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Finding Mr. Right Ch. 09

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This is the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading the series as much as I did writing it. Thank you so much for following my story and for all your support. Don’t forget to vote and comment.


“Dude who is she? I can’t believe I haven’t gotten it out of you; you can’t keep a secret to save your life.”

Bobby was right; it was quite the miracle that I’d managed to keep things so under the radar. Normally I would have told anyone and everyone. It was so out of character for me; even now when I was supposed to be telling him, I didn’t want to. The shit was about to hit the fan and as much as I wanted the world to know about Laura and I, I was pretty sure our world wasn’t ready for it.

Laura and I had agreed we’d meet Bobby and his girlfriend Allison for drinks and I’d tell them everything before she got there. It was supposed to be my dry run before tomorrow when I would tell Zach.

All Bobby knew was that he was meeting my new girlfriend. It was obvious that he was waiting for details, the way he was looking at me, like come on dude give it up.

I had waited too long though, Laura was walking towards us and there wasn’t time, Bobby was going to have to find out the blunt way.

Laura looked fabulous as ever in slacks and a low cut tank top; she may have been in her work attire, but she still got my blood pumping.

She walked past Bobby and Allison and over to my side of the table. Placing her hand on my chin, she turned my head towards her to give me a hello kiss.

While Laura took her place next to me I turned back to Bobby for his reaction. As called for, there was blatant shock all over his face. Bobby’s mouth was half opened and his eyes couldn’t have been wider if I pulled his lids apart.

“Oh fuck, Cam you didn’t tell him?” Having seen Bobby’s face, Laura was looking at me now for an explanation. “This was your practice run, what the hell are you going to do tomorrow?” Not knowing what to say I just looked back at Bobby and shrugged my shoulders sorry.

Laura turned to Allison, “I’m sorry you’re so out of the loop, Cam was supposed to have taken care of that. The reason why Bobby is in an intense state of shock right now is because I’m Zach’s older sister.”

Understanding quickly came to Allison, “Oh wow, I see.”

“Yeah, so why don’t you and I go get me a drink and let Cam do what he should gave done a half hour ago.” Hastily Allison and Laura headed up to the bar, but not before Laura could give me an intense look of displeasure.

The second the girls were out of ear shot, Bobby started in on me. “This is a fucking joke right? I mean I know you always had a thing for her, but seriously you…” Bobby stopped mid sentence new understanding coming to him. “Oh fuck, Zach doesn’t know does he? He is going to fucking kill you. You know how he feels about Laura. This better be worth your friendship because I don’t know what’s gonna be left of it after this.”

Bobby would have been right if this had just been about sex, but it wasn’t. “Are you finished?” Bobby nodded. “I love her.”

Bobby half choked on his drink, “How the hell did that happen?”

It wasn’t oni thunder gods tale izle like they were all oblivious to us flirting over the years. “Oh please, don’t act like your surprised. I’ve always loved her. But if you mean how did we finally get together, we’d have to go back four years.”

This time Bobby almost spit out his drink. “Four years? What the fuck? What else haven’t you been telling me?”

“Don’t worry we haven’t been together for the last four years. There was a considerable gap.” Bobby’s eyebrows were raised, he was obviously curious now.

“You managed to keep this a secret for four years? It’s like I don’t even know you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous; this is probably the only thing I’ve ever manage to keep a secret. We hooked up for about a minute that summer before we went to college. Then in March she was in town for work and we ran into each other. I took her to dinner and we’ve been together ever since.”

“That’s nice and all but seriously, how’s the sex?”

I’d been waiting for this since the second he found out. “I’m not gonna tell you that, it’s Laura. She’s like your sister.”

“Exactly! She’s like your sister.”

That’s where Bobby got it wrong. “No I never thought of her that way, the rest of you did but I didn’t.”

I could tell from the smile on Bobby’s face that I hadn’t done enough to quell his curiosity. “I might have to get you drunk first but the truth will come out.”

“The truth will come out about what?” Laura and Allison had sat back down at the table, obviously in time to catch Bobby’s last remarks.

“He wants to know all the dirty details babe.” I smiled over at Bobby, knowing he hadn’t expected me to tell the truth, but I was looking forward to the lashing he was gonna get from both Laura and Allison.

“Bobby!” The yell from Allison got a nice grimace out of him.

“Why Mr. Brown, how do you think my brother would take it if he knew you were talking about my sex life?”

“Seriously? I don’t think I’m the one he’s gonna be worried about.”

“Actually I think he might; see Cam’s in love with me. You on the other hand want the dirty locker room details, something I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be talking about around him. Plus we could always tell him that you’ve known for months and didn’t say anything. I think that might piss him off.”

Bobby swallowed hard. “You know black mail is kinda sexy on you babe.”

“Thanks hun,” Laura said as she turned and kissed me on the cheek.

“Haha, very funny you two. But seriously this is kinda tripping me out, you two together, babe, hun; I mean it’s you guys.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Just to rub it in I turned to Laura and gave her a nice deep kiss.


I sat on Zach’s porch with two six packs waiting for him to come home. When I called, I told him I needed to talk to him about something and wanted to see if I could come watched the game. I was pretty sure he didn’t suspect anything, only asking that I bring the beer.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long, or I might have lost my nerve. Zach ran up to the house from the car, trying oussekine izle not to get too wet in the rain. “Hey, sorry I’m late,” Zach greeted me and opened the door.

I think I mumbled something like that’s cool and walked inside. We sat down on the couch, cracked open our beers and turned on the game. I half watched the game, half watched the number of beers Zach drank. Knowing the more he drank the better his reaction to would be to everything; he’d always been a happy drunk.

“Dude, it’s the fifth inning, you haven’t been watching, you’ve had half a beer and you’ve peeled the label off it. You better just come out with it before you go crazy.”

I took a deep breath and dove in, knowing there was never going to be a right time to say this. “I’ve been seeing your sister and I’m in love with her.” I looked over at Zach to gauge his reaction, but he only stared at me. “I’ve been in love with her since I can remember. And for some insane reason she loves me too.”

I took another deep breath, mostly out of relief, having gotten the hard part over with. “I’m not asking for your permission; we’re way beyond that. We only waited to tell you because we wanted to make sure there was something worth telling. I hope you can get your head around this, because I’m moving in with her.” I paused a moment, trying to give Zach time to catch up with things; it as a lot of information to receive all at once.

“I understand if you don’t want to talk to me for awhile, but Laura’s going to call you tomorrow. She’s really worried about how you’re going to react, so if you need to be mad at someone be mad at me, not her. I don’t think she could take it if you were mad at her.”

I got up to leave; he’d need time to process things, he hadn’t said anything yet and I wasn’t going to push it.

I was half way to the door, when Zach finally said something. “You better not fuck things up with her.”

I turned back to him. He was facing me now. The phrase ‘if looks could kill’ came to mind. “I wont.”

“If you do, I’ll never forgive you.” Zach was looking me in the eye, complete seriousness all over his face.

“I know, but she’s worth that risk.”

Zach turned back to the TV and took another sip of beer. “Yeah, she is.”



Since coming home from work, I had cleaned the entire apartment in an attempt to distract myself. It had come down to the dishes; they were all I had left to keep me from going crazy.

I knew Zach wouldn’t be thrilled with things, but I was pretty sure he’d get over it quickly. It was the pretty sure part that had me so nervous, it left room that I was wrong.

I jumped when I heard Cam’s keys opening the door. He came in holding several bags of his things, meaning he had told him. I looked at his face noting that he didn’t have a black eye, another good sign.

Cam dropped his bags and walked over to where I stood by the sink. He pulled me into him, hugging me tight. He kissed my cheek and then my lips. The kiss was light at first, but quickly turned forceful as if he was finally claiming me fully.

I moaned into him and ran my fingers through his paper girls izle wet hair. He smelled like rain and sweat. Cam finally broke the kiss. He rested his head on mine and smiled down at me. “Hi.”

I smiled at his minimal greeting, “Hi.” Cam went in for another kiss and I pushed him back. “Aren’t you going to tell me how it went? I mean you’re not injured and you brought your stuff over so that must be a good sign.”

Cam just smiled. I smacked his chest, “Come on, you’re killing me! What did he say?”

He just laughed at me and smiled wider, “He said I’d better not hurt you.”

I smiled back at him teasingly, “Well he’s right you better not.” Cam’s lips came back to mine, in a kiss so tender, I knew he would never hurt me. I felt his hands move off of me and then peal away his jacket and then his shirt.

I moaned into him and ran my hands over his firm chest, loving how he shivered at my touch. He lifter me onto the counter and then his hands settled at my waist, pushing up my camisole as he trailed his fingers up to my breasts. He brushed my nipples making me whimper and push my chest into his hands.

Cam pulled his hands from the confides of my shirt, tweaked my nipples over the thin material and then ripped it off of me. His hands returned to my aching chest while his tongue trailed down my neck. He sucked hard at the juncture of my shoulder and neck and I felt my stomach shudder and my panties soak.

His kisses moved lower until finally he sucked a nipple into his mouth. I pressed into him and he took more of me into his hot mouth. I was lost in the sensation of his wet sucking when he grazed my bud with teeth and lightly bit down.

“Cam you’re killing me.”

He released my breast and stepped away, revealing a devilish smile on his face. “That’s the idea.”

Cam’s hands pulled at my hips and I lifted them off the counter, with a quick tug he had me stripped of boxers and panties. He stepped back a bit and pushed my knees apart. Bending low, his face came before my pussy and he breathed in deep, smelling me hot arousal. His tongue darted and covered me in one long smooth stroke.

My hand flew to the back to his head, in an effort to keep him there, but Cam had other ideas. He stepped away from me after only one taste. I watched him lick his and shuck his jeans from his hips.

His bulging cock sprang out at me, already dripping with need. Cam brushed the smooth head over my dripping center and I closed my eyes savoring the sensation.

When I opened them again Cam was staring down at me, a heated intensity in his face. Slowly he pushed into me, my mouth fell open in a silent gasp and Cam groaned. Inch by inch he filled me until our bodies were pressed firmly together.

Cam ran a hand lazily up my spine and then gradually pulled out of me. Rocketing back into me I felt my walls grip firmly around him. He fucked me hard and slow, banging my back into the cupboard, his hands gripping hard on my ass.

Abruptly Cam stopped and pulled away from where he’d been kissing my neck. His eyes searched my face and I left his hand brush a loose string of my hair out of my face. “I’m going to ask you to marry me. Not now or tomorrow, but once we’ve settled in and had some time together. I just wanted you to know.”

I swallowed hard and then a broad smile spread across my face. I kissed him deeply and ran my hands through his hair. Pulling away rested my forehead against his, “I’m going to say yes.”

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