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Field Day

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It had been weeks since Al had seen Lyn. She was coming into the Station at 10-30 and he drove there with his heart thumping and his cock struggling to erect itself inside his pants. She wasn’t expecting him so Al hung back in case someone else had come to pick her up.

The train drew in and from the shadows Al saw Lyn get off the train. She walked down the platform towards him and just as he was about to reveal himself Lyn beamed in recognition. A tall man in a smart suit stepped forward, kissed her and took her bag.

Al drew back and waited as they left the station. They walked to a car and put Lyn’s bag in the boot and then got into the car and drove away towards Town. Interest peaked, Al got into his car and set off after them with no clear idea in his head what he was doing. They soon turned right onto the main road and headed south. Al followed. They pulled into a pub called the Kings Hotel. Al turned right down a Lane and parked. At a loss Al considered his options. Go home? No… curiosity too roused. Wait for them to come out? Could be hours or even tomorrow morning if they take a room. Be bold and walk in for a drink? What if Lyn saw him? He was sure she could handle it and might even be aroused by the proximity of him to her and her friend/lover/acquaintance/relative????? Al decided to send her a text. “I am here. Don’t ask! Ignore me!”

He waited for a reply…It came quickly. “I am not alone! I will pretend I don’t know you!

Al moved his car into the car park behind the Pub, picked up his paper and brazenly strolled into the pub. Lyn was sitting alone under dim light to the right of a large ornate fireplace in a spacious room furnished in a pleasing Victorian manner with large white cloths draped over the tables. Her friend was up at the bar ordering a drink. Al smiled too broadly at Lyn and went to the bar. She smiled but fit to burst. Al wished the man at the bar a good evening and waited to order a drink. “Nice place! Never been here before” Al said. “Me neither said the Man. It was my friend’s idea!” he continued, nodding towards Lyn.

He took his gins to his table with two bottles of tonic.

Al ordered a pint of draught cider and took a seat to the left of the fireplace where Lyn was facing him and the guy had his back to him.

Al started to read his paper but wished he had one of those holes in the page like the spoof investigators have. Every now and then he glanced over at Lyn but she avoided eye contact. After a while Al ordered another drink…soft so as not to risk breathalysing. Terry…Al decided to şişhane escort call him Terry because it might have been him…went to the bar and got two more large gins.

Terry and Lyn were sitting very close together thighs touching. In very animated conversation with lots of small giggles from Lyn as Terry quipped some bon mot or other. Terry’s gin was in his right hand but his left was not visible. Unmistakeably Lyn slowly closed and opened her eyes wide the way she did when Al slid his finger into her limpid cunt.

Terry was fondling her under the table!

It soon became clear from Lyn’s body language that it was more than fondling. She was writhing whilst trying to disguise the fact. She flashed a small sensual smile at Al.

Al decided it was time to go. He had an enormous stiff cock and wanted to find a quiet place to slake his thirst. He folded his paper and held it over his crutch to hide the evidence of his libido. Lyn smiled lasciviously at him as he left. He went out to the car and lay back to enjoy his aroused state.

After a few minutes he heard laughter and Terry and Lyn came round the corner and got into their car.

They didn’t appear to see him but Lyn must have recognised his car.

They didn’t move for quite a while and neither did Al. He fondled his peaked cock and watched the shapes moving inside the car. They were clearly getting it on. Suddenly their engine started and they set off out of the car park. Al watched them turn left and head up towards Town. He turned his ignition and followed them keeping his distance. They were about a hundred yards in front of him. He followed but very soon they turned left into a lay-bye behind some trees next to a dense wooded copse and some fields.. Al slowed down a bit so as not to spook them and then drove into the laybye too.

He drove past their darkened car and parked about 25 yards in front of them. He stopped his engine doused his lights and waited..

Doors opened and two figures got out. They moved quickly to the right and disappeared. Al got out and walked quietly down to where they had been. He could hear giggling and loud whispers coming from the field to the right. There was a gate open and Al listened hard and peered round into the dusky light. Two figures were moving away from him into the field against a twilight sky along the edge of the wood. Al’s heart was beating like a steam hammer. Occasional cars passed on the road. Lyn and Terry disappeared from view round to the right. Al tiptoed along the edge of the wood listening şişli anal yapan escort for voices. He could hear them laughing with occasional long silences followed by Lyn’s characteristic whinnying of pleasure. Al left the field and got into the wood. He crept quietly and slowly through the trees hoping they would not climax before he got there to share the moment with them. Finally he saw them. Lying in the young grass on a blanket kissing passionately and frantically clutching at each other. He moved very slowly until they were very close to where he lay.

He heard Terry order Lyn to take her knickers and tights off.

She wriggled and struggled with his help until they were off. Then she pulled his shoes off and drew down his trousers. Like a randy calf she grabbed his distended cock and closed her lips around it. She suckled noisily and Terry made deep low moaning sounds and clutched at her tits. Al felt his cock starting to hurt it was so rigid he opened his fly and clasped the firm heat of it..

Lyn stood up in the half light and took off her blouse and bra. Terry knelt in front of her, cupped her lovely tits and buried his face in her cunt. His tongue darted in and out and Lyn opened her thighs to allow him to penetrate her.

“Let me sit on your face!” Lyn hissed. Terry lay back and Lyn settled her cunt on his mouth and leant forward so his cock was at her lips. Noisily they devoured each other. Terry slid his thick middle finger into Lyn and fucked her with it while his tongue worked its magic on her clit. She began to grunt like a copulating seal and her sounds got more and more guttural and abandoned. Then suddenly she sat upright and let out a long low moan of pure pleasure as her orgasm flushed through her in a pink hot flood. Terry pushed her up and came out from under her. He pushed her roughly onto her hands and knees and then parted her thighs and thrust his hot thick cock into her. Grasping her tits for dear life he pistoned in and out in long strong strokes. Lyn’s hair was hanging down around her face and Al could see droplets of spunk glinting in the fading light on her lips…Terry pushed his hips back and forth harder and faster and Lyn threw her head back as his violent fucking shook her body like a rag doll. Al felt his cum standing on tiptoe on the brink of spurting but stopped it with a superhuman effort. Then with a stifled roar Terry shot his sizzling load into her body with two last great ecstatic thrusts.

Then they were still, black silhouettes. Entwined in silence şişli bdsm escort like two storm damaged saplings locked in a writhing tangle.

Terry broke the silence…”.Jesus that was fucking marvellous. Where did you learn to fuck like that?”

“Oh I used to have a very randy husband and an insatiable lover after he died.”

“Fuck me… it’s true what they say about widows…They are the randiest fuckers in town.”

Lyn smiled as she gathered up her clothes. Al wished she could see him. But he was still and stunned lying in the deep shadows and lost in wonder at the sheer eroticism of what he had witnessed.

Quickly they both dressed although Lyn as usual couldn’t find her black knickers in the dark.

“Have to ride home without them,” she laughed.

They stood and hugged and kissed for a while and then they set off back to their car.

Al came out of hiding and scoured the ground.

He found Lyn’s knickers and enjoyed the scent of sex which permeated them.

Al waited a few minutes and then made his way back to the car.

They were gone.

Al drove north up the main road wondering what to do next. It seemed only right to return Lyn’s underwear.

He drove to Lyn’s estate and parked in the Crescent near the end of the Grove. He waited. He hoped Terry was wasn’t taking afters…

After about 5 minutes Terry’s car came out of the Grove and drove away.

Al moved and parked in the usual place.

He was steaming with arousal as he approached Lyn’s door. He was about to knock when the door opened.

A grinning Lyn stood there. “What kept you?” she asked cheekily.

She ushered him in.

“I think you may have lost these,” Al replied dangling the black lace panties from his middle finger.

“Fuck! Were you there?” Lyn gasped.

“Sure was. Not three feet away, most erotic thing I have ever seen!” Al gasped in turn.

“My cock has been bursting with lust all the way from the pub. Couldn’t believe he had his finger in your cunt under that table.”

“Well, I had my hand in his zip stroking his cock so seemed only fair.” Lyn quipped.

“What a great place though. Have you been there before?” asked Al.

“No… but Mike has, many times.” Lyn murmured coquettishly.

“MIke??? Where did you find him?” Al demanded.

“He found me at a book club meeting. Instant attraction. New instantly we would fuck and soon!”

Al wrapped his arms around Lyn and embraced her gently.

“You are a remarkable harlot my precious Lyn! They should erect a priapic monument for you.”

Lyn smiled and kissed him long and lovingly on his lips and purred like a Persian…

“Now… get the ropes, she whispered, take me into the kitchen and fuck me over the table with all your might. I want all that stored up fuck juice inside me…”

Al did as he was told.

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