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Exploring Their Fantasies

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“I thinking about divorcing Nicholas,” Nessa Simons told her best friend as she mulled over whether or not to have a third glass of wine.

Silvia Ford immediately shot up in her chair, nearly spilling her second glass of a lovely Chablis. “What are you talking about? I’ve always thought you had a wonderful marriage, Nicholas is so loyal and rock-steady.”

“He’s also about as interesting as a rock,” Nessa sighed and decided to live it up a little. She had no trouble attracting the sommelier as the two lovely women had created quite a stir upon entering the lovely bistro. Both were tall and busty with amazing bodies. Nessa, with her chestnut-colored hair in a pony tail, had worn a low-cut white blouse and a short red skirt. On her long legs, she wore four-inch, spiked red heels. Her raven haired BFF had opted for a black blouse, also displaying ample cleavage and a grey skirt a bit less modest than her best friends. Not to be outdone by her one-year younger sibling, her heels were black, five-inch stilettos. The two friends ordered more wine and resumed their conversation, hoping the gawkers would not overhear.

“Are you saying that Nick is dull?” Silvia asked her oldest friend, looking into piercing blue eyes that were eerily identical to her own. Aside from their physical attributes, it was one of the few things they had in common.

“Lord yes, he’s beyond the dishwater stage,” Nessa groaned, hoping her wine would get her soon. She was so frustrated that she actually was contemplating getting drunk. She hadn’t done that since their sorority days. “You’re certainly right about him being loyal and dependable, but that’s part of our problem, Sil. He doesn’t change. We’ve been married for over 5 years and almost nothing has changed, not one blessed thing.”

“Things are stagnating, is that what you’re saying?”

“Things have stopped dead in their tracks,” Nessa told Silvia, who grimaced at her admission. “Especially where our sex life is concerned.”

“I’m listening, go on.”

“I want to spice up our sex life, do new things in bed,” Nessa sighed. “I want to experiment. My friend Julie, from work – she’s really into kinky stuff and she’s always sharing stories with me on lunch. She’s married too, but her husband is very open-minded. They’ve done a lot, but her favorite gets me all hot.”

“What is her favorite?”

“She and her husband are really into alternative ways of fucking – doggy style, spoons, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl – but every time she tells me about anal sex, I get turned on! I want to try it, but Nick won’t go for it,” Nessa complained.

“I’ve tried it a number of times,” Silvia said to her best friend. “It isn’t my favorite, but it’s fun every so often. You’re right, neither one of us is 30 yet. We’re both too young to have dull sex lives; we should get a little wild and crazy sometimes.”

“I don’t know what to do about it,” Nessa sighed. I figure if I divorce Nick, once the dust settles, I can find a lover and experiment in whatever way I choose,” she smiled as she took another sip of wine. “The sky’s the limit!”

Silvia’s face took on a crooked little smile. “Don’t do anything just yet. What if I told you I could make your fantasy happen? Would you be interested?”

“Very,” Nessa said, sobering up despite all of the wine. “What do you have in mind?”

“Uh-uh, not so fast. I’d want a little tit-for-tat, still interested?”

“Okay, that depends. What do you have in mind?” Nessa asked suspiciously.

“My boyfriend Adam has a wonderful cock and it’s perfect for anal,” Silvia told her best friend. “I’d be willing to let him fuck you – if you’d do something for me.”

“Which would be …?”

“I want to be there … and I want to participate.”

“What? You want us to have a threesome?”


“But – we can’t! First, I’ve never been with another girl …”

“Neither have I.”

“Okay, then there’s the fact that I’d probably be self-conscious with someone else in the room – and let’s not forget the most important thing, you’re my BEST FRIEND!” Nessa said, raising her voice.

“Yeah, but you see, this is the deal,” Silvia said, still cool as a cucumber. “You get your fantasy and I get mine. I’ve wanted a threesome for a long time and Adam is all for it. I’ve had fantasies about women for a long time but I haven’t been able to approach one. Until today.”

“But – you and I, we’re …”

“… best friends, yes, I get it. Eryaman Escort That’s the thing – that makes it hotter! I’ve had fantasies about you – dirty fantasies. Lesbianism gets me hot Nessa, really hot. You should see my stash of lesbian porn! The thought of us making love, while Adam watches and fucks us both – it makes me wet, do you want to see?” Silvia said, grabbing her best friend’s hand to move it under her skirt.

Nessa yanked her hand away, but not before she could feel the heat from between her best friend’s legs. “This is crazy, we can’t do this! Our having sex is wrong, didn’t it used to be illegal around here?”

“Who cares? So was sodomy years ago and you want that. Our having sex is only wrong if you think it is – and I don’t. I have a hot, sexy best girlfriend and the thought of you being my first girl turns me on. We’d be each other’s firsts too, unless you’ve …?” Nessa shook her head “Okay, so I’m right. Tell me this dirty little scheme doesn’t intrigue you, just a little. If you can honestly say that it doesn’t, I will drop the subject, right here and right now.”

Nessa couldn’t say that, damn it! Once the idea had been put forth, her own curiosity began to get the better of her. There had been a few opportunities to be with women over the years, but she knew that Nicholas would have gone ballistic. Frankly, that was no longer a concern. While she wasn’t ready to end her marriage just yet, she was ready to venture forth and experience new things. A clandestine affair with another man or woman could be easily discovered. A tryst with her closest friend and that friend’s boyfriend wouldn’t arouse any suspicions. She met Silvia for lunch and dinner all the time and Nicholas knew that she liked to dress up for these occasions, such as she had done today. He didn’t like it very much, but his wife was strong-willed and he had learned to live with it.

“You’ve been spaced out, for like, 5 minutes,” Silvia laughed as she finished her wine. Now she was contemplating dessert. “I was right, wasn’t I? Once you got past the ‘best friend’s doing it’ thing, the idea has some appeal to you.”

“Okay, I admit it,” Nessa sighed as the dessert cart was wheeled to their table. She looked at a raspberry torte and wondered if she dared. Throwing caution to the wind, she went for it. “We’d have to be really careful, no one could ever find out about this. We could get in real trouble – or I could, Nick would divorce me over this, in a heartbeat.”

“Yes, but I doubt anyone would even suspect that we were all having sex,” Silvia said quietly. “Not two respectable ladies like us,” she giggled naughtily.

“Hey, we haven’t even discussed how Adam might feel about all of this. I understand he’s up for two girls, most men are. But might he not freak out at seeing two girls doing the nasty? How can you be sure that …?”

Silvia laughed. “You need to watch more porn,” she teased her sibling. “Most guys have a two girl or twin thing, it is the ultimate fantasy. Baby, we’re going to blow his fucking mind. We can really slut it up for him and when the two dirtiest gals in town get through with Adam, he’ll be walking funny – if he CAN walk, that is,” Silvia grinned.

Nessa laughed along with Silvia as she waited for her dessert to arrive. Already, she was accepting of the new situation. “Just how do we go about making all of this – you know, happen?” She questioned.

“I’ve actually been giving that some thought,” Silvia told her. “I think you should come over Friday night for a barbecue. I remember that Nick doesn’t like eating outdoors. We can go for a swim and tease him in our skimpiest suits, wear that scandalous silver Lycra one Nick hates. You can also bring some really slutty lingerie, bring it in an overnight bag. We’ll get a buzz on and I’ll insist you can’t drive. After all that, we’ll spring our little surprise on him. We can really tramp it up and show him what two hot lesbian sluts can do when they let their hair down.”

“You really don’t have any problems with this, do you?” Nessa asked her girlfriend, still tempted to pinch herself to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming.

“Not a one,” Silvia answered honestly, enjoying the carrot cake she had ordered for herself. It was rich, huge, delicious and thick enough to stop a bullet. “I’m young, beautiful, successful and under 30. What’s the point of having all of that if I can’t live to enjoy Sincan Escort myself?”

Nessa sighed and took another forkful of the torte. It was even better than sex – well, at least sex with Nick, anyway. “I guess you’re right. Nick is going away on Friday for a few days, so I won’t even have to make an excuse. I have a new pair of leather pants and boots I’ve been dying to wear, I bought them with my own money and didn’t tell Nick I’d got them. The pants are so tight that they cut off my circulation, but I think they might have the desired effect,” she laughed to her best friend.

“I’m not sure who will be more turned on, me or my boyfriend,” Silvia grinned wickedly.

“Does it really matter?” Nessa asked, playing along. “In the end, we’re all going to get what we want.”

“You can count on it,” Silvia said as she spurred her chum along. “I’m going to do everything to you and with you that I’ve ever thought about. I’m going to blow your fucking mind and poor Adam won’t know what hit him. I have a feeling that once we get started, none of will want to stop.”

The rest of the week seemed to fly by. Nessa didn’t mention her plans to her husband, she saw no need. The old Nessa would have let him know, almost as if asking permission. Why bother? She was only having dinner with her best friend and Adam. Maybe nothing would even happen, perhaps they would all chicken out. Nessa shook her head because she knew that wasn’t going to happen. They were in too deep even without making a single move.

The “day of”, Nessa prepared herself as if she were attending an Oscar party. Every single detail was checked and re-checked. She looked every inch the vamp, almost slutty – but not quite. Instead of her practical “family” car, she drove the classic Stingray she almost never used. When she showed up for the barbecue, Adam’s eyes kept following her around. Her outfit had the desired effect. So too, did Silvia’s. The curvaceous brunette had worn a leather mini that made her outfit from the other day look like a nun’s habit. Had she worn it in public, she might have been arrested for indecent exposure. The tight skirt barely covered Silvia’s beautiful bubble butt. Nessa had never really thought about her best friend in a sexual manner before. Everything about Silvia cried out “hot”, her face, dark hair, her eyes, tits, long legs and her gorgeous ass. She could see why Adam loved to fuck it – she wanted to see it fucked and maybe, if she could get daring enough, do that herself with a vibe or dildo. This would be a day of firsts for all concerned.

The food was good and Silvia had picked out a nice bottle of wine for them to drink and to help lighten the mood. Nessa enjoyed herself, although she refrained from drinking as much as she had during their luncheon. She wanted to have her wits about her because she knew she’d be needing them. Once sober enough for it to be safe, she suggested to Silvia that they all go and have a swim. Adam would be powerless to resist once he saw the two curvy beauties in their skimpy swimsuits.

The women had not been idly bragging when they said Adam would be powerless to resist. The Lycra suit was scandalous, so too, was the black one Silvia wore that showed more skin than it covered. It was a one piece, but it was all laces in the front that showed off her toned, tanned body. The two horny women swam in the pool and moved close to poor Adam, flaunting themselves. Nessa was a bit surprised that the pool water didn’t start to boil. She knew her body temperature alone could have accomplished that. She wasn’t sure who was making her hotter, her best friend or the powerful hunk she was dating. When they got out, they told Adam that they needed some “sun”. Nessa and her best friend both removed their tops and got out some tanning lotion and started to rub it on each other. “Rub” wasn’t actually the correct term – “caress” would have been more apropos. Nessa no longer cared about the implications of lesbianism, because she knew Silvia had been right – this was hot! As Nessa rubbed and caressed her gorgeous best friend’s big tits, she looked at her beautiful face and saw how aroused Silvia was. It was getting to both of them, so she wondered how it was affecting Adam. “Is he watching?” She asked her best friend.

“Wouldn’t you be?” Silvia said, her voice now husky and low. She called out to her boyfriend. “What do you need Adam, an engraved invitation? Etlik Escort The two of us are taking this indoors and you’re a smart boy, you’ll follow along and join in the party.” Both women left their tops off and went inside and up the stairs. Even if Adam chickened out, they wanted to share some best friend lezzie loving. With eager laughter, they fell on the bed and got out of their suits. Their bodies were still glistening as they touched each other intimately. “You shave!” they both said at the same time and burst out laughing. The laughter didn’t last too long, as kisses and soft moans replaced that sound. Their lovemaking had begun in earnest, hands and lips sought out each other’s secret places. They were already in a sixty-nine when Adam entered the room. He was stunned by the boldness of the two crazy women. Neither seemed aware of his presence, their tongues were sluicing in and out of each other’s cunts. Adam did not intend to be so foolish as to just stand there and watch. He shucked his suit to the floor and joined the curvaceous girl-girl lovers on the bed.

It was Nessa who first looked up from her erotic task to discover that they had company. She really didn’t want to stop having sex with Silvia, making love to her best friend was so sensual and loving. She hoped that she had been able to convey those feelings to Silvia with her limited skills. One thing for sure, Silvia had been getting her off. She looked at Adam and saw his cock and smiled. Silvia had been right, it was the perfect cock if a girl wanted to take it in the ass. Not too thick and nice in long. He would go in deep and make her feel packed. She and Silvia shifted so that they could each suck his dick. When he was rock-solid, Silvia stated “She wants you to bugger her.” Adam looked at his raven-haired lover as if she might be putting him on, yet she wasn’t. Nessa nodded her agreement, so Adam shrugged. He had wanted to fuck her pussy, but that would happen soon enough. He lubed up his cock while the girls played a bit more. Silvia was rimming her best friend to get her used to something back there and to relax her. When Silvia gave Adam the signal, in he went, inch by inch.

Nessa gritted her teeth and grunted as the long, wonderful cock entered her butt. She felt exactly how she had wanted to feel. She felt like a slut, a wanton woman, someone totally in charge of her own sexuality. Adding to her excitement was her best friend, underneath her was Silvia, licking her big tits and stroking her pussy and clit while her man fucked Nessa. It was good, fuck that, it was wonderful! “Ahhh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck my dirty ass,” Nessa cried out and she trembled at the feeling. She was going to do this again, not every night, but again. Her orgasm was loud and incredible.

“I could actually feel you cumming,” Silvia laughed as she moved out from underneath her best friend’s body. Adam’s cock slid out of Nessa’s pussy, still solid as a rock. The best friends were kissing and fondling again.

“Shit, that is hot,” Adam told the girls, who nodded and laughed. They swooped down on him to lick him and keep him hard. “I want to fuck your pussy now, is that okay, Nessa?”

“Yeah baby, you can stuff Nessa’s cunt,” she said with a grin. She was even talking more like a slut would talk. She and Silvia were still fondling and playing to keep up the heat.

“I have an insanely kinky idea,” Silvia said. She ran to her walk-in closet and came out with a large, flesh-colored dildo. She strapped it around her waist and smiled evilly at her best friend. “We’re gonna have another first tonight – my BFF’s first-ever DP. I’m gonna fuck your ass while my man fucks your pussy. Can you handle that, bitch?”

“I can handle any fucking thing you two can think up, slut!” Nessa snapped back. She got ready, knowing a dual invasion would likely hurt a tiny bit, but she wanted that pain. She welcomed that pain, it made her feel alive and like she could take on the world. She was on all fours, but oddly, her best friend moved her so that her pussy was riding Adam’s cock, while she slid the fake dick inside Nessa’s ass. It was an odd position, but when Nessa felt her best friend’s hands fondling her tits, she realized why Silvia had arranged them thusly. All Nessa cared about was the delicious, nasty feeling of two cocks invading her needy body.

“God, she’s a hot fucking whore,” Silvia grunted as she fucked her best friend’s butthole. “I wish I’d known about this earlier, I’d have had her in bed with us ages ago.”

“Don’t worry about it, Nessa,” Nessa said between gasps of breath. “Starting tonight, the three of us will be making up for lost time.” She was already calculating all the perverted things that she wanted to do to Silvia – and some of those things wouldn’t even require Adam to be there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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