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Fantasy Life Ch. 03

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She opened the door to his returning knock and he grinned at the smile on her face. He went into the bedroom for a moment, to change, and heard her moving about the kitchen. When he came out, dressed in a pair of grey sweat pants and a police department t-shirt, she was coming out of the kitchen with 2 steaming bowls in her hands. He took them from her with a soft “Let me help…”

“I thought it would be more comfortable in the living room,” she said, gesturing. He turned and saw she’d set out a bottle of beer and a can of soda already. He smiled as he carried the bowls to the table, setting them down gently, then sitting down on the couch and tugging her into his lap as she walked by. She gasped as she lost her balance and tumbled onto him, but he chuckled, shifting her a little to settle her more comfortably.

“Relax, babe,” he teased, kissing her lightly. Then he picked up a bowl and stirred, sniffing. “Smells like heaven,” he murmured, taking a taste. It tasted even better. He dug in, realizing how hungry he was.

Sam smile and reached for her own bowl. She ate slowly, watching him enjoy the meal, enjoying the company. It had been a long time since she’d had anyone to dinner – she’d only lived in the apartment a couple months since moving into the area from 3 states away. There wasn’t anyone she’d call a close friend yet and then, in about 24 hours she not only had a guest for dinner, but a lover as well. It wasn’t like her, yet she didn’t question it. She decided to just enjoy it.

They ate slowly, talking about his work and hers, about her move and his family. She was a nurse at the local hospital. He had a huge family — eight brothers and sisters — that all lived within 50 miles. She got up once to get him seconds and then settled in the corner of the sofa when she came back, relaxed and comfortable. Lucas sighed with pleasure when he finally set down his bowl and swallowed the last of his beer. Then he turned towards Sam, and almost groaned when he saw her eyes were closed. No paybacks tonight, he thought. But she had to be tired, he realized, glancing at his watch. He was on a different sleep schedule since starting second shift, so being awake at 1:00 am wasn’t unusual for him, but she’d been up since the previous morning.

A warm feeling had him sliding his arms under her, intending to carry her in to bed and let himself out. Her arms curled around his neck as he walked and, as he bent to lay her in the bed, she clung with a low murmur he couldn’t make out. Shrugging, he shifted her over and spooned up behind her, figuring he could stay until she’d relaxed again. Unexpectedly, the long day at work and after work exertions made him drift into sleep.


Lucas awoke to early morning sunlight streaming in the glass doors. He lay with his eyes closed a moment, remembering where he was, remembering the woman pressed close against his body, her soft breathing like a caress. She was…indescribable, he decided. More than he’d expected and yet she was what he wanted. He wondered if they’d have the day to play or if he should slip away now.

Sam stirred as he slipped away from her warmth. “Lucas?” Her soft voice, sleepy and confused, still aroused him.

He leaned over to press a kiss to her forehead. “When do you have to go to work?” he murmured, brushing her hair back as her eyes slowly opened to look at him. She was tousled and sleepy and incredibly sexy.

“I’m on rotation this weekend, so I have a day off. I won’t need to go in until tomorrow morning,” she answered, covering a yawn with her hand, “Do you have to go in now?”

“Tomorrow, too,” he replied, “I’m going to go for a run.” He needed to stretch, to loosen muscles that had tightened overnight, and he normally ran right after he got off work. Needless to say, he hadn’t run last night — although he’d had a good workout.

“Are you coming back?” she asked, her eyes clearing, meeting his calmly. He couldn’t tell what her tone was, but he was hoping it was anticipation.

“Are you kidding? I haven’t gotten my revenge yet,” he murmured, lowering his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply. He almost smiled when she pressed her mouth up to his greedily and he drew out Manisa Escort the kiss until they were both breathless. Anticipation it was. She shifted, the robe sliding from her shoulders, her breasts making his mouth water. She leaned closer to him and he slid a hand over her belly, cupping her breast as he lowered his mouth to suckle her briefly. As she moaned, he forced himself to draw back, to focus. Run first, fuck second. “Stay in bed,” he whispered, “I’ll run faster if I think of you here.”

She gave him a sleepy smile and pulled a pillow over to snuggle around. The long curve of her bare back called to him, her bare ass teased him. His cock thickened and throbbed and he questioned his sanity. He could be the pillow she wrapped her hot body around. Why the hell did he need to run today? Because he needed to think, he told himself as he backed away. Grabbing her keys from the kitchen counter, Lucas let himself out and began to run.


Lucas let himself into the apartment, sweat slicking his hair, making his t-shirt stick to his muscular chest. He shook his head, thinking of a shower, as he locked the door and dropped her keys on the small table beside the door. Then he turned and stopped dead still.

“I thought you might like the entire fantasy.” Sam stood in the doorway to the bedroom, her voice a husky purr, the sight of her making his vision blur red. She wore 6 inch black heels, fishnet stockings with leather garters, tiny black lace panties and a leather bra with metal studs. Around her neck was a leather collar, also studded, with a chain. She held the other end of the chain in one hand and his handcuffs in her other hand.

“Sam…” His mouth was dry, his voice hoarse, his cock hard as iron and straining against his sweatpants.

“You promised revenge, Lucas,” she whispered, lifting her hands in offering to him, “I’ve been waiting for just the right…man to play with.” His eyes darkened as he took a step forward. It was all she could do to hold her ground with what she read in his eyes.

“My little pet,” he growled, sliding his fingers over her cheek, “Prepare yourself.” He grinned as she swallowed hard, her eyes locked on his, dark and passionate as his own. He took the handcuffs and the leather tag end of the leash in one hand, the other hand rubbing down her body, feeling her shiver. “Let’s go to bed, little one.”

He had her kneeling on the bed, her hands on the rails of her headboard. The picture she made was so erotic, her flushed skin, black leather gear, and rumpled white sheets. Lucas sat next to her a moment, slipping the cuffs on her slender wrists, feeding them through the rail, binding her to the headboard. As the last ratchet click echoed in the silent room, she shuddered. He kept the leash in his hand as he trailed his fingers and the chain down her spine, moving to kneel behind her.

“Spread your legs,” he growled, stroking his hand over her ass. She moved her knees apart and he could smell her arousal; he could feel his own heighten. “Are you wet, my pet?” his voice was soft, dangerous, “Have you been thinking about what I might do to you?”

“Yes, master,” she breathed. This was what she wanted. Total surrender to another, total dominance by a strong man. Her pleasure or pain was in his hands.

Master. The word made him throb with desire. Damn, she was good. And she obviously had this fantasy all worked out. He hadn’t fantasized about this before, but he knew he’d remember this the rest of his life. Lucas bent his head and trailed his tongue over the taut skin of her ass, kissing her as he decided what he wanted to do. He slid his hands under her panties, gripping the delicate lace in his fists for a moment and then ripping it off her. She gasped and he saw the faint red lines on her skin where the material had caught. It only seemed to excite him as he sat back a little, savoring the sight of her glistening pink folds. She was already wet and he gripped her hips as he lowered his mouth to feast.

Sweet. The thought seared his brain as he suckled her intimately, parting her with his fingers to let his tongue explore her completely. She whimpered and moaned, her hips shifting as Manisa Escort Bayan she was rocked by pleasure. He nibbled lightly on her sensitive flesh, on her clit, sending shudders through her. He lapped greedily at the juices spilling from her pussy, thrusting his tongue into that hot hole and sucking more. Lucas satisfied his every whim with her, tasting and teasing until she was panting and whimpering, her hands pulling taut against the handcuffs.

“Master, please…” She was begging for more and he felt a rush of power. He paused long enough to pull his t-shirt off, to shrug off his sweats. Then he leaned over her, pressing a hand to the small of her back as he wrapped the leash around his other hand until it was taut. With a small tug, her head came up and he chuckled.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you, pet?” he growled. His cock was completely engorged, darkened with the blood throbbing in his thick length, more than ready to thrust into her tight heat. He was more than ready.

“Please, master, fuck me,” she begged, squirming, tilting her hips to expose herself to him, widening her knees to open herself to him.

“Do you want it all, little one?” he asked, feeling her muscles quiver, “All of my nice big cock in your hot little hole?”

“Yes, yes, master, I want it all,” she panted. She’d never felt desire like this, this mind-numbing ache, this heat under her skin. Her pussy quivered, her inner muscles wanting to feel the stretch and burn as his thick member invaded her body.

Lucas shifted, grasping his rigid cock in one hand. He pressed her legs a little wider with his own knees, then leaned in and rubbed his swollen head up and down her swollen slit. When she moaned, he pressed his head flat against her juicy pussy, savoring the feel of her heat on his tip. “I’m going to fuck you hard,” he growled, “Then I’m going to get nasty, my dirty little pet.”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“I can’t hear you,” he growled. He pumped his shaft in anticipation. He had the biggest erection he could remember and couldn’t wait to fuck her with it.

“Yes!” She screamed it as he plunged his dick into her, burying himself to the hilt in one brutal stroke. Her pussy burned with the stretch to envelop his massive size, her body wept with pleasure at the friction of his flesh against hers. Lucas groaned, the tight slick heat of her exactly what he wanted. He drew back completely out of her and thrust deep again, over and over, slamming her body with his cock. He kept the leash taut, his other hand pressing her lower back, tilting her hips to the perfect angle for deep penetration. She was panting, moaning as he rode her with brutal strokes, taking his pleasure in the rhythmic thrusts, the slap of his flesh to hers.

All too soon, she was cumming, her pussy tightening around his straining shaft, her body tensing, her moans turning to cries as he thrust harder, faster into her slick passage. “Master,” she cried, arching as her pussy clamped tight around his cock, squeezing him as she began to shudder uncontrollably. “Oh, master…”

“Yes, pet,” he groaned, the shuddering of her sex a caress. He dipped his fingers into her folds, wetting them with her cum, then slid them up to her tight asshole, rubbing the rim, then dipping one fingertip inside her.

“Oh!” She gave a startled gasp, bucking. He drove the finger deep, groaning at the tight heat surround it, envisioning that tight heat wrapped around his cock.

“That’s it,” he grunted, “You know you like it.” He moved his finger in and out of her tight asshole, fucking her as his cock moved in tandem inside her pussy. “You know you want me to fuck you…”

“Master, please, ohhhh,” she moaned, squirming, shuddering. He added a second finger to her ass, stretching her a little more. Her head strained at the leash, her hands fisted on the rungs of the headboard as she pressed back to him.

“More, my pet?” he murmured, lowering his mouth to her shoulder, nipping her skin.

“Oh yes, master, more, please…” Her breathless moan aroused him even more. This was his fantasy. It was incredibly hot that they could both satisfy their darkest desires.

Lucas withdrew his cock and Escort Manisa fingers, leaving her gasping, panting and empty. She moaned, rocking her hips a little, and he smiled. Then, leaning over her, his mouth beside her ear, he rubbed his hard penis along the crack of her ass. “You wanted it all,” he whispered, his hand guiding his cock to target. She whimpered when his head pressed her tight asshole.

“I…” She gasped as he pushed hard, his tip stretching her hole under the unrelenting pressure until she gave. She cried out as his thick head sank into her. “God, Lucas…”

“Take it all, bitch,” he groaned, his fingers digging into her hips as he rammed his massive dick up into her ass. She bucked, screaming his name. He could barely fit inside her, yet it was the most erotic sensation he’d ever felt.

“Yes,” he roared as she shuddered and her ass clenched around him. He slid his cock in and out, never letting his head leave her tight ass, but pumping inside her as fast and as hard as he could. He reached for the clasp of her bra, freeing her trembling flesh, filling his hands with her bare breasts. “Yes, yes, yes,” he chanted, feeling his cock thicken even more.

She was shuddering, the pleasure so intense she could barely breathe. She’d never done this before, never agreed to even try. It was so…dark but so incredibly sexual. “Oh, my God, Lucas,” she sobbed as another orgasm swept over her. He groaned, his cock pulsing, erupting, shooting his hot cum up inside her ass even as he continued to pump hard against her. She cried out brokenly as he ejaculated again and again, the heat searing her, her body shuddering hard. She held as long as she could before her legs gave out and she collapsed to the bed, trembling all over. Lucas groaned as he slid free of her and collapsed next to her on the bed, breathing hard.

As his pulse slowed, his mind cleared, what he’d done slowly filtered through the haze of lust and pleasure. He lifted his head and rolled to his side, reaching up to unbind her wrists, gathering her close to him. Lucas wrapped his arms tight around her, burying his face in her hair, unable to believe what he’d done. Taking her in the parking lot had been an act of reckless fun. The primal urges he’d let loose when she’d bound and teased him had been a loss of control. But this…this assault had been brutal. He’d thought he’d never forget when she’d bound him, but he was afraid she’d never forget when he’d bound her. Never forget and never forgive.

As soon as her hands were free, Sam covered her face, needing a moment to catch her breath. She was still trembling, overwhelmed by the sensations, the intensity of her pleasure. She felt his arms tighten around her and tensed, suddenly afraid he wasn’t done. She couldn’t take any more right now. Her body felt weak, her mind was exhausted. It was her fantasy and then some. More than she’d ever dreamed and so much better than she’d imagined. She wanted more — more with him — it just needed to wait until she recovered.

Lucas felt her stiffen and it tore at him. He’d hurt her, he thought, she’s afraid of me. He’d abused what she’d offered him, doing things to her he’d never imagined he’d do, let alone enjoy. No, enjoy was too tame a word – he’d reveled in his power over her, in taking what he wanted, in making her his. And, in doing so, he’d probably made sure that she’d never want to see him again.

Lucas let her go and started to slide from the bed. Sam rolled over a little to catch his arm. He swallowed hard and looked down at her. She smiled. He froze, staring at the smile. “You’re not going to sleep a bit?” she asked, “I don’t know how you have the energy to even get out of bed. I’m not sure I can feel my legs.”

“You…It got out of hand,” he started. She grinned, her eyes sparkling.

“I think you took me in hand,” she said, “And gave me what I deserved.” She stretched and slowly sat up. She still wore everything but the panties, although her bra hung open, and the links of the chain leash jingled lightly.

The sound had his groin tightening and he just stared, too surprised by her obvious affection and his way-too-soon response, to speak. “I thought…you…I…”

“Were you thinking of a shower?” she asked, slipping the leather bra off and tossing it towards her closet. She shifted towards the edge of the bed. “I think I could handle a shower…”

Revenge was sweet, he thought as he watched her bare ass saunter towards the bath, but Sam was sweeter…

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