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Finding my Fetish Pt. 05

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A few weeks had passed since Paul and I had our lost weekend. I was getting brave and was buying my own panties and had amassed a fair collection.

I had seen something in a catalog that I really wanted to get and needed an opportunity to wear it to impress Paul.

As luck would have it both Paul and myself were invited to a party at a mutual friends house, it was a bbq, garden party type thing for their birthday.

I had agreed to stay at Paul’s after the party so here was my opportunity.

This outfit was different, like nothing I had but I wanted it. It was a white lace all in one body stocking with suspenders. It looked amazing in the catalog and I’d seen it in a shop. I bought it during the week and couldn’t wait to try it on, I even bought white stockings to match.

I got it home, slipped into the bathroom, stripped and pulled it on. I attached the stockings and stepped back to admire it. It looked amazing. I stroked myself a bit making myself semi hard, the tight lace pinning my cock to my stomach. I couldn’t wait to get hold of Paul in this, but more than that the thought of covering this in pee excited me.

Party night rolled round and we met at Paul’s. I showed him my new purchase as we spoke about the evening. He showered and returned to the room while I sat on his bed. He dropped his towel as he stood in front of me, his cock at eye level, I wanted to reach out, he knew that but in my mind later.

He opened a drawer and fished around pulling out a pair of black lace panties and slipping them on, then sliding on his jeans. This was brave, we were going out, to a party. For the walk home he said grinning, dont want to change later. He offered me my favourite blue sheer ones. I resisted at first but though, what the hell, we both knew what later meant.

We arrived at the house just after six, a few already there. One person stood out, the girl with the crush, the possible third in our games.

The night was edging on and I eventually wound up chatting, Clare was her name, a redhead, red all over in fact. We were at the bottom of the garden, fairly obscured from anyone else. She kept touching me as we chatted, she was after more than a chat, we were both loosened up by the alcohol.

The conversation turned to Paul and myself, she started grinning, then out bursa escort bayan of nowhere she asked how often we masturbated together, how often we watched each other. I stuttered into my beer. It was obvious she said. Despite the denial she just smiled and said maybe one day I can watch.

Our threesome was in the bag then, I never expected it to be that easy. She leant into me and kissed me, running her hand along my leg. We kissed full on the lips and suddenly we were holding each other. She was now stroking the front of my jeans and i was beginning to get hard. I pulled back slightly, not here I said. She pulled away. She leant to my ear and whispered to give her a few minutes then come upstairs. She left smiling.

I searched out Paul, who I found with another girl who’s name escaped me, I pulled him aside, I’ve got a problem, didn’t look

that way, his response. My panties, oh!

Front it out was his best advice, not helpful.

I made my way upstairs, checked the bedrooms, she must be in the bathroom.

I tapped on the door, it swung open and Clare pulled me in. She was voracious, hand’s everywhere, tongue in my mouth.

I went for her skirt, sliding my hand up her thigh till I felt her panties. Soft, cotton, damp. I eased my fingers down the waistband finding the top of soft thatch.

I carried on down easing my fingers through her mound until I felt the source of her dampness. Her lips were already plump, her pussy already sopping, she was close to exploding already.

I eased my finger along her slit, sliding it inside, she shook and kissed me harder, squeezing her arm tighter round my neck.

I pushed deeper all the way in now and started to fuck her with my finger. She ground down on my hand, taking all she could inside. We writhed around till I felt her tense, her legs buckle and a stream of juice running over my hand. She buried her face in my shoulder breathing heavily, eventually calming. I eased my wet hand from her panties, she sat on the edge of the bath, flushed.

She pulled me towards her with a look of its your turn, my hard cock pressing against my jeans. I stopped and looked at her sheepishly. I had a confession as I started to undo my belt. She looked intrigued. I undid the buttons on my jeans and moved towards her. She looked down as I lowered görükle escort my jeans, her face now staring at my cock, partially hidden behind a pair of powder blue sheer panties with a cute little blue bow on for good measure.

She leant back taking the sight in. Paul too she asked, I nodded. She reached out and stroked my hardness through the sheer front, I twitched. She said nothing as she stood up, leant forward and started to kiss me again. As we kissed her hand was now gently caressing the front of the panties, my orgasm now swelling in my legs. I leant in and kissed her harder, I was about to explode. She felt the twitch as itstarted to, she pulled back and watched as the cum emptied from my cock running in a stream down the front of the panties then pooling at the base of my cock. It was everywhere. She kissed me then whispered, that was so fucking hot. I was gobsmacked.

We cleaned up and headed back down to the party, as we walked she reached out and held my hand. We reached the party, she whispered to me,I want an invite and smiled.

People started to drift home, I found Paul, kissed Clare goodnight and promised we’d speak soon.

Paul and I started the 15 minutes or so walk back to his and I told him everything, he was as excited as I was that Clare was keen to join us, we weren’t sure how far she’d go but was keen on the fact we were panty fans.

We got back to Paul’s, his parents obviously out, I was keen to show off my new purchase. I slipped it out my bag and crept off to the toilet. I hurriedly slipped it all on and crept back to Paul’s room.

I opened the door to see Paul laying on his bed in only the black panties, I walked through the door and Paul just stared. I love it, it looks amazing, it shows off your cock so well.

I desperately wanted to get hard in it so I climbed up on the bed next to him.

We sat there touching for a bit, his hand stroking my cock, it slowly getting hard. Before too long I was absolutely rock hard. I laid on my back, my stocking clad legs apart, my hard on pinned to my stomach by my outfit. Paul was impressed. He straddled on top of my cock, resting his balls on me and started to grind. He rocked back and forth against my stiffness his own cock hard and pointing straight up. He eased the lace off his cock bursa escort bayan and without any warning let go a little stream of pee up my stomach. I flinched at first but knew I wanted more. He pushed a little more spraying up the front of the lace which was now getting quite wet. He motioned for us to move onto the floor, he laid out some towels and returned to our positions.

He’d gone a little soft so tucked his cock back into his panties and eased himself up my body, my hard cock now resting by his arse. He jostled into position then started to pee. Slowly at first but the stream quickening and becoming more intense. It soaked through the body covering me all over in his warm liquid. I couldn’t resist as I lay there and pushed as best i could with my hard on. A stream shot up Paul’s back running down the crack of his arse into the back of the panties. I pushed some more feeling a more constant stream now pouring over both of us, we were quickly soaked, I wanted his cock.

I slipped off the front of his panties, his last splash off pee hitting my neck. I pulled him forward and slid his salty cock in my mouth. He was hard in no time as I gorged on his tool. It seemed like only seconds as i felt him twitch. I pulled off his cock and let him empty his load all over my face, I’d read enough porn now to feel like a proper little cum slut. He finished as I licked the last few drops from his tip, swallowing them down. He leant forward, kissing me but at the same time guiding his cum with his tongue into my mouth.

I was still hard, covered in Paul’s pee and cum and god did I need to orgasm.

Paul got off me and I stood, remarkably the towels not that wet, most of it soaked into my stockings and body.

As I stood there dripping Paul eased my cock from the side off my outfit, my hard on springing free. He knelt in front of me and took my wet cock into his mouth, I shivered. I was so horny as I felt his tongue roll over my length.

He really took his time, taking all of me then teaing my tip. I didn’t groan or wriggle I just felt the first blast leave my cock as Paul enveloped my length with his mouth. I could feel him frantically swallowing as I just kept going, possibly one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

He leant back looking up at me and licking his lips, I just collapsed.

We hurriedly cleared up hoping his parents didn’t arrive soon.

We got into bed, dry, clean but still horny. As we lay there touching each other we were contemplating how to get Clare involved in our fun, it would be soon I was sure of that.

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