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Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 26

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**Wednesday Morning**

I was a little disoriented waking up in the guest bedroom by myself but quickly remembered last night. My dick was hard; a combination of needing to take a leak and the memory of the blow job my three roommates gave me before I tucked them into my bed for the night. I stumbled into the bathroom Kate and Gina shared, flipped up the toilet seat and let loose. I glanced around while I drained the main vein and shook my head in wonder at all the different products and implements of beauty that cluttered the counter. Giving it the traditional three shakes, I flushed and put the seat down; yeah, I remembered, and tried to find something that resembled soap at the sink and washed my hands. I finally found a towel that wasn’t piled on the floor and made my way out of no-man’s land.

I swung through the kitchen on the way to my bedroom and took a couple swallows of orange juice right out of the carton (shhh…don’t tell). No big surprise, the girls were still sacked out, spooned together, front to back with legs and arms intricately intertwined. The sheet was also wound in and around and I’d like to have hung around to see if they could release themselves from their bonds. I quietly got dressed, managed to find all three foreheads and gave them each a parting kiss.


I’d swung through Mickey D’s early and had a questionably nutritious breakfast and was doing my best to resist temptation as I drove by Susie’s Donuts; I always get a craving for something sweet after a meal. The irritating jangle of the Bluetooth in my ear kept me on the straight and narrow.

“This is George,” I answered.

“Good morning George,” in three part harmony. Just like Charlie, my three angels were on speaker phone; my morning just got better.

“Good morning angels,” I laughingly replied.

“Hi baby,” Britt, my number one angel replied, the other two giggling in the background after they had done their part. “We thought we’d call you and thank you for last night.”

“Well if I recall, I should be thanking you,” I said, re-running the incredible sight of three beautiful women ravishing one-another and then giving me a three-on-one hummer I won’t soon forget.

“Yeah, that was fun; you have a very popular cock, Mister,” she laughed.

“Yeah, well what can I say; so what are you guys up to today?”

“Well, let’s see,” she hummed. “Kate will work on the photos she shot yesterday; weren’t those great?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I think we could have a nice niche there if we present it right. I still can’t get over how that one close-up looked like some kind of landscape. You could hang that anywhere, and if you didn’t tell anyone what the subject matter was, they’d never guess.”

“Yeah, I’m so proud of Kate; she was already talking this morning of definitely changing her major to art or graphic arts; something along those lines.”

“That’s right, don’t classes start next week?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re all set. She’ll just have to crash some classes. Professors are supposed to be on campus this week, so maybe I’ll suggest that she check in with some of them and see what the odds are of her crashing some of them.”

“That makes sense to me,” I replied. “So are you and Gina gonna figure out the wardrobe for the truck and the Hudson?”

“I’ve been thinking about that already,” she said with a little excitement in her voice. “You know how we talked about you and Gina doing the special calendar shots?” I could visualize her throwing the air quotes down on ‘special’. “Well how about some really, really, really small cut-offs; you know; some that will show off her fabulous butt and we’ll pair it with a string top. We can play around with the hard hat and maybe even a pair of work boots. Do you think that would be too much of a departure from just the bikini’s and cars?”

“I see what you’re saying, but girls wear shorts with bikini tops all the time. I don’t think anyone would notice the bottoms being shorts, especially if I’m imagining what you described,” I said.

“Okay, so we’ll work with that,” she said; “any ideas on the big car?”

“Well, I really did like the school girl outfit you wore.”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “I noticed. Since we’ve really done straight bathing suits up to know, I’m kind of thinking that the skirt is a real big change from the rest of what we’ve shot. I mean, there are some retro styles out there that kind of have a skirt on the bottoms, but I don’t know…”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I admitted with a sigh; “but I sure like that little skirt.”

“You dirty old man,” she laughed. “Well I’m sure we could use it in our shoot. Oooo…too bad we don’t have a chauffer’s uniform for you. You could be the lecherous chauffer that takes advantage of his employer’s little girl as he’s taking her to her private school!”

“You are something,” I laughed as I adjusted myself. “Between you and Kate, I think you guys have the makings for an adult movie company. You could be the writer and Kate could be the director.”

“That could be fun,” kurtuluş escort Britt replied in her Mae West persona. “What would Gina do?”

“Well,” flashing on last night’s events, “She could be your fluffer.”

“What the hell is a fluffer?” she asked.

“Well, she’d be the one who gets the male talent ready for the next scene, if you catch my drift.”

“Oh,” she snickered; “I get it. I take it Gina’s blow jobs are getting better.”

“Oh, they’ve always been good, but hanging around with the master,” implying Britt of course, “her skills have improved greatly.”

“Yeah, well practice does make perfect and we all love practicing on you, lover. Anyway, we’ll think about the Hornet some more and Gina will be more than happy to get in some more practice. I think she even has a pair of shorts we can use, but we may want to modify them a bit, if you know what I mean.”

“Alrighty then, I’ll leave that up to you experts. I have plenty to do getting worked wrapped up here,” referring to the construction work that has been my livelihood for many years. “I have a meeting with Mark this afternoon, so I may be running a little late. I’ll try to let you know, okay.”

“Sounds good babe; you have a good rest of the day and we’ll try to behave here,” she giggled.

“Alright,” I laughed; “I love you babe.”

“Love you more,” she replied in that husky voice once more and the line went dead.

**Early Wednesday evening**

Well it had been an interesting afternoon indeed. I hit the couple jobs we still had going and went to the office to meet with Mark. He sounded anxious on the phone earlier, which made me nervous as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. I hate surprises, so my mind makes up all the possible scenarios I could possibly be facing, and none of them were good. I had myself convinced that Mark had changed his mind and wasn’t retiring to a tropical paradise and I’d have to postpone my plans to be a full-time photographer; Britt would be crushed.

Instead, I’m whistling a happy tune, albeit out of key. I pulled up in front of the warehouse door and realized I didn’t have my remote control with me. I called Britt’s cell; “I told you not to call me on this phone,” she said in a whisper; “I don’t want my boyfriend catching us.”

I paused, looking at the screen to see if I had misdialed and put the phone back to my ear; nothing but silence. I waited and heard her breathing; I wasn’t sure what to do; what to say. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and started to laugh, “Baby… George baby, are you still there?”

“Uhhh,” was my intelligent reply.

“Lover, I’m sorry, I was just goofing with you. Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m sorry. I was in Never-Never land when I called and you caught me off-guard. That would have been kinda funny if I’d been awake.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said once more and I could hear the concern in her voice. “Is everything okay? Where are you?”

“Oh yeah, I’m just outside. Could you open the big door, I don’t have my remote.”

“Oh shit, yeah, I’m sorry…just a minute.”

I could hear her scurrying around and then the big door began to slide open. We were still on the phone as the big door opened wide. “What the …? George, is that you?” she asked, standing in the warehouse wearing next to nothing, brightly illuminated by the halogen headlights of the beast I was driving.

“Well you better hope it is, or you’re making a perfect stranger’s day dressed like that.” I laughed, ended the call and then hit the air horns.

“Holy shit,” I think she said, her voice drowned out by the thunderous echo that reverberated through the cavernous building. I pulled up to the front of the house I’d built inside the giant warehouse and shut it down just as Kate and Gina, dressed as scantily as Britt in what I could now see as lacy negligees’, came bounding out the front door.

“What the…George!” they screamed and then jumped up and down and clapped as I waved at them through the massive windshield. I pointed to the right, trying to direct them to come around to the passenger side and then pushed the button that opened the door and lowered the steps of the big motor home. I flipped a couple switches and the interior came to life as the girls cautiously ascended.

Except for the soft background music playing, there was silence. The girls stepped in, big eyed and open mouths, slow pirouettes, trying to take it all in. They were surrounded by exotic hardwoods, leather and stainless steel. Plush carpet and expensive window coverings; it was a lot to take in and they hadn’t moved from where they entered. There was much more to see further toward the back; but first Britt turned to me, still in awe; “Wow…who’s…?”

I walked around them and they turned and followed me with their eyes. I opened the fridge in the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of champagne, smiled at them and said, “Ours.”

“What?” came the chorus and I watched happily as the jumping and laughing began again. The skimpy bras levent escort and panties contained little as they hugged each other and then turned toward me. I smiled, popped the cork on the bottle and then made a hasty retreat to the back of the coach. All three were on my tail as I ran out of real estate. I managed to set the bottle on a side table and jumped onto the bed that took up the majority of the back of the bus; the girls piled on, hugging and kissing and tickling until we were all out of breath. I managed to move back and lean against the headboard and Britt snuggled up on one side, Gina on the other and Kate, well Kate was pretty well sprawled across all of us. It was a big bed, but not that big.

“So what’s the story, lover,” Britt asked, slipping her hand between the buttons of my shirt, her soft hand playing with the hair on my chest.

“First, Kate sweetie, would you mind getting up and getting the champagne flutes out of the cupboard. I think they’re to the right of the sink. You’ll see a button on the handle; that unlatches the cabinet.”

“Ooo,” she said as she inched off the bed and gave us all a great view of her perfect ass; “champagne flutes…how hoity toity we’re getting,” giggling and bouncing down the hall. Britt impeded my viewing by crawling over my chest and gave me a big, deep kiss; Gina turned my head and gave me a second one as Kate walked in with the crystal.

“Save some for me,” she said as she set the glasses down and filled them each about half way with the bubbly. Britt and Gina got situated beside me again as Kate handed them their glasses. Holding hers and mine, she nimbly crawled up on the bed and straddling my legs and knee-walked over me until she was situated right over my crotch. Settling down, she squirmed until she felt my response, smiled and leaned in for her kiss, her hands still holding our drinks. I held her waist, holding her steady lest she spill on the bed or the girls. Having had her fill of my tongue, she sat back up straight and handed me my glass.

It was evident that she was comfortable where she sat, so I took a sip and the girls followed suit. “Well,” I began; “first off, what’s with the silk and satin?” looking lustily at each scantily clad beauty.

“Well,” Britt answered, “we were inspired by Katie’s photo shoot yesterday, so we thought we’d surprise you. Looks like you outdid us again, so quit stalling, what’s with the rolling mansion?”

“Well, you know I had that meeting with Mark today, and he sounded a little off, so I was concerned that things had gone sideways with his plans. Anyway, when I got there, her poured me some of his thirty year-old scotch and said he had some things he needed to talk to me about. So shit, now I was nervous and I just shot that first drink and flopped onto his couch.” I took another sip and the girls stared at me, waiting for me to continue. “Anyway, Mark them proceeds to laugh, slapped me on the shoulder and refilled my glass. Turns out that he’d met with his accountants the other day, you know, to go over all the books and getting ready for the big move. Anyway, it turns out that he was in much better shape financially than he thought and that he was going to have to pay a butt-load of taxes. They started really dissecting everything he has and they came upon this motor home. I didn’t know he even owned it and I guess Mark even forgot he had it. Seems he took it in lieu of getting paid for a job and it’s been in storage for a year or two. Anyway, they found some way of writing the thing off or down or something like that and since he can’t sail it to his new island home, Mark decided he didn’t need it, so here it is, part of my severance package.”

“You mean he just gave it to you?” Kate gasped, not entirely from my story; she hadn’t stop rubbing on my cock through my pants since she’s sat down.

“Yeah, pretty much I guess,” as I toyed with the lace that framed Gina’s D-cups. “There has to be a bill of sale for the title transfer, so I’ll pay him some nominal amount so that we can truthfully say he sold it to me. After that, it’s mine, or ours,” looking at Britt and giving her a kiss, “depending on whether I take ownership or the business does. I guess we need to talk to someone and see what makes the most sense.”

“Well they say timing is everything,” Britt replied, moving up more onto my chest and giving me another kiss. “I was putting together a list for Saturday like you mentioned earlier and it became obvious pretty quickly that we were going to have to caravan out to the ranch, what with the five of us and all the clothes and equipment. Now…?”

“Well, that’s one vote for the company owning this rig,” I nodded; “mobile studio, dressing room, office,”

“Movie set,” Kate interjected, rocking back and forth some more.

“Love nest,” Gina piped in, slipping one firm tit out of her tiny bra and moving it to my lips. I happily suckled while Britt sat up to kiss Kate as they played with each other’s breasts.

After working each other up, we leaned back to catch our breath; maçka escort “So how many will it sleep?” Britt inquired, pulling Kate off my lap and into hers.

“Well depending on,” then catching a breath as Gina took the opportunity to slip her hand under my waistband and grab a handful of hard-on, “depending on how many decide to sleep in here and how cozy you want to be in the other beds, I’d say there is room for six or seven very comfortably.”

Britt had both hands full of the little ones tits and was really working her nipples. Kate’s head hung back on Britt’s shoulder, moaning in her ear while her own hand had snuck down into her micro-panties and slowly strummed her pussy. Leaning over, I kissed Britt; our tongues dueled for control as Kate squirmed in her lap. Not one to be ignored, Gina leaned over me and tried to get in on the kissing. After a frustrating bout, Gina asked, “Is it too early to christen the new ship?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Britt panted just as Kate slid around until she had one of Britt’s tits in her mouth and her hand buried between the blondes toned thighs.

“Where to, Captain?” Gina’s eyes wide with lust.

“How ’bout the Captain’s seat?” I suggested.

“Aye Aye sir,” she said with a sexy grin as she moved off the bed and held her hand out to help me up. No sooner were off the bed, then Kate and Britt were sprawled over it, pulling off what little they wore. The sounds of their lovemaking followed us down the hall to the front of the coach. Standing in what I guess would be considered the living room; Gina stood before me and began to undress me. Her eyes never left mine as she worked her way down, cursing my boots under her breath until they were finally off. Her eyes still locked on mine, she took me in her mouth. Just her beautiful brown eyes locked on mine were enough to make me hard; her soft lips and tongue made me light-headed.

My turn, she stood stone-still as I reciprocated. Not having as much to do, I lingered as I went, kissing each nipple, lapping at her belly-button. On my knees, I pulled the transparent panties down and kissed the top of her sexy slit, eliciting a soft moan. Not done yet, I ran my hands up and down one leg and kissed her hip, spinning her until I faced her perfect ass. I placed a kiss on each cheek as I explored her other leg. She shivered as I slid my tongue in and licked my way up between those firm hemispheres. Unable to resist, I spread her cheeks and she instinctively bent forward, grabbing the arm of a couch as I probed her ass with my rolled-up tongue. Her arousal had me ready to set sail and I stood and led her to the helm. I took my seat, folding the armrests out of the way and she stood in front of me with room to spare. Looking down, she acquired her target and plotted her course, straddling the Captain’s seat of power.

Slowly, with my hands on her hips to help her guide her way, we made contact. Her pussy lips sucked the drop of pre-cum that sat on my blunt tip. Gina shuddered as my cock split her wet lips, her inner heat burning me. A cry of ecstasy echoed from the far reaches, followed immediately by an equally loud howl of elation that only Kate could emit. Deaf to all others, my Amazon slowly made her descent; “God I love your fucking cock in my pussy…sooo fucking big…ohhh sooo fucking good,” as she finally bottomed out. Her pussy rippled along my length as she just sat there with her eyes closed and chewed on her lower lip. I just sat there too and watched her facial expressions change as the sensations I felt on my cock changed as well. Her pussy worked my cock, her inner walls undulating, trying to swallow me, take me deeper.

Sensing she had all I had to give, she opened her big brown eyes and took a deep breath and then smiled; “Permission to fuck you, Captain?”

What was with all the role playing I asked myself, not stupid enough to ask it out loud and ruin a good thing; “Carry on,” I replied.

Putting her hands on my shoulders, she pushed up and I felt the cool air on my pussy-soaked dick. Almost to the top, she dropped back down, her pussy hugging me tight. Leaning, she bowed her back enough to give us both an unobstructed view of her cunt swallowing my cock, over and over again. Mesmerized by the view, we were unaware of the goings on around us. A soft tickle on my shoulder and a whisper of breath gave her away; “Enjoying yourself there, Captain?” my first mate whispered in my ear as she looked over my shoulder. Gina kept up a steady rhythm; a long slurping sound accompanied each upstroke. “So fucking hot,” Britt whispered in my ear, running her tongue around it.

A tiny squeak got my attention and I glanced to the right. Little Kate, bare-ass as the day she was born was perched on the massive dashboard that was big enough for her to sleep on comfortably. Leaning against the window post in the corner, she had one leg on the dash and the other spread wide, dangling provocatively. She was watching the show, one hand pulling on an erect nipple while the other sluiced two or three fingers in her soaked snatch and then rubbed her clit almost viscously. My cock didn’t stand a chance, visual stimulation to my right, physical stimulation in front of me on my cock and Britt’s bare breast on my shoulder, her tongue slithering around in my ear; “Your cock looks it’s ready to blow there, Captain.”

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