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Exit 199

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I am sitting in my truck in the parking lot of the motel when you pull in. I haven’t seen you in years, other than pictures. I’m not disappointed as you get out of your car and saunter over to my truck from two parking spaces away. As I watch you walk my eyes take in your sexy body from your toes to the hair on your head. The curve of your hips to your ample breast that are so enticing. I can’t take my eyes off of you.

You walk up and lean in and give me one of the wettest kisses I have ever had. You stop kissing me long enough to say hello, then your lips are on mine again as your tongue enters my mouth and wrestles with mine. You break the kiss again and tell me the room is already paid for and you give me the room number. Turns out you have already been here and you have set up the room for our very much anticipated meeting.

As we enter the room I notice the candles that are lit and burning around the room, and the light music coming from the radio you brought and have playing. As you close the door we attack each other again. Our hands are all over each other. We can’t touch each other enough. My hands have found the hem of your shirt and lift. We break our kiss long enough to remove this article of clothing then we are kissing again. We are kissing and fondling, as though these two things are the only thing keeping us alive.

I stop and back up as you seductively remove the rest of your clothes; I stand mesmerized at the sight of your love never lies poland izle body, and come back to reality as you start to remove the rest of my clothes. You drop to your knees and ever so slowly you take my hard cock in your hand and lick from my balls to the tip, where it is now leaking the clear pre-cum. You then with ease take my hard 8 inch cock all the way in your mouth and down your throat, and suck with all your might, I almost lose control right then and there, but you pull back and let my cock slip from your wet mouth. You then inform me you have no Gag reflex and you can deep throat with ease and devour my cock again. My hands on your shoulders and my mind in a fog I watch in amazement as you suck my cock.

Before you make me cum, I pull you off my cock, reluctantly, and pull you to your feet. I spin you around and push you towards the dresser. I bend you at the waist and you steady yourself with your hand on the dresser. I squat behind you and admire the beautiful sight in front of my. Your beautiful bald pussy just inches away from my face. I can smell your musky, wet, sexy smell, and that is all I need to know I am going to eat your pussy till I make you orgasm. I lick from your clit to your asshole and make you shiver. I then start licking and sucking till your legs are shaking so much you almost fall. So I stop and lead you to the bed and lay you down on your love off the grid izle back and then resume eating you wet pussy for all I’m worth.

As I am licking your tight wet pussy and sucking your hard little clit, I rub a finger on that tight little rose bed asshole, It is already wet with the pussy juice coming from your over heated pussy. I stick my finger in ever so slowly and that is all it takes to send you over the edge and you grab the back of my head and force my face into your wet pussy so hard I think I may suffocate before your orgasm subsides. You are now screaming in the early onset of orgasm. I have my finger in your ass and am wiggling it around, making your orgasm last that much longer.

I get up while you are panting, trying to recover, I remove my finger from your ass and grab my hard cock and slam into your wet pussy. I start fucking you hard and you begin to yell out FUCK ME, and begin to orgasm again. I know I won’t last long, so I am slamming into your wet pussy so hard the head board of the bed is banging against the wall. If anyone is in the room next to us they will not be sleeping due to the noise we are making. I cum so hard with the first squirt in your pussy, I pull out of your wet pussy and squirt the remainder of my cum all over the the front of you, it hits you in the face and all over your tits.

As we both settle down a little bit you scrape my cum from madoff the monster of wall street izle your body and lick it off your fingers and tell me you want more. Then you roll over onto your side and grab my ridged cock and start sucking it again. You pull my cock from your mouth and seductively tell me you want it in your ass. I am more than happy to accommodate your request and back up from the bed causing my cock to slip from your wet lips and I push you on over onto your stomach. I pull you to the end of the bed till your feet are on the floor but you are still lying on your stomach on the bed. I move in between your legs and force them open wider. I bend down and tongue your asshole a little to make sure it is well lubed. I then stand and take my cock in one hand as I use my other hand to spread your ass cheeks. I stick my cock to your asshole, and it doesn’t want to let my cock in at first. But with a little pressure my cock head finally slips in past your asshole muscle. I keep pushing a little at a time, inch by inch, until I am in your ass up to my balls. As I start to pull back out, you are moaning in ecstasy. And I can just make out what you’re saying. You are repeating “FUCK ME” over and over.

That is all I need to hear to let me know what you want. So as my cock starts to slide in and out of your ass easier, I start gaining speed. I am fucking your ass hard and fast now and you can only grunt with every thrust. I am fucking you silly!!! You have orgasm so much there is a steady stream of pussy juice coming from your twat. We have natural lubricant for the ass fucking I’m giving you and we also have a nice big wet spot on the floor under us. I thrust one last time into your ass and I cum hard again, and collapse onto your back. I just lay there for a few minutes before I roll off and we both crawl onto the bed and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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