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Finding Heaven

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Marie was a lonely outcast. She was 18 and had just started university, studying literature and history. She enjoyed reading; this was her escape and solace. She had always felt a need to escape from a seemingly lonely, desolate reality. Nobody seemed to like her, she always felt invisible–or worse, often she had been the subject of the cruel taunts young people can dish out to the weaker or more unusual among them.

She was about 5’7″, extremely thin. Unhealthily so, really–she looked quite bony and gaunt, and had a fine downy hair on her body if you looked closely, typical of underweight young women. But she wasn’t anorexic, she just seemed naturally to have this body type. She had very small breasts, maybe the size of large grapes, and she was quite embarrassed about them. She always hid her figure under her usual attire of second-hand sweaters, which usually had that dank smell of clothing stored in a basement for years. She had straight light brown hair, just past her shoulders. Her face was pale and a little bit sickly-looking, and had a flatness to it which reminded one of a character from a medieval painting. She had blue-grey eyes, which could have been more striking were it not for her unhealthy palor. She tended to have a slightly stooped posture, not from a physical cause, but mainly due to the way her diminutive self-regard translated to her physical movements. She had a small mouth with delicate rosebud lips, but her teeth were very crooked, including one front tooth that jutted forward quite a bit.

She had a shy and quiet personality, and thought herself ugly. She really had no close friends, and so she retreated to the world of her books. She liked to read in a secluded chapel found in one corner of the university campus. Very few people ever visited the chapel area, so she could be guaranteed a quiet, peaceful, private place.

This past Thursday night she noticed to her surprise that someone was sitting behind her, a few pews back, in the chapel. She had been so absorbed in her book that she hadn’t noticed him come in. A pang of anxiety struck her, and she felt like leaving. But he must have noticed her concern, and gently rose, approached, and introduced himself.

“Hi” he said. “I’m David.”

“Hi” she replied timidly, a slight waver in her voice. Exchanging “hi’s” was usually the limit of social contact for Marie. But she felt comforted by the gentle kindness in his voice, and she couldn’t help noticing that he was physically a striking beautiful man, 6 feet tall, lean, muscular, blonde hair, deep brown eyes, a dazzling smile, and a look of confidence but gentleness on his face.

“You must be Marie” he said. “Do you mind if I join you for a minute?”

She was shocked that he new her name. How did he find out?

She blushed and nodded awkwardly. He sat down beside her on the pew.

He smiled and looked deeply into her eyes. “I noticed you a few weeks ago, and I asked your locker partner what your name was…I have to confess I have a bit of a crush on you…”

She blushed again and was trembling a bit. She bit her lower lip habitually.

“I think you’re very beautiful. And I love how you’re always reading, I wish I could be one of your books, you look at them with such love…”

His voice was so sincere, türbanlı escort warm, and genuine. And he maintained eye contact the whole time, with a gentle smile.

She didn’t quite know what to make of this situation, but she decided right then and there that for once in her life she would ACT, to say “yes” to something, rather than letting opportunities go, or missing them altogether. She didn’t understand how anyone could be attracted to her, but this situation somehow felt amazingly right.

She leaned towards him, and smiled a little bit, her face still flushed. He understood the signal, and reached to touch her hair, brushing it gently off her forehead. He bent towards her, cradling her head with his hands, and he kissed her.

She had never kissed anyone before and really, frankly, didn’t know what to do.

The instant his lips touched hers, his tongue throbbed deeply into her mouth, and she learned quickly by throbbing back with her tongue. This was the most erotic moment of her entire life, and the memory of this kiss would forever charge her with passion. Her heart was beating so hard that he could feel it through her sweater pounding onto his chest. Her crooked tooth bumped up against his teeth, and she was embarrassed about this until he lovingly started caressing her teeth with his tongue. A drip of saliva fell down her cheek, and again she was embarrassed until David scooped it up with his finger, then straight into his mouth with a smile.

They kissed for about ten minutes. Then they embraced, both smiling, Marie enjoying her first moment of truly feeling alive.

“I love you” David said, holding her hand. “I want us to make love.”

She knew she loved him too, and she would do anything for him at this point. She was frightened about sex, but also she wanted him badly. Once again she made a clear decision in the moment, to act, to say yes, rather than to let life slip by, to seize the moment!

He held her hand, and led her to the back of the chapel. There was a large pile of donated soft cotton and flannel blankets in the corner, intended to be given away to the poor. David started spreading a thick layer of blankets on the floor, making a comfy nest for them. She joined him, and soon there was a soft layer of blankets about a foot deep on the floor.

This area was well illuminated by soft lighting and candles, and Marie was taken aback at just how beautiful David was. Tall, ruggedly handsome, muscular, perfect skin. Reminded her of Michelangelo’s David, which she had only seen in books. She timidly touched his arms with her hands, shyly exploring. He was maybe 21 years old, a few years older than her.

“Let’s take our clothes off now, Marie” he said gently.

She nodded, but said “I’ve…never…done this before…” as her hands shook more noticably.

“It’s okay, Marie” he said. He helped her take off her sweater, under which she wore only a tee-shirt and a bra. The bra was really not necessary given her flatness but she felt it was the appropriate thing for a young woman to wear. The tee-shirt revealed her twig-like, bony arms with noticeable–but still quite feminine–light brown hair on them. David’s arms and torso, by contrast, were perfectly bare, just like a scupture.

She ümraniye escort hesitated a moment before pulling off her shirt, again blushing deeply. David savoured the view of her undressing, and found it especially erotic how shy she was about herself. David reached behind her to undo her bra, and it fell to the ground. Marie covered her breasts with her hands, shyly. They both were naked from the waist up now.

“You’re so beautiful, Marie” he said. “I’ve dreamt of seeing your breasts ever since I first saw you…” He reached gently for her hands, and moved them away from her breasts, exposing them. He bent over and softly took each breasts into his mouth, at first very gently, then more firmly kissing, licking, and sucking on them until her nipples stood stiffly erect. Her breasts were tiny but her nipples were as large as most, so it was like two large nipples sticking straight out from her chest wall.

She sensation made her tingle and she almost needed to sit down, as her knees almost buckled, in part from the sensual pleasure, in part from her tremulous excited anxiety that was building.

David took off his pants and socks, then took off his underwear right away. His penis was already stiffly erect.

He watched lovingly as Marie fumbled to undo her belt, tentatively lower her pants, then finally she managed to get them off. He found it especially erotic as she took of her socks to reveal delicate, small, feminine feet. She paused before taking off her panties.

David’s heart was pounding too as she slowly pulled her panties down. The slowness was mainly due to her anxiety, but from David’s point of view it was a supremely erotic striptease.

They stood naked, facing each other. David reached for her and they kissed again. This time she could feel his penis pressing up against her.

It was a little cold in the room, and David gestured towards the blankets. They lay down together, side by side, and touched each other gently, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing some more.

Wordlessly, Marie rolled onto her back, and she chose to part her legs. She guided David to move on top of her.

David positioned himself above her, and lowered his body onto hers, so she felt his weight on her fragile body. She felt so comfortable, like a comfy warm blanket around her for the first time in her life, when she had always been out in the cold before.

David gently nuzzled his penis against her vaginal opening, but stayed there for a long time as Marie settled into more comfort.

She knew it would hurt the first time, but she wanted this badly, and there was such comfort already present.

David understood her anxiety. “Use your tongue to show me when to start” he said. She understood. They kissed and their tongues only danced within their own territory.

Marie again decided to act. She thrust her tongue into David’s mouth, with such force that it startled him. With that, he pressed his penis into her with all his weight, slowly but firmly, and she responded to the intensity of this sensation by thrusting her tongue in and out of his mouth even faster, and she started bucking upwards to force him even deeper into her, despite the initial pain. Her hymen burst with this movement, and a trickle acıbadem escort of blood leaked onto the blankets.

After the initial frenzy of movement, David and Marie settled into an almost motionless posture.

David’s penis was deeply inside Marie’s vagina, nuzzled up against her cervix. It was a tight fit. David had not had an orgasm in weeks, despite bringing himself close on numerous occasions, so his balls were heavy and sore with accumulated semen. It was a challenge for David to hold back the monstrous orgasm that was coming. He wanted Marie to choose when his orgasm would happen. Marie was in ecstasy, just lying motionless together. The intimacy, gentleness, warmth, tenderness, affection…and the raw sexual passion, his big cock in her virgin cunt, his big muscular body on top of her skinny, frail body. Heaven…every little squirm and tiny movement sent new tingles through her body. She found she could make him respond just by moving her legs around a bit, because her vaginal muscles tensed or relaxed as she moved her legs to new positions. So she experimented, wrapped her little legs around his, or kept them straight and rubbed his feet with hers, all of these movements brought him dangerously close to the brink…

“Marie, I want to cum inside you”.

She knew it was dangerous, and she knew it was coming. But she wanted him, and she wanted his cum inside her. She wanted his body to be part of hers forever.

She nodded. “Yes” she said, and moved her head to kiss him again.

As their lips met, their tongues lingered gently against each other’s for a while, until Marie paused a bit, slowly pulled her legs back, allowing David to pin her legs firmly backwards by her head with her ankles in his hands. Her hands moved to David’s ass, and she pulled him with all her might into her as deep and hard as he would go, and with this movement she thrust her tongue again deeply past his teeth, throbbing into his mouth, tongue against tongue.

This movement tightened Marie’s cunt like a velvety vice against David’s cock, and the sudden grip startled him. He almost blacked out as the first wave of his orgasm approached him. It was like feeling a huge surfing wave coming to shore, feeling part of it, knowing its inevitably, knowing its power, being swept into it, losing control in it, almost fainting as it first strikes…

A fountain of cum surged out of David’s cock, forcing itself against Marie’s cervix, causing her to gasp with the liquidy warmth and pressure that literally pushed into her womb. Surge after surge of semen blasted out, and at first they both just let it happen quietly and passively, then for the last few spurts of the orgasm, they both bucked and pushed at each other, trying to make it last forever, and trying to squeeze every last drop of cum out.

Finally they lay exhausted on the blankets. They fell asleep for a few hours before waking and starting over.

David genuinely loved Marie, and they would remain friends and lovers forever after. Her life was changed, and she became confident, happy, made friends, and found a new ecstatic joy in her sexuality. But Marie was not David’s only lover. David’s special gift was helping the often-forgotten or marginalized, sad and anxious women all around us, welcoming them to the world of sensuality and beauty. He took full responsibility for his actions, and was totally honest with all of his lovers (hard for some of them to accept, but finally they understood–some of them even followed in his footsteps and sought out lovers among other forgotten, shy, lonely people).

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