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I slowly opened my eyes, feeling very satisfied as the events of last night come back to me. I immediately felt myself getting aroused and could feel my cock stir against the sheets. I closed my eyes and recalled the night of pleasure and a little bit of good pain. As I achieved a full erection I tried to move my hands down and realized that they had been tied down to the bed underneath my pillow. I struggled a little but then realized that you must have done it and relaxed and opened my eyes fully. The sight that greeted me was amazing…

There you were standing with your thigh boots, a whip in one hand and a big strap-on strapped to your waist. That was not the sight that shocked me the most. On the end of the strap-on was this beautiful woman giving you the “blow job” of her life. Upon seeing my being awake you tell the woman to begin and smile a sexy wicked smile. She gets up and I can see her firm, but obviously fake, breasts are exposed and the nipples are as hard as yours. She walks over to the stand and grabs a small anal dildo and sits on the edge of the bed.

She is looking at my cock but not touching it. I realize that she is a very submissive woman and I can tell you are already extremely excited. You come over to the bed and proceed to put ankle cuffs on me and attach them via some rope to the posts of the bed. When you are done my legs are raised three feet up exposing my asshole for your pleasure. You place some pillows under Eskort Bayan my back for support and tell her to start her job. She reaches down and starts to suck on my cock making it fully erect. At this point you walk over and put a cock ring on my to “help me out” as you put it. Now you move up the bed and straddle my chest – your plastic cock slapping against my skin. You grab it and start slapping it against my face and you ask me how much I like it – like having the roles reversed.

I tell you I love it and ask for you to let me suck you. You smile that smile again and slowly start to feed me your cock. As I start to work I feel a slight pressure on my asshole and realize that the woman has slid the small dildo inside me with little resistance. She starts to pump me with it and reaches up to grab your breast. This is obviously some sort of signal and you tell her it is time for phase two.

You reach down and put the pillow over my eyes and tell me to wait a few minutes. The anal dildo is left in me and I hear some rustling and then some slurping sounds. You tell me that you have to get the next cock “ready” for my ass. I just lie there unable to move as I hear the sounds stop. This is followed by the removal of the dildo from me, which causes a small groan to escape my lips. I then feel a pressure of a bigger dildo. I realize that you are working me up to your strap on. This one feels plastic, realistic and warm. I realize that you have been slobbering all over it to make it warm for me. I smile and mention that this feels really, really good.

I fell it enter me with a bit of a pop and then I feel it thrust fully into me. Being bigger than the last I groan louder and ask for more. You tell me that she is not going to be moving but that she is going to be fucked by you as she does me. After a minute I feel the cock moving in me as I hear you grunting.

The pillow is released from my eyes and I see her, breasts bouncing and eyes rolling up, being fucked by you as she does me. All she does is look at me and smile before taking my cock and playing lightly with it. I see a look of concentration on your face as you plow her – your hands massaging and pinching her breasts and nipples. This continues for a while with my groaning getting louder and louder until she turns her head and kisses you hard. I can feel my cock jumping aching for attention but it is being ignored. As the kiss is broken she whispers into your ear and you stop quickly and pull out. As you pull out the pillow is replaced and I feel the cock removed from my ass. I feel the emptiness but a pressure on my chest replaces that.

As the pillow is removed I look up to see “her” removing the condom from her cock!!!! It then dawns on me that this is a shemale, that you had made my dream come true. I look up and see you hovering around my ass and feel your larger strap-on slide slowly into me. I groan, unable to talk with so many things running through my mind. She looks down at me and holds her cock to my mouth. I open quickly and get my first taste of another cock. I am surprised yet excited.

You are now fully in my ass, pumping me hard. You ask me if I am happy and I mumble something that is unintelligible with the cock in my mouth. I feel her bucking on my chest and you tell me that I am being a good little bitch. Taking all these cocks in me, and sucking them dry. You know that I like to hear you talk that way and I start to buck now – aching for relief. On seeing this I fell the cock in my mouth grow slightly and she pulls out of my mouth and starts to shoot all over my face. I manage to get some in my mouth but she just uses her cock to spread the rest over my face.

At this point you are talking like a guy – telling me how hot and tight I am and that I look good with cum on my face. You are telling me that you are going to cum soon and you start to attack my cock with vigor. She is off of me now and is lying next to me – her cock on my face as she prepares herself for my cum. You quickly take the dildo out of me and hold it next to my cock as you pump them both hard – making me cum. I shoot what I thought was the biggest load of my life straight into her face as you keep talking to me like a woman.

After I finish, she comes up to my face and gives me a deep hard kiss – sharing my cum with me as you watch eagerly. It is at this point that I realize that you haven’t had any attention. But that is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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