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Fighting for Love Pt. 04

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Hello everyone!

Here is Part 4, the ending of Fighting for Love! But, the beginning of something else! This ends with an HFN ending. HFN stands for Happy for Now. Logan and Liam and a few other familiar faces will be back! (More at the end of the story) I hope you enjoy!

L. Darling


“Lucas?” Mr. Piers whispered. The shock was clear in his eyes he did not expect for Logan’s father to turn up here.

“Hi, Evan.” He whispered back. Mr. Piers whimpered and then launched himself into Logan’s fathers’ arms. He caught him without any effort.

“Are you okay?” Logan asked as he pulled me into his arms. I was sore but that was about it, thank god for rapid healing.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I asked as I ran my hand over the reddening marks across his skin.

“I’m fine, I’ll heal.” He mumbled into my hair. He turned away from me and faced his father. “What are you doing here?”

“I heard you howl.” He answered, sitting Mr. Piers down. He then grabbed Logan into a massive hug.

“He isn’t allowed here!” John screamed as the pack enforcers held him and Brady back. The statement made Logan, both his fathers, and me all growl.

“I would shut your mouth if I was you!” My father called, as he walked over to join the group. “Is everyone okay?” We all said yes. “I’m sorry he wasn’t supposed to be here I told him to go home.” My father sighed. He pulled me into a hug. “We need to get you checked out Liam. I am so sorry.”

“I’m fine father, I promise.” I reassured him.

“Please baby,” Logan said as he stepped up behind me. The worry in his eyes was enough to have me agreeing to visit the pack doctor. I turned my head slightly to see Logan’s fathers were still clinging to each other like their life depended on it.

“What about Logan’s father?” I asked to my father. He glanced over to them and sighed, as we all turned back to him.

“I will grant him a temporary pass.” He started. “He will have a week to decide if he is staying or going.” My father spoke staring into Lucas’s eyes, who nodded in return. He pulled away from the group facing the crowds.

“Everyone return home! We will have a pack meeting tomorrow evening to discuss the future of our pack.” He announced as people stood and started clearing. “Logan get Liam to the doctor.” Then he walked over to John and Brady. “You attacked my son and his mate, the future alpha of this pack, that is one of the highest crimes a wolf can commit. I should have you executed.”

“NO!” Shouted Logan. “Their blood will not be on my hands.”

“Then future alpha what shall we do with them?” My father asked.


“What? No!” Brady shouted. “That’s a fate worth than death!”

“You should of thought about that before you and your father attacked my mate and I.” Logan growled. “Take them back to their house they have 24 hours to pack and if they aren’t off our lands by then throw them out with what they have on their backs.”

“What about my wife and other son!” John yelled. “They had no part in this!”

“They can either choose to stay or leave. They have never shown this kind of treason.” My father growled this time.

This day had turned into a nightmare I never wanted to live again. And now I realized there was not one but 5 naked alphas and 2 naked omegas. Wolves were never one to frown nudity but when one alpha is your father and one alpha and omega are your in laws you get a little self-conscious. I find myself scooting closer to Logan hiding behind his body while he continued to speak with my father. I looked over to see Mr. Piers, Evan, latched onto Logan’s Father, Lucas, like no tomorrow. I would be too if I hadn’t seen my mate in over a decade. They loved each other, and I could tell by the way they looked at each other. I had been staring for a long time completely focused on the small caresses and soft-spoken words between them that Logan had apparently been speaking to me and had now resorted to waving a hand in front of my face.

“What?” I asked jumping back startled.

“Your heat, it’s gone.” Logan said sniffing the air around me. My body felt like my own, and I was cool.

“Wait, I thought it was supposed to last like 4 days?” I asked confused turning to face my father.

“Get him to the doctors, figure out what’s going on.” He spoke. “I will deal with the rest of this mess.” He turned to face Evan and Lucas. “Get him back to your house no shifting for the time being not until I can announce you will be staying for a temporary basis.” They both nodded as Logan grabbed my hand and pulled the back side of the arena which doubled as our rec/health center.

“What if I’m pregnant?” I mumbled as Logan pulled me threw the double doors stopping in his tracks, frozen in place. “I mean I am probably not but like what if I am, would that be okay?” I rambled. Logan turned around facing me with a goofy looking grin on his face.

“Would it be okay?” He repeated my words back at me, while scooping me up in his Onwin arms. “Baby its more than okay, I cannot wait to start a family with you!” And with that declaration he kissed me. I would never get over how soft his lips felt against mine. I felt my back press against the wall while I wrapped my legs around Logan’s waist. Our now hard cocks encountering each other caused me to gasp at the sensation which gave Logan the perfect opening to dart his tongue inside my mouth.

A throat clearing to the side of us had us breaking apart. Our Pack Doctor Mr. Goulding stood there with a smirk on his face.

“Boys, please join me in my office.” He said, turning and disappearing into a room. Logan lowered me to the ground. Grabbing my hand and tugging me into the doctor’s office. Once we got inside Dr. Goulding patted the table signaling me to hop on up. “I heard about the commotion, what’s going on?”

“Liam’s heat stopped.” Logan answered for me, to which I sent him a look that said I can speak for myself.

“Okay Liam tell me what happened?” He asked me as he set up the table pulling out stirrups.

“Logan was forced to pullout of me while still knotted to defend me.” I explained as I maneuvered my feet into the stirrups.

“Hmm, okay well we will check for tearing or pregnancy.” He explained while he pulled his gloves on with a snap.

“Is that possible?” I asked as he smiled and raised an eye brow at me. “Pregnancy I mean, could it happen that fast?”

“Anything is possible my dear boy.” Dr. Goulding smiled at me. To which I then turned towards Logan and smiled.

Dr. Goulding begin the exam poking and prodding, adding a noncommittal mmhmm or hmm every so often, writing down notes when possible. My hand kept slipping down towards my stomach. My heart giving a little flutter every time. I hadn’t realized I wanted a baby so badly. It’s just your omega nature, my mind spoke for me.

“Well gentlemen, I do believe I know what has happened.” Dr. Goulding spoke pulling off his gloves throwing them into the trash. “Because you were not able to complete the claiming knot and because of the extreme circumstance you found yourself in. I do believe your body went into a stasis of sorts stopping your heat so you could protect yourself.”

“So, no baby?” Logan asked.

“Liam’s birth canal is closed but they only open when omegas are in heat.” He explained looking over his notes. “So, I can’t rule it out completely, but it is entirely too soon to tell. I believe once your body can sense peace and security you will either go back into heat or you won’t which at that point would mean a pregnancy did take.” He explained sitting down his note pad. “But your body has healed any tearing that may have occurred, but I need to warn you. I have seen this happen once before, and when, or if, the heat comes back it will come back stronger. So, my advice is for the next several days stay near each other and stay indoors.”

“Dually noted doctor thank you.” I sighed once again with my hand resting over my stomach. Dr. Goulding gave me a soft smile.

“Don’t worry son, sooner or later it will all happen it’s just up to fate.”

“Thank you. Can you look over Logan?” I asked stepping down off the table and reaching into the bin where we kept extra sweats pulling on a pair.

“Liam I am fine,” Logan sighed. “Look I’m already almost done healing.” Logan held out his arms. He wasn’t lying the gashes that once decorated his arms were now just pale pink lines.

“Come on son,” Dr. Goulding patted the exam table. “Remember your omegas peace of mind comes first for the next couple days.” He spoke reminding Logan of my predicament. Logan simply rolled his eyes and hopped up onto the table. After a few minutes of his own poking and prodding. The doctor finally spoke. “The rate that you are healing is remarkable but, non the less you are in fact fine.” Logan shot me a look that said I told you so, as he hopped off the table.

“Thanks Doc.” He said as he clapped the doctor on the back. He did the same thing as I did walking over to the bin pulling out a pair of sweats.

“No problem boys but remember the next couple days you need to be glued to each other; you never know when your heat will come back because unlike normal heats you will not gradually feel this one.” He reminded us. We both nodded and I slipped my hand into Logan’s and we walked out back into the corridor.

We walked until we reached my father’s office. He sat behind a desk that was clearly too big for the room that it currently sat in. He looked exhausted as his hands held up his head. Logan rapped on the door causing my father to jerk his head up, clearly startled.

“Hey what the doctor say?” He asked the concern was thick in his voice.

“He believes due to what happened, that my body went into a stasis of sorts so I would be able to protect myself.” I explained leaving out the whole maybe I was pregnant. I didn’t need my father worrying about something we necessarily Onwin giriş didn’t know was true or not.

“Oh okay,” He sighed in relief. “And yourself Logan?”

“I am fine, Sir,” Logan answered my father.

“Please call me Cortland.” My father looked down at the mess on his desk and sighed.

“Are you sure you are okay?” I asked. My father chuckled to himself and shook his head.

“I’m okay, just a very weird day.” He turned and pulled a file from one of his drawer’s. “Now let’s see about housing, shall we?”

In our pack once a couple deemed mated, they were given housing. One of the perks of being a pack. Bills were almost nonexistent due to pack fees each month and owning the land and several carpenters on hand; all most houses cost us was labor and materials most of the time. Electric and Water was shared with everyone in the pack. We had a few farmers who supplied vegetables and fruits and we have livestock across the land, and we had a few hunters who would go out and get deer, rabbit, fish, and maybe some other animals for eating. We had a very thriving community here.

“There is actually one on the south side of town that I would think is perfect,” Logan spoke up.

“The rancher?” My father asked flipping through the pages in his file. “It needs a lot of work.”

“I, um, have actually been working on it for a while.” Logan rubbed his hand over the back of his neck.

“Really?” My father and I asked at the same time.

“Yeah, I saw it was broken down and I knew no one was going to be requesting it anytime soon so I started working on it. Its perfect distance from school, town, here, and my work.” Logan smile stretching from ear to ear.

“Okay if that’s the one you want?” My father asked looking at me. I smiled at him and nodded. Logan seemed like he had worked super hard on this, I wasn’t about to say no. “Okay great! Well, Liam has an account set up that his papa and I started for him for things. I’ll get you excess to it.”

“I mean that’s great, but Liam can use that money for whatever he wants,” Logan spoke.

“Well you’ll need things like furniture and -” My father spoke as Logan cut him off.

“Actually, I have worked at the garage for the past 5 years. I didn’t have any reason to spend money, so I have been saving most, if not all, of my paychecks. Liam would never have to work if he didn’t want to, since I became the town’s only master mechanic last year.” My father and I both stared at Logan; me with my mouth hanging open.

“You keep surprising me, young man.” My father smiled at Logan.

“I’ve known for a long time I had an omega that I was going to need to take care of, and that is all I’ve cared about for the past few years,” Logan said while looking at me smiling. I smiled back at him.

“I love you,” I said to him. His eyes grew wide and he grabbed my chin bringing his lips to mine giving me a fierce kiss before letting me go.

“I love you too.”

My father cleared his throat, bringing our attention back to him. “Well then, go on then, get out of here.” My father smiled at us and made a shooing motion. Logan grabbed my hand pulling me out the office shutting the door.

“Do you think he is okay?” I asked Logan as we made our way out the back of the arena to the parking lot.

“It’s been a long day for everyone, he just lost his enforcer,” Logan said as we approached an old-style mustang.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I sighed. “Where is your bike?” I asked looking around.

“You really thought I was going to drive you home on my bike?” Logan laughed. “This is my baby, other than you.” Logan gestured towards the car.

“I have never seen you drive this.”

“That is because it is worth too much to be driven every day. It’s a fully restored 1967 Fastback. A gift from Mac when I passed my master’s certification. I had to restore it, though it took a good while.” Logan explained as I looked over the cherry red car in front of me.

“It is certainly pretty.”



“It’s a she. I call her Aubrie.” Logan responded as he opened the car door for me. I groaned. “What?” He asked.

“You’re one of those.”

“One of what?” Logan Asked as he had shut my door and climbed in through his own.

“You’re going to ignore me for your car.” I laughed.

“Never baby.” Logan laughed back.

“We’ll see.”

“How about we go grab some groceries, dinner, and some of our stuff and go check out our house?” Logan asked as he started the car. The Engine roared to life.

“Deal.” I smiled at him as he peeled out of the parking lot.


After gathering a few days’ worth of clothes and toiletries from our house; Stopping at the market, grabbing groceries for a few days and picking up pizza for dinner we headed towards the south side of town. We cut down a gravel road, which I assumed was our new driveway. That thought made me smile and glance towards Logan who was focused on the road. The driveway was beautiful with what looked to be blossoming cherry trees lining the road on both sides. I reached over and patted Logan’s hand that rested on top of the gear shift. When I pulled my hand back, he grabbed it intertwining our fingers, pulling my hand to his mouth placing a kiss on it.

We pulled up to a one level rancher style house. It was a pale blue color, which made it pop because of the trees it was in front of. It had a wraparound porch with a cute little porch swing, also had a detached garage. The steps lead you up to a double bright white front door. There were flowers and shrubs planted along the front and the yard looked so lush and soft. I stepped out of the car as soon as we pulled to a stop.

“You really did all this for me?” I asked Logan as he himself climbed out of the car.

“Do you like it?” He asked as he made his way to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Like it? I love it! Let’s go!” I shouted as I pulled away from Logan and rushed towards the front door.

“Wait!?” Logan called. I stopped dead in my tracks only to have Logan sweep me up in his arms and carry me across the threshold.

The front door opened into a little landing and to the right was the living room where a couch, TV, and coffee table sat. the layout was an open floor plan, so a small breakfast bar separated the kitchen and living room. The kitchen looked almost state of the art but still had a rustic feel. The left-hand side had what looked like a small bathroom and a small play area.

“It’s beautiful!” I squealed and wiggled until Logan dropped me.

“I’m glad you love it, baby. Let’s go get our stuff and then I’ll give you the full tour.” Logan laughed as he pulled me back outside.

We gathered our things and the food and headed inside after dropping off and putting away the food, Logan gave me a tour of the rest of the house. It was 4 bedrooms with 2 ½ bathrooms. The master suit was at the far end of the house with a small room that would be perfect for a nursery right next to it and the bathroom for the master was huge. It had a stand-up shower that could fit 6 people and a Jacuzzi bathtub and dual sinks. My mouth had dropped when I saw it only to be kissed by Logan. There was currently a huge king bed that sat in the middle of the room. I flopped down onto it and was engulfed by softness. Logan pounced on me covering my body with his and pressing his lips to mine. Our make-out session was interrupted by both of our stomachs growling. We headed to the living room stopping to grab the pizza on the way. We both sat on the couch munching down.

“I need to get a job,” I announced.

“I meant what I said earlier, you don’t need to unless you want to,” Logan said through a mouth full of pizza.

“Well we will need things for the house and I’m sorry but once we have kids were going to need a better car.”

“That reminds me,” Logan said as he pulled his wallet out of the back of his pants and flipped it open handing me a debit card with my name on it. “I had you added to my bank account.”

“Logan, when did you do all this? We literally just mated this morning,” I said in shock.

“You’re forgetting that I have known you were mine since I was a kid.” Logan’s eyes smiled for him this time.

“And what if I wouldn’t have reacted to you today?” I asked as I scooted closer curling up into Logan’s side.

“We both know that would have never happened.” Logan scoffed. “You are mine.” And with that fact, he grabbed my chin and crushed his mouth against mine. The force caused me to gasp, allowing Logan to slide his tongue against mine. “Why don’t we christen the bedroom?” Logan murmured into my mouth. I nodded so hard I thought my head was going to pop off.

Logan stood picking me up off the couch, so my legs went around his waist and my arms went around his neck, as our lips met once again, as he carried me back to our bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and proceeded to ground his now harden cock into mine.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Logan growled as he began to push my shirt over my head. As the shirt came off his mouth sought out my nipples as his hands began to work on my jeans shoving them and my boxers down till, I was fully naked.

“Now who’s wearing too many clothes?” I smirked as Logan leaned up pulling his shirt off in one quick motion and then tugged his pants and briefs down enough to release his fully hard cock.

It was so stiff, it was pointing straight up to his belly button. Logan’s body was a masterpiece that I wanted to explore with my tongue. My eyes raked down his body and then back up. The look in his eyes told me that my exploring would have to wait. He grabbed my thighs pulling them apart so he could settle in between them. Grinding his cock against mine, I could feel my slick trickling out of me. Logan reached a hand in between us, as his fingers found my hole.

“You are so fucking wet baby.” Logan whimpered as he pushed a finger deep into me. “So tight,” he added. “Is all this for me baby?” This time I whimpered and nodded as he added a second finger. “Words.”

“Yes, it’s all for you.” I panted.

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