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Family is for Fun Ch. 12: Frederick

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Thank you IWantIt44 for editing this writing

I spent a few years without someone, without thinking of another woman. When my wife Liv passed, I figured that was the way to be, just my daughters and me. They were both in law school and would be great when they got out. Both with a position awaiting them at my office. I figured when Liv passed I would devote my time to my practice and making sure the girls were set up properly to advance in their careers.

I missed the affection I received from my wife. I missed the touch, the feel, the happiness she gave me. I just couldn’t see myself settling down with another woman and stayed away from the temptations that I knew would be out there waiting for me. What I didn’t expect was to find a temptation in my own home office when my niece came to do some research.

Abigail had spent many nights and days in my office, which, in truth, was more of a library. I love books, love learning, so I collect all sorts of them. Besides all my law books I have a plethora of history books, how-to books, and classic literature. I just love books and the information inside those old pages. Having all those, my office was moved to a large room in my house and became a library, and it was used often, by my girls, nieces and nephews, and other members of my family.

So when Abigail showed up to do some research, I thought nothing about it. I greeted her with my normal bear hug, and then we went inside. She kicked her shoes off at the door, and I led her to the library. She didn’t take any offers for food or drink, and I left it at that. She rarely ate or drank when she studied. When she asked about the Roman Empire, my ears perked. What a great thing to learn about. I had a whole section on that and led her to it. Then I told her the computer was good to use, and I went on my way, leaving her to her research.

About an hour later, I went to check to check on her. I did not expect to see what I saw.

Abigail was clicking through sexual videos. There was no volume coming from the speakers, but the screen came up with partial sex after partial sex as she fast forwarded to the entry part of scene after scene.

I wanted to let her know I was there, that I could see what she was looking at, but when I opened my mouth, no sound came from me. I found myself moving closer to her, my eyes fixed on the acts happening on the screen. My mind moved to when I had last enjoyed the feel of entering a woman, the last time I had made love to Liv, the thrill, the joy, the excitement of it all.

The next thing I knew I felt a hand on my hard cock. I dropped my hand to stop her, but she swirled in the chair, gave me a few wonderful squeezes, and shushed me. I was mesmerized be her. Her dark hair, her full lips, her tanned, toned young body. I dropped my hand from hers, letting her move as she thought we should. I knew it was wrong, knew I shouldn’t have let her advance, but I could not resist. It had been so long, she was so sexy, and I was so horny.

It wasn’t long before my beautiful niece was caressing my hard cock between her breasts and sucking on the tip, giving me a wonderful orgasm, one I had not had in years. She dropped her mouth down and rode me through my first orgasm since Liv was alive, and I loved the feel of her on me, taking me, swallowing every drop of me. It was a glorious feeling, and even with the knowledge of her being my niece and it being wrong, I loved every second of her working my cock and balls with her mouth, breasts, and hands.

After I made her stop, made her remove her mouth from me, I helped my beautiful niece to her feet and I kissed her, kissed her with all the passion I had inside me. God, it was so wonderful to kiss a woman again, to taste her lips, feel her naked breasts against me.

I wanted to show her the passion and joy she gave me, so I helped her onto the desk and kissed her body. I found my way down to her sex, and I licked her, licked, kissed, and sucked on her until I slid my tongue deep inside her and made her cum for me. And what a tasty orgasm she had. I wanted to stay there for hours, just licking her up, taking every ounce of energy away with the pleasure she allowed me to give her.

When she pulled my head away, she said two words: “Take me.”

I was not going to say no to my sexy niece, my favorite niece. I worked my mouth back up her body and, after taking her lips with mine, embracing her in a passionate kiss, I entered her. I made love to my niece…slow, passionate love. And when tipobet365 yeni giriş she came, I shared an orgasm with her. I lay with her on my desk, a hand on her head the other on her hip and her arms wrapped around me. What a wonderful thing to share.

So it could be asked, “You banged your niece?” And my answer would be simply, “No, I made love to her.” And that would be the truth. We made love then and have a few times since then. Every time we touch is a fire of passion that I greatly enjoy.

What I didn’t expect to come from the day with Abigail is what happened the next day, when I thought I was home alone.

I was working in the office, looking up some changes to law and all that exciting stuff, but my mind was on the day before. My mind kept moving back to the events that took place at that very desk with Abigail. What made her move from studying the Roman Empire to looking at sex videos?

I looked up to the books and back to the computer several times and then decided to look at the browsing history. And that is where I found the catalyst of what caused her desire: Roman orgies. Clicking through her searches, I found something I didn’t expect though. She searched family on a sex site. She was watching family members having sex! I couldn’t believe it. Was she interested in being with her brother Wayne? Her father Ron? What about her sister Alexis, that sweet, innocent girl? Perhaps her mother Emma. No way. There was no way she had slept with any of them. Maybe she searched those because of the Roman orgies. I didn’t know.

I found myself clicking through some of her links, watching some of these videos of family member seducing and sleeping with each other. It was amazing how many of these little clips were on the site, absolutely amazing.

And the most unexpected thing happened.

So I am sitting there, porn playing on my screen, moans flowing through the speakers and the girl riding the much older man cries out, “Cum, Daddy. Cum deep inside me!”

And I heard a soft voice from my doorway. “Is that what you need to make you smile again, Dad? Do you need to be pleased?”

I slowly spun in my chair to see which daughter had caught me looking at such things, family sex, a father and daughter going at it. There standing in the doorway was my eldest, Victoria. She was leaning up against the doorframe, her red hair tied back behind her, her black dress tight against her figure, and her green eyes looking from the screen to me and back again.

Victoria took a few steps into the room and set her eyes on me, scanning me from head to toe, and then brought her eyes back to the screen. “Is that what you need to smile, what you need to be happy, Dad? Do you need that? Do you want that?”

I tried to defend what I was doing, tried to find a way to explain to her that I was watching what Abigail had looked at, but how could I tell her that? How could I let her know I had slept with her cousin?

Victoria moved closer to me and began to slide her dress up her body. “Dad, I can and will make you feel like that. Like the man in the video. I can make you very happy. That is all I want.”

I never realized how much Victoria looked like her mother until that moment. Her walking toward me like Liv had done so many times before. Her body moving fluidly, like an angel before me, her eyes a deep green that you could lose yourself in. She was beautiful and sexy, and my words remained in my throat as she edged closer to me.

Victoria stopped in front of me and pulled the dress over her head, dropping it on the floor beside her. My eyes moved over my daughter’s tight body. He breasts full, her stomach tight, her red panties covering her sex, the red thigh highs highlighting her beautiful legs spanning down to her small feet. I moved my hands to cover the hardness in my pants. How could I be so excited, knowing it was my daughter displaying herself before me?

Victoria could clearly see my erection and did not hesitate in her advancement. “Dad, I want to make you happy. I want to see you smile again. I will do anything to bring that smile back, even if that means having you take me. I want to please you, Dad.”

I couldn’t help my eyes from taking her in. Was it so wrong for a father to enjoy the beauty of his daughter? Was it so wrong for a daughter to want to please her father? I mean, there she was, standing so close to me in just her little panties and stockings while a father and daughter were having sex on the screen behind me. What tipobet365 giriş a perfect moment, what a wonderful opportunity. She looked so much like her mother. What was wrong with making love to her like I had so many times to the woman who birthed her?

Victoria saw I was clearly not going to be able to resist her, and she lowered herself to her knees in front of me. She ran her fingers up my thigh to my crotch and slowly caressed my hardness. A smile spread on her lips. “Dad, I want to make you very happy, do you understand? I want you to enjoy me, to play with me, to make me melt in your arms as you please me and I please you. I want you to smile. Will you let me have you, Dad?”

I nodded. I wanted to do everything she said. I wanted to feel her melt at my touch. I wanted to smile and smile wide because of the things she could do for me. I didn’t care if she was my daughter anymore. I wanted her like I’d wanted Liv, and I would do anything to hear her moans of joy in response to my touch.

Victoria stroked me as she leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. “I will make you smile, Dad. I promise.”

Victoria stood and held her hands out for mine, and I took them slowly, standing up for her. Her eyes locked on to mine as she moved her fingers over the buttons of my shirt and then slid her hands up my bare chest to my shoulders and rolled the cloth from my body.

Stepping closer to me, pressing her naked breast against me, she offered me her lips, and I took the kiss. When her mouth opened, I slid my tongue over hers and let the bliss of her warmth flow through me. Her fingers moved between us, and she worked the button and fly of my pants and then let them fall to the floor. Her hands went to my sides, and she kissed down my chin to my neck. Lowering herself, she let me feel her warm lips all the way down my chest, kissing each nipple softly as she went.

Victoria held my hips as she rested on her knees, her mouth close to my mostly covered erection. She smiled up to me. “I am going to make you happy again, Dad.” Her lips closed over the tip of my cock, and she sucked on it, taking the precum that slid out of me.

Her fingers moved the elastic of my underpants delicately away from my shaft, and she slid them down my legs, taking me deep in her mouth as she lowered herself. My fingers moved to the side of her face, caressing her, and then slid up to the back of her head, and I ran them through her ponytail while her own hands slid up my legs and one moved to gently caress my sac.

My sweet daughter’s hand held on to my hip as her mouth slid up and down my erection. One of my hands rested on the top of her head, and the other ran through the red ponytail below me. How sexy and exciting it was to watch her take me deep in her mouth and then slide back up me. How great of a feeling her warm mouth and flicking tongue gave me.

I could feel my orgasm building, my cock beginning to thicken. Victoria slid her mouth off of my cock, resting the tip on her bottom lip. She stroked my shaft while her fingers teased my sac. Her eyes where bright and full of passion, so sexy. I couldn’t hold back, and the first stream of my seed shot from me and into her waiting mouth. She did not wait for another stream. She took me halfway down my shaft and stroked the other half for the remainder of my hard shots. When it slowed, she caressed my shaft with her mouth, long, slow strokes taking each drip that she pulled from me. What a wonderful gift for a daughter to give her father, taking his cock nice and slow and then drinking the seed that created her.

Victoria released me from her warm mouth with a slow sliding of her lips and then kissed up my stomach. Her hands went to my sides as her kisses worked up my chest to my neck and then to my mouth. I held her tight against me as we kissed, my hands sliding to her lower back. I wanted her, wanted her more than I thought I would.

We let our lips separate and then our bodies. I moved around her slowly, my hands on her waistline feeling every bit of her as I moved behind her. My hands moved around her body and slid over her ample breasts, and my mouth sucked lightly on the side of her neck. My daughter’s head moved to the side for me, and I slowly let a hand fall down her to feel her through the little red panties that hid her sex from me. She was moist and hot, and I knew I wanted to taste her, to feel her, to make her feel as good as she made me feel.

I moved my lips down her back as slowly as I could, swirling tipobet365 güvenilirmi my tongue around every vertebrae until I was on my knees and my mouth kissed just above her panties. I slid my hands back to her hips and helped her turn to face me again. Giving her hips a light squeeze, I ran my tongue up the front of her panties and got the sweet taste of her. How delightful, the smell, the taste, the soft moan the she let out.

Victoria’s hands went over mine, and her hips moved her sex away from me. She smiled down to me and slid her red panties down her legs, bending at the hips. She kissed my lips softly and then lifted her torso back up. Her fingers glided over her pussy to her little reddish mound. Leaning back on my desk, she lifted a leg and moved it over my shoulder, her hand moving to the back of my head.

I lifted my arm so her leg rested in the crook of my elbow and slid my other hand to her hip as my tongue slowly licked the sweet delight of my daughter’s puffy folds. I ran my tongue up and down her, making sure to tap her clit with each long lick. I then kissed around her folds before flicking my tongue against her clit again. I don’t know what it was, why I did, but I couldn’t resist deterring from my normal slow movements. I pressed my tongue deep inside her hot pussy and flicked it rapidly while wiggling my head so my nose teased and pressed on her wonderful clit.

It was just a few moments before Victoria’s body was beginning to shake and her hand was pressing my face tight against her sex. Her orgasm was beautiful. The taste, the flow, the sounds from her, everything about it made me happy, made me want to never stop. Her fingers grabbed at my head, and her legs shook as she came for me. I was thrilled! How wonderful it was to give her the joy and pleasure she had given me.

She moved her leg from my shoulder and gently pushed my head from her sex. Her breath was heavy as she slid down to her knees in front of me and kissed my lips several times. Her words were spoken through her deep breaths and our kisses. “Sit down, Dad. Sit so I can feel you inside me. I want make you happy and ride you.”

I walked myself back on my hands, letting my legs lie out in front of me, and my sweet daughter began to crawl over my body. She smiled when she got to my crotch, obviously very happy I was erect again. Her mouth closed over my sac, and then she released me and slid her tongue up my shaft and suckled lightly on the head.

As she moved her bottom up close to my cock, she lifted her torso, giving me a perfect picture of her. How sexy she was. I was admiring the view before me when I felt her heat slide over my cock. She rolled her hips then rocked them back and forth over me. God, she felt good caressing me with her pussy!

She rested a hand on my chest and, keeping her eyes locked on mine, lifted her hips while taking my manhood in her hand and angling it up to her love nest. Slowly, she lowered herself on me. My arms fell out to my sides as I felt her take me into her love box. What a great sensation! Feeling her spread for me, feeling her cover me, her heat and moisture overloading my senses.

She moved so both her hands were on my chest and slid up and down my shaft while rotating her hips. I could feel her tightness, feel her desire, feel her lust. My hands moved to her hips as she bounced and rocked on me, my eyes taking in all of her beauty. Her ponytail flying around behind her, her neck stretched as she looked up to the ceiling, her ample breasts moving in circles… What a glorious sight.

She moaned out load and whispered through her gasps for air, “I’m going to cum, Dad. Cum, Dad. Cum deep inside me.”

I held her hips tightly as my balls lifted and my seed filled my daughter. My orgasm was powerful, and the feel of her sex squeezing my cock with her own orgasm made it far more intense for me. I was having one of the best orgasms of my life with my own flesh and blood, my own daughter, and I loved every second of it!

Victoria dropped her chest down against me and kissed me deeply. Our breath hot on one another, our breathing rapid in each other’s mouths as our orgasms subsided. It was a real delight to be holding Victoria close to me, kissing her mouth as my erection softened inside her. What a great gift, a perfect gift.

When Victoria moved off of me, she kissed my lips again while gathering her clothes. “I want you happy, Dad, and I will do anything to make you that way.”

I watched her leave, a wide smile on my face. That was the first time I would make love to my daughter, and every time we get to please each other, we both smile widely. So you may ask, “You bang your daughter?” and I will give you an answer similar to when you asked about my niece: “No, I make love to her and we make each other happy.”

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