren groaned in pleasure and relief as he gripped the root of his prick and started to stroke up in down. He fantasized about Eva, his petite daughter, with her perky breasts, puffy nipples, and lush, creamy pink pussy topped with her plump raspberry clit. His cock jerked in his hand as he imagined Eva laid out naked on his desk, one hand tangled in her auburn hair, the other buried deep between her wide-spread legs. In his imagination, she was a lush feast for his eyes, mouth and hands. “Yeesss…” he hissed through his teeth, eyes closed, as he firmly stroked his turgid cock. Masturbation had never felt so good, and it was all because he was thinking of his baby girl. His desire had reached a fevered pitch and he broke out in a fine-sheen of sweat as indescribable pleasure coursed through his body before centering on his prick. Furiously pumping, Warren was lost in his own world and didn’t hear the sound of the front door opening.

“Daaaad! Dad! Daddy, where are you?”

At the sound of Eva’s voice yelling his name, Warren felt a thrill run through him, panic mixed excitement at the possibility of being caught. That was all it took to push him over the edge – his balls drew tight as he grunted and came into a hastily assembled wad of tissues, his cock jerking with each spurt of cum.

“Daaaddy! I need your help, please!”

Guiltily, Warren stuffed his softening cock back into his boxers and did up his pants. “Yes, honey?” He replied, while walking up the stairs. At the top, he was shocked to find Eva covered in sand, leaning against the front door on her right leg. Her left ankle looked distinctly swollen, and she had a large abrasion on the outside of her left calf. “What happened?!” he asked, concerned.

“I twisted my ankle while diving for the ball in our last game, and then James accidentally tripped over me, landing on my back,” she whimpered. “So now my back and ankle really hurt, and I’m all covered with sand.” Eva’s eyes glistened with tears as she leaned against the door. “Could you help me daddy, please?”

“Of course, baby, anything you need. But first I think we should get you some pain killers” Warren scooped her up into his arms, taking her to the kitchen. Eva cried out, biting her lip, as he set her back down on a kitchen chair. “Sorry, hun, I’ll try to be more gentle next time.” After making sure she took some Tylenol and Advil, Warren asked, “What did you want to do?”

“I haramidere escort really want to take a bath. All this sand is making me really itchy, and I think the warm water will help relieve my sore muscles.”

“Sounds good. Let’s get you upstairs.” Warren carried her up to his en suite, “I think you should use my bathtub instead since there’s more space in here.” He placed her gently on the bathroom counter, and started to fill the pentagonal-shaped tub, with a seat/ledge in the upper corner, with warm water, throwing in some of Janine’s bath salts as well. Soon, the room was steamy and warm, smelling faintly of white musk. “There we go,” he said as he turned around. Eva was still sitting on the counter, biting her lip.

“Uhm … Dad…?”

“Yes, honey?”

“I..uhm…I need your help…”


“Well, my back really hurts when I try to take my shirt off… And I can’t bend over at all to take off my shorts…” Tears gathered in her eyes and started slowly trickling down her sandy cheeks.

“It’s okay, baby, don’t cry. I’ll help — it’s nothing I haven’t done before, even though it’s been a while. You’ll start to feel better soon.” Warren was glad his voice sounded so even, because his palms had started to sweat at the thought of undressing his daughter. Reaching towards her, he started to lift up her shirt. Unfortunately, she was unable to lift her arms up or bend her elbows without a significant amount of pain.

“Hold on a sec,” Warren said, running out of the bathroom. When he returned, he had a pair of scissors in his hand. “Sorry, baby, but it’s the only choice we’ve got,” and he snipped away at the seams of her shirt, until it fell away from her torso in pieces, revealing her white and gold bikini underneath. Warren tried not to stare. “Why don’t we just leave you in your bikini for the bath?”

“No, daddy … there’s a lot of sand stuck underneath my bathing suit, and it’s really uncomfy…”

“Okay, okay … if you’re sure…”

“Of course I’m sure. You’re my dad. I trust you.”

Warren gulped. He was glad one of them was sure. Reaching behind her, Warren grasped the strings of her bikini, readying himself to remove the final piece of clothing that was protecting her modesty. Pulling on the ties, he was mesmerized as the cloth seemed to fall away in slow-motion, revealing her smooth and perfect, peach-sized mounds, topped with luscious pink-tinged and puffy nipples, to his avid gaze. As he stared, he saw her nipples pucker and harden, standing at attention just as if he had actually touched them. He felt his cock start to stir in response.

Eva was ecstatic as she watched her daddy staring at her small breasts, and at the tell-tale bulge that was starting to appear in his shorts — she couldn’t have come up with a better plan. Stopping herself from pushing her chest out towards him (she didn’t want to make it too obvious), Eva shifted on the counter and said, “my bottoms too, dad.”

Startled, Warren’s gaze quickly flew to Eva’s face. Had she caught him staring at her breasts? Nothing on her expression indicated as much. Relieved, he grasped her hips and slowly pulled her off the counter and onto her good leg. Once she was stabilized, he knelt in front of her and undid the snap and the zipper of her shorts, before pulling them down. Now he was face-to-face with his daughter’s crotch, separated only by the thin layer of fabric of her bikini bottoms. Clearing his throat, he quickly pulled the ties on either side and stood up.

“Alright, sweetheart, let’s get you inside the tub.”

Although Eva was disappointed that her daddy hadn’t lingered and stared at her pussy, she içerenköy escort knew that this wasn’t over — not by a long shot. So she crossed her arms around Warren’s neck, and whimpered as he slowly lowered her into the steaming, fragrant water. “Mmmm,” she sighed as she closed her eyes and leaned against the sloping edge of the tub, “this is the best, dad.”

Staring at Eva’s exposed body, Warren’s cock felt like a length of iron inside his shorts. He was so hard, the seam of his boxers was starting to strafe against the sensitive crown, and he could feel trickles of pre-cum leaking out and dampening the fabric of his boxers. He gulped. This was bad.

“Daddy…” Eva murmured dreamily, “please help me wash my hair.”

Like a man in a trance, Warren obeyed, reaching out towards the bottle of shampoo. Eva briefly opened her eyes. “Why don’t you strip down to your boxers, daddy?” She suggested innocently. “That way you won’t get all wet.”

Startled, Warren looked down at himself. Could he? Should he? Although he knew he shouldn’t, Warren couldn’t refute Eva’s logic, and he started to undress. Pulling his shirt over his head, Warren wondered whether Eva was staring at him. Just the thought of his daughter’s gaze sent him into overdrive, and his cock started pushing out even more insistently against his shorts. Glancing at Eva again, he noted that her eyes were still closed. Good. Hopefully she hadn’t noticed his impressive erection. Quickly unzipping his shorts, Warren pulled them down and off, breathing a sigh of relief. It was way too constrained in there. Making sure Eva still hadn’t opened her eyes, he quickly reached down and adjusted himself, hoping to make the tenting in his boxers less obvious.

Eva watched her daddy through slitted eyes, pretending to be completely relaxed by the soothing water. She eagerly ogled his firm chest and abs, and the swelling in his boxers. Staring at the heavy bulge in his boxers as well as the damp spot in the front, her little pussy started to cream in response. This was going to be so good.

Warren sat on the seat in the corner of the tub and poured some shampoo into his hands before reaching out to wash Eva’s hair. “Mmmm…” she sighed, “this is the best.” Warren, staring at Eva’s body bobbing gently in the water, silently agreed. Once fully lathered, he instructed her to extend her neck, as he gently poured water over her red locks, rinsing them thoroughly. The position caused her back to arch, pushing her breasts out of the water. Warren watched, spellbound, as a droplet of water sluiced down Eva’s forehead, the side of her face and neck, and down the gentle slope of her breast, before being caught at the tip of her nipple. Suddenly, more than anything else in the world, Warren wanted to drink that one drop. Throat parched, Warren was slowly leaning in towards his goal, when he was startled by Eva’s voice.

“Daddy… can you help me wash up too? I can’t bend without hurting my back?”

Warren’s immediate objection was stopped by the sight of tears gathered at the corners of Eva’s eyes. Closing his eyes, he prayed for strength before soaping his hands. Starting with her arms, he slowly lathered his baby girl, his callused fingertips slick with soap as they rubbed every smooth bit of skin, every crevice. At her shoulders, he didn’t give himself time to stop and think, just continued on downwards in gentle, circular motions before cupping each of her tender young breasts in his hands, weighing, massaging, cleaning. Both father and daughter were captivated, their breathing labored and heavy in the steamy bathroom. Capturing her puffy, pink nipples, Warren pinched and squeezed them gently, rolling them innovia escort between his soapy fingers, watching them harden. With each tug on her nipples, Eva felt the electrical tingles travel straight down to her pussy. Wanting to moan, she held her breath instead, not wanting to break the spell.

Warren’s continued to glide his hands down Eva’s body, first tickling her ribcage, then her belly button, then moving all the way down to her toes and starting the gentle, cleansing massage all over again, from the bottom up. Hindered by his position on the small bench, Warren was so engrossed by his daughter’s body, he didn’t even realize it when he entered the bath and sat at Eva’s feet. The ache in his cock had spread throughout his body, steeping him in lust and incinerating all possible thought of stopping. He watched as his coarse hands washed her soft, pale skin, and was mesmerized by the contrast. Soaping, smoothing, soothing, he moved up to her knees, slowly spreading them apart as he traveled higher still. Before long, he reached his prize: Eva’s beautiful shaven mound, now completely on display beneath the clear water. Warren lifted both her legs at the knees and propped them on the edges of the tub, whispering hoarsely, “We need to clean you here, too.”

Re-lathering his hands, Warren reached down and slowly started to explore Eva’s pussy. The slickness of the soap on his work-roughened fingers was met by the slickness of Eva’s pussy-juice as it lubricated her cunny. Ecstatic, already close to cumming from her daddy so sensually exploring her body, Eva bit her lip and whimpered as she felt his questing fingers probing her juicy pussy. Eva moaned helplessly, pushing her hips upwards, as her daddy found her clit, rubbing it and rolling it under the pad of his thumb. Warren stared at his daughter, fascinated, as she gasped and panted under his tender ministrations, her entire body blushing with his touch. Separating her inner labia, he slowly buried one of his fingers deep inside her cunt, shuddering at the tightness of her sheath as it clenched around his finger. He thrust in and out a few times before trying to add a second finger. Daddy and daughter both moaned as her soft, snug pussy slowly gave way to the increased girth. Pushing them in all the way to his knuckles, Warren waited, giving Eva time to adjust, teasing her clit with his thumb, before again starting to thrust in and out.

Eva was in heaven. Her young body was smoldering and her pussy was throbbing, she had never felt such a deliciously aching fullness before. She felt as though all the world, the sun, moon, and stars, started and ended in her cunt. Pushing her hips, to meet each of her daddy’s thrusts, Eva mewled and moaned, playing with her nipples, as she felt the pressure rise tighter and higher than ever before. She was rushing with reckless abandon towards the best orgasm of her life, while simultaneously wishing that this moment would never end. Before long, Eva exploded, crying out as her pussy spasmed around her daddy’s fingers, each contraction trying to suck them deeper into her luscious pink cunny. Warren continued to gently pet her pussy as Eva drifted down to earth. As she relaxed, he quickly extricated himself from her body and the tub, wrapping a towel around himself. Briskly, he said, “Alright, now you’re all clean and ready for bed,” and before Eva knew what had happened, she was bundled up in her bed, still dreamily coasting on her post-orgasmic high.

Back in his room, Warren lay in bed wracked with guilt, but turned-on like never before. His cock felt like a lead pipe under a thousand tonnes of pressure. He couldn’t believe that had just happened. Staring at the fingers that had just minutes ago been buried deep inside his baby girl, Warren tentatively brought them to his nose and sniffed. Sucking them deep inside his mouth, Warren imagined he was licking Eva’s beautiful young pussy as he wrapped a fist around his cock and quickly brought himself to orgasm. Sated but yet still not satisfied, Warren slowly drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

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