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Fiction Revelations

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Big Tits

“Seriously, you cannot say no! You just got your first book published; at 21 years old! That’s amazing and definitely worthy of a night out to celebrate!” Mia’s best friend shouted through the phone. She rolled her eyes at her but truly did appreciate her enthusiasm. She smiled to herself as she agreed they could go out for a few drinks tonight.

“I’ll pick you up at 9!”

Mia hung up the phone and headed off to shower and shave. She found herself actually looking forward to a night out, something she typically did not enjoy. Mia was more of a cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a bowl of ice cream, kind of girl but she had not seen her best friend in months. They had been college roommates all 4 years during which they were glued at the hip. Since graduation last summer, they had both been busy with their own lives and although they remained close as ever, the opportunities to see each other were much less often.

2 hours later there was a brief knock on the door before Haley barreled through, not bothering for her to wait to answer. Mia was not fazed by her friend’s actions, she was simply a force of nature that Mia had grown used to years ago. Haley wandered into her room just as Mia finished pulling on a pair of old jeans to go with her tee-shirt.

“Oh hell no. Please tell me that is NOT what your wearing!” Mia glanced down at her outfit and shrugged. It was sort of plain and maybe a little boring in comparison to Haley who had on a skin-tight pair of skinny jeans and a black tank that swooped down exposing her bareback. She had that paired with a pair of knee-high black boots and was blinged out with matching jewelry.

“Um, I guess not.” Mia headed back towards her closet to try and find something that would measure up to Haley. She felt a little defeated knowing that no matter how she tried, she couldn’t compare. Her best friend was a bombshell. She was tall, skinny but with a big butt. Vibrant red curls framed her face highlighting her bright green eyes. Mia was no ugly duckling but she fell into the background next to her friend. Her few past boyfriends never failed to mention how hot they thought her friend was.

Mia found herself being shoved aside as Haley started ripping through her closet like a madwoman. Somehow she managed to find a little black dress that Mia didn’t even know she had. Haley thrust the dress as Mia giving her a look that made sure Mia knew she wasn’t allowed to say no to at least trying it on. Stripping out of her jeans and tee-shirt, she tugged and pulled the tight dress over her boobs. This was no small task as she was certainly blessed in that department. She was about to tell Haley a huge hell no but was shushed before she got the chance.

“I know what your thinking, but you seriously look HOT in that dress. You are wearing it out tonight and that’s final. I’m not allowing objections!” Mia knew better to argue with Haley even though she felt extremely exposed and self-conscious. She tugged the hem of her dress down in an attempt at even a little modesty but still felt like her entire ass was on display. The dress hugged every curve of her body and left little to the imagination. Haley tossed a pair of bright red heels at Mia before dragging her to the bathroom for some touch-up on her hair and makeup.

Mia finally did a quick check in the mirror before they headed out. Although the dress was a bit much, she had to admit, though never to Haley, she actually felt kinda sexy. The outfit was totally not her usual style but she decided to just let it go and live a little. Tonight was supposed to be about her, having fun, and celebrating. She downed the shot being poured for her, “pre-gaming” as they called it, and headed out for a great night.

It took several shots and a long island ice tea before Mia finally relaxed and started to let loose. She joined her friend on the dance floor and fell into the music. Her body moved and swayed to the beat, hardly noticing the people she was dancing with. Her mind was numb to anything but the flow of the music until Haley snapped her out of her zone.

“That guy over there has been staring at you for at least the last hour!” Haley was less than subtle as she pointed directly at the man sitting at the bar. His gaze never left them.

“Oh, bullshit.”

“Whoever he is, he is clearly staring at you.” Mia was too far away to make out the man’s face. From what she could tell, he was attractive but then again, in her current state of mind, and considering the crowd of sweaty bodies blocking her view, he could have just as easily looked like a snail. She felt Haley tugging her arm pulling her towards the bar.

“Come on, I need another drink… and so do you!” She didn’t give her any time to protest. As they got closer, the man at the bar became more and more familiar and his gaze never left her. The nearing proximity made it apparent that it was in fact, her that he was staring at, not Haley. Holy Shit. Her brain had finally managed to push through the fuzz from her half-drunken state. Mia jerked her arm free from Haley’s grip, stopping her Alanya Yabancı Escort in her tracks. Mia quickly made her way to the bathroom, knowing her friend would be on her heels.

“What the hell Mia? What happened back there? Who was that guy?” Haley was getting concerned seeing her friend’s pale face.

“Haley it’s him.”

“Him who!? Mia, you’re freaking me out. Who is him!?” She was starting to get frustrated.

“That’s Noel.” Haley stared back at her blankly, not connecting the dots as Mia had hoped. ” Mr. Bennett! My former English teacher. You know the one my entire book is based on!”

Haley looked shocked at first but the shock quickly turned to excitement and a look that Mia did not trust.


“Oh don’t ‘Haley’ me like you know what I am thinking!” Mia sighed.

“Ok fine, what are you thinking?”

“That you need to get your hot ass back out there and talk to him! He has been drooling over you all night! Maybe all those years of crushing on him, he had been crushing on you too!” Haley began fluffing Mia’s hair. She handed her, her lip gloss demanding she freshen up.

“Haley, I can’t go out there and flirt with him! I would look like a fool. Oh my god, what if he read my book!?” Panic washed over her. She needed to get out of here!

“Would you chill. How many 30-year-old men do you know that read romance novels?”

This calmed her nerves a bit. She had a point. “He saw you look right at him and you can’t be a jackass and ignore him so just get out there and say hi. What the worst that can happen? He says ‘Hey you wrote a book about being in love with me and having some seriously hot sex. How dare you?'” Mia flushed.

“Um yes, Haley, that would be bad!” Haley grabbed her arm again and pulled her out of the bathroom and back towards the bar. Mia was too tipsy to fight her. Suddenly she was standing face to face with the star of so many of her private (and now that her book was out, not so private) fantasies. She reminded herself what Haley said, what are the odds that he had actually read her book.

“Mr. Bennett. Hi… Its Mia. Mia Hudson. You probably don’t remember me, it has been a few years.” She stood awkwardly in front of him as he studied her. His gaze moving up and down her body. His silence made her squirm.

“Mia, of course, I remember you.” He stood and moved in for a hug. His hands fell just above her ass and felt as if they were burning into her skin. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good. How about you?” He flashed her his cute, cocky smile that she loved so much.

“I’m great. Still teaching at the high school, although I have yet to have a student as great as you since you left,” he winked at her. “I’m just here for a bachelor party for a buddy of mine. Are you out celebrating tonight?” Mia stared blankly back at him. The panic in her raised again.

“Wh…what would I be celebrating?”

He laughed at her. “Don’t be modest Mia, you should be proud of yourself. I heard about your book.” Relief washed over her. He said he had heard about it, not read it. Hopefully, he hadn’t heard too many details.

“Oh yeah, um thanks. Yes, I am celebrating tonight.”

“Well you should know, I thought it was very…” he paused, his gaze fixed directly on her making her squirm even further, “brave.”

What? What was that supposed to mean? Brave? Of all the things he could have said, why would he say brave? Mia’s brain raced. She glanced around hoping to signal Haley to come to save her but she was nowhere in sight. Not only had he read her book, he thought it was brave?

“Oh. Um, thank you?” The question was clear in her voice.

“You are an amazingly talented writer, but I have been telling you that for years. It was very well written. It takes a lot of bravery to make something so personal open to the public.” Mia’s heart was racing.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly personal. Just some fiction. I’m not really sure why I chose to write it. It just sort of came to me one day.”

Noel stepped in even closer, resting his hand on the small of her back pressing her into him. He leaned over slightly and whispered in her ear, “Mia, you and I both know that was not just some fictional story that came out of nowhere.” His breath on her neck shot chills up her spine. She shivered into him. Suddenly the alcohol-induced haze that her brain had been in seemed much clearer. Nothing like running into an old teacher that you had written a steamy romance novel about to sober you up fast.

Mia stammered, “I don’t know what you talking about,” she lied.

“So the teacher with dark blonde hair and blue eyes in classroom 104 is just a coincidence and not inspired by anybody in particular?” His voice was husky and deep. Mia was at a loss. She was backed into a corner here and didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, he didn’t give her the chance to.

“Mia, you don’t have to hide it. Nobody but me will figure out who you are talking about.” Her face was bright red and she fought back the tears treating just Alanya Yaşlı Escort beneath the surface.

“I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me. It was just a fantasy, I never thought you would hear about it let alone read it. I’m so embarrassed!” A few tears started streaming down her face. Her body shook as she tried to fight back the sob building inside her. She had never been more embarrassed in her life. If she had known this was even a possibility, she would have never written that damn book.

Noel pulled her body to his, wrapping her in a hug.

“Shh baby, don’t cry.” He kissed the top of her head inhaling the sweet smell of her shampoo, relishing the feeling of her soft body in his arms. He had to fight back some inappropriate thoughts that popped up as he thought about that dress and the way it clung to her sweet delicate curves. Her hair was piled up in a mass of blonde curls atop her head and she smelled so good.

“I loved your book. I loved being the inspiration. I wish I had known how you felt. I have fought feelings for you for years now. It was so hard not to contact you after you graduated.” Mia stepped back out of his embrace. She looked up at him with a mixture of confusion and shock.

“Wait, what?”

Rather than explain what he was feeling and because he couldn’t resist any further, he answered by cupping her cheek in his hand, tipping her chin up to face him, and planting a soft, chaste kiss on her lips. ‘Fuck, she tastes good’ he thought to himself. He licked her strawberry lipgloss from his own lips, still cupping her face, his thumb stroking her cheek softly.

Mia started up at Mr. Bennett unable to speak. Had that just happened or was she seriously more drunk than she thought. She had so many questions. Was he drunk? Was he fucking with her? She had long ago convinced herself that the winks and soft smiles he had so often given her in high school were just a fiction of her imagination. They meant nothing, he was just a friendly person but now all of it came flooding back in a whole new light.

“What are you trying to say?” she questioned him, still trying to grasp what was going on.

“Mia baby, what do I need to do to make it more clear?” he glanced around at the crowd engulfing them and leaned in to whisper in her ear once again. “I have thought about kissing you since you walked into my classroom on day one. You were wearing a pair of jeans that hugged your ass perfectly, your hair was pulled up in a high ponytail showing off the soft flesh of your neck, and I had to fight the hard-on I got the second I saw you. Mia, I have dreamed about fucking you for years. Your book just about made me crazy.” Mia gasped enticing a wicked smile from Noel. He moved his lips to her neck biting her softly before running his tongue over the tender flesh. Her breath hitched at his touch. Not being able to help himself, he reached around, cupping her ass, and pulling her against him. This time, when he kissed her, it was not soft and sweet like the first time. He forced his tongue deep in her mouth with his hands never losing their firm grip on her ass.

She melted into him, kissing him back with years of built-up tension. The feeling of his hands on her had her dripping wet. She could feel her lacey red thong dampen between her legs. Her mind was still racing, she couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Please come back to my house tonight. Just to talk, if nothing else. I can’t let you walk away without talking about this first.” She whimpered a little when he broke their kiss to speak. Not trusting herself to talk, she simply nodded her head and looked around once again for Haley so she could tell her she was leaving.

She spotted her across the room already looking at her. She must have seen the kiss. Mia’s felt her face heating up again just thinking about it. She wiggled her phone in the air signaling for Haley to read her text message telling her she was leaving and that they would talk tomorrow. Her friend made a vulgar motion using her hand and mouth, winked at Mia, and waved goodbye. Mia laughed at her friend then turned back towards her former teacher.

Noel placed his hand once again, on the small of Mia’s back and lead her out the door of the bar and towards his car.

“Are you okay to drive? Wait, what about your friend? Won’t he be mad your leaving?” Mia suddenly felt guilty, and honestly, a bit nervous. He laughed at her, opening the door for her to get in the car.

“Well for one, I am perfectly sober, I haven’t had so much as a beer all night. And for two, I honestly don’t care about anybody but you right now. My friend will understand.”

Noel started the car and headed out of the parking lot towards his house. He was suddenly at a loss for words. He had been pining for this girl for years and now here she was, in his car on the way to his house. He could hardly believe this was happening. When he first heard about the book he has rushed to the bookstore across town to buy it and had then proceeded to stay up all night reading it from front to Alanya Yeni Escort back. He had been shocked and extremely turned on the more he read. It had taken him a few chapters to realize that he was the teacher that she was writing about. He had instantly gotten hard upon the realization which was followed by a lot of conflicting emotions.

“How long have you felt this way Mia?” the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. “How much of your book was based on real feelings?” The thought had suddenly crossed his mind that maybe only the sexual feelings were true and the rest was just there to help sell a book. It’s hard to write a romance novel without romance. Maybe she had made that all up, he worried.

Mia fidgeted nervously next to him, not knowing how to answer his question. She was embarrassed. She had truly laid her heart and soul into the book and falsely called in a fiction novel. Was this purely sexual for him? If it was, could she be ok with that?

“Please be honest with me Mia. I need to know the truth.” She took a deep breath before speaking.

“Honestly, it’s all true. I meant just about every word. Obviously, it was a fantasy since none of it ever happened but the feelings behind the story were real. I have had a crush on you since my freshman year. Yeah, I thought you were hot right away but then I actually met you and got to know you. You inspired me and I was in awe of you. The passion for not just English but for teaching was so obvious and I loved that about you.” There, she had laid it all out on the line, he could take that and do with it whatever he wanted.

“I wish I had known. I mean, I guess maybe not because that would have made those 4 years that much harder but I beat myself up every day for the feelings I had. I was always so scared you would see it and hate me or I would walk into work one day to find a pink slip on my desk because you had found out. I tried so hard not to stare or give you special treatment but damn was it hard. Then you graduated and I wanted to reach out and just tell you but I was scared and I couldn’t stand the thought of you hating me or laughing in my face. When I read your book I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I still can’t.”

The car had stopped and Mia realized they were parked in front of his house. The sat in the car in silence for a minute, both gathering their thoughts and sorting through the events of the night. Noel was the first to break the silence, getting out of the car to come to open the door for Mia. His hand gravitated back to the small of her back as he led her inside his house.

The second the door closed, Noel had Mia backed against it, his hands fisted in her hair, kissing her as if his life depended on it. The moan she let out at his kiss made his cock harden even further. She kissed him back, her fingers scraping at his back pulling him closer. He whispered into her ear between kisses.

“I wanted to take this dress off you the second I saw you in that bar shaking your ass as you danced.” His lips moved to kiss her neck and while his other hand massaged the soft globes of her ass. When he spoke again, it sounded more like a growl. “You had me imagining very dirty things baby girl”

Mia gasped. Her fingers worked their way to the front of his body and down to the hem of the Henley that clung to his muscular chest. She pulled the shirt up over his head, sucking in a breath of air at the sight of his bare chest. Their lips met again with Noel moving them towards the back of the house.

Mia found herself in his bedroom for the first time. She had fantasized about this so many times but now that she was actually here it all felt so surreal. Noel pushed her backward onto his bed. It took all his restraint to not cum at the sight of her. He lowered himself to his knees, trailing his hands up from her ankles, slowly up her thighs. He pushed her dress up slowly as he worked his way up her body. The sight of her red lace underwear made him gasp. He leaned forward sliding his tongue from her entrance to his clit. She shivered at his touch.

“Oh god. Mr. Bennett!” She called out his name. The sound of his name pushed him over the edge. He was soon ripping her panties down her legs and burying his face in her sweet sex. The taste of her was unlike anything he could have imagined.

Mia shook with pleasure as he devoured her. She had never felt this before. Sure guys had licked and kissed her there before but never like he was; never with so much passion. He wanted to make sure she felt good, this wasn’t about his own release or getting her wet enough to “stick it in”. His focus was purely on her and her needs. Her body withered underneath him as she continued moaning his name. He now had 2 fingers inside her working in and out as he licked and sucked her clit. Her orgasm rocked her whole body leaving her gasping beneath him.

Noel smiled as she came around his fingers. He stopped, giving her a second to catch her breath but only briefly. He moved them both up onto the bed. Not being able to wait any longer he tugged her dress up over her head and took in the sight of the naked beauty in front of him. She had not been wearing a bra so she was there on full display for him. Noel moved in to kiss her neck and had started working his way down to her breasts sucking each nipple into his mouth. He dick was throbbing inside his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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