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Falling Off The Horse

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“Diane, you need to get laid,” my long time friend Joan is telling me. “You can’t keep moping around just because you caught that bastard cheating on you. He was fucking half the women in town before he met you and will continue, it’s just his nature. He makes a pass at every female he meets. He even made a pass at me.”

“But the sex was so good,” I tell her. “Why would he need anyone else?”

“It has nothing to do with you. I’m sure you’re right, the sex was good. Maybe great. That doesn’t matter to guys like him. They can’t be faithful. It’s probably an ego thing, he always needs to conquer someone new. Instead of being sad, you should be glad you found out so early.”

“Well, I’m sure you’re right. And maybe I’m missing the sex more than him.”

“That’s why I’m telling you, you need to get laid. Need to discover that you can have great sex with someone else. Like the old saying goes, when you fall off the horse you should get right back on. Sitting around crying about it is a waste of time, you need to get back in the sack with a guy. Tonight after nine, there’s a DJ at the Hyatt, it’s almost like a meat market, so many girls and guys looking to get hooked up. We should go there and get you with a good looking guy.”

“You’re probably right. But I just came to see you for the day, I’m in jeans, I don’t have anything to wear to a place like that. Maybe some other time.”

I’ve got something you can wear. In fact, I have the perfect thing for you to wear, a little red dress, c’mon, lets see how you look.”

I follow her into the bedroom, She goes to the closet. “Joan, the reason I knew the sex with Charlie was so great is that most of my experience has been not great, sometimes just awful. The chances are, if I do manage to meet a guy at the hotel, the result could be awful instead of great. In fact, it most likely will be. I shouldn’t do this.”

“Diane, what’s the difference between great and not great sex? It’s having the guy pay attention to you, care about you instead of just sticking his cock in you and getting off. It’s having a guy that will eat your pussy, isn’t it?”

“Uh, I’ve never really thought of it as blunt as that. . . . but, yeah, you’re probably right.”

“So if a guy seems like he’s going to whisk you off for sex, just ask him if he eats pussy before you go with him.”

“I couldn’t do that. How could I ask a stranger something like that?”

“Diane, you’re the school teacher with the vocabulary. Just find a nicer way to ask the same thing. Now, here’s the perfect dress for you.”

She’s showing me a red dress. “The little red dress that you mentioned is really little isn’t it?” I say to her.

“Well, that’s the idea. You have to display the merchandise. Try it on.”

She convinces me to at least try it and I do. I’m looking in the mirror. “Joan, this is so skimpy. My ass is almost showing and my boobs are almost popping out of the top. I look like a hooker. I can’t go out in this.”

“Yes you can, that’s the whole idea. You want to look sexy and you sure do.”

“But someone is probably going to ask me how much I charge.”

“Well, give them a number. Just say $500. The money isn’t important, what’s important is that you get laid.”

I have to laugh. “Joan, you’re nuts. I tell them $500 and ask them if they eat pussy, is that the idea?”

“Well, it isn’t going to happen that way, but basically yeah.”

. . . . . . . .

“George you need to get laid,” my good friend and business partner Ken is saying to me. “You can’t just keep moping around because you caught her cheating on you. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t good for business. We depend on you and lately you’re spending half your time off in lala land somewhere.”

“But the sex was so good,” I tell him. “Why would she need someone else?”

“George, she went back to an old boy friend. Be glad it happened so soon before you got seriously committed because if she missed him that much, sooner or later it would have happened anyway. It doesn’t matter how good the sex was.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. And maybe I’m missing the sex more than I am her.”

“That’s why I’m telling you, you need to get laid. Discover that you can have great sex with someone else. There’s an old saying that if you fall off the horse, you need to get right back on and ride it again. You need to get laid. Downstairs in another couple hours they have a DJ and the place gets crowded, it’s like a meat market, full of guys and girls trying to hook up. We’ve got this suite that we used for the meeting all night anyway, you might as well find someone and bring her up here.”

“You mean meet a girl that I find attractive and get her up here for sex all in just a short time? I don’t think I can do that.”

“Then get a hooker. The identity of the female doesn’t matter, it’s getting you laid that matters. It’s a hotel, there probably are hookers there, too.”

“I don’t know. I’ve had some lousy sex in my time, that’s why I knew it was so good with her. Finding a hooker just means more lousy sex.”

“What’s the difference between lousy and great sex? It’s having the girl do everything Malatya Escort you want her to do, her letting you do everything you want and acting like she wants it. Hookers will do that, at least the good ones. If you want her to suck you, she will. So that’s probably the best bet, find a top notch hooker. Hey, we have this cash we were going to use tomorrow to get those things but I can get more from the bank. So here, here’s a thousand dollars cash, that should get you the best hooker in the place. Now, let’s go down and eat dinner. We had a great meeting, are going to make a lot of money and we should celebrate. Then we get you that classy hooker.” . . . . . . . .

“I’m standing here all alone, Joan is off dancing with what looks like a great guy. I’m in this horrible dress. I can’t bend over or my ass pops out and if it doesn’t my boobs will fall out. People must think I’m a hooker” Diane is thinking, looking around nervously in the middle of a very large crowd.

“O.k., lets find you the right girl, George,” Ken is saying, breaking the way as we push our way through the mob. “There she is,” he almost yells, excitedly. “I knew there’d be a hooker here somewhere. Look over toward the windows, the girl in the red dress.”

“She’s really built, pretty nice looking, why do you think she’s a hooker?” George asks.

“The dress. The reason you think she’s built is because she’s practically falling out of that dress. Her body is for sale and she’s advertising it. Besides, look at the way she’s looking around nervously,” Ken goes on. “She’s afraid management will recognize her and toss her out. These hotels don’t like to get a reputation for having hookers. Look, just walk up to her and ask her to go to your room with you, ask her how much she charges. You’ll find out, she’ll go with you.”

“Well, she’s nice enough looking, I’m interested anyway but I’m not sure about just blurting out that kind of offer, but here goes, we’ll see what happens,” and George starts across the room to the girl in the red dress.

Diane notices George staring at her as he works his way across the room. “Well, he’s nice enough looking. That sport coat looks very good, sort of expensive. Get ready, Diane, act nice to him, see how far you can get.” Diane is thinking.

“Hi,” George says as he gets to Diane. He’s thinking, “She’s even better looking up close than from far away. I hope I succeed, I think being with her would be terrific.”

“Hi,” Diane says back. She’s thinking, “He really is good looking and that jacket really is a good one, expensive. I hope it ends up that we get together.”

“Uh,” George begins and stalls for a moment. “I was wondering . . ” and then stalls again.

“Are you asking me to dance?”

“Oh, uh, well I’m not a great dancer.”

“It’s all a matter of hearing the beat,” she says. “Listen to the music, hear the beat?” She puts her hand on his chest and pulses it against him in time with the music. “Just move from one foot to the other in time with the music. Here, put your arm around my waist.” He does that and she takes his other hand and pushes up against him. “Feel the beat?”

George thinks, “I don’t feel the beat but I feel that gorgeous body against me.” and just looks at her and holds on to her for a moment. “I’ve got to go ahead and make that offer,” he thinks to himself. “Uh,” he begins out loud, “What I really wanted to say is, would you go with me up to my room, here in the hotel?”

“Come with you to your room?” Diane says out loud. “Yes, yes,” she’s thinking, “why don’t I just say yes?”

“Uh, how much do you charge?”

“Charge?” she says out loud. I knew it, he thinks I’m a hooker. “Uh, $500.” That’s the number Joan had mentioned.

“$500? Someone as pretty as you should get more than that,” George answers, surprised and wishing he hadn’t said it as soon as he did.

Diane grins. “Well then, make it $750.”

“I’ve got $1000 in my pocket and I want her,” he thinks. Then out loud, “Make it $1000. And I ought to ask, do you do oral?”

“Whoa,” she thinks. “Do I do oral? He’s asking.” Out loud she says, “Sure, do you?”

“Do I do oral?” George replies without thinking. ‘Uh, yeah, I guess I usually do. So, sure I’ll do oral on you.”

“Well, it’s just that I should get something out of this, too and I love oral. What’s your name?”

“Do I tell her my real name/” George wonders and answers, “William. What’s yours?”

“Uh, Sue,” Diane tells him. “Where did that come from?” she wonders to herself. “What do you do, I mean at work?”

“I’m a software programmer, create programs, products.”

“I knew you weren’t a business man or a lawyer, ending up offering me twice as much as I asked for. But I like that. I think I like you. Let’s go,” she says. “William, should I call you Bill. Maybe Billy? Lets’ go to your room Billy.” . . . . . . . .

When we walk into the room I’m surprised to discover it’s a suite, a big, expensive suite. “Wow, this is a big place,” I tell Billy. “You must be rich.”

“The company I’m with used this for a business meeting that we wanted to be very private. Malatya Escort Bayan It isn’t really my room. That is, I haven’t slept here. No one has.”

We go on into the bedroom, which also is big. I bet the bathroom has a spa in it. “Billy, can you unzip my dress,” I say as I turn my back to him. As he unzips me, I toss my handbag onto a chair. When it feels he’s got it all the way down, I start pushing the dress off my shoulders and push it on down until I can step out of it. I also get out of my shoes. I fold the dress loosely and toss it on the chair, atop my bag. I turn to Billy in only my bra and panties. “Now, lets start on you,” I say as I slide my hands under his jacket to start lifting it off him. It’s really a nice Cashmere jacket. I go over to the closet, slide it open and use a hangar to put the jacket on.

As I turn back, he’s pulling his polo shirt over his head, then his undershirt. He tosses them on top of my dress. He’s actually very well built. Not a muscle builder but in good shape, no flab. I take off my bra, toss it onto the same chair, and go up to him, press my boobs against his bare chest and look up at him. “With every thing I hope we’re going to do with each other, maybe we should include some kisses.” He reacts by leaning his head down and kissing me. He’s a good kisser. It’s nothing too hot but it’s one of the better introductory kisses I’ve had. Of course, I’ve never before had an introductory kiss when we’re both topless and are going to end up eating each other and fucking in a couple minutes. We break the kiss and look at one another. “Maybe a lot of kisses,” I almost murmur to him. We kiss again. I think he liked that first one as much as I did. Our tongues get in each others mouths.

When we finally break, I’m ready for more. I pull back a little and reach for his belt and start unfastening it. He takes over and unzips and slides his pants down his legs, using each foot to help get the shoe off the other foot. He tosses his pants on the chair and leans down and pulls his socks off. We talked about this downstairs and I have to admit that I think an erect dick is the sexiest thing in the world. I’m anxious to see his. I kneel down and start pulling his boxer shorts down. I pull the waistband out to get it over his erection. Wow, it’s a lovely erection. Thick and straight and full. Circumcised. I’ve had both kinds before, to me circumcised looks a little cleaner, with the head out there on its own. He has a big head. I’m going to have to really stretch to get my lips around it. “You have a really nice dick, Billy,” I say to him, wrapping my fingers around it and leaning to it to kiss the head.

I put my tongue out and lick the head. He’s leaking a little something. Not pee, thankfully, it tastes more bland. I bend my head and lick up the side and then back to the head and get my lips around it. Wow, it is big. I can manage it, though. I use my other hand to hold his balls, feel them as I slide my lips down, taking in more of his dick. His very big dick. Not that big in length, I can get almost all of it in my mouth but thick. I’ve never figured out this deep throat thing that I’ve read about. I’ve had one dick in my mouth that I choked on, the guy pushed so much of it into my throat. This one is going to work great. Very, very sexy.

His hand is on my head, sort of stroking my hair. I really like sucking dick. In high school I used to wonder if I was perverted but its so sexy somehow. I’ve always been a good girl, good grades, good behavior, getting an education, teaching fourth grade now. And here I am sucking on a complete stranger and realizing how much I like it. Besides, if he likes what I do, maybe he’ll do me real good too. As much as I like sucking dick, I love, absolutely love, to have my pussy licked and sucked on and finger fucked until I climax. I get into it more and more, pulling on his balls with one hand, moving my other hand on the base of it while I slide my head and mouth back and forth on the rest of it, enjoying every second, every taste, until he starts shooting gobs of it into my mouth, I swallow and keep working on him and he shoots more and then more. I think he’s done. I milk him another two times with my lips before sitting back and just looking at what I’ve just finished emptying. I lick my lips and look up at him and grin. “You really do have a nice dick, Billy, I loved that.”

I get up, bend slightly to pull my panties down and off, stepping out of them, and then, naked, take the few steps to the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed, facing him, and spread my legs. “Your turn,” I say to him as I get the fingers of my right hand down to my pussy and begin rubbing it a little, getting it ready.

“You’re gorgeous, Sue, a perfect body,” he says as he comes to me and kneels on the floor, facing me. He gets his hands to my boobs, one on each, and is actually good at it. Firm but not mauling, He looks at them instead of my face and then leans in and kisses one, then licks it and then gets his lips around the nipple and sucks on it. He’s good, it feels terrific, it’s great foreplay. He switches to the other one and does the same. He then kisses down some, using his tongue to lick Escort Malatya my navel, and now he’s right at my pussy. I don’t shave it. Shaving means you’ve got to shave it all the time. I trim the hair very short. He uses his hands to pull me open some and then gets his tongue into me and starts licking.

He’s done this before, knows what he’s doing. He licks down to my vagina and pushes his tongue in a little, then licks up to my clit and uses his tongue on it, back and forth. I put my hand on his head, feeling his hair but also pressing just a little to keep him there, doing his sex work on me. He gets one finger into my vagina and keeps his tongue on my clit, flicking back and forth. I’m getting more and more aroused, I’m sure I’m getting wetter. He gets another finger in me and uses his lips to pull on my clit a little. He slides his fingers out and get his mouth over almost my whole pussy and sucks. I’ve heard of eating pussy but he’s really doing it, almost. He moves his mouth a little and sucks more. Now he’s pushing a couple fingers into me, more than before, must be three, and his mouth is back at my clit, I’m not going to last long, he’s really good at this. Knows what he’s doing.

I get into an orgasm. A good one. Not the biggest possible but close. I’m sure I’m pushing out fluids. He moves his fingers out of me and gets his mouth and sucks more and more, sucking at my vagina, getting my cum. I’m bouncing and yelling and he’s sucking away. I need that dick in me. I pull at his hair and he backs off. “Billy, you’re terrific,” I tell him. I push myself back on the bed, getting my ass completely supported so he can fuck me. “Now, get that thing in me, please!” I almost yell at him.

He climbs onto the bed and gets aimed at me. I reach down to make sure it’s going right and he pushes with his hips and I can feel him pushing my vagina open, forcing his way into me. He moves into a better position. I get my legs back and up, opening more to him and he pushes more and more into me. I can feel every bit of him as he moves in me. I can also hear myself making odd grunts or moans or whatever and couldn’t remain quiet if I had to. He’s in me more and more and then pulls back some. I try and push at him, want him in me more. He pushes, harder and faster now and I can feel him all the way into me, his body is against my body. Now he pulls back again. I lower my legs on either side of him to get my feet on the bed so I can shove myself up at him as he pulls back. Then he’s pushing in again. Cripes this is perfect. This is what I’ve missed. Just plain fucking. “More!” I can hear myself, “Yes!” and then “More!” again. He’s moving in me, further, then back, further in and then back.

“Harder!” I say and he pounds into me. “Yes!” and then “Faster!” and he does. He’s just pounding into me and its the greatest ever. I’m pushing back as much as I can. He gets his hands onto my legs, behind my knees and lifts me some. My ass is up off the bed and he’s banging into me and banging and banging and it’s fantastic. The best of my life I think. I’ve never felt better ever. I can hear me grunting as he pounds into me. It’s like I’m working, I can feel I’m actually perspiring some. I’m going to have another orgasm. This one is much bigger than before. Wow. Oh, wow. My mind almost explodes, I actually see flashes of light. My whole body is exploding. and he keeps right on banging into me and banging into me. And then he pushes in even further and I can feel hot fluid, he’s cumming.

We both collapse. He’s laying on top of me, all his weight. We’re sticking together, he’s been perspiring, too. My legs move down onto the bed. “Billy,” I say, barely able to speak, “That was something special.” He kisses me, a soft kiss, and rolls his body off me. I roll to face him. Then roll a little more to get my leg up over him, part of my body on him. I kiss him. And we just lay there for a little while. I love to feel our bodies against one another. My head is on his shoulder, my arm over him.

“You’re amazing, Sue. I think that might be the best I’ve ever had. You’re the sexiest girl in the world.”

I smile. We’re still laying there, me half on him. “It takes two to Tango, isn’t that the saying? You’re terrific Billy.” We kiss again.

He stirs a little beneath me. “You’re leaking on me,” he says, “We need to shower.”

We both head for the bathroom. I need to sit on the toilet for a minute, let out some pee and drain some of our stuff and wipe myself so I tell him to go ahead and get the shower started at the temperature he likes and I’ll join him when I finish. I smile, thinking how he keeps telling me how sexy I am and what a great body I have. I’m a healthy 25 year old and have breasts and hips and a relatively small waist, strong legs from being athletic for years. I’ve been in lots of locker rooms with lots of naked girls and I think everyone always does a little comparing. I’ve always been comfortable in my body but I never thought of myself as a sexpot. I’ve seen girls with bigger boobs and butts, particularly the cheerleaders. But if he’s happy, I’m glad because it means we’re probably going to do a lot more. I think I have a stronger sex drive than a lot of girls so we can keep it up all night and I’ll be happy. He’s actually pretty sexy himself. I’m five foot seven and he’s way taller, probably six one or two, and firm, no flab, and a really nice, fat dick that fills me. So I wipe myself and head into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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